Nicholastown Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following Nicholastown gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Michael Dooley Who Died 5/5/1949 Aged 72 Years. His Wife Sarah Dooley Who Died 15/8/1964 Aged 84 Years.

Patricia Donovan Who Died 4/5/1949. Her Sons Patrick Donovan Who Died 12/1947. Joseph Donovan Who Died 9/1958. Her Husband John Donovan Who Died 26/12/1975. Mary Donovan nee Alcock 8 Dominics Park Who Died 19/7/1998 Aged 68 Years.

Michael Quinn Grangenolvin Who Died 19/7/1980 Aged 85 Years. His Parents Eliza Quinn And Patrick Quinn. His Brothers James Quinn And John Quinn.. His Wife Annie Quinn Who Died 8/2/1998 Aged 92 Years.

Margaret Donovan Mullaghmast Who Died 11/7/1987 Aged 74 Years. Her Son Noel Donovan And Daughter Eileen Donovan Who Died In Infancy. Her Husband Joseph Donovan 14/4/1989 Aged 78 Years. Their Son Michael (Tony) Donovan Who Died 11/1/2003 Aged 53 Years. Their Son Nicholas (Mick) Donovan Died In Australia 7/6/2005 Aged 63 Years.

Bridget Leonard Who Died 15/2/1952. Her Husband John Leonard Who Died 1/1/1960.

Erected By Peter Curtis Who Died 6/2/1951 Aged 92 Years In Memory Of His Wife Mary Curtis Who Died 3/8/1923 Aged 50 Years. His Daughter In Law Margaret Curtis Who Died 12/11/1923 Aged 22 Years. His Grand Daughter Mary Leonard Who Died 11/6/1932 Aged 15 Years. His Son Patrick Curtis Who Died 31/10/1947 Aged 58 Years. Peter (Ted) Curtis Who Died 23/11/1968 Aged 72 Years.

Erected By Ellen Byrne Dollardstown Who Died 22/5/1935 Aged 75 Years In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Byrne Who Died 26/9/1932 Aged 73 Years. Her Son Christopher Byrne Who Died 11/11/1918 Aged 18 Years. Her Son Patrick Byrne Who Died 23/11/1923 Aged 28 Years. Her Grandson Patrick kelly Who Died Young. Her Daughter Josephine Kelly Who Died Josephine Kelly 2/10/1947 Aged 49 Years. Helena Roche Who DIed 8/5/1957.

Christopher & Michael Sherlock Grangemellon Who Were Killed 5/7/1938 Aged 15 & 13 Years. Patrick Sherlock Who Died 27/11/1945 Aged 23 Years. Their Mother Bridget Sherlock Who Died 19/11/1951 Aged 53 Years. Their Father Christopher Sherlock Who Died 24/8/1963 Aged 70 Years.

Mary Cullen Who Died 10/12/1942. Jack Cullen Who Died 29/5/1974. Maurice Cullen Who Died 3/6/1932 Athy.

Peter Farnan Who Died 19422. John Farnan Who Died 1944. Kathleen Farnan Who Died 1946.

Peter Fenlon Who Died 29/6/1953 Aged 51 Years. His Wife Margaret Fenlon Who Died 13/4/1957 Aged 57 Years. Their Daughter Theresa Fenlon Who Died 20/4/1951 Aged 7 Years. Their Son Peter (Pat) Fenlon Who Died 29/5/1991 Aged 60 Years. Their Daughter Johanna (Josie) Fenlon Who Died 19/7/1991 Aged 61 Years.

Bridgid Donovan Who Died 6/1943 Aged 63 Years. Her Husband John Donovan Who Died 2/1946 Aged 69 Years. Their Daughter Elizabeth Donovan Who Died 1923 Aged 6 years. Their Grandson John Donovan Who 5/1939 Aged 9 Months.

Kathleen Dargan Ardreigh Who Died 16/1/1946 Aged 3 Years.

