St. Michael’s Old, Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare, Page 1

The following St. Michael’s Old, Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Bernard Carolan Emily Square Athy Died 4/3/1935 Aged 54. His Daughter May Died 27/1/1927 Aged 7. His Wife Mary B Carolan Died 21/2/1962. William Battersby Died 26/3/1954

Thomas Merideth Ballycullane Died 2/6/1913. His Wife Rebecca Died 21/6/1922

James Armstrong
Beloved Husband Of
Mary E Meredith
Colbinstown Died 13/9/1948 . Elwood Armstrong Died 6/6/1958. Mary E Merideth Died 30/5/1981

Edward Condell Russellstown Died 14/7/1966 Aged 85. Lily Condell Died 6/11/1968 Aged 71

Erected By Margaret Hayes In Memory of Her Husband John Who Died 14th Oct 1…. Aged 53

Erected By Her Daughter Mary In Loving Memory Of Annie & William Fox. Annie Died 11th Dec 1949 Aged 87. William Died 11th Nov 1921 Aged 43.

Erected By Maria Alcock In Memory Of Her Dear Husband Died March 17th 1917 Aged 56 Y

Erected By Margaret Wilson In Memory Of Her Husband James Wilson Who Died 3rd August 1923 Aged 60 Years.

Erected By Alice Kielthy In Memory Of Her Husband James O Brien Died 5th July 20th Aged 40 Years. Also Mary Alice O Brien Died April 1918 Aged 4 Years

In Loving Memory Of Kathleen Connell Who Died On April 20th 1892 Aged 14 1/2 Years. Erected By Her Parents, Brothers & Sisters.

Erected By Mary McEvoy Rathsteward In Loving Memory Of Her Mother Who ………

James Grayham Who Departed The ….. Of November In The Year Of Our Lord 1701

…And Daughter Of Richard Pearson Of Athy Who Departed This Life In The 24 Year Of Her Age The 11th March 1716……17…

James Bradford Son Of Erasmus & Elizth Bradford Died 25th Of March 1765 Aged …. Years

Erected Here In Memory Of …….Studdert, Esqr Late Of Bar…… Queen’s County Who Departed This Life June 17th 1831 Aged 80 Years.

Her Lieth The Body Of John Richardson Who Departed This Life The … nth Day Of September 17…. In The 55th Yeare Of His Age. (Rest Illegible)

This Stone Is Erected In St. Michael’s Churchyard Athy By Col: Thomas Fitzgerald Of Geraldine In Memory Of Henry Philips Of Hampshire England Who Served Him Faithfully For Twenty Years And Who Departed This Life The 30th Of Decr. 1816 Aged 46 Years. Lord Have Mercy On His Soul.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Laughlin Lawler Depd. August Ye 12th 1729 Aged 63 Years. (Remainder Under Ground)

Here Lieth The Body Of Theobivs Pvrcel Son Of Tho. Pvrcel Of Clone Who Departed This Life Ye 19th Of October 1712 Aged 5 Years.

Henry Kinghill Toomey, Solictor, Died 7/6/1936. His Wife Maud Toomey Died 19/5/1941

Annie Elizabeth Jackson, Farmhill Athy, Wife Of Francis Robert, Died 30/8/1931 Aged 45 Also His Wife Harriet Mary Died 10/4/1949 Aged 68. Francis Robert Died 28/10/1949 Aged 71.

Florence Bartlett Jackson Wife Of W.B. Jackson, 58 Leinster St. Athy, Died 2/4/1946 Aged 59. The Above William Boyce Who Died 5/11/1959 Aged 86

Charles Henry St. John Duke St. Beloved Husband Of Charlotte Died 2/11/1947 Aged 73. Charlotte St. John Died 18/4/1951

Katherine Rochford 12 Plewman’s Tce. Died 6/6/1970 Aged 78 Also Her Husband Christopher Rochford Died 28/2/1951 Aged 60. Their Children Mary Died 28/11/1938 Aged 25 Cathleen And Christina Who Died Young

Mary Murphy Died 15/6/1955 Aged 70

James Browne Died 1962

Henry Foley Dooley’s Tce. Athy Died 17/9/1987 Aged 80. His Wife Kathleen (Kitty) Died 9/12/1994 Aged 80. Their Sons Paddy Foley Died 9/2/1959 Aged 23. Paul Foley Died 24/2/1975 Aged 21. Dom Foley 29/10/1984 Aged 33. Francis (Ya) Foley Died 13/6/1999 Aged 56. Their Daughter Mary Died 20/5/2006 Aged 68

William Mealley Athy Died 29/1/1898 Aged 78. His Daughter Annie Jolly Died 23/8/1917 Aged 47. Her Husband Thomas Jolly Died 7/4/1928 Aged 56. Mary Anne Doyle Wife Of JH Doyle William St. Athy Died 8/5/1932 Aged 73. JH Doyle Died 12/3/1942 Aged 82.

