Baptisms Records, St. James’ Catholic Parish, Co. Wexford, 1879-80

Brennan, Kehoe/Keogh/Keough, Lyons, Murphy and Walsh baptisms St. James Catholic parish, Wexford 1879 & 1880 : 139 Records with one of the above surnames

The records are not sorted alphabetically

Yesterday I spent a few hours going through the St. James parish records and transcribing information on any of the surnames above, that is to say if the mother or father had one of the above surnames then I noted the information.  The records are in English and for the most part relative to other parish records are legible (in some places with extreme difficulty).  Question marks indicate those names I had a problem with. Place-names are NOT given in these records.  This is the first set of records that I have transcribed where a lot of children  are given a second first name.

Spellings are exactly as I read them.  (someone else might read them differently).  I do have a question mark beside the surname Parle in one record but then saw that it really was Parle in another record.  When we have two records for the same couple then we can read the name properly in the second record, if we had a problem with the first record.  Names are not shortened.

In these records the name of the father is given in almost every case and where a child was born outside marriage the word illigitimate is placed beside the child’s name.  When the parish was notified of a marriage in later years, then this information is placed with the baptismal record.

National Library of Ireland Parish Record Microfilm 4253

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname date Year
Charles Leeson Charles Mary Walsh 15-Dec 1880
William Stephen Dempsey Nicholas Catherine Murphy 26-Dec 1880
Sarah Murphy Nicholas Sarah Handly 31-Dec 1880
Mary Kate Murphy Michael Hannah Connors 22-Nov 1880
Catherine ?Matabel Henry Margaret Brennan 17-Nov 1880
Martin Murphy George Ellin Connor 28-Nov 1880
Catherine Murphy Thomas Bridget ?Boggan 31/11 1880
Catherine Margaret Beals Edward Johanna Murphy 2-Nov 1880
Nicholas Murphy Jeremiah Anne Don…. ?3/11 1880
Ellen Leary Patrick Elizabeth Murphy 25-Sep 1880
Mary Murphy John Mary Foley 28-Sep 1880
James Kehoe Thomas MAry Bolger 10-Sep 1880
Nicholas Murphy Jasper Bridget Duggan ?11/9 1880
?Jane Dun….cho James Kate Murphy 8-Aug 1880
Peter Murphy Peter Margaret Redmond 13-Aug 1880
Anna Eliza Evoy John Ann Murphy 13-Aug 1880
Ellen Parle? Patrick Ellen Murphy 14-Aug 1880
George Murphy Patrick Bridget Connors 23-Jul 1880
Peter Joseph Whelan James Ellen Walsh 28-Jun 1880
Mary Anne Murphy Patrick Margaret Dillon 1-Jul 1880
James Redmond James Anastasia Murphy 4-Jul 1880
Robert Murphy Robert Mary Farrell 5-Jul 1880
James Walsh Thomas Mary Codd 7-Jul 1880
Mary Barry Edward Mary Brown 12-Jul 1880
Andrew Kehoe Richard Anne Redmond 8-Jun 1880
Thomas Con(?l)oy Thomas Margaret Murphy 13-Jun 1880
Agnes Walsh Patrick Mary Rossiter 13-Jun 1880
?Anne Du(?i)gan Thomas Eliza Murphy ?25 May 1880
Nicholas Murphy Mathew Christina Reilly ?26 May 1880
Johanna Smith Edward Margaret Kehoe 13-May 1880
Margaret Walsh John Eliza Roche 16-May 1880
Michael Edward Murphy Patrick Margaret Ryan 16-May 1880
Mary Ellen Murphy George Ellen Neville 17-May 1880
Anne Maria Brennan Robert Bridget Carley 18-May 1880
Catherine Mary Murphy Ed?ward Mary ?Rossiter 20-May 1880
??? Patrick Murphy John Ellen ?Roche 21-May 1880
Percy Lacy Martin Anastasia Murphy 27-May 1880
Patrick Joseph Kelly James Anne Walsh 30-May 1880
Mary Jane Ridley John Mary Murphy 1-May 1880
Mary Jane Fenlon Michael Mary Murphy 3-May 1880
John Thompson John Eliza Murphy 6-May 1880
Mariella Murphy Stephen Kate Cloury 7-May 1880
Mary Murphy Stephen Kate Cloury 7-May 1880
Alfred Joseph Murphy James Kate Redmond ?13/4 1880
Mary Jane ?Trench Peter Kate Murphy ?16/4 1880
James Murphy Peter Anne Bergin ?19/4 1880
Edward Murphy Laurence Johanna Blake ?21/4 1880
Robert Murphy Laurence Johanna Blake ?21/4 1880
John Joseph Toole John Mary Walsh 20-Mar 1880
James Codd William Mary A. Murphy 31-Mar 1880
Bridget Walsh John Mary Morris 16-Feb 1880
