Baptism Records, Muckno, Co. Monaghan, 1869

Clogher Diocese
?Muckna Parish: NLI film no. 5577

Note – there is no Muckna parish listed in my old Grenham’s index to Irish RC parish records………There is a parish called Muckno based around the town of Castleblayney.

An extra note!  As I was reading through my list of parish records for Monaghan, I saw that Castleblayney has (Muckno) beside it.  These records then are part of the Castleblayney group.

Marriages – can’t read dates!! Nov? The earliest year I could make out was 1869

Very difficult to read. In Latin.

1. Patritius Mc?Guinness to Maria Conlan from Drum. Witnesses: ? McGogh or Gough, Catherine and Connor

2. Henricius Lamb to Sara McShane from Tullynhallone. Witnesses: Bernardus Lamb and Maria ?Rooney

3. Phillipus Mc?Ardle to Catharina ?Convill fathers name Johannus ?Carvill

4. Patriccius Mc?Court to ?Hanoria ?Murphy

5. Christopher W-loher???? To Elizabetha ?Dunphy

6. ?? Murphy to Marguerita ?Dogherty

The rest of this page was too difficult to read – script and condition of film, faded ink wise!!

Some names I did see – Rose Murphy, Bridget Duffy and Catherine McMahon.

1869: page 2
13. Patritius Brooks from Knockardlis to Catharina McEn?tagart from ?Gorm??. His fathers name: Johannus Brooks from Knock. Her fathers name: Patricitus McEntagart from Foss. Bernardus Duffy the priest. Witnesses: Edwardus McEntagart and Catharina Toal. 5th April 1869
14. Thomas ???? from Eden……y to Catharina Fitzpatrick from Anaglane. His father and mother: ?henriae and Mariae. Her father and Mother: Laurentitius & Rosae. Witnesses: Eugenius Courtenay & bridgeda McElroy.
15. ?josphius Dillon from Ballybay to Brisgeda Sweeney. Witnesses: Patrictius Garland from Castleblayney and Bridgetta Clarkin from Ballybay.
16. 16. Guilemas Moore from ?Castleblayney to Rosa Murray from Drumaghrin. His father: ? Erasmus Moore and her mother Heleniae Murray. Witnesses: Patrictius Murray and Brigetta Conlon.
17. Bernardius McGough – from ?Billorhill to Catherine Duffy from ?Dromleek. his father Eugenius McGough and hers ?Georgsi Murphy. Witnesses: Jacobus ?Naghen and Catharina Duffy. 9th May 1869
18. Thomas McCaghey from Longfield to Catharina McCreach from Longfield. His father Jacobi McCaghey and hers ?Thomas McCreach. Witnesses: Jacobus Mc?Cruck or McCreech and Maria McCreach. 2nd June 1869
19. Patricius ??? to Catharina Byrns from Corsanlough. His father ? Francesci?? And hers Arthur Byrns and Maria ?Dooley. Witnesses: Edwardus McEntagart and Maria Cumisky 25th June
20. Eugenius Dooley to Maria ?Grimes. His parents: Bernardi and Catharinae from Coolderry and hers: Patritius and Mariae from Augha??? Witness: Elizabeth Harrison, 29th June
21. has lines running through it – can’t be read except for the names
22. Patritius McCorvill from Claribane to Catharina Moran from Drummone. His parents Michaelus & Mariae. Hers; ?? & bridgetta. Witnesses: Patricius McConvill and Sarah Gray from Longfield – date 29th July 1869
23. Patritius Mulligen from Fassri and Alicia McCra?von; His father Jacobi Mulligan and hers Patritius McCrannon. 13th ? October 1869 . Witnesses: Johannus Mulligan and Maria McCranon
24. Thomas ?kia nan from Tatager to Catharina Mc…..dle – his father & mother: Eugenius and Bridgettae and hers: Bernard & Mariae. Witnesses: Patritius Fitzpatrick from ?Tatiger and Maria Fitzpatrick
25. Edwardius Killarboy from Knocka goly to Elizabeth Smyth ; Witnesses: Patritius Cummiskey and Anne Brennan. 25th October 1869

14th July 1874
Barnardus Geoghegan – from Coolthran….ish. His father was Jacobi married to Catharina Lannon – her father was Cornelius. Witness: Lucas Geoghegan

Entry No. 152
Jacobus Warnock to Anna Devlin. His father was Joannus and her’s Francesci. Witnesses: Petri Bishop and Alicia Thornton.
16th August 1877.
P. Bermingham was the Priest.

Surnames which appear in this register up to about 1879 others listed below this as names seem to change a bit

Bermingham – Boy? – Boyde – Branagan – Branaghan – Branigan –  Breannan – Breen
Campbell – Carahar – Carroll – Christy – Clarke – Comorford? – Connolly – Cooney – Corr – Coyle – Cunningham
Donaghy – Donnaghy – Dowdall
Flanigan – Flood? – Foy?
Geoghegan – Goodwin – Grady
Hand? – Hughes
Karney – Keenan – Kelly? – Kernan – Kerr? – Kiervan
Lacy – Lambe? – Lavella – Laverty – Loy
Machear? – Marron – Martin – McAbe – McAneany – McBride – McCaffrey – McCocy? – McCrane – McDonald – McEnany
McEtany – McGinnity – McGinnity – McGonigle – McGrane – McGUire – McLacy? – McMahon – McNulty – M’Cormack – McQuaid
McShane – McVarney – Migan? – Morris – Mulligan – Murphy – Murray
O’Hare – O’Neill
Rafferty – Rork – Rudden
Shavlin – Sheridan – Sherry – Short
Thornton? – Toner
Ward? – Watters – White – Woods

1879 names : as well as above there are Boylan, Quinn, Maginn, Cooleman, Loughnan, McGrory, McBride, Mackin, Murkin, Gormly, Walsh; Jackson, McKeon, Sharkey, Bennet, Reilly, Fox, Cooney, Laverty, Ennis.

Note these are not all the names – not all names occur more than once
Placenames: again others later as well as these
Skissymore – Donaghmoyne – Aungh….ain – Druminagh – Lurganboy – Carricknagarren – Dromore – Colentra.

Other placenames: Crivekeen, Kanickadaff, Kilmurry, Bree, carvanagilla, Carover