Erected By Teresa Nolan Grangemellon In Memory Of Her Parents Eliza Nolan Who Died 24/5/1882. John Nolan Who Died 13/9/1897. Her Sister Elizabeth Nolan Who Died 6/5/1931. Her Brother Patrick Nolan Who Died 12/2/1939. Her Sister Mary Anne Nolan Who Died 11/3/1948. Her Niece Ann Nolan Who Died 17/2/1950. Lil Loughman Who Is Interred In Kildare.

Erected By Mary Nolan In Memory Of Her Husband Thomas Nolan Who Died 22/6/1908 Aged 34 Years.

Erected By Eliza Owens Grangemellon Who Died 26/11/1930 Aged 84 Years. In Memory Of Her Husband Thomas Owens Who Died 6/3/1938 Aged 75 Years. His Daughter Maria Owens Who Died 6/11/1907 Aged 28 Years. His Son James Owens Who Died 22/8/1962 Aged 78 Years. His Son John Owens Who Died 4/5/1967.

Patrick Walsh Bray Who Died 29/3/1912 Aged 68 Years. His Sister Margaret Walsh Who Died 20/4/1915 Aged 63 Years. Kate Walsh Who Died 20/10/1919 Aged 70 Years.

Edward Maher Grangemnolvin Who Died 6/1/1941 Aged 82 Years. His Wife Catherine Maher Who Died 12/11/1943 Aged 75 Years. Their Son Michael Maher Who Died 7/1/1994 Aged 87 Years. Their Daughter Bridget Moran Who Died 2/10/2000 Aged 92 Years.

Erected By John Doyle Kilkea In Memory Of His Parents John Doyle & Kathleen Doyle. His Daughter Patrica Doyle Who Died Aged 2 Years. His Grandparents Michael Doyle And Hannah Doyle Grangenolvan. His Two Brothers Michael Doyle And Aloysius Doyle Aged 1 Year and 2 Years. His Two Sisters Kaathleen Cahill And Claire Fox Interred In England.

James Joseph Fenlon 112 Nicholastown Who Died 26/12/1985 Aged 58 Years.

Erected By Patrick Whelan In Memory Of His Two Uncles John Whelan Who Died 7/8/1915 Aged 57 Years. Thomas Whelan Who Died 8/10/1940 Aged 82 Years. His Brother Laurence Whelan Who Died 15/1/1943 Aged 63 Years.

Erected By Mary Dempsey In Memory Of Her Father Patrick Dunn Who Died 6/12/1930. Her Mother Who Died 20/12/1929

Gunner L. Dunn Royal Garrison Artillery Who Died 1/12/1919.

Michael Dunne Irishtown Who Died 26/11/1936 Aged 6 Years

Erected By Henry Fleetwood Of Ballyroe In memory Of His Wife Eliza Fleetwood Who Died 8/4/1880 Aged 53 Years. His Son Christopher Fleetwood Who Died 9/5/1918 Aged 67 Years.

John Fitzsimons Ballyroe Who Died 11/4/1952 Aged 81 Years. His Wife Ellen Fitzsimmons Who Died 8/7/1962 Aged 86 Years. Their Son Patrick Fitzsimons Who Died 27/8/1976.

John Owens Nicholastown Who Died 13/4/1952 Aged 62 Years. His Wife Kathleen Owens Who Died 15/1/1987 Aged 90 Years. Their Grandchild Paula Owens Who Died 11/5/1976.

Erected By William Owens Nicholastown In Memory Of His Beloved Father John Owens Who Died 22/12/1889 Aged 76 Years. His Mother Anne Owens Who Died 14/4/1898 Aged 80 Years. The Above William Owens Who Died 29/7/1930 Aged 81 Years. His Wife mary Owens Who Died 29/4/1933 Aged 83 Years.

