Clonakenny Photographs, Co. Tipperary

Whenever I go anywhere my camera is with me and I’m always photographing everything, sometimes I end up with only 1-2 photos, sometimes I look at the photos and think to myself, who on earth wants to see this place, there’s nothing here worth talking about.

The thing is though, there’s always someone who wants to see some little bit of some place, someone whose family came from that place and who will never be able to get to see it for themselves by going there.  My one to a few photographs will always be worth something to someone.

Clonakenny is very small, I came across it one day when I was off over in Tipperary looking for Couraguneen church (and that was a church remnant which stood out!).  I was looking for Couraguneen because one day I was talking about where I had taken my dogs for a walk over near the railway close to Templemore I think it was and Ed said to me “That’s so close to where my family is from” AND that made me go hunting for Couraguneen.

Anyway I missed Couraguneen when I got there, ended up in Bourney and Clonakenny before I eventually got to Couraguneen.  Here are the few photos I took of Clonakenny