Ordnance Survey Sheet Numbers, 1851

Ordnance Survey Sheet Numbers for townlands within Civil Parishes as per Townland Census of 1851 including changes between 1851 and 1885/89

In Ireland, placenames changed and townlands were re-assigned to other parishes at times. This was most likely the same the world over. This page has been created for two reasons:

1. To offer altrnative placenames and parish names to those who seek a place name that they have not been able to find anywhere else

2. The Ordnance Survey sheet numbers as listed in the 1851 census, equate for the most part (see Note), to those listed in the Griffiths Primary Valuation returns, and as such, with these numbers we can identify the map that the townland is to be found on.

Note: In some cases, when there is more than one sheet number given in the 1851 listing e.g two sheets, then there is only one sheet in the Griffiths listing

This page has been compiled using a number of references. It is *NOT* a reproduction of the web site that some of you may know as the Sean Ruad Atlas, whilst the book used to create the Sean Ruad Atlas ‘General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland’ (1851), is one of the references used to create this page. Other references used include ‘Townlands in Poor Law Unions’, ‘Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837’, Tithe Applotment Books, Griffiths Primary Valuation and placenames as listed on civil registration records. There are placenames listed in Lewis (1837), which are not found in either the ‘Townlands in Poor Law Unions…’ or the ‘General Alphabetical Listing….’ mentioned above. These can be found on my Lewis Antrim Index page

Alternative Parish Names/Spellings

Ardmoy = Armoy ; Aughagallon = Aghagallen/Aghagallon ; Ballyrashane=St. John’s Town ; Ballywillin=Milltown ; Broad Island = Templecorran ; Coolfayton= Culfeightrin ; Grange of Carmany=Killead ; Carncastle=Castle Cairn ; Cilraghts=Kilraughts ; Camlin=Crumlin ; Derryiaghy=Derryaghy ; Doonliss=Dunluce ; Dunserveick=Doonsere ; Glenarm=Tickmacrevan ; Glenavy=Lynavy ; Skerry=Skirrie/Squirre ; Glynn=Glinn/Glinus/Glenco ; island Magee=Island Maguy ; Kildallock=Kildollagh ; Killagh=Killead ; Kilroot=Kilroi ; Kirkinriola=Kirconriola ; Larne=Olderfleet ; Loughguile=Loughgeel ; Magheragall=Maragall ; Magherasharkin=Rasharkan ; Ratharkin=Rasharkan ; Portramon=Dunliss/Doonliss ; Rathcavan=Racavan/Rathcoon ; Ramoan = Rathmoan/Rathmoran/Ramona ; Tickmacrevan=Glenarm

Upper Gortnagross or IssbawnLayd19Antrim
Upper TullykittaghDunaghy23, 24, 27, 28Antrim
VowFinvoy21, 22Antrim
Walk MillDunluce7Antrim
Warren townLayd20Antrim
Waterford BelliskLayd20Antrim
West DivisionCarrickfergus46, 51, 52, 57Antrim
West ParkDunluce6Antrim
West TorrCulfeightrin5, 9, 10Antrim
Whin ParkAntrim44, 50Antrim
White AbbeyCarnmoney57Antrim
White Abbey TownCarnmoney57Antrim
White Hall GortamaddyRamoan8Antrim
White HeadTemplecorran47Antrim
White HouseCarnmoney57Antrim
White House TownCarnmoney57Antrim
White House TownShankill57Antrim
White MountainDerryaghy63, 64Antrim
White ParkBallintoy3, 4Antrim
Whitehouse Culfeightrin15Antrim