Song of the Volunteer’s of 1782

Hurrah! ’tis done – our freedom’s won –
Hurrah for the Volunteers!
No laws we own, but those alone
Of our Commons, King and Peers.
The chain is broke – the Saxon yoke
From off our neck is taken;
Ireland awoke – Dungannon spoke –
With fear was England shaken.

When Grattan rose, none dared oppose
The claim he made for freedom;
They knew our swords, to back his words,
Were ready did he need them.
They let us raise, to Grattan’s praise,
A proud and joyous anthem;
And wealth and grace, and length of days,
May God in mercy grant him!

Bless Harry Flood, who nobly stood
By us through gloomy years;
Bless Charlemont, the brave and good.
The Chief of the Volunteers!
The North began, the Northheld on
The strife for native land,
Till Ireland rose, and cowed her foes –
God bless the Northern land!

And bless the men of patriot pen –
Swift, Molyneaux and Lucas;
Bless sword and gun which “Free Trade” won;
Bles God! Who ne’er forsook us!
And long may last the friendship fast
Which binds us all together;
While we agree, our foes shall flee
Like clouds in stormy weather.

Remember still, through good and ill,
How vain were prayers and tears –
How vain were words, till flashed the swords
Of the Irish Volunteers.
By arms we’ve got tge rights we sought
Through long and wretched years:
Hurrah! ’tis done – our freedom’s won –
Hurrah for the Volunteers!

Air: Boyne Water.