Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1825

Diocese of Ossory,
Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.  Roman Catholic Baptisms 1825

National Library of Ireland (NLI) microfilm ref 5015
Latter Day Saints microfilm 0926192 items 1-7

I have indexed the names of children and parents from this set of parish records.  The records are in English, the first names are shortened.  Placenames are given.  I have not changed the names in any way and give them as I read them.  Question marks indicate the points at which I had a problem. Dots as part of a word show that there were other letters which I could not make out

Cathn=Catherine ; Edmd=Edmond/Edmund ; Margt=Margaret ; Eliza=Elizabeth ; Bridgt=Bridget ; Michl=Michael ; Patt=Patrick ; Thos=Thomas ; Wm=William ; Andw=Andrew ; Anty=Anastasia/Anastatia ; Danl=Daniel ; Betty=Elizabeth

Name Surname Father Mother Mother Surname From Date Year
Cathn Maher Laurence Cath Maher ??Auntstown 02-Jan 1825
John Stapleton Michl Judith Marshall Kile Tullin.. 03-Jan 1825
Anne Haynes Martin Eleanor Campion Huntstown 09-Jan 1825
Edmd Martin James Margt Clohosy Ballyphilip 10-Jan 1825
James Walsh Wm Bridget Brenan Rathealy 19-Jan 1825
Bridget Brenan Thos Bridgt Phelan Sart 27-Jan 1825
Margt Connell Martin Honor Keough Sart 28-Jan 1825
Laurence Brenan James Judith Martin Kilain 29-Jan 1825
Bridget Casey James Bridget Read Paul?brin 30-Jan 1825
Mary Brophy John Ally Spencer Rathmoyle 30-Jan 1825
Eliza Buggy Richd Mary Branagan Kile St. George 07-Feb 1825
Joseph Quinn Patt Mary Ryan Kile Tullin.. 07-Feb 1825
Cathn Wall Edmd Bridgt Petres Freshford 08-Feb 1825
Bridgt Butler Michl Judith Magrath n.g. 10-Feb 1825
Cath Smyth Peter Anne Burk “Strangers” 10-Feb 1825
Michl Grace Richd Judith Birch Coleshall 10-Feb 1825
Richd Ryan Thos Judith Jordan Kilrush 12-Feb 1825
Mary Grace Thos Mary McEvoy Tullaroan 12-Feb 1825
Margt Maher Michl Margt Dunphy Rathmara 12-Feb 1825
Honor Delany Patt Mary Fogarty ThreeCastles 20-Feb 1825
Michl Kerevan John Anne Phelan Kilrush 22-Feb 1825
Charles Fitzpatrick Rich Cath Fitzptk Freshford 25-Feb 1825
Patt Jordan John Mary Delany Carrigeen 26-Feb 1825
Cath Cullinan Edwd Cath Lanigan ??Truckard 27-Feb 1825
Thos Hogan Michl Cathn Hickey Lisnalea 27-Feb 1825
James Cody ?Michl Margt Conway Bally(heth) 27-Feb 1825
Thos Murphy John Mary Purcell Sart 28-Feb 1825
MArgt Phelan John Mary Dowling Carrig… 01-Mar 1825
Sarah Fitzpatrick John Mary Purcell Freshford 01-Mar 1825
Edmd Kelly Edmd Anne McEvoy Kilaree… 07-Mar 1825
Wm Hennessy Darby Bridgt Lanan Castle…. 08-Mar 1825
Mary Hickey John Mary Christial Freshford 09-Mar 1825
Michl Holohan Michl Bridgt Ryan Freshford 10-Mar 1825
Simon Ryan Thos Ally Fogarty Rathuna… 06-Mar 1825
Patt Heffernan John Margt Hennessy Kile St……. 12-Mar 1825
Mary Davy Edmd MAry Conway Rem…. 17-Mar 1825
Patt Madden Patt Mary Kearney Tuller…. 19-Mar 1825
Mary Phelan Patt Ellen Kennedy Bally…. 20-Mar 1825