John Murphy John Margaret Browne 18-Feb 1880
Mary Anne Murphy Mathew Mary Howlin 1-Mar 1880
Catherine Walsh Patrick Mary Fanning 8-Mar 1880
Alice Murphy Nicholas Jane Bolger 24-Jan 1880
Joseph Murphy William Margaret Aylward 27-Jan 1880
???? Murphy William Eliza ??Doyle 3-Feb 1880
Patrick Joseph Pender Peter Margaret Murphy 4-Feb 1880
James John Murphy Laurence Kate Redmond 11-Feb 1880
Bridget Lyons Patrick Anastasia Murphy 14-Feb 1880
Mary Anne Kehoe John Anne Whelan 18-Jan 1880
Alice Kehoe Patt Johanna Higgins 19-Jan 1880
Laurence Murphy Paul Margaret Connors 21-Jan 1880
Patrick Christopher ?Haskill Michael Julia Murphy 26-Dec 1879
Thomas Brennan Michael Bridget ?Tierney 28-Dec 1879
Stephen Reynolds John Mary Kehoe 30-Jan 1879
Anne O’C(??onnor) Michael Johanna Murphy 31-Jan 1879
Mary Jane Walch Patrick Mary Clancey 3-Dec 1879
Mary Anne Blake John Mary Murphy 16-Dec 1879
Matthew Murphy Thomas Elizabeth Bolton 22-Dec 1879
Philip Christopher Kehoe William Ellen McCabe ?23/12 1879
Margaret E..ale?ne Richard Elizabeth Murphy ?24/12 1879
Thomas Cullemore Daniel Mary Kehoe 15-Nov 1879
???? Murphy Thomas Margaret ??? 20-Nov 1879
Margaret Walsh John Anastasia Cogley 20-Oct 1879
Mary Anne Walsh John Bridget Caulfield 20-Oct 1879
James Keogh William Mary Larkin 5-Nov 1879
Catherine Murphy Jasper Bridget Duggan 10-Sep 1879
William Carty Michael Bridget Kehoe 11-Sep 1879
Ellen Murphy John Elizabeth Lacy 13-Sep 1879
William Haughton Patrick Eliza Murphy ?? Sep 1879
Agnes ??Kinsella Patt Bridget Murphy ?? Sep 1879
Mary Murphy John Margaret Bolger 27-Aug 1879
Thomas Kehoe John Margaret Moran 31-Aug 1879
John Redmond Thomas Catherine Murphy 31-Aug 1879
Mary Murphy Daniel Johanna Lambert 27-Jul 1879
Thomas Salmon Martin Ellen Walsh 2-Aug 1879
?? (Imelda??) ???? James Mary Murphy 3-Aug 1879
David Donohoe Laurence Mary Murphy 6-Aug 1879
Joseph Rourk Joseph Margaret Murphy 12-Aug 1879
Patrick Morris James Kate Murphy 16-Aug 1879
Joseph Murphy Peter Kate Moran 17-Aug 1879
Johanna Walsh Martin Debrah Donelly 25-Aug 1879
Margaret Brennan James Margaret Brien 10-Jul 1879
Elizabeth Murphy Sylvester Kate Kinsella 14-Jul 1879
M??ary or Margaret Walsh James Catherine ??Redmond 15-Jul 1879
John Joseph ??Underwood John Bridget Murphy 18-Jul 1879
Mary Anne Walsh James Mary Connor 18-Jul 1879
Patrick Murphy Patrick Bridget Connor 28-Jun 1879
Elizabeth Pauline ??Willis Edward Margaret Murphy 29-Jun 1879
Catherine Dempsey Edward Catherine Kehoe 30-Jun 1879
Patrick Murphy Patrick Anne Cogley 4-Jul 1879
Mary Jane Kehoe Patrick Jane Duff 3-Jun 1879
Frances Murphy Pattrick Eliza Redmond 5-Jun 1879
Bridget Brien John Ellen Murphy 9-Jun 1879
Mary Kate Reed Maurice Mary Walsh 14-Jun 1879
Anna Maria Murphy William Emily Stitchingham 20-Jun 1879
Ellen Murphy James Johanna Murphy 21-Jun 1879
Margaret Mar Kehoe John Mary Anne Saunders 11-May 1879
Margaret Mary Murphy Robert Elizabeth ??Hingles 12-May 1879
Mary Anne Murphy John Mary Holey 14-May 1879
Mary Anne Murphy Thomas Anastasia Doyle 15-May 1879
Mary Murphy Edmund Mary Rossiter 17-May 1879
Catherine Walsh Peter Ellen Cogley 20-Apr 1879
Margaret Brown John Mary Murphy 24-Apr 1879
James Murphy Stephen Catherine Clancy 27-Apr 1879
Margaret Anne Walsh Timothy Margaret Murphy 3-Apr 1879
Matthew Whelan Martin Eliza Walsh 5-Apr 1879
Margaret Leary Patrick Eliza Murphy 14-Apr 1879
Ellen Murphy Nicholas Eliza Duff 16-Apr 1879
Mary Duggan James Catherine Murphy 16-Apr 1879
Thomas Parle Patrick Ellen Murphy 1-Mar 1879
Mary Anne Dunroche James Kate Murphy 1-Mar 1879
Christopher Joseph Walsh Thomas Catherine Hogan 4-Mar 1879
Patrick Murphy James Anne Carty 18-Apr 1879
William Joseph Murphy William Margaret Lam(?bert) 26-Apr 1879
Patrick Joseph Keegan Patrick Mary ….hin 25-Apr 1879
James Walsh James Margaret Whelan 9-Feb 1879
Andrew Doyle Thomas Johanna Brennan ?14/2 1879
john James Murphy Nicholas Sarah Hanly ?15/2 1879
James ???Reif? John Kate Keogh ?16/2 1879
John McGuire John Elizabeth Murphy ?Feb 1879
Margaret Furlong John Anne Kehoe 27-Jan 1879
James Lacy Philip Ellen Murphy 2-Feb 1879