Marriage Records, Mountmellick, Co. Laois, 1814-19

The names of all people married have been transcribed.  All spellings remain as on original document, question marks show where I was unsure of a name.  I have not in this case made an index to the shortened versions of first names but there is an index on this website.  1818 was read up to the end of November where the pages became almost illigible.

B = Bride

NLI film reference : 4204

Name Surname B Name B Surname Date Year
Dan Conroy Mary Doyle 02-Feb 1814
John Flanagan Bridget Foy 11-Feb 1814
Wm Wesmond Honor Norman 14-Feb 1814
Andrew McCafry Mary McHone 17-Feb 1814
Timothy Kearny Catherine Carroll 19-Feb 1814
Wm Conroy Annie Dunn 19-Feb 1814
James Duigin Elina Conroy 19-Feb 1814
Barnibas Duigin Elisa Bergin 20-Feb 1814
John Dunn Mary Dearin 21-Feb 1814
John Brien Honor Duigen 22-Feb 1814
Patt Malone Elena Headen 18/ 1814
Edwd Malone Mary Corcoran 19-Apr 1814
Joseph Whelehan Mary Brackon 21-Apr 1814 1
James Kinshela Catherine Waters 23-Aug 1814 3
Robert Norman Elizabeth Newgeant 20-Sep 1814 3
Michael Dempsy Annie McEvoy 20 ?Oct 1814 3
Thomas Lyons Anne Salmon 02-Nov 1816
John Flanagan Elina Dugin 04-Nov 1816
John Noughton Catherine Delany 04-Nov 1816
Charles Dunn Anne Duigin 29-Nov 1816
Wm Horan Anne Connor 30-Nov 1816
John Purcel Anne Toohee 02-Jan 1817
John Delany Sara Delany 03-Jan 1817
George Clear Sara Headin 09-Jan 1817
Patt Molloy Mary Hanley 09-Jan 1817
John Cregan Elena Duigin 15-Jan 1817
John Lippy Mary Delany 18-Jan 1817
John Conroy Bridget Dowling 18-Apr 1817
John Dempsy Anne Scully 04-May 1817
Dan Feegery Sara Grombly 27-Jul 1817
John Malone Catherine McCan 13-Aug 1817
Frank McDonald Elisa Gorman 13-Aug 1817
Patt Dunn Anne Dunn 10-Sep 1817
John Bird Mary Lalor 14-Sep 1817
Bryan Conroy Mary Croake 18-Sep 1817
Patt Rowney Honor Clear 28-Sep 1817
Mathew Dunn Anne Dunn 28-Sep 1817
John Darcy Marg Adams 20-Oct 1817
Joseph Kearny Margo Jonston 25-Oct 1817
Bryan Dunn Elisa White 09-Nov 1817
John Smith Honor Kennedy 10-Nov 1817
John Bourk Catherine Dunn 17-Nov 1817
John Daily Elisa Tracy 01-Dec 1817
Wm Condron Margo Clubron 22-Dec 1817
Thomas McDonald Ellen McDonald 28-Dec 1817
Frank Cregan Bridget Conroy 28-Dec 1817
Michael Kearney Mary Gilligan 28-Dec 1817
John Flinn Mary Bruton 23-Jan 1818
Richard Dempsy Dolly Pendergast 23-Jan 1818
Michael Dunn Elen Redmond 24-Jan 1818
John Kerevan Mary Foly 29-Jan 1818
Michael Quin Mary Hyland 31-Jan 1818
Martin Conroy Margo Keenehan 31-Jan 1818
Denis Geaghagan Mary Kearney 01-Feb 1818
Thomas Flinn Mary Scully 02-Feb 1818
John Boyle Catherine Hickey 31-Mar 1818
Thomas Tracy Elen Brackin 18-Apr 1818
James Dunn Jane Whelan 25-Apr 1818
