Phillimore and Thrift Will Indices, Abstracts

It is necessary to go through this page Diocese by Diocese and see if there is any reference to surnames such as those listed for the Ossory Wills shown here. The main surnames I have or had an interest in are listed in that. In some instances I have taken references to variations on a name which would be missed if you just look for the surname and well known variations. Please refer back to the article on Wills if you do not understand what these indices are. Please do not ask me for any more information on any name here. I have none.

For placenames see the following – Ireland Townland database and Ireland on line Interactive maps. If the name is spelled as it was in 1851 or now then it will be found when you search. The townland atlas also allows for partial searches so that if you cannot find the place as spelled in this file then if you use only part of the word as here it may possibly be found using the IreAtlas.

Ossory Wills, 1536-1800

No Dore, Devin, Devine, Divine, Duan, Duane, Gallivan, Gallivin, Galvan, Galven, Galvin, Leyne, Lyons.

Magher, James, Kilmagony. 1795
(possibly Kilmaganny, Co. Kilkenny. Callan Poor Law Union, 1857)

Maher, Denis, Mount Juliet. 1765 (date of will, no date of probate recorded)
Edmond. 1784
Eleanor, Irishtown, Co. Kilkenny. 1774

Meagher, Derby. 1694
Dominick, Irishtown. 1790
John. Kilkenny. 1703
Margaret, Kilkenny, widow. 1764

Meagher or Magher, Thomas, Newtown, Co. Kilkenny. 1769

Murray, Emanuel, Kilkenny. 1800 (date of will, no date of probate recorded)

Nash, Vincent, Ballyguirk, Co. Kilkenny. 1795

No Porter.

Leighlin Wills 1652-1800

No Devine, Divin, Divine; Dore; Duan, Duane; Galvan, Galven, Galvin, Gallivan, Galliven; Leyne, Lyne.

Lyon, John, Watercastle, Queen’s Co. (Laois) 1776.

Lyons, Edward, Finescourt, Co. Carlow. 1796 (date of will, no date of probate recorded.

Maher, Timothy. 1778
Maher, William, Glanehary, Co. Carlow. 1797

Mathers, John, Croneskagh, Co. Carlow. 1771
Mathers, Thomas, Rathduffbeg, Co. Wicklow. 1729

No Meagher.

Murray, John, Tinekinly, Co. Kilkenny. 1791
Murray, Thomas, Ballynekilly, Queen’s Co. (Laois). 1700

No Nash.

No Porter.

Ferns Wills, 1601-1800

No Devine, Divin, Divine; Dore; Galvan, Gallivan; Leyne, Lyne.

Lyons, Richard, Taghmon, Co. Wexford.

No Maher, Meagher.

Mory, William, Tomnearly. 1669

Murray, Deniss, Knockrow, Co. Wexford. 1774
Murray, Edward, Hiltown, Co. Wexford. 1796 (date of will, no record of probate.)
Murray, John, Enniscorthy. 1753

No Nash.

Porter, Thomas, Captain in the Navy. 1775

Kildare Wills, 1661-1800

No Devine, Divin; Dore.

Galvan, Darby, Tully. 1720
Galvan, William, Tully. 1722 (date of will only , no record of probate)

No Gallivan; Maher, Meagher; Leyen, Lyne.

Lyons, Geffry, Killeen, King’s Co. (Offaly)

No Nash.

Porter, Henry, Dangins, Queen’s Co. (Laois). 1762

Cork and Ross. 1548-1800

No Devin, Devine; Dore.

Gallavan, Hanna, Lissarourk. 1764 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Gallivan, Mathias, Lissarourk. 1763 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

Galvan, William, Milleen. 1761

Leyne, Teige, P.P. 1692
Leyne, Timothy, Cork. 1723

Lyne, Abraham, Cork. 1716
Lyne, Elizabeth, Cork. 1730
Lyne, Francis, Cork. 1738
Lyne, Jeremiah, Cork. 1759 (date of will only, no probate recorded.)
Lyne, Jeremiah, Cork. 1782
Lyne, Rebecca, Cork. 1779.

Lyons, John, Cork. 1751
Lyons, Robert, Cork. 1780
Lyons, Timothy, Cork. 1772
Lyons, Eleanor, Crookhaven. 1778

No Maher.

