Baptism Records, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow and Co. Laois, 1783

Leighlinbridge Counties Carlow and Laois (Queens Co.)
Baptisms: Jan 1st, 1783 – Oct 22nd, 1786
National Library of Ireland film ref: 4195
Latter Day Saints  1363869

Condition of 1783 records – fairly good.  Spaced well enough to read. Child’s name, father’s name, mother’s name and maiden name in most instances, the names of two sponsors

Name Surname Father’s Name Name Mother Mother’s Maiden name Date Year Placename
Will ?? Bryan Margaret Maher April 14th 1783 ?Shellymount
?? B?? George Biddy ?Fairdy March ?31st 1783 Ballyg.
Will Bergin Patt Bridget Brien Jan 18th 1783
Wineford Bergin Will Catherine Doogan April 24th 1783 Banelagh
Cath Bowe John Mary Barry Jan 3rd 1783
??? Brophy Will Sara Byrne Feb ?4th 1783
James Butler Richard Bridget Cody March ?29th 1783 Old Leighlin
Mary Butler Thos. Catherine Fitzgerald April 16th 1783 ?Loughfine
Margaret Butler Thos. Elizabeth Brophy April 23rd 1783
David Byrne James Ann ?? March ?12th 1783 Leighlinbridge
Mary Byrne Patt Margaret Bowe March ?? (19th-23rd) 1783 ?Cronavon
Mary Byrne James Elinor Hogan March ?30th 1783 ?Wells
Bridget Byrne Will Mary June ?14th 1783 Balinva
Margaret Carrole Anthony Elinor Commins April 10th 1783 Bulingurteen
??? Carrole ?jos Eliner Carrolle June ?9th 1783 ?Bulinga
James Cleare Will Mary Ryan April ?25th 1783 Old Leighlin
Bridget Cradden?? Morris Catherine Cavanaugh Feb ??(4th-15th) 1783 ?Monamore
Margaret Cus?hin Michl Catherine Walsh May 16th 1783 Leighlin
Elinor Dawson John Mary May ?6th 1783 Shellymount
Tady Delany James Margaret Pendergst Jan 20th 1783
Mary Dooly John Bridget Cody April ?8th 1783 ?He?tymount
Anne Dooly ?jos Catherine McDarby June ?5th 1783 Shellymt
?Denis Doyle Bryan Jane Fowly Jan 6th 1783
Bridget Doyle James Margaret Walsh March ?23rd 1783 ?Paulstown
Mary Doyle Harry Bridget Brophy April 13th 1783 Leighlin
John Doyle Denis Catherine Mangin June 18th 1783 Crane
Bridget Farnan/Fannon James Jane Farrelle Jan 15th 1783
Peter Fitzpatrick David Elinor Bolger Jan 22nd 1783
Lawrence Hanaway?? Patt Bridget McDavid Feb 15th 1783 Old Leighlin
Catherine Hayes Andrew Mary ?Timmins April 15th 1783 Sheskin
Margaret Headen Will Margaret ?Dinan April 20th 1783 ?Rathtarnan
Henery Headin Edmond Anne Neale Jan 21st 1783
Bridget Healy Thos. Mary Walsh April 9th 1783 Barnafea or sea
Margaret Henecy Philip Margaret June 19th 1783 Paulstown
Thos. Henesy Michael Jane Arkinson March ?19th 1783 Old Leighlin
John Henesy Edmond Elizabeth Henesy May ?14th 1783 Crane
Mary Kavanaugh Michael Mary Whelan Feb 2nd 1783
John Kavanaugh Paul Mary Quinlan April 6th 1783 Monemore
Robert Kelly Michl Mary Brenan April 23rd 1783 Banafea
Bryan Kelly Edmond Mary June 19th 1783 ?Coavbeg
Margaret Kenny?? John Hanna May 18th 1783 Paulstown
Mary Kewler James Anastia Brenan Jan 4th 1783
Thos. King Murtagh Bridget Doran Feb 21st 1783 Cranavonane
Elinor Kinsalah?? Richard Mary Kinsalah April 23rd 1783
John Lane?? James Catherine June 2nd 1783 Ballynabra?e
Edmond Lannan Patt Anne May 6th 1783 Paulstown
Thomas Lannon John Jane Brenan April 12th 1783 Duffswood
Anne Lannon Michl Anne May 3rd 1783 Old Leighlin
Margaret Lawler Edmond Elizabeth Delany Feb 1st 1783
Mary Lawler Will Margaret Brophy March 7th 1783
Patt Lawler Peter Mary Farnan May 2nd 1783 Rahtarnan
Mathew Lee John Eliza Delany Jan ?8th 1783
Patt Linchy Owen Mary Carrolle Feb 16th 1783 Monamore
John Lowry Michl Margaret June 2nd 1783 Clogrannon
Patt Maher Thos. Elizabeth Kavanaugh Feb 20th 1783 Coolnaha?sy
Mary Mahon Patt Bridget April ?29th 1783 Shan?khill
John Mahon Thos. Bridget June 2nd 1783 Tom?mard
Philip McAnally Bryan Margaret April 17th 1783
Jane McAnally Andrew Mary May 22nd 1783 Old Leighlin
Thos. McDaniel James Winafred Mara June ?9th ?19th 1783 Jn.Duffs
Philip McDonil Pierce Mary April 24th 1783 Paulstown
Margaret M’Grah Michael Anne Mahony Jan ?8th-10th 1783
Denis Moony Thos. Mary ?Careio April 14th 1783 Old Leighlin
Vall Moran John Catherine Hesse Jan 19th 1783
Elinor Mullins James Bridget Fitzpatrick April 5th 1783 Leighlin
John Murphy John Mary Miller Jan 1st 1783
Richard Murphy Lawrence Jane Murphy May 17th 1783 Old Leighlin
Anne Neale Arthur Bridget McDavid June ?15th 1783 Leighlin
Silvester Nowlan David Catherine Commins Jan 4th 1783
Margaret Nowlan ?? Elinor ?Eagan Jan 6th 1783
Patt Nowlan ?Thos Margaret Milea Feb ??(4th-15th) 1783 ?Tinagarry
James Nowlan David Mary June 16th 1783 ?Clonrush
James Pendergast Martin Anne Lannon April 24th 1783 Old Leighlin
Jane Pendergast Patt Catherine ?Madlin May 4th 1783 Madlin
??? Purcelle ??? Mary Brenan Feb ??? (2nd-4th) 1783
Patt Purcelle John Jane Morisy March 7th 1783 Monemore
Elizabeth Reddy John Bridget May 17th 1783 Old Leighlin
Darby Timmins Michael Honore Lawler Jan 22nd 1783
?Anne Walsh Patt Margaret Brenan March 16th 1783 ?Thankilla
Margaret Walsh Garrette Margaret May 23rd 1783 Shankille
Mary Ward Toby Jane Anderson Jan 4th 1783