Research Help: Vicar’s Will Index Abstracts

In some instances I have taken references to variations on a name which would be missed if you just look for the surname and well known variations. Please refer back to the article on Wills if you do not understand what these indices are. Please do not ask me for any more information on any name here. I have none.

For placenames see the following – Ireland Townland database and Ireland on line Interactive maps. If the name is spelled as it was in 1851 or now then it will be found when you search. The townland atlas also allows for partial searches so that if you cannot find the place as spelled in this file then if you use only part of the word as here it may possibly be found using the IreAtlas.

Alice, Killnockane, Co. Waterford – Spinster. 1722
Mary, widow of Ralph Dore, Nuck Crack, Co. Cork. 1764
Ralph, Cork City, gent. 1789
Thomas, Lisnebrin, Co. Cork. 1740
William, Bantyre, Co. Cork. 1726
William, Belview, Co. Cork, gent. 1808

No Divine or Devine

Nicholas, Roestown, Co. Louth, farmer. 1768

Elizabeth, Dublin, spinster. 1758

William, friar in the Carmellite Convent of Kildare. 1791

No Gallivan, Galvin, Galvan, Gallivin.

Catherine, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. 1789

Alson, Dublin, widow. 1706
Gerald, Tramore. 1801

Gerald, Tromon, Co. Meath, gent. 1715

Christopher, Kilballyporter, Co. Meath, farmer (the contents established by decree)

Ann, North Ann Street, Dublin, widow. 1786
Charles, Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath, shopkeeper. 1803
David, Belfast, linendraper. 1772
Denis, Croom, Co. Limerick, farmer. 1777
Denis, Croom, Co. Limerick, esq. 1809
Elizabeth, Grafton St., Dublin, widow. 1807
Hannah, Dublin city, widow. 1804
Henry, River Lyons, King’s Co., esq. (Offaly) 1783
James, Newcastle, Co. Dublin, farmer. 1793
Jeremiah, Rainsford St. Dublin, grocer. 1784
John, Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath, gent. 1703
John, Ladestown, Co. Westmeath, esq. 1743
John, Dublin, silk mercer. 1798
John, Ladestown, Co. Westmeath, esq. 1804
Mark, Dublin, Merchant. 1756
Patrick, Old Graig, Co. Meath, farmer. 1764
Philip, Dublin, esq. 1782
Redmond, Kilkenny City. 1811
Samuel, Watling St., Dublin, tanner and skinner. 1803
Samuel, Canwick, Co. of the City of Lincoln, esq. 1806
Susanna, Dublin, widow. 1742
Thomas, Dublin, alderman. 1741
Thomas, Old Park, Co. Antrim. 1808

Daniel, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, gent. 1808
Elizabeth, Eden Hall, Co. Kilkenny, widow. 1800
James, Dublin, apothecary. 1800
John, Dublin, apothecary. 1788
Nicholas, Dublin city. 1810
Patrick, Kilrush, Co. Kildare, farmer
Timothy, Pill-lane, Dublin. 1803 (See Meagher)
Timothy, Nicholas St. Dublin. 1810

Chas., Thurles, Co. Tipperary. 1751
Dorothy, Dublin, widow. 1734
Edmond, Castletown, Queen’s Co. (Laois), farmer. 1802
Edmond, Thurles, Co. Tipp. 1811
Elizabeth, Dublin. 1757
Henry, Doran, Co. Tipperary, farmer. 1791
James, Kilkenny, innholder. 1753
Jas., Kill, Co. Kildare, farmer. 1760
John, Clonelne, Co. Tip., gent. 1684
John, Toomivara. 1758
John, Tullymacjames, Co. Tipperary, gent. 1761
John, Ballymorris, Co. Tipperary, esq. 1800
John, Castletown, Queen’s Co. gent. 1805
John, Castletown, Queen’s Co. (Laois), farmer 1807
Luke, Kilkenny city, gent. 1784
Michael, Cloneen, Co. Tipp. 1810
Nicholas, Golden Bridge, Co. Tipperary, shoemaker. 1729
Thomas, Kilkenny, merchant. 1715
Wm., Corville, Co. Tipperary, farmer. 1796

