Late Major P. M. Connellan, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny

Late Major P. M. Connellan, Thomastown Magistrates’ Sympathy

At the Thomastown Petty Sessions on Tuesday last, the Chairman (Mr. P. C. Creaghe, R.M.) said: – “Before beginning the business of the court I desire to say that my three brother magistrates and I regret that we are the only representatives of a generally large bench of magistrates here, but such as we are we would like to express in the most public way possible our deep sympathy with Major J. H. Connellan and his family, and young Mrs. Connellan, widow of Major Peter Conellan. I am sure that everyone who knows Major Connellan must feel as we do here today, the deepest sympathy with him in this great trial that has been sent to him. Major Peter Connellan has died a glorious death which any of us – if we were given a choice on how to die – would certainly choose: he died for the sake of the Empire and his country. But, death always leaves its bereavement and sorrow, and so in the bereavement and sorrow that has fallen on Major Connellan and his family we as brother magistrates, wish to offer him our sincere sympathy and condolence.
Mr. Shannon, C.P.S., said he desired to be associated with his worship’s remarks.
Head Constable Connell – On behalf of the police, I wish to be permitted to associate myself with your worship’s kindly reference to Major Connellan’s death.
Mr. S. C. Webb, solicitor – On behalf of the solicitors’ profession I would like to associate myself with everything that your worship has said, and to say that we wish to extend out heartfelt sympathy to Major Connellan and Mrs. Connellan in their very terrible bereavement.

Taken from ‘The Kilkenny People‘, November 7th, 1914