Baptismal Extracts, New Ross, Co. Wexford, 1828-30

New Ross
Nov 22nd 1789 – Aug 23rd 1809
Aug 27th 1809 – Aug 7th 1841

These records are in Latin, that means that the first names are in Latin, the surnames in English.  I have not changed any spellings and I transcribed them as I saw them spelled or as best I could read the spellings.  Question marks indicate that I had trouble deciding on the spelling of the name or I could not read the name.  Placenames are not given in the records I looked at.  I assume the first date is the date of baptism and the second date is the date of birth

1828 Baptisms
5 Junii. Jacobum Fitzharris. 5th June.
Nicolii Fitzharris & ?? Walsh. Thomas Kehoe & Anastasia ??

26th Julii. Mariam Power. 26th July.
Michael Power & Margarita Walsh
??? Hanrick & Maria Kehoe

13th August. Richardum Power. 12th August
Maur?ite Power & Brigeda Cody
Joannes Moore & Eleanora Power

12th Feb. Margery Hyland. 12th Feb
?Dennis Hyland & Johanne ?Early
Thomas Brien and Elenora Whitty

27th March Dionysium Whelan 26th March
Patrici Whelan & Catherine Hu??
Richardus Bailly & Anastasia Bailly

18th April. Mariam Doyle (Illigt)
Joannis Doyle & Maria Murphy
Joannes Machane & Catherina Kehoe

5th Feb. Brigidam Whitty 4th Feb
Joannes Whitty & Maria Hayden
Gulielmus Murphy & Elizabeth Roche

7th Feb Patricium Doyle 7th Feb
Patricius Doyle & Maria Batterton
Bourdus Murphy & Brigida Bryan

15th March Elenoram Whitty. 15th March
Michael Whitty & Elenora Freeman.
Michael Doyle & Margarita Colleton

19th March Joannem Power. 19th March
Dionysius Power & ?Anna Doyle
Gulielmus Cormick & Catherine Nowlan

3rd May. Georgium Devine 2nd May
?? Devine & Maria Dowelay
Dryaf?? Tobin & Maria Lawler

24th Nov. Jacobum Doyle. 24th Nov
Lewen Doyle & Margarita Travers
Michael Doyle & Maria Rice

25th Nov. Laurentium Doyle 24th Nov
Michaelis Doyle & Catharina Hoban.
Laurentius Cullen & Margarita Cody

27th Dec. Danielem Doyle 26th Dec
Henry Doyle & Anna Carroll.
Malachias Byrne & Brigida Carroll per proxy

1st Feb Richardium Whelan. 1st Feb
Martini Whelan & Maria Lawler
Henricius Allen & Brigida Haw?rith

25th Aug. Honorum Doyle 25th Aug
Joannis Doyle & Judith Hunt.
Jacobim Moore & Maria Synott

23rd Oct. Gulielum Whelan, 23rd Oct
Joannis Whelan & Anastasia Ryan
Michaelis Whelan & Margarita Whelan

30th May 1829 PAtricium Whelan (illig) 20th May
Guilelium Whelan & Catharina Byrne
Richardus Aylward & Catharina No??

28th May Joannum Power 28th May
?Joannis Power & Brigida Kehoe
Joannus Carroll & Maria Kehoe

829 8th June. Joannem Whelan 8th June
Jacobi Whelan & Anastasia Furlong
Joannes Sullivan & Maria Duffin

8th June Joannem Doyle 8th June
Patricii Doyle & Anna Forrestal
Joannes Roche & Margarita Kehoe

26th June Catharinam Whelan 25th June
Brendi? Whelan & Margarita Byrne
Michael Keating & Anna Colloton

1828 13th Nov Catherinam Whelan 13th Nov.
Stepphani Whelan & Catharine ?Chevers
Thomas ?Kehoe & Anastasia Brien

1829 25th Jan Catherinam Doyle. 22nd Jan
Laurenti Doyle & Anastasia Murphy
No sponsors named

1828? 19th Oct. Mariam Doyle. 18th Oct.
Dionysius Doyle & Anna Doyle
MArtinus Doyle & Catharina Neville

1829 10th June Joannem Power 17th June
Patricius Power & Margarita How?lett
Joannes Power & Margarita Mitton

August ?? Dionysius Doyle 5th Aug
Peter Doyle & Maria Carrol?
Thomas Boggan & Catherine Havesham?

September Joannum Doyle 1st September
Jacobi Doyle & Catharina Dowley
Nicholem ??? & ?? Keney?

Feb Brigidam Hyland 24th Feb
??? Hyland & Johannes Carty
Guilelimus Hyland & Maria Kavanagh

1st March Frannem Whitty 27th Feb
Jermia WHitty & Catharina Murphy
David Murphy & Maria Hayes

4th March Patricium Doyle 4th March
Murtha Doyle & Maria Hay?ord
Thomas Hickey & Elizabeth Walsh

4th March Julielmus Doyle 4th March
Gulielmus Doyle & Catahrina Hammond
Michaelis Hayden & Maria Foley or Fahy

21st April Josephum Whelan 21st. April
Edwardi Whelan & Chatarina Richford
Martinus Donoly & Beigida Tobin

7th Nov. Eleanoram Doyle 6th Nov.
Lucus Doyle & Margarita Travers
Finntheus Doyle & Anastasia Kavanagh

15th Nov Mariam Doyle 14th Nov
?Franthaus Doyle & Maria Whitty
Phillipus Beades? & Maria KAvanagh

1830 Baptisms.
March 22nd. Guliulimum Doyle b. 22nd March
Michaelis Doyle & Maria Forrestal
Michael Prendergast & Anastatia Richford

8th March Margaritam Doyle, b. 6th.
?? Doyle & ?Sarah Cullen
Thomas Murphy & Anne Cullen

8th June Catherinam Doyle, b. 8th
Francis Doyle & Maria ?Thompson
Patritiu ?Walshe & Maria ?Doyle

May 15th Nicholaum Doyle 15th May
Timothei Doyle & Bridgita Murphy
Michael Doyle & Anastatia Doyle.

3rd April, Mariam Doyle, b. 3rd.
Patritius Doyle & Marian? Bakerston
Michael ?Brian & Anastatia Rice.

16th Aug, Mariam Whelan, 16th Aug
Lawrenti Whelan & Brigea Sweeney
Bartholomus Sweeney & Maria Kelly

11th July Margaritam Doran, b. 11th
?Thomam Doran & Eleanora Mara
Joannes Whelan & Brigeda Doyle

20th October Richardum Doyle, b. 19th
Michaelis Doyle & Catherinan Hogan
Jacobus Moor & Brigeda ?Nowland

18th Sept Brigidam Gallavan, b. 18th
?Jacob Callavan & Jane Rossiter
Tobias Rossiter & Brigeda Gallavan