Charles Edward PrEston MRBA London, Late Of Morcombe Lancashire Died 26/10/1907 Aged37

Rev. Tom Wilfred Findlow Methodist Minister Died 30/3/1918 Aged 33

John Henderson Died 18/1/1899 Aged 59. His Wife Charlotte Died 21/1/1921 Aged 81. Their Son George Walton Died 26/1/1961 Aged 89. His Son George Frederick Died 3/8/ 1996 Aged 72.

Edward Carty, Burtown B. 14/5/1848 D. 29/12/1910. His Wife Eliza Ann Carty Died 27/7/1934. Their Son Thomas Carty, Levitstown, Died 22/2/1942. His Wife Elizabeth Carty Died 11/7/1942. Anne Pile Carty, Daughter Of Edward, Died 27/7/1953

Mary Esther Widow Of Rev. Thomas Greer Methodist MInister Died 30/11/1909

Rev. George D. Crozier M A t C D Of Seafield Co. DublIn Died 9/2/1902

Susan Rothwell C. Crown House Athy Widow Of Capt. A.J. Molison London Died 30/10/1914

Robert B St John Died Of Athy And Nenagh Who 29/6/1908 Aged 61 Years. Also His Beloved Wife Sarah Freeman Died 20/2/1890 Aged 42 Years. Also Robert (Robbie) Eldest Son Of FR Jackson Of Athy Died 1/11/1914 Aged 6 Years.

Ellen Constance Dearly Beloved Wife Of Thomas Plewman Woodstock Athy Who Fell Asleep 12/3/1908. The Above Thomas Plewman Died 23/9/1922. Also Frank 2nd Son Of FV Plewman Grandson Of Above Died 11/8/1928 Aged 15 Years. Also Frank Victor Plewman Died 25/8/1953

Erected By Laurence S Dunne J.P. In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Margaret French Dunne 4th Daughter Of Christopher French McDermot tullyglAss House Co. Roscommon Who Died on The 29/5/1908 at her residence Dollardstown House Athy Also The Above Laurence S Dunne J.P. Who Died 5/10/1908

Erected By Ellen Mary In Memory Of Her Beloved Sister Margaret French Dunne 4th Daughter Of Christopher French McDermot BallyglAss Co. Roscommon Who Died On The 29/5/1908 Also The Above Ellen Mary Who Died On The 8/4/1917

In Loving Memory Of Caroline C Minchin Who Died 19/10/1911 Also her Son Francis John Who Died 3/7/1912 Also His Wife Elizabeth Jane Minchin Who Died 12/11/1937

Patrick Bodley Of Emily Square Athy Who Died On The 1/10/1919 Aged 89 Also His Wife Margaret Lavinn Who Died On The 12/8/1929 Aged 89 Years

Maggie Mansfield Fondly loved Wife Of Robert Miley Duke Street Athy Who Died 8/6/1915 Aged 30

In Loving Memory Of WInifred O Neill Geraldine Died 11/5/1953 Also Her Grand Children James Patrick Rosanna And Kathleen O Connor 37 Dooleys Tce. Who Died Young Also Patrick O Neill (Interred In Geraldine)

In Loving Memory Of John PC Corcoran 5 Bleach Cottage Died 17/3/147 Also His Dear Mother Margaret Corcoran Died 9/1963

In Loving Memory Of Mary (Molly) Dempsey Nee Alcock Dooley’s Tce. Died 29/3/1953 Aged 29 Also her Sister Bridget (Betty) Woodhall Died 24/10/2003 Aged 78

In Loving Memory Of Frederick Patrick DarlIng Leinster St Athy Who Died Aged 47 Years Also His Son James Died 23/4/1991 Aged 51 Years Also His Wife Bridget (Nee Baldrey) Died 29/1/1993 Aged 80 Billy Died 26/2/2003 Aged 68 Years

In Loving Memory Of Mary Devereux St Joseph’s Athy Who Died 28/12/1964 Aged 39 Years Also Her Loving Husband Michael Who Died 3/3/2009 Aged 82 Years