Patt Fogarty James Sarah Dowling Gaulsto… 25-Mar 1825
Cathn Stapleton John Mary Neal ThreeCa… 25-Mar 1825
Timothy Hennessy Edmd MAry Martin Kilaree… 27-Mar 1825
Wm Keriwick John Mary Dooly Oldt…. 31-Mar 1825
Margt Hickey Martin Cath Gaffney ???? 31-Mar 1825
Eleanor Grace Richd Judith Rafter Bally??? 31-Mar 1825
Mary Brenan Murty Anty Neal Brabstown 03-Apr 1825
Eleanor Stapleton Wm Mary Fox Kile Tulleroan 03-Apr 1825 Bastd
Mary Dargan James Mary Boe Courstown 03-Apr 1825
Mary Clear Michl Margt Butler “Strangers” 04-Apr 1825 Bastd
John Keefe John Judith Costigan Clinstown 06-Apr 1825
Patt Kennedy John Margt Breen Freshford 08-Apr 1825
Cath Walton Philip Mary Walsh Clashaer… 09-Apr 1825
Thos Morris Michl Ccath Kelly Oldtown 10-Apr 1825
Anne Stephens Oliver Honor Delany Tulleroan 11-Apr 1825
Margt ?Fane Andrew Mary Walsh Freshford 12-Apr 1825
John Costelloe Wm Margt Lanigan Thubberlacteen 12-Apr 1825
Bridget Phelan John Honor Dooly n.g. 13-Apr 1825
Andw Lanigan Patt Eleanor Quinn Kilaree 13-Apr 1825
Anty Magrath Wm Bridgit Nowlan ThreeCastles 18-Apr 1825
Cathn Tierny Martin Eleanor Hogan Freshford 18-Apr 1825
Mary Walsh Michl Mary Gaffney ??? 19-Apr 1825
Judith Kennedy Andrew Judith Gleesan Boggin 12-Jul 1825
Edmd Robertston John Margt Hickey Foyle 20-Apr 1825
Edmd Maher Michl Judith Gleesan Courstown 22-Apr 1825
Elizabeth Banks Wm Judith C..ak Brownstown 24-Apr 1825
Mary Fitzgerald Michl Cath Purcell Knocknare 25-Apr 1825
Bridgt Phelan Nichs Mary Phelan Freshford 26-Apr 1825
Bridget Hearn Michl Mary Dowling Boggin 26-Apr 1825
James Kilfoil James Mary Brophy Freshford 29-Apr 1825 Bastd
Bridgt Harohan (or Karohan) Patt Mary Stapleton ?? 29-Apr 1825
Elizabeth Whyte Thos MAry Lalor Tulleroan 06-May 1825
Cathn Butler Wm Margt Campion Freshford 07-May 1825
Edmd Dowling John Mary Clohossy Freshford 07-May 1825
John Hoyne Thos Mary Campion Moonabrouge 08-May 1825
John Shortll Wm Cathn Quinlan Freshford 08-May 1825
Anne Roe Martin Judith Campion Brabstown 08-May 1825
Elizabeth Kelly John Mary Fitzpatrick New England 08-May 1825
Mary Martin James Judith Hanlon Ballydown.. 09-May 1825
Cath Martin James Judith Hanlon Ballydown.. 09-May 1825
Mary Clifford Edmd Judith Bryan Freshford 10-May 1825
Bridgt Fitzpatrick James Betty Fitzpatrick n.g. 12-May 1825
Anne Conway Richd Betty Delany Brabstown 12-May 1825 Bastd
Elizabeth McEvoy James Mary Dowling Rathealy 12-May 1825
Wm Grace Wm Margt Whyte Freshford 12-May 1825
John Martin James Margt Nary Rathmoyle 15-May 1825
Cath Conway Wm Cath Malone Tullaroan 15-May 1825
Thos Costelloe Thos Judith Phelan Boggin 15-May 1825
Edmd Cahill Mathew Cathn Bergin Freshford 21-May 1825
Eleanor Sharp Thos Betty Martin Kilaree 23-May 1825
John Dohany Darby Anty Kee…. Tullaroan 29-May 1825
John Swift John Bridgt Dunn Rathmara 29-May 1825
joana Coman Thos joana Costelloe Uppercourt 31-May 1825
John Gleeson John Mary Dowling Freshford 31-May 1825
