Baptism Records, Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny, 1856-57

Ballyraggett Roman Catholic Parish, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.
Records on microfilm:
Baptisms: Aug 31st, 1856 – Dec 31st, 1880
Marriages: April 10th, 1856 – Nov 18th, 1880
National Library of Ireland Microfilm ref: Pos. 5017
Latter Day Saints BFA 0979702 item 4

The following Ballyragget baptism records indexed below are complete for the years 1856 and 1857.  Some of these children were illegitimate and for some the word ‘conditionally’ was written after the first name.  I have not included these facts.  I have sorted the list alphabetically by the surname of the child.  The surname of the mother is included in this section of the register.

Place name is given this section of the register but is actually difficult to read.  I have included my best effort at reading the place name in most of these entries.  The name spellings are as I read them and I have put question marks before the first name when I had difficulty and after the surname.  You will see that in some instances the surname was spelled differently in the register e.g. Bergen and Bergin.

Patt = Patrick ; Michl = Michael ; Anty = Anastasia ; Margt = Margaret ; Willm = William ; Andy = Andrew ; Honoria = Honor

Father column = First name father ; Mother column = first name Mother ; M = Mother

Name Surname Father Mother Surname M Townland Date Year
Patt ?? ?? Catherine Kavanagh 12-Jul 1857
Stephen Barry James Catherine Salmun?? R……..uffe 22-Mar 1857
Alicia Bergen John Eliza Whyte?? Old??? 13-Oct 1856
Mary Bergen Patrick Mary Connell 26-May 1857
Mary Bergen James Bridget Lacy 27-Sep 1857
Catherine Bergen Patrick Bridget Phelan D?ennybrien 15-Nov 1856
William Bergin John ?Honoria Lannan Ballyragget 10-Mar 1857
Andrew Berney?? James Margaret Butler Bally?ragget 08-Oct 1856
Ellen Best?? James Bridget Farrell D?arringh?ino 14-Oct 1856
Joanna Bowe Jeremiah Bridget Carroll 17-May 1857
Thomas Brannigan Stephen Catherine Tool?? 31-Aug 1857
Thomas Brennan Daniel Mary Coogan?? Ballyragget 01-Nov 1856
Willm Brennan Patt Mary Bergin 29-Nov 1857
John Brennan Michl Elizabeth Kavanagh 17-Jul 1857
John Brophy Patrick Ellen Bergin 17-Jun 1857
Mary Brophy John Anne Coughlin ?Byrnesgrove 21-Feb 1857
John Butler Martin Honor Doorly Bally?ridge 31-Aug 1856
Daniel Byrne Patrick Margaret McDonnell L?? 07-Dec 1856
Catherine Campion David Ellen Donnell 08-May 1857
John Campion James Alice Ryan 14-Sep 1857
Thomas Carrol Thomas Mary Bergin 08-Nov 1857
Margt Carrol John Judy Phelan 22-Jul 1857
Richard Cass Richard Catherine D?evany 23-Jun 1857
James Clear Laurence Anty Tobin Ballyg?? 19-Sep 1856
William Coogan Daniel Elizabeth Walsh Ballyragget 02-Oct 1856
Richd Costigan James Bridget Kennedy 23-Nov 1857
?Honor Deane Jeremiah Margaret ???ton Ballyragget 12-Feb 1857
Bridget Delany James Mary ? 01-Dec 1857
Ellen Delany Edward Elizabeth Cullen Russelstown 21-Dec 1856
Mary Delany Patrick Julia Mullally Russelstown 16-Mar 1857
Mary Donnal Joseph Mary Nowlan 11-Sep 1857
Willm Dool?ing John Mary Cragh 11-Jul 1857
Bridget Dool?ing Patt Mary Holahan 21-Jul 1857
Margt Dool?ing John Honora Neil 04-Aug 1857
Bridget Dooley Thomas Elizabeth Phelan Rath 01-Feb 1857
Margaret Doonan?? Edward Mary Lacy Earlsgarden 15-Feb 1857
Martin Dowling Martin Catherine Humphries Ballyragget 20-Jan 1857
Catherine Dowling Michael Bridget Maguire 09-May 1857
Michael Downey n.g. Judith Maher 21-Sep 1857
Judith Drury?? Daniel Mary Phelan Castle?iverk 14-Sep 1856
Ellen Dunn Patrick Catherine Beard Castlemack?ee 03-Nov 1856
James Dunphy John Mary Ryan 10-Jul 1857
Mary Eagan James Ellen Carty 13-Dec 1857
James Egan James Mary Downey 26-Jan 1857
Mary Fingleton?? Peter Eliza Shortall?? 16-Aug 1857
Mary Fogarty John Bridget Branagan Bally(?inkill) 06-Dec 1856
Bridget Fogarty Patrick Margaret Moore 15-May 1857
James Gorman Edward Margaret Bergen Castlemc?? 02-Nov 1856
Elizabeth Gorman John Betty Burke 14-Jun 1857
Honor Gorman John Bridget Dooling Bally?ragget 06-Oct 1856
James Gough John Margaret Glennan 18-May 1857
Michael Hackett Francis Judith Gaffney 21-Apr 1857
Catherine Hamil?? Edward Bridget Holland 21-Jul 1857