Michael Loughman Nicholastown Who Died 14/3/1918 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Kate Loughman Who Died 6/2/1945 Aged 86 Years. Their Sons Michael Loughman Who Died 10/9/1898 Aged 19 Years. William Loughman Who Died 20/4/1966 Aged 76 Years. Their Daughters Josephine Loughman Who Died 18/3/1966 Aged 73 Years. Kathleen Loughman Who Died In England 17/3/1943 Aged 43 Years. Their Niece Kathleen (KItty) Loughman Who Died 10/11/1918 Aged 6 Years.

Thomas (Tom) Conway Ballyroe Who Died 5/6/1963 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Elizabeth Conway Who Died 25/11/1984 Aged 91 Years. His Parents John And Mary Anne Conway (Interrred Here).

Erected By Esther In Memory Of Her Parents Mary Anne And John Conway.

Erected By Helen (Lena) Conway In Memory Of Her Husband Thomas (Con) Conway Inch Athy Who Died 28/3/1944 Aged 35 Years.

Anne Mulreid Grangemellon Who Died 13/8/1983 Aged 76 Years. Her Father in Law Dan Mulreid Who Died 29/7/1924 Aged 66 Years. Her Mother In Law Bridig Mulreid Who Died 17/4/1939 Aged 71 Years. Patrick Mulreid Who Died 6/5/1990 Aged 91 Years.

Julia Donovan Burtown Athy Who Died 18/2/1963 Aged 62 Years. Her Husband Patrick Donovan Who Died 6/11/1972 Years.

Erected By John Conway In Memory Of His Mother Lucy Conway Who Died 22/6/1919. Her Aunt Johanna Ryan Who Died 23/5/1948

James Byrne Leinster Lodge Athy Who Died 18/2/1951. His Wife Esther Byrne Who Died 2/2/1969.

Daniel Connolly Belan Who Died 10/7/1887 Aged 60 Years. His Son Daniel Connolly And His Grand Daughter Bridget Connolly Who Died Young. His Daughter Mary Connoll Who Died 30/7/1900 Aged 34 Years. His Son Edward Connolly Who Died 1/3/1907 Aged 45 Years. His Wife Honora Connolly Who Died 3/5/1918 Aged 83 Years. John Connolly Who Died 16/7/1920 Aged 62 Years. Bridget Connolly Who Died 22/4/1942 Aged 72. Her Son Daniel Connolly Who Died 21/6/1982 Aged 81 Years And His Wife Kathleen Connolly Who Died 29/3/1988 Aged 77 Years. Their Grandson Brian Cullen Who Died 3/4/1970 Aged 2 1/2 Years.

Erected By Thomas Sweeny Of Ballyroe In Memory Of Her Mother Annie Sweeny Who Died 30/1/1876 Aged 30 Years. His Father Thomas Sweeny Who Died 17/4/1877 Aged 80 Years.

Thomas Moran Who Died 5/3/1975 Aged 36 Years.

Erected By Thomas Moran Of Ballyroe In Memory Of His Father Patrick Moran Who Died 20/4/1885 Aged 85 Years And His Mother Anne Moran Who Died 10/10/1889 Aged 85 Years. Also His Wife Maggie Moran Who Died 1/4/1890 Aged 36 Years. And John Who Died Young. The Above thomas Moran Who Died 2/4/1932 Aged 87 Years.

Bridget Moran Ballyroe Who Died 9/1/1965 Aged 61 Years. Her Son Michael Moran Who Died April 1942 Aged 1 Year. Her Daughter Matha Moran Who Died 3/5/1946 Aged 6 1/2. Her Husband Patrick Moran Who Died 20/5/1970 Aged 82 Years.

Winnifred Loughman Who Died 30/11/1923 Aged 37 Years. Her Son John Loughman Who Died 30/5/1923 Aged 3 Years. Her Son James Loughman Who Died 4/12/1973 Aged 87 Years. Paddy Loughman Late Of Kilkea.

Katherine Cullen Ballycullane Athy Who Died 27/10/1944 Aged 74 years. Her Husband Thomas Cullen Who Died 5/5/1951 Aged 83 Years. Their Son George Who Died 2/8/1936 Aged 33 Years.

