The Colleen Bawn

Och! Patrick darlin’ would you lave me,
To sail across the big salt sea?
I never thought you’d thus decave me;
It’s not the truth you’re tellin’ me!
Though Dublin is a mighty big city,
It’s there I should be quite forlorn,
For, poor and friendless, who would pity –
Left lonely there – your Colleen Bawn?

You tell me that your friends are leaving
The dear green Isle, to cross the main,
But don’t you think they’ll soon be grieving
For dear ould Ireland once again?
Can they forget each far-famed river?
Each hill a thousand songs adorn?
Can you depart from them forever –
Could you forget your Colleen Bawn?

Sure, Patrick, me you’ve been beguiling,
It’s not my heart you mane to break,
Tho’ fortune may not now be smiling,
Your Colleen Bawn you’ll not forsake;
I’ll go with you across the sea dear,
If brighter days for us won’t dawn;
No matter where our home may be dear,
I still will be your Colleen Bawn.