Meagher, Mary, Cork. 1756 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Meagher, Teresa, Cork. 1799

Murray, George, Gubeen. 1740
Murray, James, H.M.S. “Milford”. 1750
Murray, Samuel, Ann Mount. 1794
Murray, William, Garrylucas. 1796

Murry, John, Cork. 1781

Abel, Kilcolman. 1679
Edward, Bandonbridge, 1675 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Elizabeth. 1652
John, Bandon. 1726
John, Brinny. 1751
John, Brinny. 1789
Patrick, Cork. 1624 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Rebecca. 1790 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Richard. 1652

Edward, Tullig. 1740
Isaac, Tralee, Co. Kerry. 1705
John, Tullig. 1746
Thomas, Bandon. 1630
Thomas, Dundanion. 1739
Thomas, Knocknagapull. 1748 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Ursula, Cork. 1747

Cloyne Wills. 1621-1800

No Devin, Devine; Dore; Galvan, Gallivan.

Line, William, Curriglass. 1722 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

Lyne, Thomas, Gortmahir. 1741

Lyon, Cornelius, Rathnee. 1775

No Maher, Meagher; Murray.

Nash, George, Farrihy (will dated 1758). 1779

No Porter.

Cashel and Emly, 1618-1800

No Devine, Divine; Dore; Galvin, Gallivan; leyne, Lyne; Lyons.

Maher, Timothy, Cullen, Co. Tipperary. 1763

Andrew, (Rev.), Thurles. 1781 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Daniel, curate of Thurles. 1666 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Daniel, Tullow McJames, Co. Tipperary. 1796
Edmond, Thurles. 1717
Edmond, Fethard. 1787
James (Rev.), parish priest, Cashel (Condemned by Decree). 1768
James, Keilnahone, Co. Tipperary. 1799
John, Fethard. 1743
John, Fethard, 1778
John, parish priest of Ballingarry. 1796
John, Farrenrory, Co. Tipperary. 1800
Nicholas, Ballyherbery, Co. Tipperary. 1727
Patrick, Kile, Co. Tipperary. 1777
Philip, Crossard, Co. Tipperary. 1713
Philip, Snugsborough, Co. Limerick. 1796
Thomas, Rathmacarty. 1685
Thomas, Ballintaggart. 1716
William, Derryluskane. 1710
William, Ballywalter, Co. Tipperary. 1763 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
William, Rossestown, Co. Tipperary. 1764

Thomas, Durush, Co. Tipperary. 1710
William, parish priest of Tipperary. 1712

Murra, Joseph, Thurles.

No Murray.

Ambrose, (Revd., Fethard. 1712
Richard, Cahirconlish, (Exemplification only) 1728 or 1729.

Naish, Edmond, Fethard. 1661

No Porter.

Waterford and Lismore 1645-1800

No Devin, Devine; Dore; Galvin, Gallivan; Leyne.

Line, Anastatia, Dungarvan. 1776

Lyne, Patrick, Dungarvan. 1771

Lyon, Patrick, Waterford. 1671

Maher, Anastatia, Waterford. 1800

Mara, Philip, Waterford. 1773

Ellenor, Clonmel. 1712
James, Clonmel. 1761
James, Clonmel. 1796
Joan, Clonmel (alias Davin) 1733
Pierce, Cloghnecody. 1768
William, Killimlogh. 1713

Meara, Michael, Clonmel. 1741

Murray, Thomas, Lower Grange, Liberties of Waterford City. 1742

Murihey, Laurence, Rathguagh. 1750

Murry, Patrick, Laharden. 1776

Nash, John, (King’s Officer) Waterford. 1734

Charles, Waterford. 1750
Hannah, Kill St. Lawrence. 1715 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
John, Waterford. 1717
John, Waterford. 1717
Joseph, Kill St. Laurence. 1711
Josiah, Newtowne. 1715
Josiah, Waterford. 1770
Lucy, widow, Waterford (alias Dove) 1780
Thomas. 1708 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

Killaloe and Kilfenora Wills, 1653-1800

Diviny, Richard, Tureen, Co. Clare. 1788

Dawne, (Duane) James, Balimacka. 1770

No Dore; Galvin, Gallivan; Maher.

Lynn, Robert, Carrigetoghir. 1696

Lyons, John, Carromurry, Co. Clare. 1767

Martin, Parish priest of Boorny. 1768
Michael, Asmeare. 1733
Thomas, Moneygall, King’s Co. (Offaly). 1742
Timothy, Newgrove, Co. Tipperary. 1752

Dermot, Knockbehagh. 1706 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Laughlin, Slivoir,Co. Tipperary. 1791
Patrick, Garrinakill, Co. Tipperary (dated 1684). 1750
Patrick, Killnashanally, Co. Tipperary. 1756
William, Keappagh. 1666 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

No Murray.

Denis, Clare. 1738
Mary, Limerick City. 1781
Thomas, Gortacorky, Co. Clare. 1748

No Porter.

Limerick Wills, 1615-1800

No Devine, or Divin; Dore;

Dower, Michael, Ballykenny, Co. Limerick, farmer. 1784

No Galvan, Gallivan.