Erected By Marcella Lawler In Memory Of Her Husband William Lawler Who Died 23/3/1955 Aged 74 Years. Her Daughter Mary Who Died 2/2/1931 Aged 72 Years. John Lawler Who Died 28/7/1940 Aged 68 Years. Annie Lawler Who Died 14/3/1944 Aged 64 Years. Edward Lawler Who Died 27/3/1957 Aged 78 Years. Mary Lawler Who Died May 1919 Aged 5 Years.

Thomas Fitzpatrick Who Died July 1911 Aged 78 Years. His Wife Annie Fitzpatrick Who Died October 1904 Aged 58 Years. Their Children James Fitzpatrick Aged 9 Years. Patrick Fitzpatrick Aged 7 Years. Michael Fitzpatrick Aged 3 Years. Mary Fitzpatrick Aged 1 Years Who Died February 1882.

John Farrell Who Died 14/1/1935 Aged 70 years. Patrick Farrell Who Died 18/4/1942 Aged 35 Years. Lena Farrell Who Died 15/11/1953 Aged 70 Years. Michael Farrell Who Died 2/6/1956 Aged 52 Years. Also John Farrell.

William Owens Ballycullane Who Died 19/3/1956 Aged 64 Years. His Wife Bridget Who Died 17/11/1989 Aged 87 Years. Their Daughter-In-Law Josephine (Jo) Owens Who Died 28/3/2007 Aged 69 Years.

Kate Dunne Who Died 6/3/1910 Aged 35 Years. Her Father John Dunne Who Died 20/2/1913 Aged 85 Years. Her Mother Mary Dunne Who Died 20/10/1917 Aged 83 Years. Her Son John Dunne Who Died 8/8/1927 aged 56 Years. Her Grandson John Dunne Who Died 27/5/1920 Aged 7 Months. His Wife Bridget Dunne Who Died 2/2/1975 Aged 91 Years. Also Tim Dunne Who Died 6/9/2002 Aged 79 Years.

John Murphy Of Nicholastown Who Died 10/10/1868 Aged 78 years. Also Two Of His Sons Thomas Murphy 4/11/1861 Aged 27 Years. Michael Murphy Who Died 12/8/1868 Aged 18 Years. Also His Daughter Catherine Murphy Who Died 11/12/1850 Aged 30 Years. His Wife Anne Murphy Who Died 1/6/1883 Aged 80 Years.

Erected By Patrick Fitzpatrick Of Nicholastown In Memory Of His Mother Anne Fitzpatrick Who Died 12/2/1873 Aged 66 Years. His Brother James Fitzpatrick Who Died 14/10/1879 Aged 50 Years. His Son Laurence Fitzpatrick Who Died 21/2/1882 Aged 4 Years. His Brother Laurence Fitzpatrick Who Died 20/1/1885 Aged 42 Years. His Father Laurence Fitzpatrick Who Died 28/9/1885 Aged 91 Years. Katherine Fitzpatrick Who Died 5/3/1935. Her Brothers Patrick Fitzpatrick Who Died 22/11/1961 And James Fitzpatrick Who Died 11/10/1967. Their Parents Patrick & Julia Fitzpatrick. Andrew Fitzpatrick Who Died 7/12/1972 Aged 76 Years.

The Powell Family From Padsir Hyland.

John Kayes Nicholastown Who Died 23/3/1953 aged 73 Years. His Wife Mary Anne Who Died 4/9/1971 Aged 84 Years. His Step Brother Patrick Fennelly Who Died 6/4/1928. Their Daughter Kathleen Kayes Who Died 14/9/1999.

Erected By J. Kayes In Memory Of His Mother & Sister.

Erected By M.A. Bryan In Memory Of Her Father.

Ellen Bryan Who Died 10/1/1905 Aged 60 Years.

