Rathaspick 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Rathaspick in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on From-Ireland.net is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Thomas Bambrick Miltown Ballylynan
Patrick Betts Slatt, Lower Doonane
James Bolger Slatt, Upper Doonane
Peter Bracken Crissard Rathaspick
Peter Bracken Shanragh Rathaspick
John Brawn Kellystown Rathaspick
Michael Brawn Kellystown Rathaspick
Elizabeth Breen Boley Rathaspick
Mary Breen Boley Rathaspick
Thomas Breen Slatt, Upper Doonane
Andrew Brennan Wolfhill Rathaspick
Catherine Brennan Aghmafir Rathaspick
Denis Brennan Kellystown Rathaspick
James Brennan Slatt, Lower Doonane
James Brennan Boley Rathaspick
James Brennan Crissard Rathaspick
John Brennan Slatt, Upper Doonane
Martin Brennan Crissard Rathaspick
Michael Brennan Miltown Ballylynan
Michael Brennan Boley Rathaspick
Michael Brennan Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Michael, jun Brennan Doonane Doonane
Michael, sen Brennan Doonane Doonane
Patrick Brennan Slatt, Lower Doonane
Patrick Brennan Aghmafir Rathaspick
Peter Brennan Miltown Ballylynan
Thomas Brennan Slatt, Lower Doonane
John Brown Wolfhill Rathaspick
Bridget Byrne Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Catherine Byrne Slatt, Lower Doonane
Margaret Byrne Aghmafir Rathaspick
John Cahill Boley Rathaspick
Kate Campion Slatt, Lower Doonane
Martin Campion Shanragh Rathaspick
Anne Cantwell Doonane Doonane
catherine Cantwell Doonane Doonane
William Cantwell Wolfhill Rathaspick
Mary Carpenter Wolfhill Rathaspick
Ellen Carroll Boley Rathaspick
John Carroll Doonane Doonane
Martin Carroll Doonane Doonane
Martin Carroll Slatt, Upper Doonane
Michael, jun Carroll Doonane Doonane
Michael, sen. Carroll Doonane Doonane
Thomas Carroll Doonane Doonane
John, jun Clinton Doonane Doonane
John, sen. Clinton Doonane Doonane
Patrick Clinton Doonane Doonane
James Comerford Slatt, Upper Doonane
Bridget Condron Doonane Doonane
Margaret Condron Doonane Doonane
Mary Condron Doonane Doonane
Maurice Conlan Kellystown Rathaspick
Patrick Conlan Kellystown Rathaspick
William Conlan Boley Rathaspick
Michael (Sergt.) Conlon Doonane Doonane
Julia Conway Miltown Ballylynan
Mary Conway Doonane Doonane
Catherine Corcoran Wolfhill Rathaspick
Michael Crawney Inch Rathaspick
Mary Anne Curran Doonane Doonane
Anne Delaney Shanragh Rathaspick
James Delaney Crissard Rathaspick
Patrick Delaney Shanragh Rathaspick
Fanny Delany Doonane Doonane
Patrick Dempsey Crissard Rathaspick
Margaret Devoy Doonane Doonane
John Donnelly Boley Rathaspick
Lawrence Dooan Slatt, Lower Doonane
John Dooley Aghmafir Rathaspick
Denis Doyle Doonane Doonane
John Doyle Doonane Doonane
Michael Doyle Slatt, Lower Doonane
Michael Doyle Slatt, Lower Doonane
Norah Doyle Doonane Doonane
Peter Doyle Wolfhill Rathaspick
Michael Dunne Doonane Doonane
Patrick Dunne Miltown Ballylynan
Anne Dwyer Shanragh Rathaspick
Denis Dwyer Shanragh Rathaspick
Patrick Dwyer Crissard Rathaspick
John Edge Miltown Ballylynan
Teresa Fagan Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Anne Finch Wolfhill Rathaspick
Richard Finch Crissard Rathaspick
Catherine Flanagan Slatt, Upper Doonane
Hannah Flanagan Boley Rathaspick
James Flanagan Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Andrew Fleming Slatt, Lower Doonane
Catherine Fleming Crissard Rathaspick
James Fleming Slatt, Upper Doonane
Margaret Fleming Slatt, Upper Doonane
Michael Fleming Slatt, Upper Doonane
Michael Fleming Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Thomas Flemming Miltown Ballylynan
John Foley Doonane Doonane
John Franey Doonane Doonane
John Geoghegan Wolfhill Rathaspick
John George Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Michael George Aghmafir Rathaspick
Thomas George Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Harriett Goacher Doonane Doonane
Jane Grady Slatt, Upper Doonane
Maria Greene Slatt, Upper Doonane
Patrick Greene Slatt, Upper Doonane
James Grout Slatt, Upper Doonane
James Haugh Wolfhill Rathaspick
Catherine Hearne Doonane Doonane
Thomas Hennessy Aghmafir Rathaspick
Michael Hooney Boley Rathaspick
Jane Hughes Wolfhill Rathaspick
William Hughes Wolfhill Rathaspick
Maryanne Johnson Inch Rathaspick
JAmes Kavanagh Slatt, Lower Doonane
Margaret Kavanagh Crissard Rathaspick
James Kealy Slatt, Lower Doonane
John Kealy Kylenabehy Rathaspick