In Loving Memory Of Richard (Lang) Alcock Died 26/12/1969 Aged 71 And His Wife Annie Who Died 25/12/1953 Aged 52 Also His Son Dick Who Died 17/8/1985 Aged 67 Also Their Daughter Alice Fennell Who Died 25/1/1996 Aged 69 Paddy Alcock Who Died 3/1/2001 His Daughter Liz Who Died 13/8/2001

In Loving Memory Of Denis Redmond Kilmeade Who Died 1/6/1954 Aged 72 Years His Daughter Catherine Died 26/4/1970 Aged 64 Years Also His Beloved Wife Mary Redmond Who Died 3/5/1975 Aged 87 Also His Son Patrick Who Died 17/9/1985 Aged 64 Years

In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Parents Michael Robinson 17 Dooley’s Terrace Died 2/4/1963 Aged 54 Years Also His Wife Rose Who Died 5/3/1978 Aged 72 Years

In Loving Memory Of John Kelly Ardreigh Athy Who Died 3/9/1953 Aged 74 Years His Wife Catherine Who Died 2/1/1981 Aged 80 His Sons John Who Died 13/2/1966 Aged 45 Owen Died 12/12/1978 Also Their Daughter Elizabeth Who Died 30/12/1989 Aged 75 Years

In Loving Memory Of Sarah Fox Blackpark Athy Who Died 22/4/1953 Aged 33 Years

Erected To The Memory Of Bridget Mc Donald Athy Who Died 24/10/1927 Aged 74 Years Also Her Husband William McDonald Who Died 23/7/1915 Aged 68 Years Also Eliza Gibney Who Died 9/7/1924 Aged 67 Years

In Loving Memory Of Patrick Doyle Who Died 20/2/1953 Aged 55 Years Erected By His Loving Wife And Son

In Loving Memory Of James Cunningham Pairc Bride Died 3/7/1953 Aged 44 Years His Wife WInifred Who Died 2/6/1972 Aged 63 Years Also Their Son John Who Died 28/10/2000

In Loving Memory Of Mary Ann Murphy Grangemellon Who Died 26/11/1951 Aged 71 Also Her Husband Patrick Who Died 5/11/1957 Aged 85

In Loving Memory Of Ellen Flynn Cloney Athy Who Died 16/5/1989 Aged 88 Years Also Her Husband William Who Died 2/5/1990 Aged 89 Years

In Loving Memory Of ChristIne Walsh Woodstock St Who Died 24/9/1967 Aged 67 Also Her Grandson Michael Who Died 27/8/1952 Aged 3 Months Also Her Husband Christopher Who Died 15/12/1970 Aged 83 Years Her Granddaughter DInah Who Died 8/12/1992 Aged 47 Years

Erected By John Dowling Reevesmount In Loving Memory Of His Wife Mary Who Died 7/2/1954 R.I.P. Also The Above John Dowling Who Died 27/2/1958 Also Patrick Dowling Died 22/7/1958 Aged 17 Years

Blank Iron Cross

In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Mother Kate Nolan Died 23/7/1959 Late Of The Bleach Also Her Daughter Sarah Who Died 5/1/2002

James Cunningham Ballyroe Leinster Lodge Who Died 21/5/1955 Aged 63 Years Also His Wife Helen Aged 63

Mary Nolan (Nee Dowling) Who Died 17/12/1964

Erected By Her Brothers And Sisters In Loving Memory Of Elizabeth Keys Died 2/3/1980 Aged 47

In Loving Memory Of Rachel Birney 7 Upper St. Josephs Tce. Died 26/6/1962 Aged 34 Also Her Husband Michael Died 20/10/1996 Aged 80 Years

In Loving Memory Of Margaret Fennell 28 Dooley’s Tce. Died 2/1/1960 Aged 37 Years Also Her Son Anthony (Tony) McCormac Who Died 2/3/1994 Aged 45 Years

John And Margaret Allen Who Died 1/1/2000 And 19/4/1989 From Their Loving Daughter Mary

In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Parents Peter & Margaret Webb late Of Convent View Athy

In Loving Memory Of Thomas Doyle Butlers Row Who Died 30/9/1962 Aged 5 In An Accident Also His Mother Sarah Doyle Who Died 20/1/1995 Aged 75 Also His Father James Doyle Who Died 20/6/1995 Aged 73 Also His Brother James Doyle Who Died 12/2/2001 Aged 52