Whelan In Memory Of Mother & Father.

Erected By Laurence Manders Milltown Athy In Memory Of Her Husband John Manders Who Died 25/4/1865 Aged 59 Years. Margaret Manders Who Died 28/8/1875 Aged 64 Years. His Brother Richard Manders Who Died In The Wreck Of The Steamship Pagieig On The Pacific Coast 3/11/1875 Aged 29 Years. His Sister Catherine Manders Who Died Young.

Catherine Moran Nee Kinsella Who Died 6/11/1922 Aged 54 Years.

James (Jim) Fitzsimons 3 Conyngham Road Dublin 8 Late Of Ballyroe Athy Who Died 17/7/1979 Aged 78 Years. His Wife Bridie Fitzsimons Who Died 30/5/1992 Aged 91 Years.

Abraham (Abie) George Coyle Nicholastown House Born 7/2/1921 Died 25/3/2006 aged 85 Years.

John Cullen Of Ballycolane In Memory Of His Father John Cullane Who Died 14/9/1849 Aged 70 Years.

Erected By Mary Hyland Of Grangemellon In Memory Of Her Husband James Hyland Who Departed This Life 4th May 1842 Aged 80Yrs. Also Her Son Patrick Who Died 4th May 1848 Aged 46 Yrs. Also The Above Mary Hyland Who Died 22nd August 1855 Aged 83 Years. Also Her Son James Who Depd 16th June 1876 Aged 64 Years And His Wife Catherine Hyland Depd 16th April 1899 Aged 70 Years. Also Their Daughter Ellen Hyland Dept 17th Novomber 1890 Aged 25 Yrs. R.I.P. James Hyland Died 14/11/1903. Catherine Died 15/4/1899. Ellen Died 17th Nov 1890, James Died 27 Nov 1904 Maria Died 8th Dec 1907, John Died 22 January 1920, Thomas Died 8th July 1931, Patrick Died 5th February 1938 Aged 80 Years, Margaret Died January 1943 Aged 86 Years.

Patrick Loughman Who Died 6/7/1947 Aged 69 Years. His Wife Mary Loughman Who Died 13/2/1950 Aged 67 Years. Their Sons Patrick Loughman Who died 31/3/1969 Aged 56 Years. Michael Loughman Who Died 21/8/1971 Aged 57 Years. Their Daughters Maryann Loughman Who Died 6/6/1978 Aged 69 Years. Margaret Maher Nee Loughman Who Died 18/4/1991 Aged69 Years. Josie Murphy Nee Loughman Who Died 26/7/1999 Aged 81 Years.

William Coyle Who Died February 1892 Aged 58 Years. His Sister Mary Coyle Who Died 13/2/1896 Aged 76. And Two Of His Brothers Gerald Coyle Who Died 30/12/1897 Aged 75 Years And Abraham Coyle Who Died 16/12/1906 Aged 84 Years.

John Coyle Nicholastown Who Died 28/8/1908 Aged 45 years. William Coyle Who Died 28/8/1836 Aged 54 Years. Elenor Coyle Who Died 26/1/1863 Aged 70 Years. Their Son John Doyle Who Died 9/6/1853 Aged 30 Years. His Wife Anne Coyle Who Died 11/3/1934 Aged 75 Years. Alfred COyle Who Died 26/8/1917 Aged 22 Years. Robert Coyle Who Died 7/10/1962 Aged 76 Years.

Of Your Charity Pray For The Repose Of The Soul Of Margaret Neill Who Died May 9-1836 Aged 52 Years. Also Her Husband Michael Neill Who Died March 6 1852 Aged 69 Years, And Their Daughter Mary Neill Died April 4 -1845 Aged 26 Years. Also Their Son Patrick Neill Died Nov-7th 1846 Aged 29.

Erected By Daniel Earle Bray in Memory Of His Brother Earle Who Died 9/6/1916 Aged 75 Years. Eliza Earle Who Died 18/12/1922 Aged 74 Years. The Above Daniel Earle Who Died 10/11/1932. Mary Earle Who Died 6/1/1901 Aged 80 Years.

