Baptism Records, Camross, Co. Laois, 1818-19

I have indexed the names of the children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish records of Camross, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co).  The names are spelled as I read them.  Place names are given in these records.  Betty = Elizabeth ; Cathr = Catherine ; Dan/Danl = Daniel ; Edwd = Edward ; Jno = John ; Margt = Margaret ; Mat = Matthew ; Michl = Michael ; Sophy = Sophie/ Sophia ; Thoms/Thos = Thomas ; Chas = Charles ; Fantan/ Fantin = Fintin ; Jer = Jermiah ; Ned = Edward ; wm = William

May 12th, 1816 _ Sept 1st, 1829
March 12th, 1821 – Dec 27th, 1829
May 1818 – Oct 6th, 1820
July 12th, 1823 – March 18th, 1830
Oct 14th, 1838 – Sept 11th, 1865
(many pages missing 1838-1850)
Oct 8th, 1865 – Dec 26th 1880
Jan 21st, 1820 – March 1830
Aug 18th, 1839 – Feb 8th, 1842
Aug 30th, 1846 – 1851
Aug 9th, 1855 – Sept 17th, 1865
Oct 26th, 1865 – Nov 25th, 1880

NLI Pos. 5014
According to my notes the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film

Name Surname Father Name Baptised Year Name Mother S From
Patrick Brophy Andrew 29-Mar 1818 Judith Fitzpatrick Loran
Mary Ann Dunn Chas 24-May 1818 Ann Dunn Castletown
Cathr Fitzpatrick? (Twin) Chas? 25-Aug 1818 ?Chilie Butler? Knockacollar
Chilie? Fitzpatrick? (Twin) Chas? 25-Aug 1818 ?Chilie Butler? Knockacollar
Mary Campian Dan 07-Mar 1818 Catherine Hegarty Glenbour?
Mary Co?nnell Dan 08-Feb 1819 Margaret Fogarty Gash
Sarah Bergin Dan 28-Jul 1819 Cathr Dowling Coolahill
Daniel Fitzpatrick Daniel 22-Jan 1818 Margaret Savage Castletown
Ja?ne or Jams Dillon Danl 27-Jan 1819 Frances White Castletown
James Byrne Danl 03-Dec 1819 Ann Kelly Hoseyroad?
Timothy Delany Danl* 26-Mar 1819 Bridget Campian Ballyhoraghan
Martin Delany Danl** 06-Nov 1818 Ann Morris Kileague
Ann Phelan Denis 23-Oct 1818 Cathr Bergin Currah
James Kevena or Kenna! Denis 23-Mar 1818 Bridget Conden Co?aole
Michl Fitzpatrick Denis 18-Aug 1819 Judy Brophy Ballatarsna
Sarah Kelly Edward 16-Apr 1818 Catherine Burke or Rurke? Rushin
Mary Corkeran Edwd 17-Nov 1818 Ann Ryan
Cathr McAvoy Fantin 05-Dec 1819 Nancy Phelan n.g.
Cathr Wallace Fintan 28-Nov 1819 Margt Perkinson Derry?canton
Ellen Dunn George 28-Jun 1819 Nelly Sweeny Stony?road
Henry Vanston Henry 27-Mar 1818 Ann Dowling Northgrove
Ann Peters James ?11 June 1819 Betty Delany C?otten
Betty Loughlin James 04-Oct 1819 Cathr Dowly Holycross
Bridget Bergin James 07-Jun 1818 Mary Kevina? Aughafan
Bridget Fitzpatrick James 21-Jan 1818 Mary ?? Windsor
Catherine Kerragan James 17-Jan 1819 Bridget Keone Castletown
James Conrahy James 23-Apr 1818 Mary ?.nie? Drim
Margaret Mackey James 29-Jan 1818 Margt Byrne Mannin
Mary Clerk James 29-Dec 1818 Ellen Galvin Whitesfields
Mary Corkeran James 05-Aug 1818 Margaret Alderly Gash
Pat Redmond James 15-Mar 1819 Mary Dowling Castletown
Sophy Coogan James 16-Jul 1818 Shuvan Bannon Castletown
Danl Bergin Jer 19-Aug 1818 Cathr Phelan Glen?borna
Ellen Delany Jer 28-Jun 1819 Nelly Burn Loran
?? Bergin Jno 19-Dec 1819 Mary Lalor ??
Lawr ?? Jno 04-Aug 1819 Biddy Dougherty Ballotarsna
Mary Holland Jno 19-Nov 1819 Mary Gowan B. Hill
Thomas? Bonam Jno 14-Nov 1819 Biddy Fahy Donore
Thos Fitzpatrick Jno* 02-Dec 1819 Margt Bowes Derrynaseera
