Research Help: Irish Parish Records

Catholic Church Parish Records of Tuam, Co. Galway,

LDS film # 0926234,
Baptisms March 3, 1790 – July 2, 1804
Marriages Jan. 26, 1799 ? – March 6, 1832
Baptisms Oct 24, 1811 – Oct 5, 1829
Baptisms Nov 1, 1829 – April 12, 1845 (the baptisms for 1837 and 1838 are a bit mixed up – it looks like the pages may have been loose and gotten filmed out of order for last of 1837 first of 1838)
Handwriting and ink are pretty good with a few exceptions where the ink has faded.
Note from Laurie Baker : 06 January 2000 22:59
Co. Galway Parish Records: (& Co. Cavan – note from Carol Granville)
LDS Film 0989748
Diocese of Elphin – Parish of Roscommon and Kiltivan
Parochial Records 1860-1880

LDS Film 0989756
Diocese of Elphin
Parish of Ahascragh and Killosolon
Parochial Records – 1835-1881


Co. Cavan:

LDS Film 0926175
Diocese of Meath
Kingscourt/Enniskeen RC Church Records 1838-1880

The records are in English, however, in the earlier records the Christain names are in Latin, e.g., Maria Murphy.

The condition of the films was pretty much the same, great in some parts, poorly photographed in others, some pages were totally illegible.

In the records before mandatory civil registration, the handwritten records (taken from the Cavan film) looked like this:

Nov. 4, 1838
CATHERINE John Reily and Bridget Lynch(?) Sp: Jas. Reily and Anne

Nov. 25, 1838
CATHERINE Terence Reilly and Rose Haggerty(?) Sp: John Hag. and Mary Marin

Dec. 18, 1838
JAMES Owen Clarke and Catherine Reilly Sp:Owen O’Reilly and Rose McMahon

After civil registration, there was more information in the baptisms:

32. MARIA CLARKE Born: March 5, 1864
Jocabus Clarke and Margarita Berns (?) (Briens)
Res: Collops Bapt.: March 18, 1864
Sp: Margarita Berns

38. ROSA CARROLL Born: March 23, 1864
Thomas Carroll and Rose Reilly
Res: Collops Bapt.: March 27, 1864, by J. Maglore, Vicario
Sp: Joannes Lannon and Rose Lannon

45. CATHERINE CARROLL Born: April 16, 1864
Patricius Carroll and Anna Finnegan
Res: Corlea Bapt.: April 17, 1864
Sp: Patricius Finnegan and Rosa Early

The name of the priest who performed the baptisms was also included, as were the occasional notations such as when the person later married, legitimacy, etc. As I recall, this held true for the two Galway parish films.

Film # 1279253. Ballybricken &Bohermore Parishes
This film contains a wideassortment of items apparently from a private collection at PRONI, allvery interesting and valuable to anyone searching in Limerick. The
Parish Records Item to which I refer is the 2nd item on the list, and I
feel quite certain would not be found on a regular search for Church
The number of pages in this item on Ballybricken & Bohermore Parishes totals about 175, with each page containing, on the average, about 25 entries, for a total of well over 4000 names not counting the names of sponsors. >From 1802 on the name of the parish is entered with each entry, and later on there are additional comments such as “illegitimate”, “gratis”, or the amount of fee paid is shown. It is completely typewritten and easy to read.
Note from Ann Staines: January 06, 2000 10:16 PM


LDS film 1279227 items 9-11, description says 1830-1916 but it also included
records from 1820’s. In Latin, fairly legible registers of marriages,
deaths, births. Catholic Parish of Moate and Mount Temple covered parts of
the civil parishes of Kilcleagh in Westmeath, Kilmanaghan in Offaly, and
Ballyloughloe inWestmeath. It was formerly known as Kilcleagh and Ballyloughloe.
There are three chapels: St. Patricks in Moate, St. Kierans in Castledaly
and Corpus Christi in Mount Temple. Requires high magnification reader.

Note from Jim Claffee

LDS film 1279227 items 9-11, Kilmanaghan in Offaly
description says 1830-1916 but it also included
records from 1820’s. In Latin, fairly legible registers of marriages,
deaths, births.Catholic Parish of Moate and Mount Temple covered parts of
the civil parishes of Kilcleagh in Westmeath, Kilmanaghan in Offaly, and
Ballyloughloe in
Westmeath. It was formerly known as Kilcleagh and Ballyloughloe.
There are three chapels: St. Patricks in Moate, St. Kierans in Castledaly
and Corpus Christi in Mount Temple. Requires high magnification reader.

Film #926,091 – Registrations of Baptisms – Parish of Birr, King’s Co.

