Baptism Records, Muckalee, Co. Kilkenny, 1871-72

Diocese of Ossory
Muckalee, Kilkenny.  Roman Catholic Parish Records.  Baptismal Index 1871-72

National Library of Ireland (NLI) film ref: 5026
Latter Day Saints film ref 0926200 items 1-5

I have indexed the names of children and parents from the Muckalee, Co. Kilkenny Roman Catholic Parish Records.  This set of records are in English and placenames are given in the records.   For the most part, names are not shortened.  I give the names exactly as I read them.  Question marks or dots indicate that I had a problem with a letter, letters or a name. In one case the name of the mother was not given.  Blank spaces mean the name was not filled in

I have left the table in chronological order.

Name Surname Father Mother S. Mother Date Year From
Honorea Menton John Margaret ?Lehall 15-May 1871 Ballyfoyle
John Muldowney Thomas Eliza Walker 01-Jul 1871 Corbetstown
Bridget Hazden John Anne McEvoy 05-Jul 1871 Ballyfoyle
Mary Co?merford Richard Julia O’Donnell 09-Jul 1871 Ballyfoyle ??Mary Josephine (J name crossed out)
Robert Do(??nel) Robert Eliza Donohoe 15-Aug 1871 Coon East
Catherine Brennan James Margaret Phelan 28-Aug 1871 Kilmadum
James Curtis Thomas Anne Nolan 31-Aug 1871 Kilfar?ney
n.g. Murphy Patrick Mary Nash 01-Oct 1871 Barnstown
Wm. ??Boyce Michael Rose Brennan 08-Oct 1871 Coolrahan
Patrick Walsh Thomas Catherine Connell 14-Oct 1871 Cortutstown
Edmund Cahill Daniel Catherine Healy 26-Oct 1871 Muckalee
John (?horaria) Mulhall John Bridget Healy 16-Nov 1871 Leapstown
Jane ?Dury Edward ?? ?? 16-Dec 1871 ?? Mother not given
Thomas Phelan Thomas Anne Galvin 21-Dec 1871 ??
Kate Delahunty John Bridget Phelan 04-Feb 1872 Corbetstown
Edmund Hanly James Mary Nary 04-Mar 1872 Barnstown
Richard Nolan William Catherine Brennan 06-Apr 1872 Knockalane
Kyran Farrell David Bridget Dobbyn 28-Apr 1872 Darnerstown
Mary Dowling Thomas Johanna Nesbitt 09-May 1872 Knock…..
Michael Dullard James Catherine Tierney 21-May 1872
Michael Ryan Patt Margaret Kinealy 14-Jun 1872 Ruthstown
Mary Catherine Comerford Nicholas Stasia Mulally 28-Jul 1872 Inchakill
Margaret Brennan Martin Mary Mulhall 03-Aug 1872 Bullockhill
Ned Dury (or Deery) Ned Mary Flood 04-Aug 1872 Mothel
James Jas. Comerford Richard Julia O’Donnell 11-Aug 1872 Ballyfoyle
Mary O’Shea Patt Maria Bu…. 19-Aug 1872 Mothel
Catherine Muldowney Thomas Eliza Wal?ker 23-Aug 1872 Corbetstown
Mary Mulhall John Bridget Healy 13-Oct 1872 Leapstown
Edward Cody Edward Kate Mulhall 28-Oct 1872 Ballyfoyle
Michael Walsh Joseph Jane Griffin 23-Nov 1872 Wildfield
Johanna Ryan James Johanna Keogh 04-Dec 1872 ??
Mary Kavanagh Richard Catherine O’Keeffe 10-Dec 1872 Danerstown
Martin Moran James Margaret Byrne 10-Dec 1872 Weboboro
Bridget ??Irergin Martin Ellen Kilkenny 14-Dec 1872 Corbetstown
Hanoria Fitzpatrick Wm Margaret Dowling 15-Dec 1872 Clopook
Martin Coonan Thomas Kate Clear 15-Dec 1872 Muckalee
Ellen M?arum James Stasia Wall 18-Dec 1872 Ballyfoyle
Anne Coonan Michael Bridget Walsh 29-Dec 1872 Muckalee
Mary McDonald Edward Anne Brennan 29-Dec 1872 Muckalee
James Byrne Patrick Bridget Kenedy 29-Dec 1872 Cloughrinka