Navan District Marriage Records, Co. Meath

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Navan in Co. Meath and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Agnes Bennett 1896 1st
Anne Kennedy 1865
Augustus James Killeen 1865
Catherine Cully 1864
Catherine Keogh 1873
Catherine Powderly 1876
Daniel Smeltzer 1867
Edward King 1879 1st
Elizabeth Morgan ors Gerard 1854
Francis Herbert Nash 1849
Henrietta E.A. Lyons-Montgomery 1890 2nd
Jane A. Hoey 1915 2nd
John Colgan 1864
John Curtis 1865
John Lynch 1884 1st
Joseph Bartley 1896 1st
Laurence Balfe 1895 1st
Laurence Brien 1896 1st
Marcus Delaney 1873
Margaret Plunkett 1868
Maria Wilson 1851
Mary Bleakly ors Woods 1849
Mary Galvin 1869
Mary Lynch 1848
Mary Reilly 1922 1st
Pat Curtis 1867
Patrick Keogan 1867
Patrick King 1879 3rd
Rose HAnratty 1903 1st
Rose Hoey 1918 3rd
Susanne Allen 1847
Thomas Cahill 1895 4th
Thomas Clerkin 1876
Thomas Curtis 1864
Thomas Wilson 1851
William Kerrigan 1879 3rd

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