Baptismal Extracts, New Ross, Co. Wexford, 1831-34

These records were not in order. The records are in Latin which means the first name is given in Latin, the surnames in English. Placenames are not given. Question marks indicate areas where I was unsure of the spelling as I was reading it or I was making a best guess at a name. Spellings are exactly as I read them

Baptisms: Aug 27th, 1809 – Aug 7th, 1841
National Library of Ireland film ref Pos. 4260
The Latter Day Saints did not have a copy of this film according to my records but that may have changed

11th Jan 1831  Thomas Whelan, b. 11th
Michaelis Whelan & Elizabeth McKelvey
Patritius Coming & Johanna ?Fichey

20th April 1831 Thomasam Whelan, b. 20th
Edwardi Whelan & Catherine Richford
James Richford & Maria ?Kown

11th March, 1831 Edwardum Whelan, b. ?11th
Joannis Whelan & Anastasia Nolan.
Michael Pender & Elenora Pender

November 1831 ?Thos Whelan b. 7th
Joannis Whelan & Anastatia Ryan
Thomas Walsh & Bridget ??

26th Aug.1831 Margaritam Doyle, b. 25th
Josephem Doyle & Maria ?Kearin
Jacobus Donovan & Maria Dillon

28th July 1831 Jacobi Galavan , b. 23rd
Joannis Gallavan & Elizabeth Power
Joannis Lalor & Margarita Dempsey.

21st July1831 Anastasiam Whelan, b. 30th
?Jacobin Whelan & Maria Lawler
Joannus ?Broader & Catherine Murray

23rd July.1831 Mariam Doyle, b. 23rd. July
Joannis Doyle & Maria Corrin
Michael Dwyer & Maria Devereux

26th Jan 1832 Julielumum Whelan, b. 25th (Twin)
Jacobi Whelan & Anastasia Furlong.
Joannis Roche & Anastasi K???
Patricius Whelan (Twin)
God parents: Petrus QUin & ???

1st January 1832 Patricium Whelan, b. 30th Dec 1831
Mathei Whelan & Brigeda ?Foh or Flin
Patricius ?Comisky & Maria ?Farrol.

27th Dec. 1831 Catherinam Doran, b. 26th Dec
?Robertus Doran *& Maria Nolan
Lucas Murphy & Catherina Moffat.

26th Dec. 1831 Nicholam Doyle, b. 26th
Lucas Doyle & Margarita Travers (Murphy crossed out)
Guliulemus Doyle & Anastasia Doyle

18th October 1831 MAriam Doyle, b. 17th
Henreci Doyle & Anna Carrol
Daniel Carrol & Maria Grace

3rd October, 1831 Sarah Whelan, b. 3rd. Oct.
Patricius Whelan & Brideta Fortune
Robertus ?Gurris or Gurrin & Maria Bolger

22nd Sept. 1831 Catherinam Doyle, b. 21st. Sept.
Josephim Boyle & Fanny Moran
Michael Doyle & Catherine Connick

23rd March, 1832 Honoriam Gallavan, b. 22nd
?Jacobi Gallavan & Jane ROssiter
Tobias ROssiter & Eleanora ?Bard….??

2nd March, 1832Euphrinam Doyle, b. 1st.
Michaelus Doyle & Elenora Stafford
Joannis Doyle & Catherinam Bolger

18th February, 1832 Geraldus Doyle, b. 18th.
Geraldus Doyle & Anna ?Forrestal
Simon Murphy & Brigida Murphy.

24th Dec, 1831 Brigidam Whelan, b 23rd.
Joanis Whelan & Brigeda Eustace.
Jacobus Conway & Maria Murphy

22nd Dec, 1831 Annam Doyle, b. 21st.
?Michaelis Doyle & Catherina Hoban
Edwardus Moore & Catharina Moore

6th Dec. 1831 Petrum Doyle, b. 6th
Joannes Doyle & Maria ?Hanakan
Joannes Murphy & Eleanora ?Hartwick

4th June, 1832 Franciscum Doyle, b. 4th
Jeffrey Doyle & Sally Hughes
Thomas Shannon & Anna Dooling

8th April,1832 Brigidam Doyle, b. 7th
Gulilem Doyle & Catherina Harman or Hannon
Michael Foley & Judith Roche

13th March,1832 Michaelem Doyle, b. 13th
Jacobi Doyle & Margarita Whelan
Jacobis Brophy & Maria Doolin

21st Feb. 1832 MAriam Doyle, b. 20th.
Michaelus Doyle & Maria Forristal
Thomas Travers & Margarita Power.