In Loving Memory Of Our Daughter Margaret Byrne 22 Upper St. Josephs Who Died 4/9/1958 Aged 4

Erected By John Philips In Loving Memory Of His Wife Jane Who Died 26/3/1951 Also His Son Frank Who Died 26/5/1944 Molly Fingleton 5/2/1957 Aged 36 Jean Donohue 24/12/1959 Aged37 John Philips 15/2/1960 Aged 72 Eileen Fingleton 19/9/1971 Aged 46 June Fingleton 23/11/1972 Aged 47 Thomas Donohue 19/1/1976 Aged 65 Kevin Fingleton 30/11/1979 Aged 58 John Fingleton 25/12/1999


Molly Walsh 8 Geraldine Road Who Died 5/4/1975 Aged 65 Also Her Husband Edward Who Died 11/7/1980 Aged 80

Erected By Annie Mahon In Memory Of Her Sister Mary Mahon Who Died 15/6/1937 Also The Above Who Died 24/12/1946 Aged 77

Catherine O Rourke Geraldine Road Athy Who Died 29/4/1955 Aged 57 Also Her Husband Hugh Francis Who Died 12/5/1955 Their Son Patrick 29/4/1972 Aged 44 Their Grandchild Who Died Young Also Mary O Rourke Wife Of Patrick Who Died 30/4/2000 Aged 67

Jeremiah Quinn Ardreigh Who Died 28/6/1959 Aged 35 His Wife Josephine Who Died 8/12/1982 Aged 65

Erected By Mary Delahunt In Memory Of Her Sister Rose Delahunt Who Died 12/6/1968 Her Mother Mary Delahunt Who Died 29/3/1940 Her Father William Delahunt Who Died 23/7/1944 Her Brother Patrick (Patsy) Who Died Young The Above Mary Who Died 17/5/1974

In Loving Memory Of Our Parents Catherine Sweeny Who Died 4/6/1926 Michael Sweeny Who Died 16/9/1943 Our Aunt Mary Brien Plewman’s Terrace 2/2/1958 Josephine Sweeny 17/2/1994 Her Sister Angela Mary Sweeny Who Died 12/3/2003

In Loving Memory Of Julia Bergin Offaly Street Athy Who Died 22/8/1948 Thomas Bergin Who Died 25/4/1949 His Wife Catherine Who Died 14/8/2001

Erected By WInifred Ryan In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Ryan Who Died 8/2/1947 The Above 31/1/1955 Aged 72 Their Son Patrick (Patsy) Ryan Who Died 22/1/1961 Aged 50 Christina Ryan Who Died 1/10/1998

In Loving Memory Of John Ellard Who Died 12/4/1961

Esther Murphy 16 Convent View Who Died 5/6/1974 Aged 58 Also Her Husband Andrew Who Died 23/6/1974 Aged 68

Erected By John Dempsey In Memory Of His Wife Katie Dempsey Who Died 21/1/1947 His Brother In Law John Murphy Who Died 19/12/1949 Aged 76 The Above John Dempsey Who Died 23/11/1952 Aged 72 And His Sister Christina Murphy Who Died 24/2/1956 Aged 80

James Murphy Who Died 27/9/1959 Aged 67 108 Church Rd. DublIn also His Wife Bridget Murphy Who Died 26/1/1962 Aged 62
Richard Dunne Rathsteward Who Died 15/3/1959 Also His Sister Catherine Dunne Who Died 16/1/1970

Annie Lawlor 12 Geraldine Road Athy Who Died 8/4/1958 Also Her Husband Edward Lawlor Who Died 12/4/1965 And Their Son Edward Who Died 22/2/1988

Mary (Alice) Robinson Who Died 11/8/1958 Aged 3 Her Cousin FrancAs Cassells Who Died Jan. 1959 Aged 3 Months Michael (Robbie) Robinson 87 Clonmullion Who Died 27/10/1996 Aged 76 Nora Kelly 1920 – 2006

James Doyle Late Of Moreen Who Died 20/3/1958 Aged 55

John Tyrell 8 Minches Terrace Who Died 8/10/1965 Aged 76. His Sons Michael & James And Daughter Mary Anne . His Wife Kathleen Who Died 21/2/1977 Aged 85

Mary Hughes Bennetsbridge Who Died 13/3/1957 Aged 62 Her Husband Michael Hughes Who Died 26/6/1959 Aged 62 Also Her Son In Law John Hyde 23/5/1974 Aged 57

