Offerlane 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Offerlane in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
John Abbott Killinure Lacka
Joseph Abbott Mannin Castletown
William Atkinson Coolrain Coolrain
Henry Austin Coolrain Coolrain
James Austin Glebe Coolrain
Henry Austins Paddock Brisha
Margaret Banks Clononan Moneymore
James Bannon Rossalee Lacka
John Bannon Boston Donore
Thomas Bannon Knockbrack Castletown
James Barrett Paddock Brisha
Denis Bastick Knockannagad Cardtown
Anne Behan Rushin Mountrath
Peter Behan Bordowin Lacka
James Bennet Johnsborough Cardtown
George Bennett Rushin Mountrath
John Bennett Killinure Lacka
John Bennett Rushin Mountrath
Patrick Bennett Knockbrack Castletown
Peter Bennett Derrycon Brisha
Peter Bennett Knockcollar Castletown
Thomas Bennett Knockbrack Castletown
Thomas Bennett Corrigeen Donore
William Bennett Cudday, Lower Donore
James Bergin Cashel Castletown
John Bergin Caher (Retrenched) Caher
Joseph Bergin Deerpark Brisha
Kyran Bergin Knockannagad Cardtown
Michael Bergin Cashel Castletown
Michael Bergin Badgerhill Clonin
Owen Bergin Ballycleary Donore
Peter Bergin Rushall Castletown
Sarah Bergin Cudday, Lower Donore
Stephen Bergin Glencondra Nealstown
Thomas Bergin Cashel Castletown
Timothy Bergin Corrigeen Donore
William Bergin Knockbrack Castletown
Mary Betts Monicknew Lacka
Joseph Bourke Clonencurragh Clonin
Mary Bowe Clonin Clonin
William Bowe LarchHill Coolrain
Mary J. Bowen Coolrain Coolrain
Patrick Bowes Ballyhorahan Clonin
Michael Bray Northgrove Cardtown
Anne Breen Rossnadough Marymount
Denis Breen Inchanisky Lacka
Edward Breen Glendine Arderin
Francis Breen Paddock Brisha
John Breen Paddock Brisha
John Breen Inchanisky Lacka
Joseph Breen Inchanisky Lacka
Lawrence Breen Bockagh Lacka
Thomas Breen Deerpark Brisha
Edward, Revd. Brennan Camross Marymount
John Brennan Rushall Castletown
Patrick Brennan Rushall Castletown
William Brennan Coole Donore
Henry Brerton Clonencurragh Clonin
John Brien Marymount Marymount
Mary Brien Rossnadough Marymount
Edward Brophy Clonencurragh Clonin
John Brophy Rushin Mountrath
Mary Brophy Crannagh Clonin
Michael Brophy Camross Marymount
Patrick Brophy Crannagh Clonin
Peter Brophy Camross Marymount
Sarah Brophy Gash, castletown town Castletown
Thomas Brophy Strahanboy Arderin
Thomas Brophy Kilbrickan Donore
William Brophy Rushin Mountrath
Timothy Bryan Clonencurragh Clonin
John Burke Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Mary Burke Derrycanton Clonin
Michael Burke Clonin Clonin
Timothy Burke Mountainfarm Lacka
Mary Butler Aghafin Castletown
Michael Butler Aghafin Castletown
Sergeant Thomas Butler Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Mary Byrne Lowran Castletown
Michael Byrne Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Patrick Byrne Castletrench Donore
Kyran Cahill Keelogue South Moneymore
Francis Caldbeck Deerpark Brisha
James Caldbeck Deerpark Brisha
William Caldbeck Deerpark Brisha
William Caldbeck Monasop Cardtown
Bridge Campion Crannagh Clonin
Cornelius Campion Clonin Clonin
Denis Campion Ballinrally Nealstown
James Campion Glenbower Clonin
John Campion Derrycanton Clonin
John Campion Rushin Mountrath
Margaret Campion Clash Clonin
Mary Campion Killeen Arderin
Mary Campion Clonencurragh Clonin
Mary Campion Coolrain Coolrain
Michael Campion Crannagh Clonin
Patrick Canty Paddock Brisha
James Carer Gurteenameale Cardtown
John Carey Camross Marymount
