Diocese of Parishes Diocese of Ferns, Co. Wexford, 1846

This pages differs from my 1836 R.C. parish listing in a number of ways. I have not tried to list the counties that the closest post town is found in and I have not tried to compare this listing either with the 1836 listing or the 1931 listing.

I have however, included extra information on the Diocese as found in the 1846 Roman Catholic Directory on convents and nunneries or academies if mentioned – or, as it is put in the directory – ‘The State of Religion’.

Parish Parish Priest Curate Post town
EnniscorthyEnniscorthy Keating,James, Dr. Bishop Codd,Nicholas EnniscorthyEnniscorthy
Enniscorthy Keating, James, Dr. Bishop Murphy, William Enniscorthy
Adamstown Keating, James, Dr. Bishop Parle, James New Ross
Adamstown Ryan, Patrick Keating, JOhn New Ross
Annacurra & Killaveny Ryan, Patrick Prendergast, P. Tinnehely
Annacurra & Killaveny Hore, Thomas Pierce, Nicholas Tinnehely
Ballindaggin Hore, Thomas Keating, J. Enniscorthy
Ballindaggin Dunne, John Doyle, Patrick Enniscorthy
Ballygarret Dunne, John Roche, Wm. Gorey
Bannow Stafford, Thos. Murphy, James Taghmon
Blackwater Corish, Peter Moran, M. Wexford
Bree Hore, David Doyle, John Enniscorthy
Camolin Devereux, P. Scallan, John Camolin
Camolin Purcell, Wm., Ad. O’Brien, John Camolin
Castlebridge Purcell, Wm., Ad. Keating, John Wexford
Castlebridge Whitty, George Doran, Miles Wexford
Crossabeg Whitty, George Furlong, Nichol. Kyle
Cushintown Furlong, Nichl. Brennan, Loftus New Ross
Cushintown Connick, Wm. Clancy, Thomas New Ross
Davidstown Connick, Wm. Rickard, John Enniscorthy
Ferns Prendergast, Fr. Colfer, John Ferns
Ferns Roche, James Meyler, Bernard Ferns
Glynn Roche, James Brownrigg, Abm. Wexford
Glynn Murphy, Patrick Rossiter, (??) Wexford
Gorey Murphy, Patrick Foley, (??) Gorey
Gorey Hore, Denis Murphy, Wm. Gorey
Hook Hore, Denis Doyle, Edward Fethard
Hook Murphy, George Codd, William Fethard
Kilanirin Murphy, George Dunne, John Gorey
Killegny Doyle, Peter O’Toole, Garrett Enniscorthy
Killegny Furlong, Thos. Dunne, Peter Enniscorthy
Kilmore Furlong, Thos. Rossiter, Patrick Bridgetown
Kilmore Walsh, James Kavenagh, John Bridgetown
Kilrush Walsh, James Meyler, Philip Newtownbarry Carnew
Lady Island French, James Prendergast, P. Broadway
Litter Walsh, Patrick Busher, Thomas Oulart
Mayglass & Ballimore Sinnott, James Sinnott, Walter Wexford
Monageer Kavanagh, Jas. Cullen, J. Enniscorthy
New Ross Doyle, Edward Kent, David New Ross
New Ross Brennan, Wm. Chapman, G. New Ross
Newtownbarry Brennan, Wm. Murphy, Patrick Newtownbarry
Newtownbarry Walsh, James Barry, Richard Newtownbarry
Oilgate Walsh, James Wafer, Francis Enniscorthy
Oulart Petit, Clement Doyle, John Oulart
Piercetown O’Farrell, Tim. Connick, Thomas Wexford
Rathangan Codd, Nicholas Keating, Patrick Wexford
Rathangan Cullen, Philip Barry, Peter Wexford
Suttons & Horsewood Cullen, Philip Barry, John Preisthaggard
Taghmon Mitten, Michael Morris, J. Taghmon
Taghmon Scallan, John Warren, Patrick Taghmon
Tagoat Scallan, John Hogan, J. Wexford
Tintern Roe, Walter Fanning, James New Ross
Tintern Barden, Andrew, Ven. Archd. Marshall, Patrick New Ross
Tintern Barden, Andrew, Ven. Archd. Keating, James New Ross
Tomacork Barden, Andrew, Ven. Archd. Kavanagh, Edw. Carnew
Tomacork Murphy, Michl. Cavanagh, Danl. Carnew
Wexford Murphy, Michl. Sheridan, Thos. Wexford