Erected By Mauris Lyons Of Nicholastown In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Ellenor Lyons Who Depd This Life May 18th 1859 Aged 52 Years. Altho She Is Sleeping We Do Not Forget Her. Also His Son James Who Dept This Life June 11-1844 Aged 27 years. Also The Above Maurice Lyons Who Depd This Life Janr 9 1860 Aged 83 And Also His Son Edward Who Depd This Life November 16th 1867 Aged 37.

Erected By Ellen Horan Foxhill In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Christopher Horan Who Died 19/3/1889 Aged 50 Years. The Above Ellen Horan Who Died 1/6/1907 Aged 63 Years.

This Stone Erected By James Whelan Of Nicholastown In Memory Of His Beloved Father Bart Whelan Who Departed This Life 20-Feb 1832 Aged 88 Ys. Also His Beloved Mother Mary Whelan Who Dept This Life August The 8-1839-Aged 76 Ys.

Edward McEvoy Rosebran Who Died 21/2/1922. Annie McEvoy Who Died 5/9/1929 And Her Husband Patrick McEvoy Who Died 19/1/1938.

Erected By Maurice Toole Grangemellon In Memory Of His Son John Toole Who Depd This Life 27 Of June 1831 Aged 32 Years Also In Memory Of His Wife Marcella Toole Who Depd This Life 27th Of Dec- 1847 Aged ….Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Thomas Whelan Who Died On The 4th Of Augst 1873 Aged 88 Years. And His Wife Catherine Who Died 11th Novr 1865 Aged 52 Years. Also Their Two Children Michael And Kate. May They Rest In Peace.

Erected By Catherine Kinsella Miltown Athy In Memory Of Her Husband Thomas Kinsella Who Died 7/8/1884 Aged 45 Years. Also Her 5 Children Who Died Young. Her Son Denis Kinsella Who Died 16/3/1909 Aged 40 Years. Her Son John Kinsella Who Died 20/3/1920 Aged 49 Years. Catherine Kinsella Who Died 17/5/1924 Aged 84 Years.

Erected By John Kavanagh In Memory Of His Wife Catherine Kavanagh Who Died 14/10/1871 Aged 34 Years.

Erected To The Memory Of Mary Byrne Of Nicholastown Who Died Novr 23rd 1825 Aged 82 Years. Also Her Daughter Eleanor Who Died March 4th 1847 Aged 83 Years And Also Her Daughter Honoria Who Died Sept 7 -1847 Aged 84 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Lauarence Nail Who Depard This Life March The 4th 1778 Aged 60. Also Ye Body Of Michl Neill Who Depd This Life July Ye … 1792 aged 40. May Ye Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls Amen. Also The Body Of Patrick Neill Who Departed This Life The 27th Of May 1827 Aged 55 Year.

Here Lieth The Body Of Laurence McDarby Who Departed This Life December The 20th 1798 Aged 70 Years May He Rest In Peace Amen.

Joseph Murphy Mullaghcrellan, Castledermot Who Died 17/12/1972. His Wife Margaret Murphy Who Died 10/8/1977. Their Daughter Bridget (Buddy) Murphy Who Died 19/5/2008. Their Daughter Beth Murphy Who Died Young.

Michael Murphy Of Kilkea Who Died 24/9/1965 Aged 62 Years. Also His Wife Anne Murphy Who Died 9/2/1981 Aged 80 Years. Also His Brother Martin Murphy Killed In Action In France 21/10/1915 Aged 21.