Alexander, D.D. dean of Killala. 1701
Alexander, Dublin, esq. 1771
Alexander, Mountmurray, Co. Westmeath, esq. 1771
Andrew, Fannet, Co. Donegal, esq. 1756
Andrew, Henry St., Dublin, gt. 1772
Ann, Dublin, spinster. 1771
Anne, Dublin, spinster. 1766
Archibold, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, merchant. 1799
Bridget alias Shore, Dublin, furrier. 1790
Bryan, Lishoy, Co. Westmeath, gent. 1788
Catherine, Richmond, Co. Dublin, spinster. 1789
Charles, Dublin, gent. 1744
Creagh, Stratford, Aungier St., Dublin, gent. 1781
David, Dublin, furrier. 1782
David, Gorey, Co. Wexford, shopkeeper. 1792
Edward, Wexford, esq. 1769
Emanuel, Kilkenny city, mchr. 1803
Florinda, widow. 1799
George, Dublin. 1761
George, Belfast. 1789
Geo., Mecklenburgh St., Dublin, gent. 1810
Isaac, Ballintra, Co. Donegal, gent. 1778
James, Killybegs, Co. Donegal. 1752
James, Brocka, Co. Wicklow, farmer. 1793
Jane, Camden St. shopkeeper. 1806
John, Ballyhogodan, Queen’s Co., clerk. (Co. Laois). 1699
John, Warringstown, Co. Down. 1767
John, Waterford, mercht. 1769
John, formerly surgeon to earl Rothes’ regt. 1769
John, Meath St., Dublin, hatter. 1788
John, Monaghan, esq. 1792
John. 1800
John, Grafton St., Dub., haberdasher. 1804
Marcella, Dublin, widow. 1770
Margt., Rainsford St., Dublin, widow. 1790
Michael, Ballymaconnolly, Co. Louth, smith and farrier. 1746
Nathaniel, Dublin, goldsmith. 1805
Patrick, Coolcor, Co. Meath, famer. 1751
Philip, Brayfoot stret, Dublin, clothier. 1758
Richard, Dublin, glover. 1780
Walter, Ravilly, Co. Catherlough, gent. (Co. Carlow) 1696
Walter, Rath, Queen’s Co. (Laois), farmer. 1792
Wm., Ravilly, Co. Catherlogh (Carlow). 1696
Wm., Thomas St., Dublin, innkeeper. 1765
William, Glenevy, Co. Antrim, linendraper. 1774
William, Feikanaughan, Co. Tyrone, esq. 1776
Wm., Lifford, Co. Donegal, esq. 1781
Wm., Drumilihue, Co. Down.

David, Douglas in the Isle of Man. 1703
John, par. Of St. Martin in the fields, Middlesex, gt. (copy). 1700
Thos., Braithwaite St., Dublin, widow. (sic.). 1761

Bryan, Dublin, gent. 1730
Jas., Newtowndally, Co. Dublin, farmer. 1786
John, Harbourstown, Co. Meath, gent. 1664
John, Dublin, woolendraper. 1761
John, Little Mary St., Dublin. 1790
Robert, Dublin, Coachmaker. 1776

Andrew, Dublin, gent. 1768
Andrew, Ballygalan, Co. Waterford, esq. 1800
Catherine, Mallow. 1751
Charles, Carn, Co. Mayo, esq. 1809
Christian alias Stackpole, Limerick, widow. 1769
David, Kilmichael, Co. Limerick, gent. 1669
Henrietta, Dublin, widow. 1774
James, Limerick. 1790
Jane, Limerick, spinster. 1793
John, Ballymacooley, Co. Cork. 1802
Lewellin, Cork, esq. 1794
Lewellin, South Liberties of Cork, esq. 1805
Mathew, capt. In Royal Irish Artillery. 1800
Michael, Dublin city, gent. 1804
Nicholas, Dublin, esq. 1746
Richd. Ardtagit, Co. Clare, gt. 1725
Richard, Limerick, esq. 1794
Thomas, Ballyscanlan, Co. Limerick, gent. 1780
Wm., Rev., Farrihy, Co. Cork, clk. 1770

Anne, Dublin, spinster. 1736
Arabella, Dublin, widow. 1743
Frederick, Strabane. 1795
James, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, merchant. 1781
John, Dublin, alderman. 1739
John, St. Martin in the fields, Middlesex. 1789
Mary Anne, Dublin, spinster. 1727
Mary, Dublin, widow. 1729
Mary, Redcross, Co. Wicklow, farmer. 1774
Richard, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, yeoman. 1654
Richard, Miltown, Co. Donegal, farmer. 1774
Robert, Dublin, gent. 1678
Robert, Dublin, gent. 1723
Robt., Farganstown, Co. Meath, gent. 1734
Simon, Carrinchagain, Co. Cavan, gent. 1746
Thomas, parish Ballintogher, King’s Co. (Offaly), late commander of the ‘Viper’ sloop of war. 1775
Thomas, Waterford, esq. 1782
William, Oldbridge, Co. Meath., gent. 1638
William, Liverpool, Lancashire, merchant. 1700
William, Birt, Co. Donegal, merchant. 1742
William, Dunnabore, Co. Armagh. 1778
William, Digges St., Dublin. 1790