Register of the Cathedral Church of St. Columb, Co. Derry (Londonderry), 1703-32

Editors. Colin Thomas with Aubrey Fielding. Representative Church Body Library ISBN 09523000-6-0 Publ. 1997. Extracts of entries with the surname KELLY.

Marriages in October 1727
Alexander Kelly and Ann Alexander married by Mr. Henery Dent the 27

Marriages in Oct 1729
Denis Kelly & Mary Teag both of this parish married (sic) by Mr. George Munroe the 23rd.

Baptisms in October 1705
John the son of Thomas Kelly and Margratt his wife baptised the 11th

Baptisms in May 1723
Jane the Daughter of Dennis Kelly and Jane his wife Bapt the 29th

Baptisms in January 1725/26
Katterin the daughter of Dinis Kelley and Elinor his wife Baptised the 5th

Baptisms in May 1727
Margret the datr of Dinis Kelly (altered from Celly) and Elinor his wife baptised the 17th

Baptismes in August 1728
Elizabeth the daughter of Dinis Kelly and Elinor his wife baptised the 15th

Baptisms in Feberuary (sic) 1730/31
Edward the son of Denis Kelly and Mary his wife baptised the 4th

Burials in October 1721
Elizabeth Kelley her burial the 15th

Burials in May 1732
Jane the daughter of Mr. Alexander Kelley and Ann his wife buried the 30th