Alice Carroll Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
James Carroll Mannin Castletown
Julia Carroll Strahanboy Arderin
Michael Carroll Drimhill or Quarryfarm Lacka
Patrick Carroll Cashel Castletown
William (Const) Carroll Coolrain Coolrain
John Carter Shanavaur Brisha
Richard K. Carter Elderfield, Castletown Town Castletown
Thomas H. Carter Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Patrick Cashin Danganroe Castletown
Hugh Cashion Garrafin Arderin
James Cassidy Cudday, Lower Donore
Philip Cassin Butterisland Castletown
Patrick Caughlin Derrycanton Clonin
Lawrence Cavanagh Rushin Mountrath
Margaret Chambers Glenbower Clonin
Mary J. Chambers Glenbower Clonin
Robert Chambers Killinure Lacka
Timothy Chambers Whitefield Lacka
Julia Clancy Cummer Arderin
George Claxton Mannin Castletown
Sarah Cleary Paddock Brisha
Julia Clennon Badgerisland Donore
Thomas Clooney Monasop Cardtown
Mark joseph Codd Ballycleary Donore
Susan Colclough Knockcollar Castletown
Anne Collier Ballyhorahan Clonin
Denis Collier Shanavaur Brisha
Norah Collier Rossnacreena Marymount
Patrick Collier Killeen Arderin
Patrick Collier Cashel Castletown
Sarah Collier Peafield Castletown
Timothy Collier Camcloon Donore
Elizabeth A. Collins Rossalee Lacka
John Condron Garrafin Arderin
Richard Condron Clashnamuck Castletown
Jane Connor Coolrain Coolrain
Cavan Conroy Glenall Arderin
Cavan Conroy Glenall Arderin
Finton Conroy Drim Brisha
James Conroy Ballyhorahan Clonin
John Conroy Drim Brisha
Michael Conroy Derryduff Coolrain
Patrick Conroy Glenall Arderin
Richard Conway Crannagh Clonin
James Coogan Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Fenton Cooke Crannagh Clonin
James Cooper Glebe Coolrain
Kate Cooper Coolrain Coolrain
Margaret Cooper Glebe Coolrain
Denis Corcoran ?Lalor’s Lane, Mountrath Mountrath
William Corcoran Ballycleary Donore
Edward Cordial Cappanarrow Arderin
Mary Cornelious Ballytarsna Castletown
Patrick, Rev. Corrigan Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Catherine Coss Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Edward Coss Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Joseph Coss Derryduff Coolrain
Mary Coss Peafield Castletown
Bridget Costigan Keeloge, North Nealstown
Eliza Costigan Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Ellen Costigan Ballinrally Nealstown
John Costigan Rushall Castletown
John Costigan Derryduff Coolrain
John Costigan Ballinrally Nealstown
Margaret Costigan Derrycanton Clonin
Thomas Costigan GAsh Castletown
Thomas Costigan Glencondra Nealstown
William Costigan Killeen Arderin
William Costigan Marymount Marymount
Catherine Coyle Cudday, Lower Donore
Peter Crawford Ballyhorahan Clonin
Daniel Cuddihy Derrylahan Marymount
John Cuddy Garrafin Arderin
John Cuddy Strahanboy Arderin
John Cuddy Drim Brisha
John Cuddy Killinure Lacka
John Cuddy Derrylahan Marymount
Lawrence Cuddy Island Nealstown
Martin Cuddy Bockagh Lacka
Martin Cuddy Island Nealstown
Mary A, Cuddy Gortlusky Nealstown
Patrick Cuddy Ballinrally Nealstown
Edward Cullen Moher, West Cardtown
Ellen (Eliza on ES) Cullen Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Thomas Cullen Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Mary Culleton Cummer Arderin
Michael Cullum Bockagh Lacka
Gregory Cunningham ** Elderfield, Castletown Town Castletown
Edward Dann Rossalee Lacka
John Dann Laurel Hill Coolrain
William Dann Paddock Brisha