Mary Hassian?? Nicholas Margaret Keryan?? Kn???K…n 20-Nov 1856
Patrick Hayes James Mary Heran?? ?Tinalintin 04-Jan 1857
Thomas Hennessy?? James Ellen …….son Earlsgarden 19-Jan 1857
John Hogan John Mary Moore?? 17-Apr 1857
Bridget Holland Michael Anne Holland Byrne’s?ford 28-Sep 1856
Elizabeth Holohan John Bridget Brophy 06-Jun 1857
Patt Holohan Mathew Bridget Fogarty 15-Nov 1857
Honoria Holohan Michael Mary Walsh 21-Apr 1857
Andrew Kavanagh Andy Bridget Keeffe Castlemack?ee 17-Oct 1856
Mary Ke?enan Laurence Catherine Be?rney 17-Apr 1857
Edmd Kelly James Catherine Carrol 06-Aug 1857
Mary Kelly James Catherine Carrol 06-Aug 1857
Catherine Kennedy Daniel Margaret Bowe Castle??? 12-Oct 1856
Richard Kennedy William Bridget Duff Bally?? (not ragget) 01-Mar 1857
Bridget Kenny Thomas Ellen Farell?? 21-Dec 1857
John Kilkenny Patrick Catherine Delany 12-Apr 1857
Patrick Kinsella John Ellen Delahunty 06-Oct 1857
Margt Lacy Willm Margt Maher 30-Dec 1857
Patrick Lacy William Mary Shea Ballyg?/ 17-Sep 1856
Mary Lacy William Mary Walsh Ballym?astia 26-Dec 1856
Edward Lalor Patt Ellen Delany 09-Aug 1857
Michl Lalor Michl Mary Fogarty 22-Nov 1857
Judith Lannan William Bridget Hogan?? Knock…n 13-Mar 1857
John Lawless Robert Catherine Murphy 15-Nov 1857
William Loughman William Judith Kilkenny Bally?ragget 10-Oct 1856
Mary Loughman Patrick Catherine Phelan Ballyragget 26-Feb 1857
Anne Maher John Margaret Kelly Ballyragg? 04-Sep 1856
William Maher John Margaret Kelly Ballyragget 04-Sep 1856
John Mahony Michl Margt Doran 01-Nov 1857
?Denis Marshall Patrick Bridget Cullinan?? 24-May 1857
Mary Marum?? Pierce Mary Kealy Ballyragget 30-Nov 1856
Bridget Maylan Patt Mary Ke?yrwan 21-Aug 1857
Patrick McCabe Patrick Mary Whelan 01-May 1857
Mary McEvoy Patt Margt Bowe 07-Sep 1857
Patrick McGrath Michael Anne Bowe Town 06-Nov 1856
Eliza McGrath?? Thomas Alicia Lacy ???? 08-Apr 1857
James McMahon Michl Ellen Mullowney 27-Jun 1857
Mary McMahon Michl Ellen Mullowney 27-Jun 1857
William Minough?? Robert Mary Roberts Ballyragget 03-Feb 1857
Mary Moore Edward Bridget Bergin 14-Sep 1857
Mary Moran Patrick Anty Mulhall 26-May 1857
Catherine Morrissy Michael Margaret Butler Ballinala(ckin) 08-Dec 1856
Francis Mullally Francis Margt McGrath 22-Nov 1857
Thomas Murphy?? Thomas Mary Henesy 13-Sep 1857
Francis Myres William Ellen Power 24-May 1857
Catherine Phelan John Mary Farrell?? 21-Dec 1857
Eliza Phelan Martin Martha Hennessy?? ??? 08-Apr 1857
John Phelan James Margaret Bergen BAllyga?gger 01-Sep 1856
William Phelan William Elizabeth Brutin Ballyragget 03-Nov 1856
John Phelan James Honor Gaffney Gr??? 14-Sep 1856
William Phelan John Bridget Phelan 13-Apr 1857
James Phelan Patt Margt Staunton 11-Dec 1857
William Porter William Margaret Waters?? castle?mark 01-Sep 1856
Margaret Purcell John Margaret Banon?? Ballinalla? 02-Nov 1856
Patrick Purcell John Margt Barron 11-Nov 1857
Bridget Purcell James Ellen Kennedy Russitstown 31-Oct 1856
Anastatia Purcell Edward Betty Wall 14-Jun 1857
Mary Purcell ?edward Mary Walsh Ballin?Chal?/ 14-Sep 1856
Mary Quin William Mary Neal 04-Jan 1857
Anne Ready Jeremiah Bridget Buggy Bally…..?y 28-Sep 1856
Joseph Rineghan William Mary Bolla?rd 03-Jun 1857
Honor Ryan James Judith Moore?? Baungo?rie 10-Sep 1856
Bridget Ryan Michael Mary Ba?nin Ba?rryurk 30-Dec 1856
Bridget Ryan Willm Mary Drennan 21-Jul 1857
Margt Ryan James Judith Moore 17-Dec 1857
Margaret Shea John Mary Dowling 26-May 1857
Catherine Stapleton William Catherine Delany Ballyragget 20-Nov 1856
James Staunton ?Jn Catherine Hore?? Oldcr?uch 26-Sep 1856
Catherine Sweeney Michael Bridget Brennan 03-Jun 1857
John Taunton?? John n.g. n.g. 11-Jan 1857
Michael Toole James Bridget Deegan 23-May 1857
James Toole Michl Sera Phelan 18-Nov 1857
Michael Toole Martin Honoria Staunton 10-May 1857
Eliza Walsh Edmund Mary Silk?? Ballyragget 21-Mar 1857
Edward Walsh Michl Bridget Brenan 20-Dec 1857
Margaret Walsh Martin Judith Cahill 29-Jun 1857
John Walsh Patrick Catherine Dooly ….in 27-Feb 1857
Patrick Waters ?John Catherine Shea Nicholstown 22-Feb 1857
Judith Whyte John Judith Kelly 24-May 1857
Eliza Whyte Joseph Bridget Quinlan Earlsgarden 10-Feb 1857