Rathkeale Dispensary Committee, 1887

There was one vacancy in the Committee of the Rathkeale Dispensary District, caused by the death of Mr. Blennerhasset, and it was filled up by the election of Mr. Keating.
Mr. Naughton was subsequently about to propose another man on the Committee when
The Chairman stated that Mr. Naughton was too late, the vacancy that existed having been filled up.

Mr. Naughton held that his proposition was quite in order and ought to be received.
The Chairman said that if his ruling on the matter were questioned he would put it to a poll.
Mr. Hewson hoped the Chairman would stick to his ruling, and not put the matter to the board.

The Chairman was about pressing the next business, when Mr. Curtin said : You are after saying this minute you would put it to a division, Mr. Chairman.
The Chairman: I will put it to a division now.
A Guardian : I beg your pardon Mr. Chairman, I don’t think you can do that.
The Chairman : It is quite uncalled for, Mr. Curtin, to be going on in this manner.
Mr. Maunsell : It is a question entirely for the Chairman. If he decides to put it to a division h can.
Mr. Hewson said if this question were opened now, it might be that in half an hour’s time again another guardian would raise the matter on the new when most of the members of the board would have left.
The Clerk: I think it would be tantamount to a vote of censure on the Chairman –
Mr. Piggott (sic) Go on to the next business, Mr. Chairman.
A Guardian: I think whatever the Chairman has done, he has done properly.
The matter then ended.

Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”, April 2, 1887