Round Tower, Meelick, Co. Mayo

This page has gravestones but I did not stop to record stones, instead, I was driving home from Mayo and spotted a signpost which mentioned a Round Tower.

There are two ‘cemeteries’ across the road from one another and it was out of the modern cemetery that I met my first person of the surname Lyons that side of the Shannon. We chatted away she and I and she invited me to tea, but, I just wanted to take photos and get back on the road home, it was still a long drive I had in front of me.

Meelick, Mayo. My first Round Tower outside of the ones I am familiar with in Laois and Kilkenny. Also, a cemetery (I did not see sign of a Church remnant, though I am sure there has to be one here. Also, on the side of the Church was a surprise and once again, it is such a pity that I have not mastered the knack of photogrammetry.

The photographs here are not of stones as I said above, they do though show you some of the stones that are in Meelick – just examples.