Navan District Birth Records, Co. Meath

This page features civil Birth Records for the district of Navan in Co. Meath and includes full names (where possible), the year of birth, and the quarter in which the birth occurred. A searchable index of all available birth records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Agnes Elizabeth Duffy 1875
Anne Martin 1867
Bridget Halpin 1868
Catherine Connolly 1867
Catherine Hoey 1889 1st
Catherine Mullen 1865
Catherine Mullen 1866
Christopher Gibney 1872
Eliza Hoey 1864
Eliza Malone 1881 1st
Ellen Lynch 1882 2nd
Henry Hoey 1868
James Halpin 1868
James Joseph Hoey 1868
James Noble 1874
John Hoey 1868
John James Hoey 1888 1st
John Joseph Brien 1882 2nd
John Joseph Walsh 1888 3rd
Louise agnes Hoey 1893 3rd
Margaret Gibney 1872
Margaret McCaffrey 1872
Mary Duffy 1882 3rd
Mary Halpin 1867
Mary Hoey 1867
Mary Hoey 1890 3rd
Mary Jenkins 1874
Michael Stanley 1897 2nd
Patrick Eugene Geraghty 1864
Richard Hoey 1864
Rose Anna Hoey 1864
Susan Coyle 1876
Thomas Hoey 1865
Thomas Stanley 1900 2nd

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