15th Dec., 1832 Patritius Doyle, b. 14th
Nicholam Doyle & Margarita Morrissey
Joannes Devereux & Elizabeth Furnace

11th Jan, 1833 Bridgetam Doyle, b. 9th.
Timothei Doyle & Bridgeta Murphy
Joannes Walsh & Elenora Murphy

28th Dec., 1832 Stephanum Doyle, b. 26th
Martini Doyle & Debora Kinsella
Joannes Breen & Catherine ?Nerty

1st Nov. 1832 Brigidam Whelan, b. 30th Oct
Joannis Whelan & Anastatia Ryan
Thomas Power & Joanna Power

29th April, 1832 Catherinam Whelan, b. 29th.
Edwardi Whelan & Catherina Richford
Dominicus Ryan & Anna Tobin

17th April 1832 Edwardum Doyle, b. 17th
Joannis Doyle & Maria Curran or Curnan
Nicholas Fitzpatrick & Judith ?Manning

22nd Dec (Twin) 1832 Mariann Doyle b. 22nd
Petri Doyle & Maria Carrol
GUliulimus Hyland & Anastasia Bolger.
Annam Doyle, b. 22nd (Twin)
Godparents: Joannis Brady & Maria ?Weyhner

17th Feb, 1833 Bridigdam Whelan, b. 17th
Martini Whelan & Maria LAwlor
James Lannan & Joanna ?Keelan

21st Jan. 1833 ?Brardum Gallavan, b. 21st.
Joannis Gallavan & Anastatia Clooney
Laurentius Gallavan & Margarita Harring

7th April, 1833 Joannis Whelan, b. 6th.
Jacobi Whelan & Maria KAvanagh
Patritius KAvanagh & Maria Furlong.

1st March, 1833 Bridgidam Whelan, b. 1st.
Patriti Whelan & Brigitta Fortune
Jacobus Fortune & Catherine Whelan

25th Jan. 1833 Gulielmum Doyle, b. 25th
Michaelis Doyle & Brigida Tobin
Joannes Tobin & Maria Bolger

30th May, 1833 ANnam Doyle, b. 24th.
Henrici Doyle & Anna Carroll
Joannus Day and Maria Day

15th May, 1833 Thomam Doyle, b. 10th
Murthas Doyle & Maria ?Fairbrick
Jacobus LAdogan & Rosa ?Magen

21st Sept,1833 Mattham Doyle, b. 20th
Bourdi Doyle & Anna Murphy
Joannes Murphy & Johanna Whelan

7th Aug,1833 MArgaritam Doyle, b. 7th.
Dionyis Doyle & BLANK (not filed in)
Catharina Whelan BLANK

25th July,1833 PAtricium GAllavan, b. ?22nd
Jacobi Gallavan & Jane ROssiter
?Boardius Gallavan & Maria ???

4th Dec.1833 Jacobim Whelan, b. 4th.
Michaelis Whelan & Margarita Forristal
Patricius Kehoe & Maria Forristal

11th November,1833 Thomam Doran, b. 29th October
Michaelis Doran & ELizabetha Breen
Morganus Kely & Margarita Magrath

4th Nov,1833 Margaritam Doyle, b. 3rd.
Patricius Doyle & Maria ?Batherton
JAcobus Lawler & Maria Flanery

12th Oct, 1833 Catherinam Doyle, b. 11th
PAtricius Doyle & Catherina FOrrestal
Jacobus Kehoe & Catherina Murphy.

19th Feb, 1834 Mariam Doyle, b. 19th
Jacobi Doyle & Brigeda Doherty
Thomas Sullivan & Elenora Doyle & Elenora ??? (3 sponsors)

12th Feb,, 1834 Jacobum Doyle, b. 11th.
?Jacobi Doyle & Anne Kehoe
Joannes ?Arahin & Brigeda Morrissey

7th January 1834 Catherinam Whelan, b. 4th.
MArthi Whelan & Brigida Flinn
Edwardus Brien & Cathrine Brien

29th Dec. 1833 ?Anistatum Whelan, b. 28th
Joannis Whelan & Brigedda Eustace
Joannis Richford & Brigidda ????

2nd May 1834 Josephum Whelan, b. 1st.
Michaelis Whelan & Anne Whelan
Thomas ?Hanrahan & Anne Skelton

5th April, 1834 Catherinam Doyle, b. 5th.
?Joanis Doyle & Maria Kearin
PAricius Kearin & Brigida Nowlan

19th March, 1834 Eugeum Doyle (illeg)
Patrii Doyle & Brigedda ?Nololan (sic)
Dionysius Sheehan & Marguerita Nowland

25th June, 1834 Margaritam Doyle, b. 25th.
Francis Doyle & Maria ?Hannon
Laurentius Whelan & Elizabeth Donovan

7th June, 1834 Jacobun Doyle, b. 7th
Jacobi Doyle & Maria Doyle
Jacobus Kehoe & Elenora Doyle

21st. Nov 1834 Jacobum Doyle, b. 20th
Michaelis Doyle & Anna Corrin
Patritius Kialy & Brigita Walsh

4th Oct, 1834 Anastasiem Doyle, b. 4th.
Timothi Doyle & Brigida Murphy
Frances Roche & Dorothea ?Hay

4th Oct. 1834 PAtricium Doyle, b. 4th
Michaelis Doyle & Catherina Hogan
Samuelis Kent & Margarita Byrne

1st Oct, 1834 Judith Doyle, b. 1st.
Jacobi Doyle & Maria Murphy
Richardus Power & MArgaritta???

15th September 1834 Jacobim Doyle, b. 10th.
Josephi Doyle & Marguerita Whelan
Mortimer Doyle & Anastasia Richford