Marriage Records, Ballyraggett, Co. Kilkenny, 1856-60

Ballyraggett Roman Catholic Parish, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.
Records on microfilm:
Baptisms: Aug 31st, 1856 – Dec 31st, 1880
Marriages: April 10th, 1856 – Nov 18th, 1880
National Library of Ireland Microfilm ref: Pos. 5017
Latter Day Saints BFA 0979702 item 4

I have indexed the Marriage records for the years 1856-1860 as best as possible.  Names are spelled exactly as I read them on the microfilm.  Michl = Michael ; Edmd = Edmond ; Patt = Patrick ;  Anty = Anastasia ; Betty = Elizabeth ; Catharine = Catherine ; Margt = Margaret ; Sera = Sarah.  Where you see a question mark then that means the name I have given is my best guess

B = Bride ; G = Groom Index is sorted alphabetically by the surname of the groom.  I have not included the names of witnesses

Place names are given and these are much easier to read than the place names on the baptismal register.  One marriage is listed twice with a two day difference other than that the names are all the same.

G Name Surname B Name Surname Residence Date Year
Patrick B?erry Ellen Kelly Rathduff 19-Feb 1857
Michael Bergin Anty McGrath Byrnesgrove 18-Feb 1857
Michael Bergin Ellen Golden Castle….. 04-Nov 1856
Michl Bergin Judith Bowe ?Toor 11-Feb 1858
Michl Bergin Judith Shea Ballyraggett 15-Feb 1859
Michl Bergin Judith Shea Ballyraggett 15-Feb 1859
James Bergin?? Catherine Hayden ?Fear 10-Apr 1856
James Boroden?? Catharine Brennan Rathduff 16-Feb 1859
John Bowe Mary Drinan Ballyraggett 03-Jan 1860
Stephen Branagan Catherine Toole Bally…. 06-Nov 1856
Patt Brenan Mary Dowling ?moat 08-Feb 1859
Patrick Brennan Mary Bergen Castlemarket 19-Feb 1857
John Broderick Catherine Dooley Ballyraggett 27-Feb 1859
Andrew Brophy Judith Flood Lo….?hill 19-Jul 1858
Martin Buggy Bridget Ryan Castlemarket 23-Feb 1857
William Butler Anne Phelan Russelstown 20-Oct 1860
James Butler Ellen Coyle Knockroe 08-Mar 1859
Michl Byrne Catharine Kelly Ballyraggett 02-Jan 1858
John Byrne Mary Dunne Castle….. 05-Jun 1859
Michl Cody Catharine Gleeson Bally (not raggett) 17-Feb 1859
Michl Cody Catharine Gleeson Ballyuskil 17-Feb 1859
James Costigan ?Honor Clancy F…… 16-Feb 1857
Joseph Daniel Mary Nolan Ballyraggett 05-Nov 1856
John Darling?? Judith Egan Ballintaskin 22-Feb 1857
James Delany Catherine B?eard Ballyraggett 06-Oct 1856
Patrick Delany Julia Mullally Ross….. 10-Apr 1856
Edmd Donnel MAry Phelan …..a 11-Feb 1858
Edmond Dooley Judith Dowling Ballyraggett 27-Nov 1858
Patt Dowling Catherine Bayley Ballyraggett 01-Feb 1859
john Downey Judith McDonald Ballyraggett 07-Mar 1859
Michl Dunne Ellen Keoghan ………..?ton 30-Sep 1858
James Dunphy Mary Ryan Ballyraggett 07-Jul 1856
James Farrell?? or Carroll Mary Cuddihy ???oe 12-Jun 1858
Michl Fitzgerald Catharine Lowry Castlewood 09-Feb 1858
Thomas Fogarty Catharine Bergin ?Castle Market 20-May 1858
Michl Fogarty Mary Mooney Grinan 18-Feb 1860
