Baptismal Extracts, New Ross, Co. Wexford, 1841-71

I was mainly after the surnames Doran and Whelan but I also transcribed other names of interest to me.

Aug 1841 – April 6th 1870 – National Library of Ireland film ref: Pos. 4260

Beginning of this register in very bad condition, dark, the edges completely blackened and only a few names visible. Pages are damaged top and bottom. In Latin.

1841 – 27th August
Josephum Stafford, born 26th Aug. Parents: Petri Stafford & Brigeda Donovan. SS. Carolus Nolan & Anna Honan (or Horan).

(Whelan & Doran only)
Jan 31st, 1855. Edwardam WHELAN. Francis WHELAN & Maria FITZHENRY. Laurentius FItzhenry & Maria Dunne.

April 11th. Jacobum WHELAN, born April 8th. Patricius WHELAN & Maria FOLEY. RIcardus Brown & Anna Bolger

May 23rd. Bridgitam WHELAN. B. 23rd. Michaelis WHELAN & Catherine POWER. Johannes Nash & Catherine ????

Jan 6th. Johanne DORAN. B. Jan 3rd. Gregorii DORAN & ?Minnie MURPHY. Frances Maddock & Brigida Grace.
Jan 20th. Brigida WHELAN, b. Jan 18th. Guilielmus WHELAN & Briggida SCOTT. Edwardus ?Furry or Furniss & Elinora Scott.

March 7th. Maurice WHELAN, born March 7th. JAcobi WHELAN & Maria?on ?Dunn. ?Phillip Dunn & Maria Dunn.

Dec 14th. Jacobem WHELAN. Born Dec 7th. Michaelis WHELAN & Margaritta HURLEY. Joanis Whelan & Marian Roach.

Jan 15th. ?Danielam WHELAN, born Jan 11th. Francis WHELAN & Maria FITZHARRIS. Jacobus FItzharris and ??? Byrne.

July 12th. Edwardum DORAN (illigt.) born July 12th. Edwardii DORAN & Anastatia BRYAN. Joannes Doran & Brigidda Dowling.

Feb 21st. Jacobum DORAN. Gregori DORAN & Anna MURPHY. ?Jacobus Coyle & ??
March 7th. PAtritius WHELAN. Patricium WHELAN & Maria FOLEY. Patricius Meehan & Anna Meehan

Sept 13th. Michaelen. Born Sept 11th. Joanni DORAN & Eliza DOYLE. Michael Byrne & Maryanne Bishop.

May 30th Patrick William born 27th. Patrick TROY & Ellen LEAHY. Michael Taafe & Elizabeth Leahy.
June 17th. Jacobum. Jacobii DORAN & Brigide DORAN. MAthius ?Parle & Maria Maloney.
July 4th. Annam, born 2nd. Jacobi SWEETMAN & ??? KENNY. Maria ?Bullz
July 4th. Mariam (illigt.). Michaelis DORAN & Brigide PLUNKETT. Margarita ?Grangel.

October 20th. Catherinam, born 15th. Jacobii DORAN & Brigide EGAN. JAcobus Howlett and Mary Heely.

Dec 9th. Johannam, born 7th. Johannis DORAN & Eliza DOYLE. Martinus Ryan & Maria Murphy

Feb 28th. Annam Elizabeth, born 27th. Jacobus DORAN & Bridigida EGAN. Barnardus Hennessy & Marianne Cullen.

Nov 27th. ?James, born 21st Nov. James DORAN & Bridget EGAN, Ross. Dennis Egan & Mary Egan.

1871 – entry No. 341 in the book.
July 5th, Patrick, born July 2nd. John DORAN & Eliza DOYLE. Nicholas Furlong & Bridget Murphy

1859 – torn

Jan 1st. Patricius, born Dec 30th 1859, Bapt. Jan 1st, 1860. Parents: Petrii Fanning & Maria Fling. SS. Georgius Walsh & Maria Fanning.

Jan 22nd Bridgittam Born Jan 21st. dau of Jacobii Coady & Margarita Galavan. SS. Maurice Coady & Maria Roach

Feb 26th. Michalem – no birth date given. Illigt. Son of Michaeli Fleming & Anastasia Galavan. SS. Michael Shea & Ellen Kelly.

April 18th Patricius Born 15th. Parents: Gallemus Moloney & Bridgeda Galavan. SS. Thos. Walsh & Margt. Galavan

June 10th. Joannim – illig. Born 9th. Parents: Joannis Lyons & Eleanor Barron. SS. William Lawlor & Bridgette Dowling.

