Marriage Records, Durrow, Co. Laois, 1861-62

I’m very sorry, this is not working out the way it does when I copy and paste on one of my regular computers, and…. if I had sense I’d wait until I get back to one of those computers and then post this but that could take days yet.

So, even though my table has lost its order, if you look at the top row these are the titles for my columns, we have the Groom name, his surname and where he is from.  Then, we have the Bride name and surname, where she is from, then the date and year of the wedding.

Reasonably speaking, this is a nice ‘modern’ section of a parish register.  It’s in a parish register book so the priest only had to fill in the columns.  He has the majority of parents names filled in and the townland they lived in and in lots of cases this is different to where the children were living – it’s amusing really in some ways, I say where the ‘children’ were living – these children were full grown adults, but, the thing is and most of you who have children will agree with me.  Our children remain our children no matter what their age.

I know my proper columns do not remain in this extract but, if you look at my top line, the header of each column then you will be able to work out what the extracts I have taken mean.  The name of the groom, and where he was living when he got married, the name of the bride and where she was living and then the date of the wedding.

I know, I’m sorry, it’s actually very few marriages in this time, but that by itself tells you something about the parish.  Tomorrow, I will be working with a Dublin parish, baptisms and I can promise you that compared to this few I will spend two or three hours just typing up an index which will cover only six months of records.

This is an index to all marriages in the Roman Catholic Parish of Durrow, Laois, Ireland, in the 1861-1862 period.  I will put a nicely spaced table by the weekend


G Name Surname From B Name Surname from date Year

Patrick Pollard Durrow Maria Broderick Durrow 9-Jun 1861

Andrew Kenna Durrow Bridget Fogarty Durrow 25-Aug 1861
Thomas Fogarty Gragavine Mary Kavanagh Ballineven 13-Oct 1861
Edward Bowen Coolnacruttagh Margaret Kelly Aghmacarth 29-Nov 1861
James Bergin Coolcashin Anne Dalton Raheenleigh 8-Aug 1861
Richard Glinidon Rapla Margaret Neil Oldtown 13-Jan 1862
William Walsh Rathlogan Margt Clancy Rapla 30-Jan 1862
Patrick Tobin Graigue Mary Fleming Tubberboe 13-Feb 1862
Richard Butler Tubberboe Mary Cody Ballykealy 18-Feb 1862
Patrick Murphy Cullohill Mountains Bridget Maher Cullohill Mountains 20-Feb 1862
Martin Gready Durrow Ellen Cody Tubberboe 20-Feb 1862
James Carrol Bel?marsh Mary Phelan Oldtown 4-Mar 1862
John Purcell Durrow Silly Cleer Durrow 20-May 1862
John Breen Dublin Bridget Walsh Ballykealy 27-Aug 1862
John Maher Durrow Catherine Laps(?ley) Durrow 2-Nov 1862
Thomas Walsh Durrow Sally McClear Durrow 11-Nov 1862
John Bowe Ballynahill Honor McDonald Rapla 27-Oct 1862