Auliff, Rossbane, Co. Limerick, farmer. 1725
Derby, Downes, Co. Limerick, farmer. 1771

No Lyons.

Maher, William, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, breeches maker. 1785

Meagher, Thomas, gent. Limerick. 1686

No Murray.

Naish, Silvester, Ballycollen, Co. Limerick. 1737

Patrick, Ballycullen, Co. Limerick, gent. 1741 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Ralph, Cahirconlish, Co. Limerick, gent. 1755
Richard, Ive Gallaghoe, Co. Limerick, gent. 1714
William, Limerick, tobacconist. 1754 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

No Porter.

Ardfert & Aghadoe Wills, 1690-1800

No Devine, Divine; Dore; Galvan, Gallivan.

Donogh, Cullie, Killarney. 1789 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Jeremy, Tralee, doctor of Physic. 1772 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Timothy, Gortnagree, gent. 1797 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

Denis, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Corporal, Kerry Militia. 1800 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
Elizabeth, Ballynessy, Co. Kerry, widow. 1761
Jeremy, Gortreigh, Kilfenane, Co. Kerry. 1785 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
John, Grovepoint. 1787 (date of will only, no probate recorded)
John, Annaghbog, Co. Kerry, farmer. 1796
Kerry, Ballynessy, Co. Kerry, lieutenant. 1748
Thomas. 1800

Lyon, Christopher, Templenoe. 1794 (date of will only, no probate recorded)

No Maher, Meagher; Murray.

Nash, Frances, Dingle, alias Payne. 1757

Porter, William. 1764

Dromore, 1678-1858

No Devine, Divine; Dore; Galvan, Gallivan;

Lines, Mary, Lurgan. 1770

Andrew. 1738
John, Ballinamaganach. 1726

Lynas (or Lynes) Joseph, Lurgan, Co. Armagh. (lodged 1746). 1745 (date of will only, no probate recorded).

Lynes, Elizabeth, Monbraverty (Mongraverty), P., Seagoe, Co. Armagh. 1728

Lyness (or Lynes) Joseph senr. Carn, P. Seagoe, Co. Armagh. 1824

Lyon, James, Bagnie. 1737

Andrew, Ballydown. 1774
James, Anaghbane (or Lions) 1819
John, Maghry

No Maher, Meagher.

Murray (or Morrow) Adam, Ballygown. 1770

Brian, Drinn, (lodged 1838). 1838 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
James, p. Donaghcloney. 1727
James, Creevy. 1742
James, Kinego, p. Seagoe, Co. Armagh. (lodged 1836). 1833 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
John, Corcreny. 1750
John, Belfast (formerly of Creevey). 1816
John, Shankill. 1817
Patrick. 1796
Robert, Waringstown. 1761
William, Lurgan, Co. Armagh. 1705
William, p. Donaghclony. 1721
William, Derrytrasna, p. Montiaghs, Co. Armagh. 1846

John, Garvaghy. 1742-43 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
Thomas, Ballinafoy. 1720

John, Dromaghadon. 1752
John, Warrenpoint. 1854
Mary, Ballygargin, p. Seagoe, Co. Armagh. 1842
Newell, Ballygargin, p. Seagoe, Co. Armagh. 1837
Robert, Glaskerbeg. 1837
Samuel, Gransha. 1757
Samuel, Gransha. 1832
Sarah, Upper Bottear, p. Moira. 1787
William, (senr.) Ballinaghey, p. Seagoe, Co. Armagh. 1827

McMurrey, John, Bleary. 1750

McMurrie, Alexander, Grainghue. 1714

Alexander, Deemet, p. Drumgoland. 1765
Ardle, Drumlough. 1825
David, Dromore. 1795
Grisell (alias Boyle), Belleny. (lodged 1770). 1765 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
James, Bellanafau, p. Anaghloan (Annaclone). 1720
John, Ballynaghy, p. Seagoe, Co. Armagh. 1785
John, Drumaghdene. 1789
John, Skeagh. 1831
Robert, Ballymackelrany, (lodged 1745). 1742 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
Samuel, Bellany. 1760
Samuel. 1806
Thomas, Dromaghdone. 1762

No Nash.

Alexander, Duchry. 1771
Alexander, Shanachan. 1820 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
David, Dunmore. 1814
George, Dromore. 1773
Hugh, Tillinasky, p. Garavaghy. 1747
James, Weringsford. 1728
James, Dughary. 1759
John, Lurgan, Co. Armagh. 1723 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
John, Fedney. 1815
Margaret, Drumbrony (lodged 1770). 1769 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
Nicholas, Aughnacavin, p. Donaghmore. 1840
Robert, Dunmore, (lodged 1803) 1803 (date of will only, no probate recorded).

