The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate, April 2, 1887

A letter was read from the Mother Superioress of the Sisters of Mercy, Charleville, calling the attention of the Board to the unfinished state of the new building in course of erection, for the Sisters of Mercy, at present occupying an unsanitary dormitory in a part of the house. She considers the work is too long in hands, and threatens to withdraw the nuns from the hospital if they be allowed to pass another winter in their present apartments.

The matter was referred to the Clerk of Works who reported that the work would be finished in a fortnight.

Notice of Eviction
The Right Hon. Wm. Charles Evans Freke, of Glastoe, Uppingham, Rutlandshire, in Englnd, surviving trustee of the estate, plaintiff.
John C(?)amis of Ballygrennan, in the county of Limerick, Defendant.

Mr. O’Gorman : They are getting pluck now. Coercion is coming.

The Election of Medical Officer
The Clerk read a telegram received in the last day from the local Government Board, stating that they would sanction Dr. Clery’s appointment to the Dispensary, provided he resigned that of the Workhouse.
An uninteresting discussion arose as to whether Dr. Clery’s letter on the last day was an absolute resignation of the Workhouse appointment, the condition implied therein having been fulfilled by the telegram from the Local Government Board.
Mr. O’Sullivan looked on it only as a conditional resignation, and also thought the telegram conditional.
Mr. Weldon expected to have a formal resignation from Dr. Clery today.
Mr. Daly thought that Dr. Clery had not yet resigned.
Mr. m. J. Condon asked if Dr. Clery’s resignation were accepted on last Board day, what was to prevent them from accepting it now, and giving an opportunity to the Local Government to sanction it by this day week.
Mr. Hogan held they had not Dr. Clery’s legal resignation or his legal sanction for the other appointment from the Local Government Board.
Mr. Meagher proposed the following resolution:-
That this board respectfully solicit the Local Government Board to refuse to accept the appointment of Dr. Clery to either the Kilmallock Dispensary District or the Workhouse Hospital on account of the utter disregard he has repeatedly shown to the resolutions of the Board.” (some laughter)
Mr. O’Donnell: (ironically) : That is a good sensible one
Mr. Meagher : The new board will have the privilege of electing the officers that will satisfy them for the coming year. I think it is right to make a fair start as we have been kept at bay so long by one individual.
The Chairman: I would never feel myself justified in receiving this resolution even though it had been seconded, because I don’t believe it is a correct element of facts.
Mr. Meagher got no seconder for his resolution, and subsequently withdrew it, but asked the Press to state the fact that the Chairman refused to receive it, the latter again remarking that the facts were incorrectly stated in it.
In reply to some observations of Mr. Weldon’s that Dr. Clery had been badly advised by his friends.
Mr. P. D. Cleary stated that he had no conversation whatever with Dr. Clery as to the course he should pursue. The reason he (Dr. Clery) did not think it necessary to send in a further letter of resignation was owing to the fact that advertisements inviting candidates for the vacant workhouse appointment, having been inserted in “The Munster news” it was naturally supposed that his former letter was regarded as quite sufficient.
Finally, it was decided on one motion of Mr. Clery to accept Dr. Clery’s resignation on his letter of the last day, and to appoint a medical officer to the Workhouse on next Thursday, Dr. Clery acting in that capacity in the meantime.

The concentration of the report of the special committee was postponed to next day and the Board adjourned at a late hour.
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

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