The Sweet Girls of Derry by J. E. Carpenter

Och! The sweet girls of Derry
Are comely and merry,
They have lips like the cherry,
And teeth like the snow;
But ’tis not in nature
To dwell on each feature,
That every sweet creature
In Derry can show!
Och, hone! So pleasant and merry,
They’re quite captivating – the sweet girls of Derry.

What can I compare to
Their soft silken hair, too!
It wouldn’t be fair to
Thus rival the crow!
And Och! ‘neath its creeping,
What fair necks were peeping,
Besides – all in keeping,
A freckle or so.
Och hone! So charming and merry
They bother’d me quite, did the sweet girls of Derry.

To see their eyes glitter
It made my heart twitter,
But their frown – Och! it’s bitter
When clouded their brows!
Then their dear little noses
Seem made to smell posies,
And their breath – shames the rose’s,
‘Tis sweet as the cow’s!
Och hone! So comely and merry
They’re quite captivating – the sweet girls of Derry.

So sweet too each voice is,
Its music so choice is,
My heart still rejoices
To think of the strain.
And to show how they bind me,
I left them behind me,
But soon they shall find me
In Derry again.
Och hone! – so pleasant and merry,
I’d live till I die – for the sweet girls of Derry.