Marriage Records, Fedamore, Co. Limerick, 1815-16

Diocese of Limerick, Fedamore Roman Catholic Parish Records Marriages 1815-1816 National Library of Ireland microfilm Ref: 2409 I have indexed the names of the Grooms and Brides for the years 1815 and 1816 from the Roman Catholic Parish records of Fedamore, Co. Limerick.  The records are in Latin.  If you wish to read my article on Latin names in English where I give translations, then please follow the link below.  I give the names here exactly as I read them, question marks indicate areas where I had a problem with a letter or a name.    Placenames are NOT given in these records I have left the records in chronological order Latin Names in English

Groom Name Surname Bride Name Surname Date Year
Joannes Hynes Margarita Abjohn 10-Jan 1815
Jacobus Hayes Brigida McNamara 15-Jan 1815
Joannes McNamara Maria McCarthy 17-Jan 1815
Joannes Shinny Maria Hickey 21-Jan 1815
Patritius Houlahan Maria Hogan 22-Jan 1815
Joannes Curtin Margarita Molony 22-Jan 1815
Thomas Dundon Honora Fox 23-Jan 1815
Cornelius McNamara Janella Sheahan 23-Jan 1815
Paulus Broderick Catharina Whelan 28-Jan 1815
Thomas Larkin Joana Collins 29-Jan 1815
Gululmus Fitzgerald Maria Sexton 30-Jan 1815
Thomas Tinan Margarita Casey 31-Jan 1815
Michael Connell Margarita Quirk 31-Jan 1815
Timothius O’Donnell Helena Kelly 05-Feb 1815
Patritius Burke Maria Hannan 05-Feb 1815
Daniel Quain Maria Mulcahy 05-Feb 1815
Jacobus Hanrahan Brigida Cleary 05-Feb 1815
Joannes O’Brien Catharina Lyons 05-Feb 1815
Edmundus FitzGerald Ellena Burke 06-Feb 1815
Joannes Twomy Maria McGarry 06-Feb 1815
Joannes He(ll)erman Maria Hartigan 06-Feb 1815
Patritius Howard Joana Hartigan 07-Feb 1815
Patritius McCarthy Honora Ahern 07-Feb 1815
Mauritius Hayes Catharina McCarthy 07-Feb 1815
Jacobus Costello Anna Costello 07-Feb 1815
Joannes Duhig Brigida Casey 07-Feb 1815
Thomas Leo Catharina Hennessy 07-Feb 1815
Patritius O’Keeffe Margarita Dwyer 07-Feb 1815
Patritius Danagher Brigida Manihan 02-Apr 1815
Joannes O’Brien Catharina Fihely 08-Apr 1815
Joannes Barry Maria Kennedy 16-Apr 1815
Michael Allen Margarita Walsh 30-Apr 1815
Joannes Downey Ellena O’Neill 23-Apr 1815
Timotheus Manihan Ellena Higgins 21-May 1815
Joannes Casey Joanna Nunand 09-Jul 1815
Dionysius O’Brien Margarita Sheedy 31-Jul 1815
Michael Sheahan Ellena Sinan 27-Aug 1815
Malachias Sheahan Joanna Dempsy 03-Sep 1815
Timotheus Collins Honora Grady 03-Sep 1815
Patritius Madagan Margarita Sherin 04-Sep 1815
Michael McGrath Maria Molony 13-Sep 1815
Joannes Lynch Brigida Lillis 26-Sep 1815
Daniel Fitzgerald Maria Nealon 30-Sep 1815
Michael Maniheen Margarita Danagher 17-Oct 1815
Fiacrius Flynn Maria Keily 21-Nov 1815
Daniel Hickey Maria Howard 03-Dec 1815
Joannes Gannell Anna Madagan 03-Dec 1815
David Sherin Ellena Molony 14-Jan 1816
Thomas Sullivan Ellena Mahony 23-Dec 1816
Josephus Newman Maria Fitzgerald 28-Dec 1816
Joannes Tuomy Ellena Harty 30-Dec 1816
Patritius Sweeny Maria Hartigan 30-Dec 1816
Dionysius McNamara Maria O’Grady 04-Feb 1816
Patritius Noonan Maria Ryan 11-Feb 1816
Demitrius Hhounihan Joanna Hallinan 13-Feb 1816
Joannes Clampet Maria Clifford 13-Feb 1816
Dionysius Murphy Maria Ahern 15-Feb 1816
Thomas Boyle Honora Dillane 18-Feb 1816
Jacobus Ahern Joanna Neill 18-Feb 1816
Joannes Madden Margarita Collins 18-Feb 1816
Joannes Reardon Brigida Burstead 20-Feb 1816
Joannes Lahiff Margarita Grady 20-Feb 1816
David Mulcahy Maria Orchard 20-Feb 1816
Jacobus Foley Maria Madigan 20-Feb 1816
Mathias Sullivan Catharina Meehan 30-Jul 1816
Dionysius Hayes Maria Cusack 25-Feb 1816
Daniel Howard Margarita Cunneen 27-Feb 1816
Jacobus Carter Brigida Savage 27-Feb 1816
Joannes Fitzgerald Joanna Connors 27-Feb 1816
Patritius Scanlan Anna Hogan 27-Feb 1816
Gululmus Burns Maria O’Grady 27-Feb 1816
Thomas Sweeny Anna Hogan 26-Apr 1816
Michael Houlihan Maria Casey 07-Jul 1816
Joannes Quilty Margarita Fahey 15-Jul 1816
Daniel Ahern Honora Ahern 25-Jul 1816
Mauritius (?Juvin) Marcella Fox 26-Jul 1816
Daniel Slattery Maria McGrath 28-Jul 1816
David Kelly Margarita Barry 28-Jul 1816
Jacobus Halpin Maria O’Brien 31-Jul 1816
Nicolaus Fitzgerald Joanna Galligan 31-Jul 1816
Gerardus Howard Brigida Hartigan 17-Sep 1816
Jacobus Ryan Margarita Hill 21-Sep 1816
Joannes Howard Margarita Nugent 25-Sep 1816
Michael Purcell Brigida O’Grady 24-Nov 1816
Joannes Hanly Catharina Ryan 28-Nov 1816
Thomas Allen Brigida Kennelly 30-Nov 1816
Gululmus Sheedy Ellena Dwyer 30-Nov 1816