Tithe Rent Charges, National Teachers Act, 1887

Tithe Rent Charges

The Clerk read the resolution of the Nenagh Board asking to have tithe rent charges applied to local rather than to Imperial purposes. Mr. Maunsell proposed the adoption of the resolution. Mr. Hewson said it was a very good and proper resolution. At the time of the dissolution of the Protestant Church in Ireland the tithe rent charge was seized by the Government. They had all to pay it to the Government the same as they did before. It was o be spent in the parishes where the clergymen resided, and the butcher and the baker got their portion of it, but now, it was carried off and they did not know what was done with it.
The resolution was adopted.

The National Teacher’s Act.

A letter was read from the Commissioners of National Education, asking for £70.4s.6d in addition to the £447 already received to complete the payments of the National School Teachers.

Mr. Hewson: I move that the communication be marked read
The Clerk: You might as well say at once that the Board can’t pay it, it is heavily in debt.