Mountmellick Town Photographs, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.)

I went over the other day to take some photos because I know people whose family came from Mountmellick.  I guess the most surprising thing for me about this trip was that I have actually covered the cemetery in Mountmellick and if anyone had shown me photos of it, I would have said that is in Portarlingon!  I have no record that I can find of the Mountmellick gravestones or rather I have not named them Mountmellick!  Now, I have to go compare the information on gravestones that I photographed this week with the various documents I have and find that ‘missing’ work!

I went to the town specifically looking to see if there was a shop which had the surname Coates on it.  I didn’t find any *but* I did take a few photos and these are them.