Patrick Day Who Died 11/2/1958 Aged 58 His Wife Mary Who Died 14/10/1964 Aged 68 Their Daughter Lizzie Green Who Died 16/7/1996

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Mother Julia Ryan James Place Athy Who Died 29/4/1955 Aged 87 Years My Dear Wife Theresa Ryan Who Died 4/2/1968 Aged 89 Years Also Her Son James Ryan Who Died 2/1/1983 Aged 79 Years

In Loving Memory Of James Maher 19 Geraldine Road Athy Who Died 4/6/1966 Also His Wife Mary Maher Who Died 7/4/1989

In Loving Memory Of John Ryan Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 20/12/1964 Aged 50 Years Also His Wife Margaret Who Died 20/5/1999 Aged 86 Years

Paddy Rowan 11 Convent View Who Died 19/6/1985 Also His Wife Mary Bridget Rowan Who Died 20/5/ 1986

In Loving Memory Of Edward Brennan Who Died 4/5/1960 Also His Wife Elizabeth Who Died 1/2/1976

Erected By Martin Hayden In Memory Of His Dearly Beloved Brother Patrick Hayden Who Died 25/1/1954 Aged 64 Also Martin Hayden Who Died 11/1/1972 Aged 86 Years

Mary Theresa Condon Died April 25 1919

James O Neill St. Joseph’s Tce. Who Died 28/3/1948 Aged 84 Also His Wife Mary Who Died 14/10/1938 Aged 77 Their Daughters Margaret Who Died 24/5/1924 Annie Died 3/4/1918 Their Son James Died Sept 1939 And Their Grandson Desmond Who Died 7/2/1968 Aged 17 Also Joe O Neill Father Of Des Who Died 8/1/1989. His Wife May O Neill Who Died 8/11/2011 Aged 87 Years.

M. Byrne Leinster Regiment Died 21/11/1918 Aged 27. In Loving Memory Of Michael Walsh Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 3/8/1937 Aged19.

Erected By Christopher Flynn (Vickerstown) In Loving Memory Of His Wife Jane Who Died 27/12/1959 Aged 83 Christopher Flynn Who Died 3/6/1975 Aged 90

Erected By Thomas And Hannah Breen Offaly Street In Memory Of His Son John (Jack) Who Died 17/5/1948 Aged 22 Thomas And Michael Who Died Young Grandson Matthew Who Died 26/7/1948 Son Peter Who Died 13/4/1951 Aged 28 Thomas Breen Who Died 4/1/1965 Aged 79 Hannah Breen Who Died 26/9/1921 Aged 84 Thomas Kevin Breen 26/4/1971 Aged 56

Jack Keating Ballyroe His Wife Mary His Son Paddy Who Died 3/12/2002

James Byrne Who Died 11/8/1922 Aged 78 His Wife Bridget Died 8/11/1927 Aged 71 His Son Tommy Mount Hawkins Died 15/1/1969 Aged 83

Ethel Keough 36 Pairc Bride Died 20/4/1977 Aged 62 Her Son Denis Died 15/7/1952 Aged 8 Her Mother Mary Byrne

Lance Coporal J. Lawler Royal DublIn Fusiliers Who Died 3/10/1918

Patrick Fanning Who Died 28/12/1964

Annie McHugh Offaly Street Who Died 14/9/1938 Aged 26. John McHugh 9/5/1940 Aged 30

Erected By John Maher In Memory Of His Wife Bridget Who Died 19/4/1943 Aged 58 The Above Died 17/6/1955 Aged 69

Edward Colmey Died 11/6/80. His Parents Who Died August 1929

Bridget McCormack 28 Dooley’s Terrace And Her son Joe McCormac And Her Son John McCormack Who Died 21/12/2006

Joseph Kane 24 Woodstock Street Who Died 17/2/48 His Wife Bridget Kane Who Died 15/2/25 His Daughter Catherine Kane Who Died November 1950

Mary Tyrell Who Died 4/2/1923 Aged 26 Years. Her Husband Michael Tyrell Who Died 4/1/1951 Aged 61 Years. Michael Tyrell Died 15/10/1921 Aged 66 Years. Bridget Tyrell Died 3/9/1945 Aged 30 Years

Annie Tyrell 2 Minches Terrace Who Died 12/11/1980 Aged 86

James Maher Who Died 26/6/1937 Aged 49.Her Son Jim Maher Who Died 28/10/1973 Aged 47. Ellen Maher Who Died 9/5/1989. Pat Maher Who Died In Canada 9/5/1992 Aged 52. Maher Maher Who Died 23/10/1997 Aged 67

