Baptism Records, St. Mary’s, Kilkenny City, 1754

The following is a list of the names of children baptised and their parents names from the Roman Catholic baptismal register of St. Mary in Kilkenny city.

This copy of this register was accessed in the local studies section of Kilkenny City Library.  This register during the years 1754 and 1788 does not contain the residence or placename for where the family lived.  The maiden name of the wife is not given from about the middle of 1756.

The script is reasonably easy to read as will be seen by the small number of question marks I have on names, however, it has to be said that there were a number of instances where the only reason I was able to make out a surname was because of my familiarity with Kilkenny surnames.  All spellings here are given as I read them in the register

For those entries that I had difficulty reading the actual date, I have left the day and month as numbers with a question mark.  I write my day before the month e.g. 20th September = 20/9

I have analysed the first names occurring in this set of records and sorted the names out to tie similar ones together so if you are interested in reading that article then please go to this link Names.

The list below is sorted alphabetically by the surname of the child:

Name Surname Father Mother Mother surname Date Year Note
Edmond Abel John Anne Lawler 03-Jun 1754 Twin
Anne Abel John Anne Lawler 03-Jun 1754 Twin
Ellinor Blake Andrew Mary 16-Jul 1754
Mary Bluett Paul Elenor Murphy 15-Feb 1754
Cath Bowe Martin Ellinor Walsh 18-Dec 1754
Phillip Brophy Phillip Winifred Nowlan 16-May 1754
Peter Bryan John Mary Grihon 02-Dec 1754
Joseph Bryen Jas Mary Travers 22-Mar 1754
Mary Cane Matt Honora Cahil 10-Apr 1754
Edmond Cantwell Redmond Mary Cashin 25-Nov 1754
Anastace Cantwell Thos Elizabeth Meagher May 1754
Joan Cash?? ?pat Cath Egan 31-Oct 1754
John Ceeron?? Jas Margaret Clancy 06-Jul 1754
Catharine Ceevers?? Pat Cath Dunne 15-May 1754
Valentine Clancy Jas Mary Ma?(ue)ler 18-Feb 1754
Robert Clayton Will Mary Foly 02-Nov 1754
George Coneonnon John Elizab Hickey 13-Oct 1754
Anastace Coogan Matthew Anne Britt 08-Apr 1754
Mary Coonan Will Elizabeth Jordan 25-Aug 1754
Mary Cormick Jas Margaret Davis 23-Jun 1754
Mary Corre Jas Anstace Conway 01-Apr 1754
John Corrogan Pat Margaret Reed?? ?5/2 1754
Bridget Cosgrave John Cath Langton 27-Jan 1754
Cicily Costin Peter Mary Mahony ?27/2 1754
Elizabeth Coyne John Anne Conway 10-Jun 1754
Henrietta Crafton Julian Ellen 29-Jan 1754
Margarite Dawson Thos Cath Dunphy 11-Jan 1754
Thos Day Richd Cath Connelly 12-Aug 1754
Elizabeth Delany Andrew not given not given 19-Aug 1754
Thady Delany John Mary Walsh 16-Feb 1754
Mary Delany Will Mary Wheeler 30-Jan 1754
Helena Dempsy John Honora Barrett 27-Feb 1754
Margaret Denan John Anastase Brodrick 21-Apr 1754
Richd Doran Denis Cath Dowling 29-Jan 1754
Will Duffy James Mary Purcell 24-Oct 1754
Ellenor Dungan Will Dorothy Dungan 06-Jan 1754 alias Macgenis
Margaret Dunne John Catherine Shee?? 17-Mar 1754
Mary Dunne Joseph Anne Anderson 11-Mar 1754
Rose Dunphy Martin Mary Kaenehan?? 17-Sep 1754
Phillip Dwyer Denis MAry Cantwell 21-Aug 1754
James Dwyer Jas Judith Dempsy 01-Aug 1754
William Fahy Cornelius Mary Stapleton 07-Feb 1754
Bridget Fannin Mich Anstace Spruhan 09-Oct 1754
James Fapping or Sapping?? Philip not given Hogan 14-May 1754
Mary Farrell John Mary Kelly?? 03-Mar 1754
