Baptism Records, Ardstraw West, Co. Tyrone, 1846-47

Derry Diocese,
Ardstraw West Roman Catholic parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Baptismal Index 1846-1847

I have indexed the names of children and parents from the Roman Catholic Parish register of Ardstraw West, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.  The records are in English, placenames are given.  I have not changed the spellings in any way I give you each name as I read it.  Question marks indicate letters or names where I had some problem.  I leave the records as I transcribed them in chronological order.  For the most part full names are given.  Please remember that Sally can be Sarah.  n.g. means that the name was not given.  Blank spaces also mean that the name or word was not given

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname From Date Year
Patrick Donnelly Patrick Anna McCrosson Legland 03-Jun 1846
Bridgit ??O’Fane John Biddy D?inleague 12-Jun 1846
Mary O’Neill John Ealenor ………rn 21-Jun 1846
Name not given McCallion James Margaret Russelstown 21-Jun 1846
Sara Shields Edward Mary Goland 11-Jul 1846
Mary McCrossan Richard Nancy ??Trivagh 12-Jul 1846
William ?Leathen ??Chris Ellen Drumnabey 31-Jul 1846
Sara Mullin James Sara Invagh 24-Jul 1846
Anne McCallion ??Art Mary Lisnacreight 01-Aug 1846
John McCrossin John Nancy Deragone 02-Aug 1846
Mar???dh Go?rvan Mark Grace Invagh 20-Aug 1846
??Tomey McMahon Felix Eelisa the Crew 10-Aug 1846
Anne O’Kane John Anne Glasmullagh 19-Aug 1846
Charles Doonan Andrew Anne Mullagherey 23-Aug 1846
Anne McCavil ??Finntin Catharine Legland 02-Aug 1846
Charles McCrossan Henry ?Unity Knockfress?hy 08-Aug 1846
Catharine McCrossan Patrick Mary Legland 23-Aug 1846
Mary McC?Celhinny Hugh Margaret Legland 05-Sep 1846
Ellen McGinne Felix Bridgit Scanaherin 06-Sep 1846
Sara Mulnnhery Philip Ealenor Invagh 27-Sep 1846
Michel McHugh Miles Sara Clare 04-Oct 1846
Peter Gormley Peter Margaret Lisnacreight 04-Oct 1846
Bridgit Callaghan Willm Bridgit Ballinalone 22-Dec 1846
Francis McBride Michel Mary Castle Cane 13-Dec 1846
Bernard McCallion Brian Mary Tullymuck or Fullymuck 13-Dec 1846
Mary McCrossan ??Wm Margaret Dunnlagree 18-Dec 1846
Michel ?Winter John Mary Lettercarn 20-Dec 1846
Francis Carlan Neil Jane Garrahullion 20-Dec 1846 Vagrants
Francis McKeown David Margaret Colnahern 25-Dec 1846
Catharine Doogan Francis Mary Clare 11-Jan 1847
Michel Gormley Robert Jane Garvetagh 07-Feb 1847
Thomas Caterson Michel Margaret Goland 07-Feb 1847
Patrick ??McPhelenny Edwd Rosanna Lescleern 14-Feb 1847
Ellen Kerigan Charles Jane Garvetagh 14-Feb 1847
John Kerigan Charles Jane Garvetagh 14-Feb 1847
Hugh Conaghan John Catharine Invagh 31-Dec 1846
Michel Mc??Rory Michel Biddy Drumlegagh 02-Jan 1847
Name not given McCanney Thomas Anne Tullymuck 06-Jan 1847
James McHugh Owen Biddy Lisnacreight 17-Jan 1847
Mary Moris Owen Nelly Drinlaghe 17-Jan 1847
Hugh McLaughlin Mark Biddy ?? 17-Jan 1847
John O’Neill Charles Biddy Meahey 18-Jan 1847
John McCaffrey Patrick Mary Lisnacreight 19-Jan 1847
Arthur Gallagher Daniel Isabella Meaghey 20-Jan 1847
Catharine McElroy James Margaret Invagh 25-Jan 1847