Ann Loughlin John 13-Sep 1818 Elizabeth Delany Sprucehill
Bridget Burke John 23-Mar 1818 Mary Campian Clonnen
Edmund Ryan John 21-Mar 1818 Ann Byrne Sallybrook
Elizabeth Cas?pin John 06-Mar 1818 Mary Heeling Furlane
Jno Brophy John 17-Aug 1819 Betty Phelan Moores?town
John Phelan John 07-Nov 1819 Mary Finly? Cudda
Martin Keelaghan John 17-Nov 1819 Ann Talin Windsor
Mary Redmond John 06-Jul 1818 Mary Lawlor Badgerhill
Patrick Breen John 22-Oct 1818 Mary Phelan Coldharbour
Ellenor Delany John* 27-May 1818 Catherine Delany Knockbrack
Cathr Fitzpatrick John** 15-May 1819 Bridget Duff Castletown
Timothy Delany John** 12-Oct 1818 Cathr Walsh Clonnen
Ann Collear Joseph 10-Aug 1819 Mary Bowes Annotrim
Danl Lawlor Joseph 07-Feb 1819 Elizabeth Mulhall Cudda
Margt Wheeler Joseph? ?20 Dec 1819 ?Mary Delany Knocklands
John Phelan Lawrence 07-Dec 1818 Mary Perkinson Balatarsna
Martin Fitzpatrick Martin 25-Mar 1818 Mary Cahill Dangin?oran
Mat Quigly Mat 09-Aug 1818 Mary Horan Gash
Martin Phelan Michael 09-May 1819 Mary McDonald Old Borris
Jeremiah Condren Michl 03-Oct 1819 Jude Collins Coolihill
Martin Carrol Michl 08-Nov 1818 Betty Fitzpatrick A?fan
Mary Walsh Michl 24-Oct 1819 Betty Carrol Carrigeen
Michl Costigan Michl 26-Sep 1819 Cathr Kennedy Castletown
Sarah Conly Michl 07-Nov 1819 Saly Neal? Coolhill
Thomas Patrick Devine Michl 24-Oct 1818 Elizabeth Meara Lackey
Mary Horan Murt 15-Mar 1818 Judith Quigly Gash
Judith Han?rey Ned? 19-Apr 1818 Mary Delany Danginrow
Judith Doran P 05-Apr 1819 Ann Moore Ballycleary
Honner Dowling Pat 04-Apr 1819 Catherine McQue Stony?road
Honner Glenny Pat 05-Dec 1819 Mary Phelan Rushin
Mary Brophy Pat 17-Oct 1819 Biddy Whelan ?Der…
Mary Conn?en Pat 07-Mar 1819 Margaret Dunphy Carrigeen
Pat Phelan Pat* 21-Aug 1819 Margt Howly Cahir
Cathr Phelan Pat** 15-Apr 1819 Mary McAvoy Kilbricken
Bridget Moore Patrick 16-Jan 1818 Mary Collier Whitesfields
Mary Mara Patrick 31-May 1818 Judith Meagher Castletown
Thoms Gleeson Peter 28-Mar 1819 Margaret Quigly Cudda
Denis Buggy Richard 12-May 1818 Mary Corbet Cudda
Rebecca Rooney Richard 17-Nov 1818 Mary Gardiner Holycross
Danl Marnel Rodger 17-Jul 1819 Aley Delany Crana
Mary Marnell Rodger 02-Mar 1818 Aley Delany Cranna
Mary Brophy Rodger 01-Nov 1818 Jude Clear Castletown
Martin Phelan Silvester 18-Aug 1818 Judith Brien or Breen Camp?coell
Elizabeth Delany Thomas 08-Mar 1818 Elizabeth Breen Danginrew
Elizabeth Phelan Thomas 21-Feb 1819 Mary Keegan Rushall
Mary Morris Thomas 03-Jan 1819 Elizabeth Peirce? Newtown
Richard Burke Thomas 16-Feb 1819 Judith Duane Clo?oncor
Thomas Peters Thomas 22-Jan 1819 Margaret Horan Campclone
Cathr Redmond Thoms 06-May 1818 Judith Gorman Clonan
Frances Mager Thoms 19-May 1818 Margaret Bergin Deerpark
Michl Murphy Thoms 15-Nov 1818 Honner Peters Cudda
Catherine Fitzpatrick Timothy 30-Sep 1818 n.g. Cudihy Island
Richard Fenly? Tom 20-Aug 1819 Mary Costigan Carrigeen
Daniel Bennet William 19-Nov 1818 Judith Phelan Ballyarahan
Denis D?enery William 01-Sep 1818 Cathr Neal Coolihill
Elizabeth Day William 22-Feb 1818 Margaret Bennet Cudda
Edwd Meagher Wm 25-Jul 1819 Fany Cunningham Castletown
James Coss Wm 09-Feb 1819 Elizabeth Brophy Windsor
Pat Qosey? Wm 05-Dec 1819 Mary Goss Kilbricken