Erected By Kate Mulhall In Memory Of Her Parents Edward Who Died 2/1/1927 Aged 67 And Mary Who Died 3/3/1929 Aged 71

Erected By Michael Byrne In Memory Of His Wife Bridget Who Died 18/2/1921 Aged 56. His Grandson George Robinson Who Died 23/6/1922 Aged 2

Erected By Julia Ann Barrett In Memory Of Her Husband Vincent Joseph Barrett Who Died 6/2/1921 Aged 36

Julia Brinkley Who Died 11/5/1932

Erected By Kate McLoughlIn In Memory Of Her Husband James Who Died 18/9/1919 Aged 69

John Patrick Glespin Duke Street Athy Who Died 10/10/1923 Aged 48. His Wife Agnes Sarah Who Died 21/10/1955 Aged 63. His Daughter Julia Who Died 6/1933. His Son Stephen Merchant Navy Died At Sea June 1942. Thomas Glesphin Who Died 6/12/1981 Aged 79

Patrick Carr The Quarry Who Died 24/6/1945 Aged 49. His Parents Thomas Carr And Mary Carr. His Brother John Carr. His Son Michael Who Died Young. His Son Brendan Who Died 7/1984 Aged 39. Mariane Carr Nee Healy Wife Of Patrick Who Died 11/6/1998 Aged 90

Charles And Bridget Houlihan Bert. Their Daughter Rose. Their Parents William & Rose Murphy And Their Grandson Patrick Tierney.

Edward Lawler 1 Dooley’s Tce. Athy Who Died 13/8/1916. His Wife Mary Who Died 24/3/40

Erected By John Maher In Memory Of His Daughter Eileen Who Died 27/9/37 Aged 16. His Wife Sarah Who Died 9/91949 Aged 60

Thomas Stafford Who Died 18/2/1925 Aged 65. Julia Who Died 19/6/1928 Aged 60. 2 Brothers Edward & Thomas Killed In action In France

John Rowan 57 Pairc Bride Athy Who Died 23/7/197I In A Road traffic Accident Aged 14. His Grandmother Bridie Rowan Who Died 8/2/1925. His Father Seamus Who Died 14/9/1997 Aged 72

Erected By Laurence Curtis Fortbarrington. His Wife Mary Curtis Who Died 11/11/1910. Laurence Curtis Who Died 8/5/1938. His Second Wife Anne Who Died 16/2/1971

John Mahon Geraldine Road Athy Who Died 18/11/1921 Aged 47. His Wife Anastasia Who Died 10/12/1960 Aged 82. Their Children Ann Who Died 7/8/1919 Aged 3 John Who Died 28/7/1935 Aged 23

Michael McLoughlIn Bray Who Died 20/1/1977Aged 67. His Wife Anastasia Who Died 12/1/1988 Aged 72

Christopher Wright Bray Who Died 3/8 1948 Aged 70. His Wife Mary Who Died 28/11 1960 Aged 86

Patrick Guilfoyle Who Died 6/1/1949 Aged 62. His Wife Nora Guilfoyle Who Died 3/11/1945 Aged 54. His Son Patrick Who Died 1/4/1928 Aged 1.

Erected By Thomas Stafford In Memory Of His Mother Margaret Shaughnessy 4 The Bleach Athy Who Died 16/11/1950 Aged 66

Jerry Quinn Who Died 28/2/1932. His Son Jerry Quinn Who Died 26/11/1965 Aged 77. His Wife Ellen Who Died 22/5/1966 Aged 65. Their Daughter Margaret King Who Died 23/9/1995 Aged 71 And Her Christy King Who Died 7/11/1999 Aged 75

Erected By Thomas Moran For His Wife Elizabeth Who Died 27/9/1930 Aged 33. His Children Interred In Ardreigh Mona, Mary, Bridget And James Who Died Young. Her Father Thomas O Rourke Who Died 5/11/1930 Aged 71. The Above Thomas Who Died 19/2/1973. His Sons Thomas Who Died 22/3/1988 Aged 72. Michael Who Died 27/1/1996 Aged 60 And His Wife Who Died 20/12/1998 Aged 88.