Cath Hanahan or Hanrahan Martin Mary Conway Freshford 31-May 1825
Nichs Brenan Larry Mary Butler Rahilly 12-Jun 1825
James Glindon James Margt Dunn Freshford 12-Jun 1825
Thos Dooly Richd Cath Walsh Bootstown 14-Jun 1825
Thos Dunn Michl Betty Lalor Freshford 14-Jun 1825
Mary Phelan Patt Mary Dowling Freshford 19-Jun 1825
Thos Kelly Michl Nelly Rafter Three Castles 23-Jun 1825
Margt Hennessy Thos Mary Dunphy Freshford 23-Jun 1825
John Walsh James Biddy ?Mints Bally…. 24-Jun 1825
John McEvoy James Judith Kilfoil Kile 24-Jun 1825
Peter Bergin James Margt Kelly Freshford 26-Jun 1825
John Swift John Bridget Dunne Rathma.. 29-Jun 1825
Wm Coogan Laur Anty Grace Tulleroan 03-Jul 1825
John Murphy John Ellen Bryan Tulleroan 03-Jul 1825
Mary Phelan Wm Mary Quigly Freshford 04-Jul 1825
Ellen Campion James Mary Malloy Freshford 05-Jul 1825
James Dooly Richd Ellen Bond Freshford 10-Jul 1825
Mary Murphy Philip Bridgt Cahill Freshford 11-Jul 1825
Honor Bow Darby Betty Kenedy Sart 16-Jul 1825
Danl Neal Daniel Honor Neal Lisnalea 17-Jul 1825
Thos Cahill Martin Eleanor Bond Pier…… 17-Jul 1825
Michl Larkin Wm Anty Cody Freshford 18-Jul 1825
Margt Campion Wm Judith Dowling Freshford 20-Jul 1825
James Hoyne John Mary Costelloe Kile St. George 24-Jul 1825
James Power Mathias Cath Kelly Courstown 31-Jul 1825
Cath Kelly Michl Margt Clohosy Tullaroan 31-Jul 1825
Mary Phelan Kyran Margt Lanigan Clashaerow 31-Jul 1825
Mary Dunphy Thos Anne Price Freshford 06-Aug 1825
Judith Maher Nichs Eleanor Darcy New England 11-Aug 1825 Michl
Mary Eagen Wm Bridget Cody Brittas 15-Aug 1825
Eleanor Butler Thos Judith Holohan Ballyphilip 16-Aug 1825
Mary Walsh John Elizabeth Bergin Frenchardstown 22-Aug 1825
Wm Edwards John Eleanor Fogarty Ballydeal 27-Aug 1825
John Cronin David Eleanor Magrath Freshford 27-Aug 1825
Julia Magennis Robt Margt Tyrrell New England 28-Aug 1825
Mary Cahill Michl Bridget Robertson Ballybeth 28-Aug 1825
Bridget Cullen John Rose Key Ballybeth 28-Aug 1825
Wm Fitzgerald James Cath Skeehan Freshford 30-Aug 1825
Michl Kavanagh Wm Honor Dohany Bally?roe 03-Sep 1825
Mary Butler John Honor Brenan Sart 04-Sep 1825
Michl Keefe Wm Margt Phelan Lisnalea 06-Sep 1825
Mary Hackett ?Michl Mary Maher Brittas 06-Sep 1825 Richd
Eleanor Stapleton Michl Cath Butler Brittas 06-Sep 1825
Judith Phelan Nichs Honor Doran Freshford 13-Sep 1825
John Carey John Judith Walsh Freshford 13-Sep 1825
John Marshall Robt Mary Delany Kile 18-Sep 1825
Morgan McEvoy Thos Eleanor Dunphy Courstown 19-Sep 1825
Valentine Kelly James Margt Fitzpatrick Kilaree 20-Sep 1825
Mary Troy James Margt Butler Ballybeth 25-Sep 1825
Mary Hanly James Judith Butler Kile 25-Sep 1825
Patt Dohany Martin Eleanor Dowling Rahely 25-Sep 1825
Bridget Butler Wm Margt McDonald Courstown 25-Sep 1825 Bastard
Richd Shea Michl Ellen Healy Freshford 26-Sep 1825
Thos Gorman Danl Mary Kilfoil Kilrush 01-Oct 1825
James Burke Michl Anne Farrell Freshford 01-Oct 1825