Peter Darley Kildrinagh Caher
Joseph Deacers Ballycleary Donore
John Deavy Clononan Moneymore
John Deegan Tinnakill Coolrain
Denis Deey Gosbrook Clonin
John Deey Corrigeen Donore
Anne Delaney Knockcollar Castletown
Anne Delaney Drimms Lacka
Catherine Delaney Coolrain Coolrain
Catherine Delaney Derrylahan Marymount
Daniel Delaney Mondrehid Caher
Daniel Delaney Ballyhorahan Clonin
Denis Delaney Rushall Castletown
Edward Delaney Rushall Castletown
Edward Delaney Ballinrally Nealstown
Elizabeth Delaney Clonin Clonin
James Delaney Bordowin Lacka
James Delaney Cloncully Marymount
Jeremiah Delaney Paddock Brisha
Jeremiah Delaney Ballyhorahan Clonin
John Delaney Shanavaur Brisha
John Delaney Caher (Retrenched) Caher
John Delaney Clashnamuck Castletown
John Delaney Knockcollar Castletown
John Delaney Lowran Castletown
John Delaney Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
John Delaney Rushall Castletown
John Delaney Coole Donore
John Delaney Mountainfarm Lacka
Joseph Delaney Cashel Castletown
Joseph Delaney Lowran Castletown
Margaret Delaney Killinure Lacka
Martin Delaney Ballinrally Nealstown
Mary Delaney Ballytarsna Castletown
Mary Delaney Knockbrack Castletown
Mary Delaney Bockagh Lacka
Mathew Delaney Cloncully Marymount
Matthew Delaney Bockagh Lacka
Michael Delaney Deerpark Brisha
Michael Delaney Drim Brisha
Michael Delaney Baunreagh Cardtown
Michael Delaney Crannagh Clonin
Michael Delaney Marymount Marymount
Pat Delaney Derrycon Brisha
Patrick Delaney Clash Clonin
Patrick Delaney Ballycleary Donore
Sarah Delaney Marymount Marymount
William Delaney Elderfield, Castletown Town Castletown
William Delaney Glebe Coolrain
William Delaney Stooagh Nealstown
Daniel Delany Derrycarrow Arderin
Daniel Delany Carrowreagh Nealstown
Denis Delany Strahanboy Arderin
John Delany Ballina Arderin
John Delany Cappanarrow Arderin
Martin Delany Cummer Arderin
Martin Delany Cummer Arderin
Martin Delany Glencondra Nealstown
Mary Delany Strahanboy Arderin
Mary Delany Glencondra Nealstown
Michael Delany Killeen Arderin
Nicholas Delany Marymount Marymount
John Dempsey Rushin Mountrath
John Despard Cudday, Lower Donore
Lieut. Col. William F.Despard Lacka Lacka
William W. Despard Donore Donore
Alice Dillon Knockbrack Castletown
Catherine Dillon Peafield Castletown
Thomas Doheny Crannagh Clonin
Patrick Doherty Rossnadough Marymount
Henry Doocey Cudday, Lower Donore
Margaret Doocey Kilbrickan Donore
William Doocey Rathphelan Donore
Henry Doocy Clonfad Donore
Denis Dooley Butterisland Castletown
Eliza Dooley Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Ellen Dooley Clonin Clonin
John Dooley Ballytarsna Castletown
John Dooley Butterisland Castletown
John Dooley Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
John Dooley Clonencurragh Clonin
John Dooley Glebe Coolrain
John Dooley Camcloon Donore
John Dooley Stooagh Nealstown
Joseph Dooley Derryduff Coolrain
Joseph Dooley Tinnakill Coolrain
Margaret Dooley Stooagh Nealstown
Mary Dooley Keelogue South Moneymore
Mary Dooley Rushin Mountrath
Mary Dooley Stooagh Nealstown
Patrick Dooley Rossnaclonagh (Outside) Marymount
Philip Dooley Bughorn Lacka
Daniel Dooly Cummer Arderin
James Dooly Ballina Arderin
Margaret Dooly Garrafin Arderin
Mary Dooly Longford Arderin
Mary Dooly Strahanboy Arderin
Michael Dooly Garrafin Arderin
Patrick Dooly Longford Arderin
Timothy Dooly Derrycarrow Arderin
Denis Doran Rossadown Lacka
James Doran Lacka Lacka
