Marriage Records, Durrow, Co. Laois, 1863-67

This in an index of all marriages which took place in the Roman Catholic Church of Durrow, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.), Ireland between 1863 and 1867.  Some of these records were listed in the lists of different years and I have noted this in the final column.

All name spellings are as I read them.  The records are in English.  A placename is given and the spelling for this is as I read it.  Question marks indicate words where I was not too sure about the spelling and show that I had a problem.  There is no guarantee that I read these perfectly.

G Name Surname From B Name Surname from date Year
Patrick Bergin Tubberboe Margaret Holohan Newtown 26-Feb 1865
James Blansfield Knock?mannon Mary McEvoy Ballinaslee 20-Aug 1864
Denis Broderick ?? Catherine Phelan ?? 15-Feb 1863
Michael Buggy ?Websboro Bridget Tobin Durrow 5-Nov 1865
James Butler Ballinaslee Honora Holahan Ballinaslee 5-Nov 1865
Edward Campion Durrow Catherine Fitzpatrick Tubberboe 3-Feb 1867
John Campion n.g. Judy Fleming Tubberboe 7-Feb 1867
Tim Clear n.g. Anne Shortal Ballyboden 13-Aug 1863
John Cody Tubberboe Mary Reily Tubberboe 28-Nov 1867
Laurence Coogan Ballyleif Honora Scott Bonlacken 23-Feb 1865
John Crowley Durrow Mmary Gorman Durrow 24-Feb 1867
James Cunningham Attana name missing 21-Oct 1866
William Cunningham ???Durrow MAry Delany ??Durrow 24 ?Sept 1866
John Dalton Durrow Anty Cragh Durrow 15-Aug 1866
Pat Dealy Durrow Mary Dalton Durrow 10-Jan 1864
Michael Deegan Gurteen Catherine Hughes Gurteen 30-Nov 1865
John Delany Durrow Bestee Nolan Durrow 15-Oct 1865
Thomas Dullard C. Mountain Mary Kenna Ross 20-Feb 1867
Patrick Dunne Aharney Elen Delaney Oldtown 6-Feb 1863
John Dunne Castlewood Eliza Dunne Durrow 18-May 1865
John Dunne Ballyboodin Sally ?Sansford Durrow 20-May 1866
John Dunphy Durrow Margaret Ho?lden Durrow 6-Jun 1864
James Fitzpatrick Durrow Bridget Phelan Durrow 15-Feb 1863
James Fitzpatrick Maryboro Margaret Pollard Durrow 13-Aug 1867
John Forrestal Durrow Eliza Campion Durrow 3-Jun 1866
William Gor(??oon) Durrow Catherine Phelan Durrow 18-Nov 1866
John Grady Borris in Ossory Catherine Maher Durrow 13-Feb 1865
Denis Heaney Whiteswell Anty ??Delaney Oldtown 9-Feb 1864
John Hickey Durrow Honoria Kenny Ballinaslee 25-Nov 1866
Thomas Hutchison ??? Catherine Glennon Knock(am)oran 16-Feb 1863
Patrick Kehoe Ballinvalla Mary Bowe Ballinvalla 8-Nov 1864
Michael Kelly Ballycarron Anne Phelan Ballykealy 23-Jul 1863
Edward Kenna Durrow Mary Holohan Durrow 27-Jun 1867
John Kenny Ballinaslee Anty Fogarty Durrow 11-Sep 1864
James Kenny Cullohill Honoria Fitzpatrick Gurteen 8-Feb 1866
Walter Kenny Ballacondran Kate Bergin Ballykealy 18-Feb 1867
John Kinsella Kilna?seera Bridget Begaden Commonswood 26-May 1864
Joseph Lally Durrow Margaret Dunphy Durrow 9-Sep 1867
Michael Loughman Ballyborden Eliza Whte Maya?long 12-Feb 1863
Patrick Loughman Ballenevan Mary Ryan Ballenevan 4-Feb 1866
Martin Mara Durrow Ellen ??Mullen Durrow 7-Feb 1864
Martin Mara Bishopswood Mary White Durrow 31-May 1866
Edward McDonnell Durrow Catherine Holland Tubberboe 21-Feb 1865
?Tim McEvoy Gragavine Catherine Percussin Gurteen 24-Feb 1867
Fintan McEvoy Knockfin Catherine Maher Cullohill 22-Sep 1867
Denis Meehan Cullihill Eliza Dalton Cullihill 1-Feb 1863
James Meehan Raheenleigh Mary Dooley Parknahown 22-Feb 1865
Patrick Meehan Creenkill Catherine Phelan Oldtown 26-Sep 1865
Edward Moriarty Durrow Eliza Farrington Durrow 14-Nov 1867
Patrick Mulhall Freshford Judith McEvoy Balhinastee 27-Feb 1865
Michael Mullally n.g. Anne Short Durrow 25-Sep 1863 in 1865 entries
James Mullins Tenneslaty MAry Phelan Ross 3-Mar 1867
Mathew Phelan (?Jones)bally Mary Brophy (?Seskin) 12-Feb 1863
Jer Phelan Oldtown Bridget Phelan Oldtown 12-Feb 1866
Joseph Phelan Roskelton Ellen Kavanagh Gurteen 16-Sep 1866
Patrick Pollard Durrow Gertrude Jones Durrow 24-Jan 1865
Pat Ryan Durrow Kate Delany Durrow 21-Aug 1864
James Ryan Durrow Mary ??Skehan Durrow 5-Mar 1867
Patrick Ryan Ballyboodin Catherine Warren Derren 17-Feb 1867
Michael S?kehan Ballygooney Ellen Maher Cull Mountain 26-Feb 1865
John Shanahan Newtown Judy Dwyer Bonlacken 27-Sep 1863
Thomas Shonly Durrow Mary Watters Durrow 13-Jun 1863
John Tynan Durrow Bridget Cody Durrow 2-Aug 1863 in 1865 entries
John White Durrow Margaret Querney Durrow 2-Dec 1865