Name not given Coyle John Mary Lisnacreight 28-Jan 1847
Willm McCallion Denis Rosey Meahey 31-Jan 1847
Rosanna McCross Owen Catharine Clunty 04-Feb 1847
Catharine Holland James Mary ??Linagh 07-Feb 1847
Patrick ?Winter Robert Susan Tullymuck 17-Feb 1847
John McGeligan John Anne Balindre?d 27-Feb 1847
Jane Loughney Bernard Catharine Bolaght 28-Feb 1847
Anne McCrossan ?Wm Isabella Goland 28-Feb 1847
Sara Judge John Anne McGuire n.g. 28-Feb 1847
Sara Bogan Patrick Mary McGlinsey n.g. 28-Feb 1847
John Gormley Michel ?Rose Loag…. n.g. 07-Mar 1847
Francis McHugh Michel Jane McGratt n.g. 11-Mar 1847
James Gallagher James Jane Coyle n.g. 19-Mar 1847
James McPhelenny James Catharine Liscleen 25-Feb 1847
Mary Murphey n.g. Jane Tiveney 25-Feb 1847
Francis McCanney Patrick Anne Castle Cane 25-Feb 1847
Catharine McNulty Michel Jane Mc?Hugh n.g. 04-Apr 1847
John ??Morrien Edwd Bridgit Invagh 04-Apr 1847
Thomas McHugh Michel Eleanor Gillen n.g. 24-Apr 1847
John ??McNamee James Biddy Tullymuck 02-May 1847
Patrick McDade ?Willm Mary ??Watson n.g. 16-May 1847
Francis McBrine Edward Jane O’Kane 19-May 1847
Catharine Dauglas James Catharine Kelly 24-May 1847
Bernard Curran Willm Bridgit McDade 29-May 1847
Catharine Quinn James Catharine Mc?Quade 30-May 1847
Elizabbeth ?McTagart Thomas ?Franny Bradley Mullagherey 03-Jun 1847
Bridgit Gawan James Anne McPheleny 03-Jun 1847
James Conway Patrick Mary McGuire Dunnlagree 04-Jun 1847
Willm McBrien James Mary McDade Garvelagh 13-Jun 1847
Philip Geraghty Philip Margaret Fagan Legland 13-Jun 1847
Francis O’Kane Patrick Joan Whahan Tullymuck 13-Jun 1847
Mary McCrossan Charles ??Hanna McCrossan Legland 14-Jun 1847
James O’Kane Peter Jean McCrossan Clannty 02-Jul 1847
Mary Devannie Peter Mary ?Winter Druminabey 14-Jul 1847
Mary Charlotte McPhelenny Francis Mary ?Sproul Ardhill 16-Jul 1847
Margaret McPhelenny James Anna O’Lo?an Licnacreight 20-Jul 1847
Edward O’Kane Francis Anne McGuire Invagh 21-Jul 1847
Rosey Hart Peter Mary McBrearty Goland 12-Aug 1847
Isabella Winters Willm Catharine Garvetagh 16-Aug 1847
Maria Gorman David Mary McHugh ?Inchall 10-Sep 1847
Margaret McLeer Bernard Jane Maglin Tiveney 11-Sep 1847
Charles McCrossan Francis Rosey Conway Legland 13-Sep 1847
Eealse Curran James Anna McNemee Glasmullagh 14-Sep 1847
John Garvan Thomas Mary Gormley Invagh 19-Sep 1847
Patrick McLaughlin Patrick Biddy McHugh Drumnabey 19-Sep 1847
James Gormley James Margaret McNamee Drumlagu?n 03-Oct 1847
John McGlinn John Nancy Morris Drumlegagh 03-Oct 1847
James Monahan John Rosey Marley Invagh 03-Oct 1847
Catharine Brogan Francis Mary McSorley Aughafad 17-Oct 1847
Bridgit McCrossan Patrick Anne Invagh 17-Oct 1847
Ealeanor O’Kane Edward Biddy McCrossan Invagh 19-Oct 1847
Sally Morrien ?Bobby Mary McGlinchey Invagh 04-Nov 1847
Mary Moffat James Catharine Martin Creegan 15-Nov 1847
Edward McSorely Roger Catharine ??Brown Crew 24-Nov 1847
Sophia McCrossan Daniel Rosey ??Quinn Legland 18-Nov 1847
Willm John Sheridan John Mary McGeligan Drumnabey 22-Nov 1847
Margaret McPhelenny James Margaret Mo?ngan Liscleen 05-Dec 1847
Patrick McCrory Philip Mary Gilespie ??Bog turn 26-Dec 1847