Quite illegible, due to the quality of the writing years: 1874 – 1879.
Most of the surnames were undecipherable, even with a magnifying glass.
Only the names of the child, parents and sponsors were recorded. No
addresses. The records were not organized, just sprawled across the pages.
The language was English.

Film #1279226 Diocese of Ardagh & Clonmacnois
Parish of Cloghan & Banagher (St. Reynagh’s), King’s Co.

This film was much more readable. It contained Baptisms, marriages beginning in 1838 (I think) until at least 1904, and Confirmations right up until sometime in the 1950s.

T births had clearly defined columns forBaptismal date, given name(s), date of birth, parents’ names, sponsors and the priest’s signature. The years 1900 – 1904 were recorded in Latin and easy to read.

Marriages showed bride and groom, names of fathers, sponsors and priest.
Also in Latin, Addresses (at least the name of town) in some of the earlier years.

Note from Valerie

Title: Register transcripts, 1613-1860
Authors: Society of Friends. Mountmellick Monthly Meeting (Leix, Ireland)
Contains births, 1613-1860; marriages, 1650-1860; deaths/burials 1648-1860.
The Mountmellick registers are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd items on the film, but there are no title boards nor item numbers listed, and the registers are generally unlabeled.
Mountmellick Monthly Meeting was located in the civil parish of Ardea, county Leix. The city of Mountmellick was divided into two parishes: Ardea and Rosenallis.
Roman Catholic Parish Records:
Diocese Of Killaloe:
Baptisms: Jan 1st 1810-June 13th 1822,
Baptisms: June 17th 1822- July 31st 1832
Marriages: Feb 10th 1810- Aug 4th 1822
Marriages: April 30th 1823- Aug 4th 1832
National Library of Ireland Film No. Pos. 2479
LDS ref: BFA 0979696, Item 1

Baptisms: Aug 5th 1832- Dec 26th 1863
Baptisms: Jan 1st 1864- Dec 24th 1880
National Library of Ireland Film No. Pos. 2480
LDS ref: BFA 0979696, Item 1
Condition of film:
Number of pages:
Condition of Film:
Number of pages:

Marriages: Aug 14th 1832-Nov 27th 1842
Marriages: Jan 20th 1842- Nov 13th 1880
National Library of Ireland Film No. Pos. 2480

Diocese of Dublin:
Baptisms: Dec 7th 1779 – March 21st 1797
Baptisms: Sept 11th 1803-Aug 21st 1807
Baptisms: Aug 23rd 1807 – Nov 26th 1816
Baptisms Dec 10th 1821 – March 5th 1837
Baptisms: March 17th 1837 – Aug 14th 1853
Baptisms: Aug 21st 1853 – April 7th 1873
Baptisms: April 9th 1873 – Dec 31st 1880
National Library ref. Pos. 6479/80

Baptisms: 1753-1899:
Kildare HGS.

Marriages: Oct 18th 1779 – Nov 27th 1794
Marriages: Feb 21st 1787-June 11th 1796
Marriages: May 15th 1797 – July 19th 1830
Marriages: Apr 22nd 1826 – Dec 1st 1838
Marriages Jan 27th 1839 – Nov 26th 1863
Marriages Jan 25th 1864 – Oct 25th 1880
NLI Pos. 6479/80
KHGS: Marriages 1779-1899

Diocese of Ossory:
Durrow: Pos. 5013 (No mention made of Seitkyran as being a Laois parish in Grenham)
Grenham however, has this listed under Offaly. The names which appear are similar to those found in Laois films, it’s on a film which mostly has Durrow and Rathdowney.
The overall condition of the film is not too bad. Some placenames are legible.
First Parish on film:
St. Kyran (Seiykieran)
Baptisms: April 11th, 1830 – May 3rd 1857
Marriages: July 4th 1830-June 14th 1857.
Note: Baptisms 1830 – Writing not great but legible.

Second part of film:
Baptisms: June 19th 1857 – December 17th 1880
Marriages: July 9th 1857 – November 27th 1880
Note on film:
“This register is now used as a register of first communions and confirmations – these entries will be found after the Baptisms and marriages respectively. It also contains accounts of other events of Parochail importance”

The script in this section is nice and clear, childs name, sponsors , parents residence – Baptisms.
Marriages: – Nice script, faded though. Bride and Groom, sponsors and residencee in some instances. All in English.

Durrow Parish:
Baptisms: Jan 1st 1789 – March 30th 1792
Baptisms: Jan 2nd 1801 – Feb 28th 1805
(Also a modest transcript of those two sections)
Baptisms June 9th 1811 – Jan 27th 1820.