Christina Lamon Who Died 27/3/1962 Aged 57 . Elizabeth Lamon Who Died 5/9/1953. Her Husband Christopher Who Died 18/4/1974 Aged 72 . Her Son John Who Died 4/9/1985 Aged 60

Annie Dalton Chanterlands Who Died 19/9/1939 Aged 48.Her Daughter Eileen Who Died 29/9/1940 Aged 12. Her Husband Jack Who Died 25/5/1979 Aged 91

Thomas Byrne Meeting Lane Who Died 15/7/1931 Aged 65. His Wife Annie Who Died 6/8/1941 Aged 65 Late Of Grangemellon. Their Son Thomas Who Died 4/4/1982 Aged 72

Catherine Murphy In Memory Of Her Husband Who Died 5/10/1926 Aged 61

Rose Aldridge Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 11/3/1941 Aged 48. Her Son George Who Died 7/8/1990. Her Sister In Law Babs (Ellen) Aldridge Who Died 10/5/1959 Aged 60

Mary Ellen Byrne Who Died 21/12/1931 Aged 36. Her Children Mary Byrne & Patrick Byrne Who Died Young. Her Husband Patrick Who Died 6/12/1982 Aged 94

Jane Newman Tomard Who Died 15/2/1927. Her Husband Joseph Newman Who Died 25/3/1966. Their Son James Who Died 19/6/1990. Their Daughter Katie Who Died 8/7/2005 Aged 97

Joseph kenny Fortbarrington In Memory Of His Wife Josephine Kenny Who Died 30/ 5/ 1960. His Mother Margaret, His Brother John, Sister Peggy. His Father John Who Died 26/5/1965. The Above Joseph Kenny Who Died 26/1/1970. Baby Joseph Donnelly Who Died 5/11/1962 Aged 5 Days. Annie Kenny Who Died 13/5/1984 Aged 80

Thomas FlemIng Meeting Street Athy Who Died 1/3/1962. His Wife Christina Who Died 18/2/1948 Aged 63.Their Son Patrick Who Died 18/2/1948 Aged 9. His Daughter In Law Kathleen FlemIng Who Died 23/8/1954 Aged 39. His Daughter Julianne Who Died 5/9/1997 Aged 75. Grandson Paddy FlemIng 24 St. Joseph’s & DublIn Who Died 26/9/2005 Aged 71

Julianne FlemIng 12 Meeting Lane Who Died 5/9/1997 Aged 75

Mary & Patrick Daly Who Died In early 1930

Erected By Mary Jane Darcy Who Died 1/9/1946 Aged 77 In Loving Memory Of Her Husband David Darcy Who Died 1/7/1928 Aged 62

Michael Caralan Levitstown Who Died 25/3/1937. His Wife Jane Who Died 2/11/1965. Their Daughter Martha Who Died 12/5/1932. Their Son Christopher Who Died 24/5/1969. His Wife Anne Who Died 29/11/1996 Also Jean Carolan Daughter Of Michael 7 Jane. His Son James Carolan Who Died 29/5/1998

Bridget Rochford Who Died 5/6/1932 Aged 48. Her Husband Edward Who Died 27/10/1936. Their Daughter Teresa Who Died Young. Their Daughter Mary Collison Who Died 26/12/1978

Margaret Day Who Died 10/1/1971

Peter Jackson Urminster Essex Who Died 12/11/1973. His Aunt Mary Byrne Who Died 6/9/1971

Erected By Thomas Duff Conoboro In Memory Of His Father Thomas Duff Who Died 6/1943. His Mother Bridget Duff Interred In Rathvilly. His Children Who Died Young

Elizabeth Mulhall Black Parks Who Died 13/10/1935 Aged 62. Grandchild Who Died Young. Daughter Mary Who Died 17/11/1973 Aged 81. William Mulhall Who Died 17/1/80

Henry Joseph Batchelor 2 Woodstock St. Who Died 10/3/2000 Aged 76. His Infant Brother William Who Died October 1931

James Langton Who Died 10/8/1932 Aged 14. Elizabeth Langton Who Died 25/11/1933 Aged 16. Michael Langton Who Died 17/10/1945. Mary Langton Who Died 8/6/1946

John Bracken Who Died 21/9/1935 Aged 18. Margaret Bracken Who Died 28/3/1952 Aged 32. Their Mother Maria Bracken Who Died 11/9/1963 Aged 72. Thomas Bracken Husband Of Maria Who Died 20/9/1984 Aged 97. Their Son William Bracken Who Died 24/8/1994 Aged 71

