Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Vol. II, 1350-1413, List of Deeds 5

LIST OF DEEDS 5 : 401-442
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401. Quit-claim by John Dounyll to Nicholas Credow of a messuage in Hubardeston and Kiltravyn. (June 20, 1409].

402. Grant by Issyn Lucas to Meryk and David Walsh of land in Instyok. [July 7, 1409]·

403. Letters of protection of Thomas le Botiller, to the town of Rosbargon. [October 9, 1409].

404. Grant by Sir William … to Richard Tobyn of three messuages, in Coylagh. [January 12, 1410].

405. Court of the Liberty of Tipperary before Robert Poer at Crumpiscastell. [January 22, 1410).

406. Grant by Thomas Bremyngham to David de Valle and Maurice Cogeran of the manors of Cnokgraffon and Kilteuenane. (January 28, 1410].

407. Grant by William Allyngton to Robert Herbryg and Nicholas Stokes of the manor of Donadagh. [March 17, 1410].

408. Quit-claim by John Howlyn to Patrick Coterel of land in Mortimerislond. (September 21, 1410)

409. Letters patent of Henry IV pardoning to Richard Keppagh and William Venge all intrusions, misprisions, etc., committed by them. [November 4, 1410].

410. Grant by Christopher de Preston to Richard Keppagh and William Venge of the manor of Shanbo. [December 23,1410]

411. Deed of attorney by Clarice Franc1eyne to place Meyrik and David Walsch in seisin of land in Ballycaksufte. [January 17, 14II].

412. Letters patent of Henry IV. pardoning David Vale and Maurice Cogeran all intrusions, misprisions, etc., committed by them. [July 15, 1411].

413. Inspeximus of a writ by Henry IV. regarding the coming of age of James, Earl of Ormond. [August 13, 1411].

414. Rental of the Earl of Ormond in the Barony of Knocktopher made before John Lumbard. [November, 1411].

415. Rental of the free tenants of the Barony of Knocktopher. [Circa 1411].

416. Grant by William McNespok to Richard Proute of the manors of Cassilharaill, etc. (January 10, 1412].

417. Two deeds (I) Grant by John Row to Richard Beket of lands in Stamkarthy and Hamoundys Boly. (January 13, 1412]. (2) Grant by Richard Beket to John Rowe of land in Stammkarthy and Hamoundsboly. (January 17, 1412].

418. Indenture between James, Earl ()f Ormond, and Robert Herbrig granting to Robert the manor of Blakcastell, etc. [January 18, 1412].

419. Indenture between the above granting to Robert Herbrig the manor of Yagoteston. [May 16, 1412).

420. Rental of the Earl of Ormond of the barony of Knocktopher made before Nicholas Stokes. [April, 1412).

421. (1) Rental of the Earl of Ormond made before Nicholas Stokes. [April 25, 1412].
(2) Rental of no date, probably connected with foregoing.

422. Grant by Eva Chamberleyn to Richard Walsh of all lands in Hwddystoun, Laghballymoran, etc. . [July, 1412].

423. Grant and quit-claim by Richard Walsche to the Archbishop of Cashel of lands in Hwddyston, etc., and a grant by Johanna Salle to Sir Richard Walsche. [July, 1412], [October 14271-

424. Royal service due to the Lord of Balligaveran. [Circa 1413].

425 Quit-claim by William Gibbon to William Mertyn of lands in Henry Whytestoun, etc. [January 5, 1413]


426. Inspeximus by Elizabeth of ancient charters in favour of Theobald Walter and his heirs. [II85–1315], [1572]’

427. Inspeximus by James I of writs and charters enrolled in the Chancery relating to Connaught. [1200-1369], [1613].

428. A 16th century copy of two ordinances relating to the government of the city of Kilkenny. [1230], [1276]’

.429. Agreement between Richard Butler and Geoffrey Cornigerm concerning grant of’ Munin nevill’ [April 8, 1235].

430. Inspeximus by Charles I of a record of a plea in the Treasury of Dublin castle by Theobald Ie Botiller against Hugh Purcel. [March, 1296], [1637].

431. Will and Testament of Sir Edmund le Botiller. [September 12, 1321].

432. Inspeximus by Patrick Goghe, mayor of Dublin, of a charter of Edward III concerning the prize of wines. [December 5, 1355], [1576J

433. Inspeximus by Henry VIII of an instrument made before the Justices of the Common Bench of Ireland relating to an innstrument exhibited by Edward Watoun. [June 26,1364], [1527].

434. Compotus of William Ilger in the Liberty of Tipperary. [1368}.

435. Letters patent of Edward III granting to James, Earl of Ormond, leave to build a house of the order of Holy Trinity. [January 12, 1371]’

436. Rental of the chief rent of Balyclerthan. [1378-1379].

437. Inventory of the goods of Mathia Vyss. [September, 1380].

438. Purchases of the Earl of Ormond at Kilkenny. [? 1383], [? 1405].

439. Court roll of the manor of Kilcrone.[ ? Circa 1400J.

440. Extents of the baronies of county Kilkenny. [Early 15th century].

441. Confirmation of the liberties of Callan by Richard, Duke of York, King’s Lieutenant. [June 10,1407], [November 19, 1449].

442. Will and probate of Johanna White. Dune 30, 1406]. [February 10, 1410].

Taken from: Calendar of Ormond Deeds.  Volume II.  1350-1413
Edited by Edmund Curtis, Littl. D.,
Irish Manuscripts Commission
Published by The Stationary Office, Dublin