Marriages: July 29th 1811 – March 27th 1820

First page in terrible condition, ink faded, blotched, legible only in spots.
Jan 6th and 9th 1789 were partly legible – the rest of that year was almost faded completely. Other baptisms for that period were filled in from the transcript which was very clear and legible – written c. 1911
Note – very easy to confuse the letters P for B in this register. In places there are names which should be spelled with a B but which I was writing down initially with the P until I realised this and that it was the way the B was written at that time or by the person who kept the record. Flowery.

July 6th to 27th 1790, very difficult to read. I couldn’t manage it properly.

Durrow & Aughmacart:
Baptisms: May 19th 1822 – Feb 18th 1827
Marriages May 23rd 1822 – Sept 18th 1827
No note in Grenham of Aughmacart which is listed as an R.C. parish in Lewis, in Durrow district, but with a church in Cullohill.

Pages are nicely laid out, relatively quick to read through – 10-15 mins as opposed to 25 for other parish records. There are approximately 49 pages of records.

On the Baptismal records the mothers married name is given and not her maiden in many in the first few records at least

Durrow Parish:
Baptisms: May 26th 1832 – Feb 1st 1857
Marriages: July 17th 1832 – May 28th 1860.

No notes made on condition of register. About 20 mins to transcribe a page and there are approximately 264 pages.

March 1857 – 1880
Approximately 105 pages. 15 mins to transcribe one full page.

Marriages: June 9th 1861 – ?Nov 18th 1880.
First page lists groom name & surname where from, bride names and surname where from and witnesses – check!!

Pos. 4202 Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin
Ballydams Parish
Baptisms Feb 9th 1845 – June 14th 1874
Marriages: March 31st 1843 – April 25th 1874
(Modern transcript made in 1940)
Lovely neat script.
Baptisms: Child’s Name, Parents, place of Birth and sponsors names

Approximately 98 pages

Marriages: Hand writing not as neat, harder to read.
Date, parties involved, residence, impediment, sponsors
March 31st 1845 not 1843 as noted on title piece of paper.
Appriximately 39 pages

Ballyadams Parish:
Baptisms Jan 3rd 1820 – Feb 28th 1847
Marriages Jan 12th 1820 – November 24th 1853
Writing ‘squashed’, spidery, notebook small.

Approximately 69 pages.

Ballinakill Parish
Baptisms: April 1877 – Dec 20th 1880
Name, Surname, Parents, Placename, date, Witnesses. Some further notes re marriages etc.
Real register – headed columns. Writing ‘spidery’
Approximately 13 pages

Marriages May 22nd 1877 – nove 3rd 1880
Names, Where they were from date and Witnesses.
2 pages only.

Ballinakill, Ballyroan, Abbeyleix and Knocgordegur parishes
Marriages Nov 3rd 1820 – Nov 25th 1875
Baptisms: Dysert Galen Parish. Sept 29th 1872 – June 11th 1876
Approx 20 pages. Small notebook. ‘Squashed, spidery’ writing, difficult to read.

Ballenakill, Ballyroan, Abbeyleix, & Knocgorderger parishes.
Nov 4th 1820 – Sept 29th 1872
Terrible condition!!
Approx. 356 pages.

Ballynakill Parish
Baptisms Oct 14th 1794 – March 19th 1855
Jan 16th 1820 – May 26th 1820
Marriages Oct 27th 1794 – Feb 7th 1815
Jan 15th 1820 – July 78th 1820
Deaths Oct 30th 1794 – Feb 25th 1815
Unctions Oct 29th 1794 – Feb 28th 1807
The earlier register pages – from 1794 are all mixed up – deaths, unctions, marriages – Pages are small and further subdivided into two columns – marriages may be on one side of pae and then unctions or deaths on facing page. Bad condition – difficult to read, squashed spidery writing!!!

LDS Film # 883818

1. Carlisle, Cumberland England (St. Cuthbert), marriages, 1752-1862
2. Ryde, Hampshire England, marriages, 1719-1837
3. Shalden, Hampshire England, marriages, 1687-1836
4. Stabannan, Louth Ireland, marriages, 1698-1844
5. Drung, Cavan Ireland, marriages, 1751-1827
6. Doneraile, Cork Ireland, marriages, 1741-1880
7. Computer printout of Ecclesfield, Yorks. England
8. Rathkeale, Limerick Ireland, marriages, 1743-1845
9. Templemichael, Longford, Ireland, marriages, 1777-1819
10. Drogheda, Louth Ireland (Saint Peter), marriages, 1747-1772
11. Dundalk, Louth Ireland, marriages, 1750-1803
12. Donaghmore, Tyrone Ireland, marriages, 1741-1825
13. ?? (nothing listed here)
14. Kill St. Nicholas, Waterford Ireland, marriages, 1730-1861
15. Tallow, Waterford Ireland, marriages, 1776-1796
16. Mallow, Cork Ireland, marriages, 1776-1880
17. CastleIsland, Kerry Ireland, marriages, (Roman Catholic Church) 1822-1880
18. Currow, Kerry Ireland, marriages, (Roman Catholic Church), 1803-1880
19. Glen Flesk, Kerry Ireland, marriages, (Roman Catholic Church) 1831-1880
Anita in Philadelphia.