Sept 2nd. Marieam born Aug 31st. Parents: Johannus Doran & Elizabeth Doyle. SS. Johannus Scott & Maria Moran.

Sept 16th. Cathariam born Sept 11th. Parents: Gregory Doran & Anne Murphy. SS. Stephanus Barron & Anne Kehoe.

Sides and ends of pages very bad condition this section of register.

December 9th – Helinam. Born 8th. Parents: Felius Doran & Barbara Purcell. SS. Andreas Reeves & Brigeda Howlett.

Dec 23rd. Mariam born 22nd. Parents: Martini ?Wiseman & Catharina Synnott. SS. Georgiius Allen & Margarita Galavan.

Jan 13th. Margaritam – born Jan 11th. Parents: Milius Doran & Sally Dunphy. SS. Mattius Connolly & Maria Doran.

Jan 18th Julidenm – born Oct 21st. Parents: ?? Carthy & Sophie Eady. SS. Michael Galavan & Catherina Stafford.

Feb 20th. Jululmum – born Feb 17th. Parents: Jululim Cassidy & Elizabeth Doran. SS. Johannus Hayden & Anne ??Denis?

April 9th. Catharinam born 9th. Parents: Joanni Curran & Maria Murphy. SS. Paticius Galavan & Catherine Kavanagh.

May 19th. Joannem. Born 16th. Parents: Jacobi Sweeney & Jannah Conway. SS. Joanes Doran & Bridgitta Bannon or Barren

June 19th. Mariam. Born 17th. Parents: Jacobii Coady & Margarita Galavan. SS. Jacobus Nowlan & Bridgitta Galavan.

July 14th Mariam Annam born 11th. Parents: Joannis Kavanagh & Eleanor Hunt. SS. Robertus Broadway & Anna Kavanagh.

Aug 11th. Mariam illig. Born 11th. Parents: Thome Galanan or Galavan & Anne ?Troy. SS. Henricus Ledger & Brigetta Donlan

March 30th. Michaelam born 29th. Parents: Richardi Bolger & Maria Byrne. SS. Jacobus Doran & Brigitta Bolger.

April 23rd. Patrtium born 20th. Parernts: Patrici Fawcett & Catharine Doran. SS. Jacobus Coady & Maria Pender.

June 22nd. Joannium. Born June 20th. Parents: Guillium Casidy & Elizabeth Doran. SS. Edwarduz Murphy & Maria Condon.

Writing bad here.

23rd November Joannim. Born 22nd. Parents: Joanni King & Anne Breen. SS. Joannes Dwyer & Brigitta Doolan.
23rd November Mariam Elleanorum Born 19th. Parents: Thomae Walsh & Marguerite Murphy. SS. Joannes Doran & Catherina Kirwan.

May 10th. Mariam Annam Born May 6th. Parents: Patricii ?Fossett & Catharina Doran. SS> Mathias Doyle & Brigitta Whelan.

May 13th. Martinuum, born 12th. Parents: Joannis Howlett & Catharinei Brown. SS. Patricius E. Devine & Monica Devine.

May 31st. Sophiam Jane born 23rd. Parents: Michael Carthy & Sophie Eady. SS. Thomas Rossiter & Margarita Frizelle.

June 3rd. Jacobun. Born June 2nd. Parents: Jacobi ?Lummery or Lumming and Catherine Fling. SS. Robertus Broadway & Maria Tobin

June 14th Catharnam born June 11th. Parents : Joanni Spelacy & Anne Kavanagh. SS – illegible

20th Sept. Alanian born 19th. Parents: Aylisir Doran & Sarah Dunphy. SS. Joannes Condon & Maria Condon

Feb 21st. Mariam born 17th. Parents: ??? Troy and Marg Power. SS. Stephanus Doyle & Miriam Haly.

March 6th. Catharinam born 4th. Parents: Joanni Byrne & Marie Delany. SS. Michael Spelacy & Bridgitta Byrn

Aug 28th. Thomasin illig. Born 26th. Parents: Gregori Cullen & Catharina Morrissey. SS. Joanes Doran & Margarite Murphy.

Oct 3rd John born 27th. Parents. Patrick Connors & Mary Doran. SS. Patrick Doran & Eliz. Doran.

November 9th. ?Shimam born 6th. Parents: Jacobi Doran & Bridgitta Egan. SS. Joannes Kavanagh & Illiana Curran.