John Kealy Kylenabehy Rathaspick
Laurence Kealy Boley Rathaspick
Margaret Kealy Slatt, Lower Doonane
Margaret Kealy Kylenabehy Rathaspick
Mary Kealy Slatt, Lower Doonane
Andrew Keating Shanragh Rathaspick
Eliza Keating Doonane Doonane
Mary Keating Doonane Doonane
Martin Keeffe Slatt, Lower Doonane
Margaret Keegan Rathaspick Rathaspick
Mary Kehoe Kylenabehy Rathaspick
Alice Kelly Doonane Doonane
Anne Kelly Rathaspick Rathaspick
Bridget Kelly Kellystown Rathaspick
James Kelly Crissard Rathaspick
John Kelly Doonane Doonane
John Kelly Slatt, Upper Doonane
Julia Kelly Slatt, Lower Doonane
Mary Kelly Crissard Rathaspick
Michael Kelly Kylenabehy Rathaspick
Thomas Kelly Doonane Doonane
Edward Kenedy Doonane Doonane
Patrick Kenna Doonane Doonane
Catherine Kennedy Boley Rathaspick
Ellen Kennedy Boley Rathaspick
Hanora Kennedy Boley Rathaspick
James Kennedy Boley Rathaspick
John Kennedy Doonane Doonane
John Kennedy Boley Rathaspick
Michael Kennedy Mullaghmore Rathaspick
John King Boley Rathaspick
James Kinna Shanragh Rathaspick
Thomas Kirwan Miltown Ballylynan
Patrick Knightley Slatt, Upper Doonane
Anastatia Knowles Crissard Rathaspick
John Knowles Crissard Rathaspick
Laurence Knowles Shanragh Rathaspick
Michael Knowles Crissard Rathaspick
Michael Knowles Crissard Rathaspick
Patrick Knowles Crissard Rathaspick
Thomas Knowles Crissard Rathaspick
Thomas Knowles Kellystown Rathaspick
Bridget Langton Kellystown Rathaspick
Martha Langton Crissard Rathaspick
Mary Lawler Shanragh Rathaspick
Michael Lawler Shanragh Rathaspick
Elizabeth Lawlor Slatt, Upper Doonane
John Leech Kilfeacle Rathaspick
Ellen Mack Rathaspick Rathaspick
Martin Maher Slatt, Lower Doonane
Anne Malone Rathaspick Rathaspick
James Malone Doonane Doonane
Thomas Malone Boley Rathaspick
James McDermott Wolfhill Rathaspick
Catherine McDonald Slatt, Lower Doonane
Edward McDonald Doonane Doonane
James McDonald Slatt, Lower Doonane
Bryan McGee Slatt, Upper Doonane
Elizabeth McGrath Crissard Rathaspick
Michael McWilliam Boley Rathaspick
John Meighan Doonane Doonane
Robert F. Miller Doonane Doonane
Patrick Molony Rathaspick Rathaspick
John Moore Boley Rathaspick
John Moore Inch Rathaspick
Maria Moore Aghmafir Rathaspick
Terence Moore Mullaghmore Rathaspick
Thomas Moore Boley Rathaspick
Patrick (Constable) Moran Doonane Doonane
Abbin Morrin Boley Rathaspick
Laurence Morrin Boley Rathaspick
Eliza Muldowney Doonane Doonane
Edmond Mulhall Doonane Doonane
Peter Mulhall Doonane Doonane
Andrew Murphy Slatt, Lower Doonane
Catherine Murphy Boley Rathaspick
Esther Murphy Crissard Rathaspick
James Murphy Crissard Rathaspick
John Murphy Crissard Rathaspick
Michael Murphy Boley Rathaspick
Patrick Murphy Doonane Doonane
Patrick Murphy Crissard Rathaspick
James Nash Doonane Doonane
Eliza Neill Doonane Doonane
Mary Neill Doonane Doonane
Mary Neill Wolfhill Rathaspick
Patrick Neill Aghmafir Rathaspick
Ellen Nolan Slatt, Upper Doonane
Patrick Nolan Boley Rathaspick
William Nolan Boley Rathaspick
Margaret O’Keeffe Slatt, Lower Doonane
David O’Neill Doonane Doonane
Patrick O’Neill Doonane Doonane
Margaret Palmer Shanragh Rathaspick
John Pender Inch Rathaspick
Michael Pender Shanragh Rathaspick
Patrick Pender Miltown Ballylynan
James Purcell Doonane Doonane
James Reddy Boley Rathaspick
John Reddy Inch Rathaspick
Michael Reddy Boley Rathaspick
Hanora Roach Crissard Rathaspick
Patrick Roach Crissard Rathaspick
Patrick Roach Crissard Rathaspick
Sarah Roach Crissard Rathaspick
Martin Roberts Doonane Doonane
Moses (Constable) Roche Doonane doonane
Julia Rogers Wolfhill Rathaspick
Martin Rourke Doonane doonane
Mary Rourke Doonane Doonane
Bridget Ryan Crissard Rathaspick
John Ryan Boley Rathaspick
Kate Sharp Kellystown Rathaspick
Mary Sharp Crissard Rathaspick
Martha Shiel Crissard Rathaspick
Joseph, Sixsmith, jun. Doonane Doonane
Joseph, Sixsmith, sen Doonane Doonane
Bridget Slevin Boley Rathaspick
Matthew Slevin Boley Rathaspick
John Smith Doonane Doonane
Patrick Smith Wolfhill Rathaspick
Owen Smyth Kellystown Rathaspick
John Southern Slatt, Upper Doonane
John Southorn Slatt, Upper Doonane
Mary Southorn Slatt, Upper Doonane
John Tobin Doonane Doonane
John Ward Boley Rathaspick
Bridget Whelan Boley Rathaspick
Jeremiah Whelan Inch Rathaspick
John Whelan Slatt, Lower Doonane
Joseph Henry Lachlan White Gracefield Rathaspick

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