Kilmallock Union Board, 1887

You will notice that some surnames are spelled differently in this one section of this article.  I have checked the spellings and left them as they were in the newspaper.

Kilmallock Union, Thursday
(from our Reporter)
The first meeting of the new board was held on Thursday, Mr. E. Cahill presiding. The other guardians present were: Messrs P. D. Clery, W. J. Clery, Wm. Gubbins, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Jas. Bennett, J.P. ; Neil McDonald, J.P. ; Dr. john Gubbins, , J.P. ; John Dunworth, John Barry, D. Condon, P. Hogan, P. J. Walsh, W. H. O’Sullivan, James Prendergast, John R. O’Gorman, Martin Maher, Edward Mitchel, Thomas Mee, Wm. Meade, Thos. Condon, Michael J. Condon, Denis McGrath, John Carroll, John H. Weldo(?e) J.P. ; Thomas O’Donnell, John Daly, J.P. ; John J. O’Fisherty, john O’Callaghan, P. J. Coll and John McDonald.

After the disposal of the routine business, the board proceeded to the
Election of Chairman
Mr. P.D. Cleary (sic) said he rose to propose for their adoption a gentleman to occupy the position of chairman for the coming year, and one who, he was sure was very well adapted for the position. He was in fact possessed of all the qualities necessary, he believed to constitute a first class chairman. He had been a guardian of the union for nearly twenty years, and had a thorough knowledge of the poor law in all its bearings. On all occasions he had been most kind and considerate with regard to the poor and had taken a great interest in furthering the work of the Labourer’s Act, and in fact his division though not a large one, had about the largest number of cottages of any division of the union. His courtesy on all occasions could not be surpassed by any chairman of any union, whether it was to the elected or the ex-officio guardians, it made no matter, he discharged his duty always impartially. Though last not least he considered that he was thoroughly national, and had always sided and assisted the people in obtaining the assistance they deserved. He felt sure that the gentleman to whom he alluded would discharge his duties in the future with the same impartiality that characterized his conduct in the past. The gentleman to whom he intended to propose was Mr. Edwd. Cahill, Kilteely.
Mr. Prendergast : I have great pleasure in seconding that sir.
Mr. Bennett : I was going to do it. I must say as an ex-officio guardian that I agree with every word Mr. Cleary has said regarding Mr. Cahill – his impartiality in the chair – perfect impartiality and civility.

There being no other candidate proposed

Mr. Cahill returned thanks for his unanimous election. He was not a speech maker, and he was very sorry for it on present occasion, but he could only say that he thanked them sincerely for the honor conferred no him. In fact he would be nearly inclined that Mr. Cleary told lies, but that it would not be Parliamentary. However, it was with great reluctance in one sense that he accepted the position for the coming year. He did not consider in a certain sense that he had the right to occupy the position for a longer period. It was ni fact keeping the honours of the Board too long (no, no). He knew it was scarcely fair, but he had spoken to some friends about it who urged him to hold the position for this year at all events, particularly as he had begun the Labourer’s Acts. He did not claim any credit to himself for the work he had done in connection with these Acts, but he certainly said that he was second to none in inclination. They had pulled through hard times, but he hoped they would be somewhat smoother in the future and that they would continue to do the business as well they could.
Mr. Bennett: You will get every support, mr. Chairman
Mr. Cahill : I hope I will have the assistance of the Guardians both elected and ex-officio, as I had in the past.
Mr. Prendergast: I feel very great pleasure in proposing Mr. O’Donnell for the position of Vice-Chairman of this Board.
Mr. McGrath seconded the proposition and it was agreed to unanimously.
Mr. Walsh proposed Mr. James Prendergast for the position of Deputy Vice Chairman and said that during the time he occupied that position he had given great and general satisfaction.
Mr. Dunworth seconded Mr. Prendergast’s nomination and it was also agreed to unanimously.

Taken fromThe Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate,
April 2, 1887

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