Kate Doran Derrycanton Clonin
Martin Dowling Rushall Castletown
Mary Dowling Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Michael Dowling Glenkitt Arderin
Michael Dowling Ballycleary Donore
James Doyle Mannin Castletown
Johanna Doyle Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Martin Doyle Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Stephen Doyle Caher (Custodia) Caher
Thomas Doyle Laurel Hill Coolrain
William Doyle Knockcollar Castletown
Daniel Drennan Coolrain Coolrain
John Drennan Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Thomas Drennan Coolrain Coolrain
William Duggan Coole Donore
Michael Dumphy Garrafin Arderin
Michael Dumphy Johnsborough Cardtown
Anne Dunne Clonencurragh Clonin
Anne Dunne Clonencurragh Clonin
Edward Dunne Clonfad Donore
Eliza Dunne Castletrench Donore
Ellen Dunne Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
George Dunne Clonencurragh Clonin
John Dunne Ballycleary Donore
Mary Dunne Cummer Arderin
Michael Dunne Glencondra Nealstown
Patrick Dunne Tinnakill Coolrain
Patrick Dunne Cudday, Lower Donore
Thomas Dunne Glenbower Clonin
Thomas Dunne Tinnakill Coolrain
Thomas Dunne Glencondra Nealstown
Thomas E. Dunne Elderfield, Castletown Town Castletown
Timothy Dunne Carrowreagh Nealstown
Bernard Dunphy Derrynaseera Coolrain
Edward Dunphy Derrycanton Clonin
Mary Dunphy Toortaun Caher
Daniel Egan Clonin Clonin
Robert England Garranbaun Nealstown
Rodger England Cashel Castletown
John Fahey Rushall Castletown
Francis Fahy Camphill Castletown
Eugene Fanning Cardtown Cardtown
Ellen Farrell Drimms Lacka
James D. Fay Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Alexander Faylor Deerpark Brisha
John Feehan Kildrinagh Caher
Denis Fennelly Corrigeen Donore
John Fennelly Cudday, Lower Donore
Thomas Ferns Cudday, Lower Donore
Margaret Finigan Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Thomas Finlay Corrigeen Donore
Elizabeth Finn Peafield Castletown
Patrick Finn Clonfad Donore
Thomas Finn Caher (Retrenched) Caher
Anthony Finnamore Moher, East Cardtown
Mary Finnegan Coolrain Coolrain
Andrew Fitzpatrick Killinure Lacka
Edward Fitzpatrick Badgerisland Donore
Edward Fitzpatrick Coole Donore
Eliza Fitzpatrick Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Honoria Fitzpatrick Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
James Fitzpatrick Derrycon Brisha
James Fitzpatrick Clononan Moneymore
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
John Fitzpatrick Danganroe Castletown
John Fitzpatrick Monnagh Marymount
John Fitzpatrick Rushin Mountrath
Joseph Fitzpatrick Derryduff Coolrain
Joseph Fitzpatrick Rossadown Lacka
Julia Fitzpatrick Badgerisland Donore
Kevin Fitzpatrick Derrycon Brisha
Martin Fitzpatrick Badgerhill Clonin
Mary Fitzpatrick Mountainfarm Lacka
Michael Fitzpatrick Deerpark Brisha
Michael Fitzpatrick Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Michael FitzPatrick Rushall Castletown
Michael Fitzpatrick Tinnakill Coolrain
Michael Fitzpatrick Keelogue South Moneymore
Norah Fitzpatrick Clonin Clonin
Patrick Fitzpatrick Clonencurragh Clonin
Thomas Fitzpatrick Derrycon Brisha
Timothy Fitzpatrick Lowran Castletown
Timothy Fitzpatrick Lowran Castletown
James Flynn Gosbrook Clonin
John Flynn Rushin Mountrath
Daniel Fogarty Ballycleary Donore
William Fogarty Lowran Castletown
John Foyle Danganroe Castletown
Mathew H. Franks Bohernaghty Castletown
Peter Garrett Springvale Moneymore
