Sliabh Bloom Mountains Photographs, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

Back when I was a child in school in Rathdowney we were told there was ‘nothing’ in Laois, that Laois was flat *except* Laois is not ‘flat’ at all.  I remember the first time I tripped up the Sliabh Bloom Mountains wondering “I never knew this was here”.

Last week, (February 2015) I was off over in Clonaslee -Got there from Porlaoise and this is NOT the way I’d normally go to Clonaslee.  My normal route would be over the Sliabh Bloom Mountains from Mountrath and so even though there was snow on the ground and I was a bit wary of taking my usual ‘mountain’ route home I decided to chance it.  I know the views from up there can be stunning and I figured the people on the Laois Facebook page would appreciate this bit of a Laois view.