Marriage Records, St. Patrick’s, Limerick, 1841-42

Diocese of Limerick
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Marriages 1841-42

National Library of Ireland Microfilm Ref: 2410

I have indexed the names of the Grooms and Brides from the Roman Catholic Parish register of St. Patrick, Limerick.  The register is in English.  Full first names are given.  Placenames are not given in the register.  The names below are exactly as I read them.  Question marks indicate that I had a problem with a letter or a name

Groom Name Surname Bride Name Surname Date Year
Edward Bartnole Mary Gissane 11-Feb 1841
Michael Fitzgibbon Mary Ryan 16-Feb 1841
Timothy O’Donnell Mary Gallagher 18-Feb 1841
Michael O’Donnell Ellen Ryan 20-Feb 1841
James Cunneen Mary Moon 22-Feb 1841
James Lynch Ellen Heffernan 23-Feb 1841
Edmund Hynes Margaret Belson 23-Feb 1841
Michael Molony Catharine Downs 23-Feb 1841
Cornelius Hurley Mary Hayes 23-Feb 1841
James Hammersley Honora Mahen 30-Mar 1841
John Flannery Bridget Ryan 05-Jun 1841
Maurice Hickey Sara ??Maughten 14-Jun 1841
John O’Donnell Ellen O’Connor 17-Oct 1841
Thomas McNamara Margaret Hayes 26-Oct 1841
John Hayes Bridget Rourk 08-Jan 1842
William Colopy Catharine O’Reily 15-Jan 1842
Thomas Keely Mary Shine 21-Jan 1842
Jeremiah Hickey Mary O’Brien 30-Jan 1842
Michael Connell Catharine Coghlan 01-Feb 1842
James Lyons Catharine Donohoe 01-Feb 1842
Michael McNamara Honora Connell 03-Feb 1842
Patrick Houlihan Ellen McInerney 07-Feb 1842
William Meany Catharine Slattery 07-Feb 1842
John Reynolds Mary Neligan 04-Apr 1842
Jeremiah McMahon Mary Dwyer 07-May 1842
Michael Ryan Anne Ryan 01-Jul 1842
Thomas Cross Ellen McNamara 17-Sep 1842
John Cross Johanna McNamara 17-Sep 1842
Michael Wood Mary McNamara 17-Sep 1842
James Cclanehy Bridget Dwyer 23-Sep 1842
John McCarthy Mary Fitzgerald 02-Oct 1842
John Cassidy Catharine Neagle 14-Oct 1842
Patrick Gleeson Catharine Fitzgibbon 22-Nov 1842
James Cummins Anne ?Kean 26-Nov 1842