Limerick Amateur, Athletic and Bicycle Club, 1887

Limerick Amateur, Athletic and Bicycle Club
The annual general meeting was held on Monday evening, March 28th, at the Fire Station. The meeting was very large and influential. The annual report read showed the club to be in a sound position, and their sports justly popular. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President: Alexander W. Shaw, J.P. ;
Vice-Presidents : R. De Ros Rose, J.P. ; Wyndham Gabbett, J.P. ; A. Murray, C. B. Barrington, J.P. ; M. E. Conway, J. Matterson, J.P. ; R. Fry.
Hon Treasurer : W. L. Stokes.
Capt Bicycle Club C. O’Connell
Hon Secretary: W. E. Frost.
Committee: Messrs. C. H. Gubbins, McNamara, Meade, Sterling, McAdam, B. Murray, Rowland, King, T. Ewart, Tidmarsh.
The annual ports were fixed to take place on or about June 6th.

The Star and Shannon Rugby Football Clubs have played off for premiership in a field off Farranshone. The match when decided – as a dispute arose during its progress, will finish the Rugby junior club contests, which went on weekly during the past four or five weeks. The two clubs named have had drawn matches on two occasions, and the result was looked forward to with much interest on Sunday last. The Star were evidently in best form, and played finely throughout, but the spirited opposition of the Shannonites did not permit of any marked play. A try was gained for the Star by O’Shea, but it was disputed owing to his having touched a spectator when passing in to ground the ball. For the Shannon club, Fitzgibbon subsequently gained a try very cleverly, off which a goal was kicked just as time was called. The dispute was referred to the committee of management.

Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887