Clogher Diocese (R.C.)
Killeevan (Newbliss)
Baptisms: Jan 29th 1871-Dec 30th 1881

Marriages: Jan 29th 1871-Dec 30th 1881

All in Latin. Script is bad, books are in poor condition before filming.
Ink faded. Very difficult to read!
Bride and Grooms names; where they lived, their fathers names (in most
cases); the date, priests name; witnesses and where the witnesses lived.
P. 5577 National Library Dublin.

Each entry takes two pages, straight line across – about 18 pages of entries in all.

While the baptisms are supposed to have begun in 1871, I thought I saw a date of 1869

Clogher Diocese
Roslea Parish
Baptisms: Jan 6th 1862-Dec 26th 1880

Script is bad in the beginning and only a bit better later, ink is still ok, book was in bad condition before filming. Entries can be hard to read and some even more difficult because of repairs to book.
In Latin

First page:
MacKenna, Catherin, 5th Jan 1862.
Father: Patricius McKenna (or Mateus??)
Mother: Anna Fye
Sponsors: Patricius McKenna & Catherine McKenna
Jacob D????: Priest

Clearkin, Patricius, 6th Jan 1862
Father: Thomas Clearkin
Mother: Anna Murray
From: ?Grah????
Sponsors: Eugenius Clearkin, Rosa Mac ??Martin
Thomas Murphy: Priest

Eugenius Smyth, 7th Jan 1862
Father: ?Edward Smyth
Mother : Marguerite Smyth
From: Coordulage
Sponsors: Maria Smyth (one only)
Thomas Murphy: priest

?Quin, Teresa, 8th Jan 1862
Father: Hugo ?Quin
Mother: Catherine D????egan (might be Donegan)
From: ?? Mullinahinch
Sponsor: Anna Mac Coy
Thomas Murphy Priest

Jacobus King, 8th Jan 1862
Father: Jacobus King
Mother: Helena ?McEnany
Sponsors: Johannus McKenna
Maria Anna King

Bridgitta King, 9th Jan 1862
Father: Patricius Rooney
Bridgitta Biggan
From: Derry??ann
Sponsors: Michael Rooney
Maria Boyle

Patricius Murray, 12th Jan 1862
Father: Patricius Murray
Mother: Rosa McAloon
From: Gragharevin
Sponsors: Michael Murray
Bridgitta Murray

Anna McCaffrey, 16th Jan 1862
Father: Michael McCaffry
Mother: Anna Boyle
From: Annagolgra
Sponsors: Patricius McCaffry
Catherine ?Swift

Sara Anna Benson, 20th Jan 1862
Father: Gulielanus Benson
Mother: Marguerite ?Connolly
Sponsors: Jacobus McKenna
Maria ?Connolly

Rosa Quigly, 22nd Jan 1862
Father: Hugo Quigly
Mother: Maria Anna Martin
From: Derryh??
Sponsors: Patricius Carolan
Maria Carolan

Patricius Mullarky, Jan 21st 1862 (may be Killarky)
Father: Patricius Mullarky
Mother: Helena McGuinness
From: ?Bantoher
Sponsors: Johannes Martin
Elizabetha Mullarky

Patricius Short
Father: Giovanius Short
Mother: Elizabeth Smyth
From: D?????????
Sponsors: Johannus Smyth
Anna Smyth

Alicia McCormick, 28th Jan 1862
Father: Johannus McCormick
Mother: ?Elizabetha Brown
From: Derry???den
Sponsors: Jacobus Brennan
Helena Brennan

Edwardos Maguire, 31st Jan 1862
Father: Michael Maguire
Mother: Catherine ????
Sponsor: Bernardus ?Handy

Jacobus Doran, Jan 28th 1862
Father: Jacobus Doran
Mother: Elizabetha McMahon
Sponsor: Maria Smyth

Patricius Creighan, Feb 6th 1862
Father: Patricius Creighan
Mother: Helena Maguire
From: A??lee
Sponsors: Bernardus ?McElguin
Catherine ????

There are approximately 2000 entries in this register and the reading does not get easier!! Entries straight lines across on two pages. The above is an example of how many entries are found on any two pages.

Names found: (other names from the first pages on. Overall there is no really noticeable difference in the surnames from the early entries to the later ones – the name McAloon is spelled as McAloon in the early entries and seems to be McLoon in the later ones

Fole or Tole
Howley or Hewey
McClane or McClare