Rathkeale Poor Law Union, Election of Chairman, 1887

Once again in this newspaper extraction you will see that the journalist does not use the same spelling for a name in all instances, e.g. Pigott and Piggott

J.P. = Justice of the Peace

Rathkeale Board of Guardians
Election of Chairman
The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of the Rathkeale Union was held on Wednesday, Mr. Patrick Cahill, Chairman, presiding. The other Guardians in attendance were : Messrs. B. Hewson, J.P. ; D. M. Maunsell, J.P. ; Joseph Casey, J. P. ; Carroll Nash, Cornelius Curtain, Robert Pigott, Edward Cussen, John M. Switzer, Thomas Lynch, Patrick Madigan, Edmond O’ Connor, Michael Naughtin, Timothy Foley, Thomas Lyons, Denis Scanlon, Daniel Ranahan, William O’Neill and Thomas Lyons.

Election of Chairman, etc.
The first business taken up was the election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Deputy Vice-Chairman for the opening year.
Mr. Joseph Casey proposed the election of Mr. P. Cahill, as Chairman and spoke in high terms of the manner in which he discharged his duty during the last year, and the peace and harmony that prevailed at the Board since he was first elected to the position.
Mr. Casey’s proposition having been duly seconded and there being no opposition.
Mr. Cahill was declared elected unanimously.
Mr. M. Naughton proposed the election of Mr. R. Pigott to the Vice-Chairmanship, and it having been seconded by Mr. T. Foley, the proposition was unanimously agreed to.
Mr. C. Curtin was elected to the position of Deputy Vice Chairman, having been proposed by Mr. T. Lyons and seconded by Mr. Daniel Ranahan.
The three Chairmen are Nationalists, and this is the first year in which no opposition has been shown from the Conservative members of the Board.
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887