Erected By John Loughman Of Heath Farm To The Memory Of His Mother Esther Loughman Died 7th August 1830 Aged 56 Years. Also His Father Pat Loughman Who Depd This Life 3rd August 1865 Aged 78 Years. And His Sister Margaret Who Died 18 Years Old . Also His Daughter Essy Who Died 28th Jany 1879 Aged 3 Years And His Beloved Wife Julia Loughman Alias Moran Who Died 15th Janry 1881 In The 36th Year Of Her Age. The Above John Loughman Died 20th June 1912 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Kate Loughman Died 10th July 1926 Aged 68 Years. Also Their Son Patrick Died 26th April 1964 And Their Daughter Katie Died 30th May 1964.

Michael Anthony Athy Who Died 18/8/1899 Aged 72 years. Also His Son Maurice Anthony Who Died 14/8/1880 Aged 6 Years. His Wife Catherine Anthony Who Died 28/7/1917 Aged 75 years. His Son James Anthony Who Died 1/9/1951 Aged 82 Years. Patrick Anthony Who Died 3/3/1962 Aged 82 Years.

Erected By James Anthony Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Father James Anthony Who Died In April 1834 Aged 74 Years. Also His Mother Bridget Anthony Who Died In March 1829 Aged 76 Years. Also The Above James Anthony Who Died 20/12/1871 Aged 76 Years. Also His Wife Winifred Anthony Who Died 27/9/1869 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By Michael Anthony In Memory Of His Infant Child Who Died 1923. The Above Michael Anthony Who Died 29/6/1958 Aged 83 Years. His Wife Evelyn Anthony Who Died 12/6/1979 Aged 94 Years. His Grandson Robert Anthony Son Of James And Maura Anthony Who Died 29/8/1968 Aged 10 Years. James Anthony Who Died 7/11/1996 Aged 83 Years.

Erected By Michael Anthony In Memory Of His Infant Child Who Died In 1923. The Above Michael Anthony Who Died 29/6/1958 Aged 83 Years. His Wife Evelyn Anthony Who Died 12/6/1979 Aged 94 Years. Hi Grandson Robert Anthony Son Of James And Maura Anthony Who Died 29/8/1968 Aged 10 Years. James Anthony Who Died 7/11/1996 Aged 83 Years. His Wife Maura Anthony Who Died 28/10/2006 ged 88 Years. Mother And Father Of Anne, James And The Late Robbie.

Erected In Memory Of Michael Russell Who Depd This Life 16th Of March 1819 Aged 70 Years.

Patrick Doyle Who Died 21/9/1902 Aged 81 Years. His Wife Catherine Doyle Who Died 17/9/1880 Aged 57 Years.

Michael Lanigan Bray Athy Who Died 17/11/1946 Aged 52 Years. His Wife Margaret Lanigan Who Died 9/10/1980 Aged 79 Years. Their Son Patrick Joseph Lanigan Who Died 19/10/1986 Aged 53 Years.

Edward McCormack Who Died 9/11/1974 aged 69 Years.

Bridget Breen Who Died 16/3/1932 Aged 56 Years. Her Husband John Breen Who Died 20/2/1939 Aged 61 Years.Their Daughter Elizabeth Breen Who Died 20/4/1934 Aged 31 Years. Their Grandson John Breen Who Died September 1948 Aged 6 Weeks.

This Stone Was Erected By Owen McManus For Him And Posterdty (sic). Here Lies The Body Of Owen McManus Who Departed This Life Jun3 1789 Aged 66 Years And Li…..

John Doyle Blackwood Who Died 1/8/1937 . His Wife Winifred Doyle-Burke Who Died 6/1/1963 Aged 57 Years.

Thomas Kelly Of Athy Who Died 7/3/1884 Aged 86 Years. His Son Michael Kelly Who Died 4/10/1910 Aged 70 Years. Ellen Kelly Who Died 5/4/1919 Aged 70 Years.

Erected By Thomas Kelly Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Anne Kelly Departed 30/11/1868 Aged 70 Years. Also His Son John Who Died 15 July 1855 Aged 21 Years. Also His 2 Children Kate And Anne Who Died Young . Also His Daughter Mary Who Died 29th June 1895 Aged 61 Years.