Michael Fork?? Sarah Phelan G?rinan 12-Feb 1857
Edward Glinan?? Mary Kenna?? Balinuskil 20-Feb 1860
William Gorman MAry Coote Bally… 08-Nov 1856
Martin Grady Mary Purcell Balinuskil 20-Feb 1860
Robert Hagan Ellen D?ooney ??? 20-Feb 1860
James Hayden Catharine Dooley Old Town 20-Aug 1857
John Hayden Judith Butler Old Town 15-Feb 1858
Philip Heneberry Mary Walsh Donoughmore 20-Feb 1860
Joseph Hennessy?? Bridget Dowling Lowhill 01-May 1860
William Hickey Anty Tobin Ballyraggett 04-Sep 1858
Edward Hogan Mary Dooley Castlemarket 09-Nov 1859
Michl Humphries Bridget Costelloe Ballyraggett 26-Jul 1858
Edmd Kavanagh Judith Phelan Russelstown 24-Feb 1859
Edmd Kavanagh Sera Kehoe Balinvalla 10-Feb 1858
Francis Keenan Grace Brophy Russels… 25-Nov 1856
John Kelly Bridget Shea ………..ton 09-Nov 1857
Lawrence Kelly Judith Bowe Bal?innatha 15-Feb 1858
Lawrence Kelly Judith Murphy ?Moat Road 22-Feb 1859
James Kelly Mary Lawless?? Ballyraggett 20-Oct 1860
Patrick Kena?? Catherine Shea Byrnesgrove 12-Jun 1857
Martin Kennedy Ellen Staunton Bally…. 12-Feb 1857
Patrick Lalor Ellen Coogan Ballyraggett 10-Sep 1856
John Lannon Judith Stapleton Ballyraggett 18-Aug 1858
William Maher ?Honora Walsh Ballyuskil 07-Mar 1859
Patt Maher Margt Delany ?Smyths Road 24-Nov 1859
Edmund Mahony Margaret Burke Bally…. 27-Nov 1856
Edward McDonnell Dora Barry Castlemarket 01-Jul 1860
Patrick McEvoy Mary Glennan Bally… 12-Feb 1857
Thomas McGrath Betty Kenny?? Byrnesgrove 09-Feb 1860
Patt Mooney Margt Gafney Grinan 22-Sep 1857
John Moore Margt La?ssly Ballina….. 20-Sep 1859
Patrick Moran Anty Mulhall Ballyraggett 16-Aug 1856
Richard Moylan Mary Fogarty Earlsgarden 15-Feb 1860
Thomas Murphy Catherine Kavanagh Ballina….. 12-Feb 1857
John Neill Margaret Williams Ballyraggett 15-Jul 1858
Edward Nowlan Mary Mooney Cloos?hawn 11-Jun 1860
Patrick Phelan Bridget Holahan BaunRakin 23-Feb 1857
William Phelan Catharine Doughan Ballin?lackin 02-Feb 1858
Michl Phelan Catharine Gafney Grinan 19-Oct 1860
Michl Phelan Catherine Gafney Grinan 23-Oct 1860
James Phelan Ellen Phelan ……an 23-Oct 1858
Patt Phelan Ellen Holahan Donoughmore 25-Aug 1859
Patrick Phelan Margaret Staunton Bally?raggett 22-Jan 1857
Patt Purcell ?Grace All?ey Balin…. 11-Feb 1859
John Quinlan Elizabeth Hogan Bally?ruchen 06-May 1856
John Ryan Bridget Phelan Russelstown 27-Jun 1859
John Ryan Ellen D?owling Bally…. 17-Feb 1857
James Ryan Mary Bruton?? Ballyraggett 17-Feb 1859
James Saunders Catharine Holahan Ballyraggett 22-Oct 1860
Joseph Shea MAry Ringwood ………ton 23-May 1859
Andrew Sheil MAry Fitzgerald Castlewood 11-Jun 1860
Patrick Stapleton Mary Kennedy Ballyraggett 23-Jul 1856
John Staunton? Margt Phelan Garnagully 09-Nov 1859
James Sutton Mary McGrath Byrnesgrove 31-Jan 1859
William Travers Margt Walsh Ballyraggett 07-Oct 1858
Nicholas Wall Ellen Loughman Ballyraggett 20-May 1857
Michael Walsh Bridget Brennan Fen or Feir 19-Feb 1857
Thomas Walsh Margt Waters Castlemarket 04-Aug 1859