Newry & Mourne (exempt jurisdiction), 1727-1858

No Divine, Devine; Dore; Galvan, Gallivan; Lyne, Lyons; Murray; Nash.

Porter, William, Ryan, Co. Down. 1802

Derry Wills, 1612-1858

Devin, Hugh. 1759

Francis, Strabane. 1772
James. 1805
John, Bearney, p. Camus. 1800
Michael, Altahunny (Altahoney). 1834

Divine, Henry, Belaghs, p. Donaghedy (lodged). 1821

No Dore; Galvan, Gallivan.

Gelvin, Patrick, Cavan, p. Donaghmore. 1808

No Leyne, Lyne.

George, Londonderry City. 1835
James, Argry, Co. Donegal. 1626 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
James, Strabane. 1744 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
James, Bunareen alias Seavew, p. Clonmany. 1802
John, Magilligan. 1720

John, Strabane. 1811
Robert, Carrick, p. Cappagh. 1784
Robert, Alt, p. Urney. 1816

No Maher, Meagher.

Anne (alias Connor), Dumbrock. 1791
Edward, Drummuck, p. Maghera. 1828
Aeneas, Londonderry City, gent. 1768
George, Carriaugh. 1793
Henry, Elaghbeg, Co. Donegal. 1770
James, Ardstraw. 1776
John, Coshquien, liberties of Londonderry, p. Templemore. 1739
Margaret. 1797
Mathew, Carnshanaugh, p. Taughboyne. 1775
Robert, (nuncupative). 1780 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
William, Carricue, (Carrickhugh), p. Faughanvale. 1764

Murry, William, Cabragh. 1814

O’Murry, Daniel, Maghera. 1751

No Nash.

Alexander, Derryvain, p. Templemore, Co. Donegal. 1757
Alexander, Drumsane. 1765
Alexander, Bewheelan (Bohullion, Burt), p. Templemore. 1769
Alexander, Ballymoney, p. Templemore, Co. Donegal. 1799
Charles, Drumgowan, Co. Donegal. 1799
Daniel, Buncrana. 1802
Gabriel, Mullenny, p. Templemore, Co. Donegal, gent. 1766 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
Henry, Drimsamney. 1810
James, Muloughmore, p. Cappagh. 1737
James, Clady, p. Urney. 1777
James, Elaughmore, p. Templemore, Co. Donegal. 1783
James, Castlecooly, Co. Donegal. 1836
Jane, Omagh, p. Drumragh. 1821
John. 1798
John, Strabane. 1804
John, Carnanee, p. Ballyaghran. 1817
John, Cranny, p. Cappagh, farmer. 1823
John, Magheracregan, p. Ardstraw. 1828
John, Speenogue, p. Burt, farmer. 1845
John, Greysteel, Co. Londonderry. 1846
Joseph, Ballymoney. 1855
Mary (alias Coyle), Buncrana. 1783
Moses, Elaughmore, liberites of Londonderry, p. Templemore. 1786
Nehemiah, Mullaughaneery, p. Donaghmore. 1789
Richard, Castleculie, p. Templemore, Co. Donegal. 1702
Richard, Burt, Co. Donegal. 1731
Richard, Milltown, Co. Donegal (nuncupative). 1798
Robert, Castletown, p. Leckpatrick. 1783
Robert, Glencahin, p. Moville. 1785
Robert, Strabane, gent, (original sent to Prerogative Court in 1801). 1793
Samuel, Buchilin, (Bohullion), p. Burt. 1718 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
William, Sceog (Skeoge), Burt, p. Templemore. 1749
William, Killybogan, p. Desertmartin, farmer. 1766
William, Newtownlimavady. 1801 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
William, Clady, p. Urney. 1802
William, Moleny, p. Templemore, Co. Donegal. 1807

Raphoe Wills, 1684-1858

No Devine, Divine; Dore; Galvan, Gallivan; Leyne, Lyne, Lyons; Maher, Meagher.

Catherine, Drumbarnet. 1806
John, Gartan. 1718 (date of will only, no probate recorded).
John, Maghrihober. 1739
John, Drumbarnett. 1851
Richard, Ballyshannon, surgeon, (entry in Will Book only). 1833

Murrey, Hugh, Creven. 1739 (date of will only, no probate recorded).

Murry, Denis, p. Conwall. 1803

No Nash.

John. 1702
John, Raphoe, surgeon. 1778
John, Drumbarnet. 1843
Lavinia, alias Colhoune, alias McClean. 1822
Martha, Raphoe. 1754
Robert, Ballyholy. 1753
Stephen, Bogay. 1707 (date of will only, no probate recorded).