Elizabeth Fin Michael Margaret Nugent 25-Feb 1754
William Finnikin Gerald Margaret Hayes 17-Feb 1754
Michael Fitzpatrick John Winifred Croake 07-May 1754
Mary Fitzpatrick John Cath Ryan 01-Dec 1754
Jane Fitzpatrick Jas Jane Cheevers 28-Apr 1754
Michael Fogarty John Jeane Carty 02-Oct 1754 Twin
Martha Fogarty John Jeane Carty 02-Oct 1754 Twin
John Gahagan John Cath Connor 19-Apr 1754
Michael Galway Nicholas Sarah Ryan 06-Oct 1754
John Garnan John Anne Gregg 07-Dec 1754
Margaret Glindon Edmond Mary Cody 17-May 1754
Mary Gorman Laurence Mary Egan 30-Mar 1754
Mary Hackett Redmond Anne Prendy?? 18-Oct 1754
Rose Hackett Joseph Barbara Ray?? 11-Aug 1754
John Hanly John Mary 06-Jan 1754
Mary Hanmoor?? James MAry Meagher 06-Oct 1754
Cath Hinton?? Will Cath Roch?? 17-Nov 1754
Michael Hoban Richd Joan Bergin 28-May 1754
Edmund Hoban John Mary Magrath 01-Apr 1754
Sarah Holmes Jas Mrs. Percival 11-May 1754
Edmond Hoyne John MAry Holden 01-Sep 1754
Anne Kavanagh Jas Mary Dullanty 08-Aug 1754
Martin Kavanagh Richd Bridget Hanlan 17-Sep 1754
John Kay?? John Cath O’Farrell 20-Nov 1754
Catherine Keenehan Terince Mary Robinson 17-Jul 1754
Catherine Kelly Will Margaret Ryan 04-Aug 1754
Martin Kennedy John Mary Coogan 14-Jun 1754
Richd Lacy John Mary Grace 06-Nov 1754
Mary Laffan Jo?n MAry Purcell 14-Aug 1754
Nich Lannagann Pierce Mary Pembroke 14-Dec 1754
Elizabeth Lawler Thos Anne Jackson 20-Jun 1754
Elizab Macky Jas Margt Washington 26-Sep 1754
Elizabeth Maddin Matthew Judith Lowry 27-Aug 1754
Mich Maineal Pat Ellinor O’Bryan 01-Nov 1754
John Martin John Mary Fennelly 08-Jul 1754
Mary Maxwill Pierce Margt Ryan 30-Nov 1754
Patrick Men?ozine Will Margaret Molloy ?15/3 1754
Ellen Moore Mich Cath Delany 10-Sep 1754
Timothy Mortimer Jos Ellinor Mullady 15-Oct 1754
Hellene Mulhall Pat Mary Butler?? 01-May 1754
John Mullady Matthew Mary Talbot 15-Jan 1754
?Francis Murphy Martin Ansty Brophy 07-Oct 1754
Mary Murphy Dennis Mary Fitzpatrick 05-Aug 1754
Elizab Murphy Richd Mary O;Neil 15-Sep 1754
James Murphy Kiran Elizabeth Moor 29-Apr 1754
Peter Mylady Matthew Mary Talbott or Falbott?? 27-Dec 1754
Mary Newton Peter Anne Lyons 08-Sep 1754
George Nowlan ?Mich Anstace Meagher 01-Oct 1754
Dorothy Nugent Christopher Catherine Ruth?? 11-Apr 1754
Mich Phelan Jas Ellinor Shortall?? 15-Sep 1754
Catharine Phelan Edmd Mary Fannin 29-Nov 1754
Mich Phelan Jas Ellinor Shortall 05-Sep 1754
Mary Poor John Ellenor Carrol 02-Feb 1754
Thomas Poor Thos Cath Gromley 01-Jan 1754
Ellenor Power Thos Joan Byrne 12-Nov 1754
Joanne Pphelan Denis Mary Hogan 22-May 1754
Pat Rafter Dominick Gellin Kil?foine 15-Mar 1754
Elizabeth Rathe?? Robert Margt Coxdon 11-Nov 1754
Hugh Read John Mary Tracy 08-Aug 1754
Ellinor Rothe John Mary Commerford 15-Dec 1754
Ellen Ryan Phillip Elizab Dooly 18-Sep 1754
Elizabeth Ryan John Anne Ryan 06-Nov 1754
Margaret Scot Thos Honora Kilfoile 23-Feb 1754
Esther Scott Matt Ellis Dullanty 16-Apr 1754
Catharine Stafford Jas Cath Dunne 13-Nov 1754
?Anne Stantan Charles Mary Lin? 27-Oct 1754
Dorothy Taylor Christopher Margaret Hoban 26-Feb 1754
Mary Tobin George Joan Egan?? 03-May 1754
John Vaughan Roger Margaret Ronan?? 06-Jul 1754
Michael Wall Jas Cath Rourke 15-Sep 1754
David Walsh John Margaret Keogh 18-May 1754
James Walsh John Catherine Ryan 30-Jul 1754
Edwd Walsh John Mary Coogan 16-Mar 1754
Edwd Ward John Mary Jones 12-Jan 1754
John Webster George Val Quin?? 19-Sep 1754
Bridget Wheatly Thos Mary Macdaniel 05-Jun 1754