William Garrett Springvale Moneymore
Margaret George Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Michael Geraghty Bohernaghty Castletown
John Gibbie Coolrain Coolrain
Mary A. Gilbourne Derrynaseera Coolrain
James Gillbourne Mountainfarm Lacka
William Glanney Rushin Mountrath
Daniel Gleeson Ballinrally Nealstown
John Gleeson Cudday, Lower Donore
John Gleeson Ballinrally Nealstown
Mathew Gleeson Camross Marymount
Anne Glennon Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Martin Glennon Ballycleary Donore
Mary Glennon Ballycleary Donore
Richard Glennon Cudday, Lower Donore
Denis Gorman Danganroe Castletown
Denis Gorman Clonencurragh Clonin
James Gorman Cardtown Cardtown
Patrick Gorman Crannagh Clonin
William Goulding Lacka Lacka
Eliza Grady Shanderry Coolrain
Joseph Grady Drim Brisha
Pat Grady Drim Brisha
William Grady Mondrehid Caher
Mary Graham Tinnakill Coolrain
Mary J. Graham Monasop Cardtown
Robert Graham Rossadown Lacka
John Gready Mounthall Arderin
Joseph, (Sergt) Grenham Coolrain Coolrain
Kate Guilfoyle Carrowreagh Nealstown
James Guilmartin The Derries Caher
Thomas Guilmartin The Derries Caher
Charles Hamilton Roundwood Lacka
Martin Hanley Mountainfarm Lacka
Timothy Hanley Bockagh Lacka
Linda Anne Harding Clashnamuck Castletown
John Hargrove Clash Clonin
John Harris Caher (Custodia) Caher
John Hayden Cudday, Lower Donore
James Hayes Paddock Brisha
John Hayes Coolnagour Coolrain
Anne Heffernan Paddock Brisha
Elizabeth Heffernan Paddock Brisha
Michael Heffernan Paddock Brisha
James Hegarty Clonin Clonin
Eliza Hensey Knockannagad Cardtown
John Hensey Caher (Custodia) Caher
Michael Hertnon Clashnamuck Castletown
Michael Hickey Killinure Lacka
Theobald Hickson Coolrain Coolrain
Johanna Higgins Caher (Retrenched) Caher
John Higgins Caher (Custodia) Caher
Timothy Higgins Camross Marymount
Charles Hipwell Aghduff Arderin
William Hipwell Johnsborough Cardtown
Robert Hodgins Rushin Mountrath
Catherine Hogan Clonencurragh Clonin
Francis Hogan Gurteenameale Cardtown
John Hogan Johnsborough Cardtown
William Hogan Clonencurragh Clonin
James Holland Derrycanton Clonin
John Holland Derrycanton Clonin
James, Rev. Holohan Gash, Castletown town Castletown
Mary Holohan Mannin Castletown
James Horan Ballycleary Donore
William Horan Cudday, Lower Donore
Richard N. Humphreys Castletrench Donore
Richard Hyde Rossnaclonagh (Outside) Marymount
Michael Hyland Glebe Coolrain
Patrick Hyland Mondrehid Caher
Patrick Hyland Mondrehid Caher
Michael Hynes Cashel Castletown
Daniel Jackson Inchanisky Lacka
Michael Jackson Inchanisky Lacka
Anne Justin Kilbrickan Donore
George Justin Kilbrickan Donore
Edward Kavanagh Castletrench Donore
Mathew Kavanagh Camross Marymount
Michael Kavanagh Ballyhorahan Clonin
Patrick Kavanagh Castletrench Donore
John Keashan Johnsborough Cardtown
Daniel Keenan Mounthall Arderin
Eliza Keenan Deerpark Brisha
John Keenan GAsh Castletown
Mary Keenan Strahanboy Arderin
Matthew Keenan Mountainfarm Lacka
Thomas Keenan Cudday, Lower Donore
Timothy Keenan Mountainfarm Lacka
Edward Keeshan Killeen Arderin
Patrick Keeshan Ballytarsna Castletown
William Keeshan Cummer Arderin
Rev. J. R. Kellett Glebe Coolrain
Denis Kelly Danganroe Castletown
James Kelly Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Joe Kelly Ballytarsna Castletown
John Kelly Ballytarsna Castletown
Joseph Kelly Springvale Moneymore
Luke Kelly Ballytarsna Castletown
Margaret Kelly Derryduff Coolrain