Ferns Diocese 1846

Other information on Diocese: schools etc

37 Parishes

Right Rev. Dr. James Keating, Bishop, Enniscorthy

Venerable Chapter of Ferns
Dean: Very Rev. Patrick Murphy, P.P., Glynn
Precentor: Very Rev. Miles Murphy, P.P. and V.G., Wexford
Chancellor: Rev. E. Doyle, P.P., Monageer
Treasurer: Rev. John Sinnott, President, St. Peter’s College
Archdeacon: Ven. Andrew Barden, P.P., Tintern
Canon Doctoralis: Rev. John Scallan, P.P., Taghmon
Canon Theologic: Rev. Denis Hore
Canon Lectoralis: Rev. Thomas Furlong, P.P., Killegny
Canon Poentitiarus: Rev. Clement Petit, P.P., Oilgate

Kilrane: Rev. Peter Corish, P.P. Bannow
Fethard: Rev. Michl. Murphy, P.P., Tomacork
Edermine: Rev. Walter Rowe, P.P., Tagoat
Taghmon: Rev. James Walsh, P.P., Newtownbarry
Kilrush: Rev. James Roache, P.P., Ferns
Tombe: Rev. Geo. Whitty, P.P., Castlebridge
Clone: Rev. Thomas Stafford, P.P. Ballygarrett
Whitechurch: Rev. James French, P.P., Kilrush
Crosspatrick: Rev. Nicholas Codd, P.P., Piercestown
Coolstuff: Rev. Wm. Brennan, P.P., New Ross

State of Religion

Presentation Convent, Enniscorthy
Superioress: Mrs. Rossiter, under the jurisdiction of the Right Rev. Dr. Keating, bishop of the diocese.
Professed: 4 ; 1 Lay Sister.

Carmelite Convent, New Ross
Superioress: Mrs. Sutton
Professed: 10; Postulant 1; Lay Sisters 3.
There is a very numerous poor school attached to this establishment, where the poor females of the town and neighbouring parishes are gratuitously instructed.

Presentation Convent, Wexford
Superioress: Mrs. Frayne.
Professed 3 and 1 Postulant

Franciscan Convent, Wexford
Guardian: Very Rev. George Murphy
Rev. Clement Reville, Rev. Mr. Cosgrave and Rev. Mr. Heron

Augustinian Convent, Ross
Prior: Very Rev. James Crane
Rev. John Furlong, Rev. F. Doyle, Rev. Martin Crane, Rev. Pat Crane, Rev. Mr. Touhy

Augustinian Convent, Grantstown
Prior: Very Rev. R. Doyle

Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Wexford
Superioress: Mrs. Mary Teresa Kelly
Community: 10.
The religious have the care of the orphan house and poor female school

Convent of Our Lady of Loretto, Gorey – attached to the beautiful new church.
Superioress: Mrs. Somers.
Professed: 2, Received 2; Postulants 3.

College, Wexford.
Under the patronage and immediate inspection of the Right Rev. Dr. Keating.
President: Rev. John Sinnott
Professors of Classics: Rev. L. Kirwan, W. Moran and J. Sinnott

The system of education in St. Peter’s College comprises Logic and Mathematics, the Greek, Latin, Italian and French languages, Navigation, Mensuration, and all the usual branches of English literature

The students of this establishment are prepared with the classical knowledge requisite to enter the College of Maynooth, or the University of Dublin. Particular attention is paid to such young gentlemen as wish to aquire the qualifications necessary for the counting house. The College is situated on an eminence near the town, and is convenient for sea-bathing.

Terms: £25 per annum, to be paid quarterly in advance. No extra charge for Italian or French. Writing and Stationery £3. No entrance fee required. Each boarder to bring two pairs of sheets and four towels.

Total for the diocese: Bishop 1 ; Parish Priests 35 ; Curates 59 ; Chapels 100 ; Colleges 1; Convents 3 ; Nunneries 6

There has lately been added to the nunnery (at the Church of St. Michael, another large poor school, 65 feet by 28, principally built by Sir Thomas Esmonde. For the last 12 months the convent has been occupied by nine sisters in religion, including two lay sisters of the order of Loretto, from Rathfarnham, and is under the rev. Mother Mrs. Somers. These pious and accomplished ladies have the care of the children, more than 200 of whom daily receive all the blessings of a pure and perfect education.

In the ensuing spring this number will be greatly increased.

Those religious also have a boarding school (premium £25 per annum) in which many young ladies from that and the neighbouring county receive a religious and enlightened education, with a superior knowledge of music, French, Italian and other essential and ornamental accomplishments.