Joseph Malone Rose Connor 29-Apr 1818
Peter Delany Rose Flood 02-May 1818
Richd Dunn Allice Dunn 24-May 1818
Hugh O’Neill Elisa Condrin 26-May 1818
Peter Malone Anne Guinan 13-Jun 1818
Denis McEvoy Anne Rafter 05-Jul 1818
Francis Horan Margo Connor 11-Jul 1818
Patt Kerwin Fanny Orr 25-Sep 1818
Edwd Farrel Bridget Dempsy 29-Sep 1818
Richard Whelehan Bridget Kelly 17-Oct 1818
Wm Walsh Mary Keating 19-Oct 1818
George Pexton Fanny Horan 20-Oct 1818
Patt Fitzpatrick Sara McEvoy 31-Oct 1818
Bryan Duane Elisa Casy 01-Nov 1818
Peter Kenny Mary Martin 07-Nov 1818
John Owens Elen Hyland 17-Nov 1818
James Connelly Catherine Cavanagh 20-Nov 1818
Dan Brien Betty ?Tanner Nov 1818
Wm Scully Margo Dunn 21-Nov 1818
James Martin Catherine Costigan 22-Nov 1818
Laurence Stephenson Betty Barret 22-Nov 1818
Con Salmon Mary Gudioin 22-Nov 1818
Michael Ryan Anne Costigan 23-Nov 1818
Edwd Fitzpatrick Elen Kelly 27-Nov 1818
Patt Dempsy Betty Brien 27-Nov 1818
Thomas Delany Mary Dempsy 27-Nov 1818
John Duigan Margo Horohan 09-Jan 1819
William Dempsy Bridget Dunn 16-Jan 1819
John Dunn Dorothea Egan 22-Jan 1819
John Quinn Mary Dikson 31-Jan 1819
Wm Quin Mary Conroy 02-Feb 1819
John Flinn Catherine Byrne 05-Feb 1819
James Doran Elizabeth Barnet 06-Feb 1819
Rodger Harris Mary Kelly 06-Feb 1819
Peter Doran Bridget Deeran 06-Feb 1819
Rodger Dunn Judeth Garry 09-Feb 1819
John Flanegan Elen Dempsy 10-Feb 1819
Robert Chapman Rose Flanigan 13-Feb 1819
David Cain Mary Kerrins 14-Feb 1819
Alexander Bowels Mary Conroy 14-Feb 1819 (Widow)
Dan Flanegan Bridget Moore 01-Feb 1819
John Egan Elen Dempsy 15-Feb 1819
Patt Dunn Allice Moore 16-Feb 1819
Thomas Costello Mary Dunn 17-Feb 1819
Thomas Kennagh Bridget Cavanagh 22-Feb 1819
James Kearney Elisa Maher 22-Feb 1819 (Widow)
John Delany Susan ?Pierce 22-Feb 1819
?James Redmond Anne Malone 22-Feb 1819
Peter Walsh Anne Carroll 18-Apr 1819
Thomas Carroll Elisa Rutlege 30-Apr 1819
Michael Naughton Elisa Delany 04-May 1819
John Horan Rose Barton 01-May 1819
James Dillon Honora Kinsela 13-May 1819
Thomas Conroy Sara McEvoy 10-Jun 1819
Patt Keenan Anne Becket 10-Jun 1819
Michael Guinan Dolly Delany 19-Jun 1819
William Dunn Anestatia Carroll 24-Jun 1819
Patt Clary Mary Fitzpatrick 04-Jul 1819
Barnibas Roork Anne Duffy 10-Jul 1819
Patt Walsh Mary Terrett 10-Jul 1819
John Brophy Judeth Malone 13-Sep 1819
John Byan Anne Lucas 02-Oct 1819
Michael Connor Marg Maher 17-Oct 1819
James Dempsy Margo Right 04-Nov 1819
James Guinan Judeth Delany 18-Nov 1819
Wm Conroy Margo Rafter 20-Nov 1819
Edwd Cavanagh Margo Tanner 21-Nov 1819
Wm ?Loppy Anne Conroy 26-Nov 1819
Patt Moore Margo Byrne 27-Nov 1819
Edwd Conroy Mary Dowling 27-Nov 1819