Church of St. Mary & St. Michael, New Ross April 10th 1870 – Dec 12th 1880 – Pos. 4260
Baptisms. Proper ledger, runs across two pages, easy to read. Childs name, parents names, baptismal and birth dates in most cases, placename – for the most part – New Ross – entries are numbered down the pages, sponsors names, priests name. In English

1. April 10th, Mariam Pender – illeg. Born April 6th. Parents: John Pender & Margaret Mullally, Workhouse, Co. Carlow. SS. Patrick Doyle & Margaret Connors.

2. 10th April. Martin Kavanagh, born 6th April. Parents: Thomas Kavanagh & Catherine Bennett. SS. Patrick Byrne & Mary Russell, New Ross.

3. 10th April. Nicholas Whelan. Born 9th April. Parents: Laurence Macklan & Margaret A. Whelan. SS. John Kavanagh & Catherine Kavanagh, New Ross

4. 12th April. Mary Cleere, born 12th. Parents: Patrick Cleere & Bridget Curran, New Ross. SS. Walter Cleere & Ellen Kelly.

5. 12th April, Ellen Wickham, born 11th. Parents: James Wickham & Bridget ?Cregan or Grogan. SS: Patick Bracken & Mary Cullen.

6. 13th April. John Casey, born 11th April. Parents: Edmond Casey and Catherine Ryan, New Ross. SS: James Brennan & Elizabeth Hynes.

7. 17th April. Thomas Nonan, born 13th April. Parents: Michael Nunan (sic) & Mary ?Manny, New Ross. SS: Michael McNamara & Bridget Bishop.

8. 17th April. Mary Walsh, born 13th. Parents: John Walsh & Elizabeth Bulger, New Ross. SS: ?Norman Bayley & Bess Rochford.

9. 17th April. Mary Grant, born 13th. Parents: William Grant & Catherine Whelan, New Ross. SS: Edward Dunne & Anne Dunne.

10. 17th April. John Connolly, born 17th. Parents: Patrick Connolly & Catherine ?Timmons, New Ross. SS: Jeremiah Shea & Eliza Nolan.

11. 20th April. Patrick Reyly or Beyley, born 17th. Parents: John ?? & Catherine Curran, Mac….agh. SS: John ??? & Bridget Connors.

12. 24th April. Jane Ryan, born 19th. Parents: Maurice Ryan & Mary NASh, New Ross. SS: Michael Brien & ?Shlas Maher

13. 24th April, Mary Connelly, born 24th April. Parents: John Connelly & Maryanne ?Reily. SS: John Staunton & Bridget Connelly.

14. 18th April. Mary-Ann Donovan (illeg) born 17th April. Parents: Edward Donovan & Mary Cahill, New Ross. SS: George ?Sraby & Anty Night

15. 27th April. Thomas Burke (Illeg) born 26th. Parents: Thomas Burke & Mary Hynes. SS: Patrick Ryan and Catherine Shortt

16. 27th April. Susan Wall (Illig) Parents: Nicholas Wall & Mary Hanlon. SS: Daniel ?Farroll & Anastasia Fitzharris.
Feb 22nd 1859 – Nov 30th 1880 – Pos. 4260

Feb 22nd. Joannem WHELAN & Catherinam DALTON, Robertus Brown & Margarite Walsh. Hughes/hayes or Fergus parish
For this – the earliest dates are at the bottom of the list

1879 – last page of film that can be read – the rest is torn on the film in NLI
April 21st,
Richard O’Leary & Catherine Meylar – ? & Ross. William Ryan and Ellen Meylar.
Martin Flynn & Ellen Bolger, Ross. Edward Fylnn & Mary Whalen
James Kearney & Maria Walsh Ross. Moses Dunphy & Catherine Walsh

April 26th.
Thomas Daly & Bridget Connolly, Ross. Patriack Brean (Breen) and Anastatia Daly.

April 29th.
Edward Doran & Bridget ?Sweetman, Ross. Moses Dunphy & Ellen Moran.

May 5th.
Richard Nolan & Kate Delahunty, Ross. John Barron & Margaret ?Meany

June 15th.
Thomas Power & Margaret Hammond, Ross. John Bailey & Elizabeth ?Finn.
Patrick McCormick & Mary Anne Cody, Ross. John Dooley & Mary Swiney.

June 17th.
Maurice ??? and Anne Cummins, Cushinstown & Ross. Edward Connors and Ellen Connors.
Martin Brazell & Ann Ryan ??Bor….?? & Ross. Pat Harrington and Ellen Walsh.