Mary Anne Kelly Paddock Brisha
Michael Kelly Knockbrack Castletown
Patrick Kelly Keelogue South Moneymore
William Kelly Cudday, Lower Donore
William Kemmey Gash, castletown town Castletown
John Kennedy Drimms Lacka
Patrick Kennedy Ballytarsna Castletown
Rev. Walter Keoghan Crannagh Clonin
Jane Kerwin Deerpark Brisha
Michael Kerwin Carrowreagh Nealstown
Pat Kerwin Bockagh Lacka
Michael Keys Rushall Castletown
Patrick Keys Ballyhorahan Clonin
Susan King Derryhay Mountrath
John Kirwan Garranbaun Nealstown
James Lalor Cappanarrow Arderin
Joseph Lalor Knockannagad Cardtown
Peter lalor Strahanboy Arderin
Mary Larkin Paddock Brisha
Matthew Larkin Coolrain Coolrain
Patrick Lawler Ballytarsna Castletown
Catherine Lawlor Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
William Leahy Cardtown Cardtown
Lord Castletown Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
James Loughlin Glebe Coolrain
John Loughlin Tinnakill Coolrain
John Lowry Shanderry Coolrain
Joseph Lyman Clononan Moneymore
Mathew Lynch Kilbrickan Donore
Denis Lyons Cappanarrow Arderin
James Lyons Strahanboy Arderin
Margaret Lyons Strahanboy Arderin
Thomas Madden Carrowreagh Nealstown
Cornelius Maher Knockbrack Castletown
John Maher Rossnaclonagh (Outside) Marymount
Michael Maher Toortaun Caher
Patrick Maher Ballyhorahan Clonin
Timothy Maher Derrycarrow Arderin
Timothy Maher Drimms Lacka
John Malloy Anatrim Coolrain
Eliza Malone Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
James Malone Castletrench Donore
William Mara Bohernaghty Castletown
Mary Marnell Aghafin Castletown
Henry McCane Ballyaghlyrath or Nealstown Nealstown
William Mccarthy Coolrain Coolrain
Daniel McDonald Baunreagh Cardtown
Mathew McDonald Derrynaseera Coolrain
Teresa McDonald Knockbrack Castletown
Bernard McEvoy Lowran Castletown
Mary McGechin Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Paul McGee Rushin Mountrath
Rebecca McGee Deerpark Brisha
William McGee Rushin Mountrath
Arthur McMahon Cudday, Lower Donore
Richard Meade Rushin Mountrath
Timothy Meagher Tinnakill Coolrain
James Meara Tinnakill Coolrain
John Meara Derrynaseera Coolrain
Martin Meara Derryduff Coolrain
William Mercier Rathphelan Donore
William Mitchell Killinure Lacka
Anne Moore Gash Castletown
Daniel Moore Mounthall Arderin
Edward Moore Gash Castletown
James Moore Gurteenameale Cardtown
Johanna Moore Johnsborough Cardtown
John Moore Ballycleary Donore
Laurence Moore Newtown Castletown
Margaret Moore Glendine Arderin
Michael Moore Gurteenameale Cardtown
Bridget Moran Coolrain Coolrain
Patrick Mortemor Newtown Castletown
John Mortimer Drim Brisha
John Mortimer Bockagh Lacka
Michael Mullany Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Eliza Mulrooney Ballycleary Donore
Charles C. Murphy Ballinrally Nealstown
Daniel Murphy Cudday, Lower Donore
John Murphy Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
John Murphy Camcloon Donore
Stafford R. Murphy Coolrain Coolrain
William Murphy Rushin Mountrath
David Murray Bohernaghty Castletown
George Neary Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Patrick Neil Garrafin Arderin
Ellen Neill Ballyaghlyrath or Nealstown Nealstown
Martin Neill Ballyaghlyrath or Nealstown Nealstown
Anne Nolan Mannin Castletown
Michael Nolan Castleconnor Cardtown
Peter Nolan Bockagh Lacka
Eliza Oakley Paddock Brisha
James O’Brien Ballycleary Donore
John O’Brien Peafield Castletown
John O’Grady Shanderry Coolrain