Martin Magrath Edmd Bridget Leary Tullaroan 02-Oct 1825
Michl Delany n.g. Anty Martin Luich 03-Oct 1825
Michl Mansfield Mark Eleanor Fitzgerald Ballylarkin 07-Oct 1825
Cath Cullenan Darby Honor Fanton Whitehall 07-Oct 1825
Mary Delany Laurence Judith Gaffney ?Liss 09-Oct 1825
Sara Ryan John Margt Doyle Freshford 09-Oct 1825
Michl Kerevan Martin Cath Fitzgerald Freshford 09-Oct 1825
John Travers Michl Mary Cahill Freshford 11-Oct 1825
Mary Fitzpatrick John Margt Magannis New England 13-Oct 1825
Cath Walsh James MAry Walsh Freshford 16-Oct 1825
Bridget Cody Patt Eleanor Dempsy Tullaroan 16-Oct 1825
Eleanor Keefe Peirse Eleanor Fairbrother Freshford 16-Oct 1825
Cath Quirk Nichs Mary Morris Freshford 18-Oct 1825
Michl Dowling Wm Mary Casey Paul?back 18-Oct 1825
Martin Duggan Phil Mary Cor?mic Tullaroan 24-Oct 1825
Wm Du?nn Wm Bridgt Magrath Moonam…… 28-Oct 1825
Anty Connors Daniel Mary Brophy Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825
Mary Maher Edmd Cath Murphy Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825 John
Daniel Kelly Phil Eleanor Lanigan Ballybeth 30-Oct 1825
Eleanor Grace Patt Anne Clohossy Rahely 30-Oct 1825
Anty Delany Timothy Honor Maher Luich 06-Nov 1825 James
Peter Holohan James Eleanor Doyle Freshford 06-Nov 1825 Bastard
James Buckly John Mary Walsh Ballybeth 06-Nov 1825
Michl Hoynes Patt Mary Laherty Courstown 06-Nov 1825
Elizabeth Read James Bridget Brenan Freshford 06-Nov 1825
Martin Power Patt Cath Stapleton Three Castles 13-Nov 1825
Martin Dillon Thos Anty Ryan Ballybeth 13-Nov 1825
Martin Butler John Cath Phelan Ballybeth 13-Nov 1825
Mary Walsh Michl Margt Hoyne Ballyphilip 15-Nov 1825
MAry Larkin Richd Cath McEvoy Ballylarkin 20-Nov 1825
James Shortall Oliver Cath Tracy Kincelstown 20-Nov 1825
Richd Dalton Michl Cath Connell Sart 21-Nov 1825
Eleanor Phelan John Mary Dawson Freshford 22-Nov 1825
Martin Keough John Bridget Butler Kilaree 23-Nov 1825
Michl ?Feahan or Teahan Edmd Eleanor Maher Gurtnagap 27-Nov 1825 Michl
Thos Ryan Phil Honor Talbot Freshford 27-Nov 1825
Cath Doyle James Elizabeth Petres Freshford 29-Nov 1825
Cath Fanton Mathias Anne Costelloe Reameen 02-Dec 1825
Eleanor Brenan Wm Mary Butler Sart 02-Dec 1825
Edmd McNamara Michl Mary Kenedy Kilrush 04-Dec 1825
Anne Dowling Nichs Cath Knavsboro Earls Bog 06-Dec 1825
Patt Magrath Wm Judith Hennessy Ballyphilip 08-Dec 1825
Anne Clohossy John Cath Fantan Picketstown 09-Dec 1825 Bastard
Thos Dunn John Mary Fanton Freshford 09-Dec 1825
Ally Fogarty James Honor Hogan Rathmacan 13-Dec 1825
John Costelloe Michl Mary Lodge Moonabrougen 18-Dec 1825
Michl DArgan Peirse Judith Cody Sart 18-Dec 1825
Ally Quigly Patt Betty Bradley n.g. 18-Dec 1825 Bastard
James Burke Andrew Mary Roony Boggan 18-Dec 1825
Mary Dowling James Mary Delany Thubberlacteen 23-Dec 1825
Cath Fitzpatrick Thos Honor Young Reameen 25-Dec 1825
Patt Delany Michl Mary Holden Three Castles 27-Dec 1825
Thos Whyte Martin Anty Costelloe Rahealy 30-Dec 1825