Research Help: Birth/Marriage/Death Index Pages

The information on any District civil registration index page come from the Master Civil Indexes held in the General Registrar’s Office in Dublin, the name, district and year – the volume and page number are not given on this web site – you need to check the indices to get those. These master indexes have been filmed by the Latter Day Saints and copies are held in their library. These films can be ordered through your local Family History Centre. Using the year and type of index (birth, marriage or death), you can find the film reference number in the LDS on line library catalogue, and you can then go to your local FHC and order that film. How to find film reference numbers or alternatively using the full reference, that is Surname, Name, District, Quarter (if applicable), Volume and Page number and type of reference -i.e. whether birth, marriage or death, you can contact the General Registrar’s Office in Dublin or Belfast and purchase a photocopy of the record.

See the following for details.

General Registrar’s Office Belfast – On-line birth, death marriage certificate order form

General Registrar’s Office of Ireland – Roscommon

How to find film reference numbers: The Latter Day Saints (Mormons) have filmed most of the Irish Master Indexes and the actual books of civil records. The annual Master Index book in Dublin for each event has been filmed separately as have the books containing the records.

Rental of these films through your local FHC costs about US$3.50 per film (AUS$6) for a period of about four to six weeks. Films can be renewed for an additional four to six weeks for another small fee and for a third fee, the film can be placed on ‘indefinite loan’ and remain at your local FHC indefinitely.

Using the Latter Day Saints on-line Library Catalogue, you can identify the reference number for the films of Irish records. So long as you know the year of registration of an entry you are interested in, then you can find out the reference number for the film with the full record for that person or people. Once you have the reference number to the film, you can order it through your local FHC.

Beginning with a Master Index you can find the references that you need in order to be able to identify and order the next film that you want. The references being the ‘volume’, page number and quarter if relevant.

If you do not have a Family History Centre in your locality, then by using the information in this book and the URL’s given, you may still find many answers.

Go to:
On line Catalogue click on ‘Library’ on the top of the page, and a new page will open up for you.

Click on Family History Library catalogue which lies on the bar on the top of your page, and you now have a more specific search page which has icons for different search types: ‘Place’, Surname’, ‘Author’, ‘Subject’ ‘Call Number’ and the easiest way to find the film number that you require is as follows: My thanks fo to Terence T. Quirke Jnr. FIGRS for pointing this out to me.

Place search: Ireland

A list of places with ‘Ireland’ in the name will be presented. At the top of the list is: Ireland(black) and underneath choose Ireland(blue)

On the ensuing long list, on the second page choose Ireland – Civil Registration

One can now choose any of the following:

Death records of Ireland 1864-1879, with index of deaths 1864-1921
Death records of Northern Ireland 1922-1959
Marriage records, 1845-1870, with indexes to marriages, 1845-1921
Marriage records of Northern Ireland 1922-1959
Quarterly returns of births in Ireland 1864-1955, with index to births 1864-1921
Birth records of Northern Ireland, 1922-1959.