Skirk 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Skirk in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Mary Anne Abbott Curraghmore Borris in Ossory
Andrew Bergin Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Daniel Bergin Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Edward Bergin Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
John Bergin Killadooley Ballybrophy
John Bergin Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
John Bergin Clonlahy // portion Moneenalassa
Martin Bergin Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
William Bergin Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Bridget Breen Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Patrick Breen Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Edward Brennan Castlequarter Moneenalassa
Denis Brophy Killadooley Ballybrophy
James Brophy Killasmeestia Moneenalassa
Patrick Byrne Ballymeelish Borris in Ossory
Michael Cahill Killadooley Ballybrophy
James Campion Killadooley Ballybrophy
Patrick Campion Erris or Skeirke Glebe Moneenalassa
James Carroll Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Timothy Coleman Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
Thomas M Collings Killasmeestia Moneenalassa
John Commins Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
William Condlon Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Ellen Connell Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Richard Connell Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
John Cummins Erris or Skeirke Glebe Moneenalassa
Denis Delaney Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
John Delaney Castlequarter Moneenalassa
Joseph Delaney Killadooley Ballybrophy
Michael Delaney Killadooley Ballybrophy
Michael Delaney Erris or Skeirke Glebe Moneenalassa
Patrick Delaney Castlequarter Moneenalassa
Thomas Delaney Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Mary Divan Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
John Downs Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Martin Dunne Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Malack Fitzpatrick Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Mary Fitzpatrick Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Catherine Fletcher Killadooley Ballybrophy
Patrick Fletcher Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
John Fogarty Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Denis Holohan Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
Mary Holohan Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Bridget Kavanagh Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
James Kavanagh Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Jeremiah Kavanagh Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
James Kelly Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Laurence T. Kelly Ballymeelish Borris in Ossory
Denis Kennedy Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
John Kennedy Killasmeestia Moneenalassa
Margaret Kennedy Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
Anne Keogh Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Judith Kilmartin Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
William Kilmartin Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Thomas Lowry Killasmeestia Moneenalassa
Ellen Maher Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
James Maher Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Richard McEvoy Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Richard McEvoy Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Mary McLean Killasmeestia Moneenalassa
Daniel Nolan Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
Michael Phelan Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Margaret Rourke Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Andrew Ryan Castlequarter Moneenalassa
Daniel Sweeney Garronmaconly Moneenalassa
Maria Treacey Ballyquade Glebe Moneenalassa
Michael Wall Killadooley Ballybrophy
Thomas Walsh Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa
John Whelan Ballymeelish Borris in Ossory
John Whelan Clonagooden Borris in Ossory
Richard Wilson Newtown Skeirke Moneenalassa

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