Timothy O’Neill Cudday, Lower Donore
George Pattison Moher, East Cardtown
John Percy Clononan Moneymore
catherine Perkinson Derrycanton Clonin
James Perkinson Ballinrally Nealstown
Peter Perkinson Derrycanton Clonin
Patrick Perrett Lowran Castletown
Daniel Peters Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Mary Peters Camcloon Donore
Thomas Peters Camcloon Donore
Michael Phalan Mounthall Arderin
Alice Phelan Clonfad Donore
Anne Phelan Derrynaseera Coolrain
Anne Phelan Derryhay Mountrath
Bernard Phelan Garrafin Arderin
Bridget Phelan Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Daniel Phelan Derrinduff Marymount
Denis Phelan Drim Brisha
Denis Phelan Paddock Brisha
Denis Phelan Bockagh Lacka
Eliza Phelan
Eliza Phelan Derryduff Coolrain
Fenton Phelan Derryduff Coolrain
Finton Phelan Rushall Castletown
Finton Phelan Castletrench Donore
Finton Phelan Bockagh Lacka
James Phelan Peafield Castletown
James Phelan Bockagh Lacka
Jeremiah Phelan Rathphelan Donore
John Phelan Drim Brisha
John Phelan Caher (Retrenched) Caher
John Phelan Camphill Castletown
John Phelan Clonfad Donore
John Phelan Clonfad Donore
Joseph Phelan Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Joseph Phelan Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
Joseph Phelan Whitefield Lacka
Joseph Phelan Keelogue South Moneymore
Julia Phelan Whitefield Lacka
Kate Phelan Derrycarrow Arderin
Keeran Phelan Glenbower Clonin
Kieran Phelan Clonencurragh Clonin
Kyran Phelan Drim Brisha
Margaret Phelan Coolrain Coolrain
Margaret Phelan Coole Donore
Martin Phelan Rossnacreena Marymount
Mary Phelan Caher (Retrenched) Caher
Mary Phelan Derrylahan Marymount
Matthew Phelan Clonencurragh Clonin
Michael Phelan Paddock Brisha
Michael Phelan Knockbrack Castletown
Michael Phelan Clonencurragh Clonin
Michael Phelan Camross Marymount
Michael Phelan Marymount Marymount
Murtagh Phelan Camross Marymount
Nora Phelan Rushin Mountrath
Pat Phelan Drim Brisha
Patrick Phelan Cappanarrow Arderin
Patrick Phelan Derryduff Coolrain
Peter Phelan Rushall Castletown
Peter Phelan Bockagh Lacka
Sarah Phelan Shangownagh Castletown
Silvester Phelan Crannagh Clonin
Thomas Phelan Drim Brisha
Thomas Phelan Rushall Castletown
Thomas Phelan Coolrain Coolrain
Thomas Phelan Bockagh Lacka
William Phelan Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
William Phelan Danganroe Castletown
William Phelan Clonin Clonin
William Phelan Ballycleary Donore
Dinah Pielow Tinnakill Coolrain
Elizabeth M. Pim Glennaglass Cardtown
John Powell Churchfield, Castletown Castletown
George Pratt Camross Marymount
John Pratt Derrycarrow Arderin
John Pratte Derrycarrow Arderin
Jno Prescott Coolrain Coolrain
George Prince LarchHill Coolrain
Eliza Quarney Rushin Mountrath
Finton Quigaley Gash, Castletown town Castletown
Finton Quigley Danganroe Castletown
Hannah Quigley Ballycleary Donore
John Quinlan Lowran Castletown
Mary Quinlan Drim Brisha
Patrick Quinlan Lowran Castletown
Thomas Quinn Gash, Castletown town Castletown
Martin Redmond Clonencurragh Clonin
Anna Reid Glenbower Clonin
Martin Reynolds Paddock Brisha
Luke Rickard Badgerhill Clonin
Mathew Rigney Old Borris Castletown
Henry Roe Keelogue South Moneymore
Thomas Roe Rushall Castletown
Anne Rourke Rushall Castletown
Edward Rourke Lowran Castletown
James Rourke Deerpark Brisha
James Rourke Paddock Brisha
Julia Rourke Rushin Mountrath
Sarah Rourke Deerpark Brisha
William Rourke Paddock Brisha
James Ryan Cudday, Lower Donore