Erected By Patrick Devine In Memory Of His Wife Esther Devine Who Departed This Life Aug Ye 29th 1800 Aged 75 Years.

Kate Breslin Nicholastown Who Died 3/5/1978 Aged 81 Years. Her Husband John Breslin Who Died 21/12/1980 Aged 81 Years.

Here Lies The Body Of Dan Malone Who Departed This Life May The 7th 1789 Aged 3 Months.

Erected By Andrew Malone In Memory Of His Father Daniel Malone Who Depd This Life The 26th Of June 1822 Aged 88 Years. Also His Mother Anne Malone Who Depd This Life The 16th Of April 1820 Aged 74 Years. Also Judith Wife To Andrew Who Died Sept 20th 1836 Aged 46 Yrs. Also Andrew Who Died August 24th 1844 Aged 63 . May They Rest In Peace Amen.

Michael Larrigan Who Died 5/3/1880. Katherine Larrigan Who Died 18/3/1888 Aged 82 Years.

Erected By Dorah Mahon Grangemellon In Memory Of Her Husband Edward Mahon Who Died 10/9/1879 Aged 48 Years. His Father Michael Mahon Who Died 30/1/1871 Aged 84 Years And His Wife Ellen Mahon Who Died 5/6/1861 Aged 72 Years. The Above Dorah Mahon Who Died 23/3/1910 Aged 84 Years. Also Their Son Patrick Mahon Who Died 10/8/1919 Aged 43 Years Also His Daughter Dora Mahon Who Died 19/12/1919 Aged 6 1/2 Also His Brother Michael Mahon Who Died 7/1/1929 Aged 53 Years. Patrick’s Wife Elizabeth Mahon Who Died 28/2/1962 Aged 84 Years (Interred In St. Michael’s Athy)

Of Your Charity Pray For The Repose Of The Soul Of John Tomlinson Who Departed This Life 1st December 1842 At Grangenolvin In The 65 Year Of His Age. Also His Sister Dorothy Lyons Who Depd This Life 20th July 1815 At Castleroe In The 28th Year Of Her Life.

Erected By John Kelly Of Ratharigue In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Kelly Otherwise Tomlinson Who Departed This Life Janr 19th 1857 Aged 33 Years.

Erected By William Treacy Nicholastown In Memory Of His Father John Treacy Who Died July 31st 1820 Aged 48 Years. His Uncle Matthew Treacy Who Died January 19th 1821 Aged 60 And His Mother Catherine Treacy Who Died June 9th 1860 And his Brother James Who Died May 30th 1878 Aged 65 Also The Above William Treacy Who Departed This Life The 15th May 1891 Aged 77 Years. Also Dan Treacy Died July 29th 1894 Aged 74 Y. Also Michl Treacy Died November 30th 1902 Aged 85 Years. Also Catherine Beloved Wife Of Above Michael Treacy Who Died September 8th 1908. John Treacy Died 10th March 1920. His Wife Elizabeth Died 15th April 1930. His Brothers James Died 11 February 1941 Patrick Died 13th July 1953 His Sister Agnes Died 7th September 1958.

Erected By Elizabeth Kennedy In Memory Of Her Husband John Kennedy Who Died 10/5/1925 Aged 71 Years. The Above Elizabeth Kennedy Who Died 8/7/1937 Aged 74 Years.

Erected By James Kennedy Grangenolvin In Memory Of His Father William Kennedy Who Died 17/11/1872 Aged 65 Years. His Mother Anne Kennedy Who Died 17/10/1866 Aged 46 Years. The Above James Kennedy Who Died 30/9/1897 Aged 48 Years.

Mrs Anne Darby Alias Tracey Ballyroe Who Died January 1881 Aged 70 Years.

Erected By Margaret Byrne Who Died 12/3/1981 Aged 72 years. Mullaghcreelan In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Byrne Who Died 3/11/1962 And Her Parents Joseph Murphy And Catherine Murphy.