June 18th.
Nicholas ??Cassian & Kate ?Green, Ross. Nicholas Walsh and Kate Doyle.
June 23rd.
Patrick Whelan and Bridget kavanagh, Ross. Patrick Grant & Alicia Doyle

July 6th.
Luke Roche and Mary Lamb, Ross. Moses Dunphy and Anne Higgins.
July 7th
John Hamilton and Anne Wall, Ross. William Hamilton and Anne Nugent.
July 9th.
Francis Lacy and Johanna ?Hanrickan or Hanrahan, Ross. John Lacy and Mary Anne Hanrahan
July 13th.
Thomas Bolger and Anne Coady, Ross. Patrick Redmond & Elizabeth Coady.
July 26th.
Thomas Murphy and Catherine Brennan, Ross. Moses Dunphy and Catherine Brennan
July 27th.
Patrick ?Bruton and Catherine Bolger, ?Atgar & Ross. Daniel Nolan and Mary Anne Bolger.

Aug 18th.
Thomas O’Neill & Mary Cahill, ??gur and Ross. ?Thomas Cahill & Anne Crea
Joseph Doyle and Catherine Murphy, Ross. John Breen and Mary Carroll.
Aug 21st.
John Usher & Bridget Donovan, Ross. Moses Dunphy and Mary Donovan

Sept 15th.
Joseph Sullivan and Mary HAnrick (Widow), Ross. Moses Dunphy and Catherine Delaney.
Sept 21st
Michael Stafford and Ellen Murphy, Ross. Michael Murphy and Mary Anne Maloney.
Sept 28th.
Thomas Carroll and Ellen Kavanagh, Ross. James Murphy and Mary Anne Fitz?somers.
Sept 30th.
?Laurence Walsh & Mary Redmond, ?Kilanorea & New Ross. Moses Dunphy and Fanny Hayes.

Oct 5th.
Martin Doyle and Bridget Curan, Ross. Michael Eustace and Margaret Ryan.
Thomas McHugh & Mary or May King, N. Ross. Denis Sheehan & Cath. Gardiner.
Oct 9th.
J. ???? & Catherine Crean, Cushenstown & N. Ross. Andrew Brien and Kate Williams.
Oct 14th.
John Keefe and Eliza Hynes, Ross. Robert Hayes and Mary Kirwan.
Oct 30th.
John Harrington & Mary Barry, New Ross. William Harrington & Mary Kea?rns.

Nov 13th.
?Laurence Foley & Anne Murphy, Poulfur and Ross. James ?Kent & Anne Kent.

J.F. Doyle – legible.
P.M. Furlong – blotchy scrawl
J. Aylward – scrawl
John Kirwan – very difficult to read in places.

July 13th.
Edward Whelan & Margaret Stafford, Ross. James Connolly & Kate Deegan

Aug 4th.
Richard Armstrong & Alice Maher, Ross. James Murry & Mary Maher

Oct 4th.
Michael Murphy & Bridget Connors, Ross. Martin Doyle & Ellen Payne.

Dec 21st. ?Frederic Ch?uisny?? & Mary Anne O’KEEFE, Ross. Martin Roche & Ellen Whelan.
Oct 9th.
John Doyle & Margaret Kielty, Ross. John ?Hunt & Anne Kielty

Feb 27th.
Patrick Murphy & Sarah Daly, Ross. William ?Beirny & Bridget Doyle.

Sept 21st.
Patrick Galavan & Mary Butler, ?Rower & Ross. Mchael Mackey & Bridget Butler

April 15th.
Andrew ?ti..? & Mary Doyle, Ross. Moses Dunphy & Kate Hendrick

May 31st.
John Day & Bridget Whelan, Kilacow & Ross. Moses Dunphy & Catherine Hurley.
Thomas Doyle & Mary Malowney, Ross. Moses Dunphy & Mary Carty.

Jan 10th.
Patrick Brown & Margaret R?eenes, New Ross. James Stafford & Eliza Doran.

June 28th.
?Mat Coady & Sara Doyle, New Ross. Moses Dunphy & Kate Dooly.

May 2nd
Laurence Doyle & Kate Sheehan, Ross. John Power & Johanna Doyle

May 3rd.
Thomas Neill & Mary ?Doyle, Ross. Maurice Flynn & Mary Mullaney.

May 14th 1794 – July 22nd 1809
Aug 2nd 1809 – Nov 17th 1814
April 9th 1822 – Feb 15th 1859 – Pos. 4260
Pos. 4260