James Ryan Cudday, Lower Donore
John Ryan Shanderry Coolrain
John Ryan Whitefield Lacka
Katherine Ryan Crannagh Clonin
Kyran Ryan Badgerhill Clonin
Lawrence Ryan Glenall Arderin
Michael Ryan Glenamoon Arderin
Michael Ryan Killeen Arderin
Patrick Ryan Cashel Castletown
James Saunders Badgerisland Donore
Mary Savage Peafield Castletown
Isabella Sawyer Monnagh Marymount
Robert Sawyer Strahanboy Arderin
Temperance Sawyer Derrycarrow Arderin
Thomas Sawyer Monnagh Marymount
Patrick Saymour Cloncully Marymount
Annie Scott Coolnagour Coolrain
James Scully Keeloge, north Nealstown
Thomas Scully Garranbaun Nealstown
Thomas Scully Gortlusky Nealstown
Timothy Scully Garranbaun Nealstown
George Selvey Tinnakill Coolrain
Mary Selvey Tinnakill Coolrain
Anne Sheeran Keelogue South Moneymore
Daniel Sheeran Glebe Coolrain
James Sheeran Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Jermiah Sheeran Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Timothy Sheil Glebe Coolrain
Catherine Shelly Peafield Castletown
John Shelly Peafield Castletown
Peter Sinnet Glenkitt Arderin
Mathew Slattery Cudday, Lower Donore
Sarah Slattery Clashnamuck Castletown
George Frederick Smith Aghafin Castletown
Sarah St. John Derrynaseera Coolrain
Martin Steele Glebe Coolrain
William Steele Glebe Coolrain
John Sweeny Ballytarsna Castletown
Richard Sydes Glenbower Clonin
Robert Sythes Clonencurragh Clonin
John Tarrant Elderfield, Castletown Town Castletown
Samuel Taylor Killinure Lacka
Thomas Teehan Coolrain Coolrain
Pat Tehan Drim Brisha
Patrick Tehan Deerpark Brisha
Jacob Thompson Clonohill Marymount
John Thompson Mountainfarm Lacka
Joseph Thompson Laurel Hill Coolrain
Richard Thompson Strahanboy Arderin
Michael Thorpe Castleconor Cardtown
John Tobin Glebe Coolrain
Patrick Tobin Rushin Mountrath
Mary Tracy Knockbrack Castletown
Edward Travers Castleconor Cardtown
Edward Travers Rushin Mountrath
John Treacy (J.Peace) Tinnakill Coolrain
John Tully Mountainfarm Lacka
Daniel Tynan Camross Marymount
Michael Tynan Lowran Castletown
Patrick Tynan Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Thomas Tynan Peafield Castletown
Thomas Tynan Rushall Castletown
Edward Tynon Derrycarrow Arderin
Eliza Vanston Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Theodore Verschoyle Mountainfarm Lacka
John Vonsden Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
John Wall Windsor or Cappaghnahoran Caher
Michael Wall Derryarrow Caher
Anne Wallace Mountrath Mountrath
Thomas Walpole Mondrehid Caher
Thomas Walsh Cudday, Lower Donore
William Ward Crannagh Clonin
Harriete Watson Longford Arderin
Richard Watson Cappanarrow Arderin
Samuel Watson Cappanarrow Arderin
Samuel Watson Tinnakill Coolrain
William Watson Old Borris, Castletown Castletown
Joshua Webster Glennaglass Cardtown
Michael Wheeler Rushall Castletown
Alice Whelan Cashel Castletown
Catherine Whelan Cashel Castletown
Patrick Whelan Cashel Castletown
William Whelan Stooagh Nealstown
John White Glenall Arderin
William White Newtown Castletown
John Whitford Clonencurragh Clonin
Richard Whitford Clonencurragh Clonin
Thomas Whitford Derrycarrow Arderin
William Whitford Clonencurragh Clonin
Emilene Wight Anatrim Coolrain
Eliza Windross Rossnaclonagh (Inside) Marymount
John Worrell Ballyhorahan Clonin
John Worrill Camcloon Donore
William Wrest Clonencurragh Clonin
Charles Young Ballycleary Donore

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