Mary O Mara 17 Geraldine Road Who Died 26/7/1932 Aged 31. Her Husband James 10/9/1962 Aged 62. Their Son Michael 18/10/2001 Aged 70. Michael’s Wife Bridget Who Died 1/6/2006 Aged 69. Their Son Francis 14/10/1963 Aged 4

Erected By James O Mara In Memory Of Wife Mary Who Died 26/7/1932 Aged 32. Their Son Hugh Francis O Mara Who Died 1963 Aged 4

Kathleen Kelly Who Died 4/7/1917 Aged 14. May Kelly Who Died 2/12/1929 Aged 23. Agnes Kelly Who Died 25/10/1931 Aged 19. Sarah Anne Kelly Who Died 29/8/1948 Aged 75 And Her Husband Patrick Kelly Who Died 22/12/1950 Aged 79

Michael Eaton Who Died 28/8/1925. His Son Christford Who Died 18/7/1925 ——— Kate Eaton Meeting Lane Who Died 9/1/1962 Aged 89

Thomas Kelly 9 Dooley’s Tce. Who Died 23/3/1956 Aged 73. His Wife Annie Who Died 30/1/1973 Aged 75. Their Daughter Kathy O Halloran Who Died 17/11/1969 Aged 56. Baby Graham Kelly And Two Little Sisters Of 1141 Kilberry DY.

Mina Lawler Who Died 4/4/1954. Her Husband John Who Died 5/1/1955. His Mother Lucy Who Died 1939. John & Mina’s Daughters Pauline D.Y. Florrie Who Died 28/12/1964. Their Son John A (Jack) Who Died 22/3/1990. Their Daughter Jo Who Died 9/12/2006 Late Of St. Martin’s Tce.

Christopher Dunne 15 Dooley’s Tce. Who Died 18/2/1973 Aged 66. His Wife Jane Who Died 31/5/1992 Aged 81. Paul Dunne Who Died 3/1/2005 Aged 53

Erected By Sarah Harris In Memory Of Her Husband William Who Died 13/6/1931 Aged 42. Her Daughter Nellie Who Died 31/5/1928

Thomas & Mary Davis

William Doran 10 Dooley’s Tce. Who Died 16/8/1977 Aged 75. His Wife Mary Bridget Who Died 16/10/1978 Aged 74. Their Daughter Kathleen Who Died 4/2/1991 Aged 51 And Other Members Of The Doran Family

Erected By Elizabeth Maher Woodstock Street In Memory Of John Maher Who Died 19/1/1930 Aged 50. Her Father Edward Maher Who Died 4/4/1937 Aged 80. Her Mother Ellen Maher Who Died 20/12/1939 Aged 81. Her Brother Patrick Who Died 26/4/1941 Aged 48. Her Brother Edward Who Died 6/11/1945 Aged 55. Her Sister Mary D.Y.

Mary Kate Ryan

Erected By William Carter In Memory Of His Wife Mary Who Died 4/7/1935 Aged 59

Erected By Stephan Shortal In Memory Of His Wife Mary Who Died 18/6/1928 Aged 21. His Son Michael Who Died 28/7/1928 Aged 2 Months

Mary McArdle 9 William St. Who Died 1926 And Their Children Veronica Who Died Young, Shiela Who Died 1934, John Who Died 1995

William McHugh Who Died 1/11/1926. Margaret McHugh Who Died 29/3/1925

Erected By Patrick Dooley In Memory Of His Wife Mary Who Died 17/2/1939 Aged 73

Michael Francis Carroll Late Of Boston Lincs. Who Died 12/9/2001. Erected By His Wife Margaret Cleary Carroll

Patrick Hoare Nelson St. Who Died 28/9/1922 Aged 47. His Wife Katie Who Died 22/11/1958 Aged 82. Their Son Michael Who Died 11/4/1988 Aged 71 And His Wife Jane (Ciss) Who Died 17/7/1979 Aged 72 Interred In Carlow.

Peter Germaine Who Died 29/10/1976 Aged 84

Kieran Bergin Son Of Joseph & Margaret Greenhills Who Died 3/10/1939 & Baby Sisters Statia & Julia

James Dargen Offaly St. Who Died 9/8/1952 Aged 76. His Daughter May Who Died 31/3/1922. His Sister Nellie Who Died 5/7/1942. His Daughter Kathleen Who Died 6/1/1959. His Wife Sarah 6/9/1959 Aged 77. Their Son James Dargan Who Died 31/8/1987

Erected By Bridget McAllen In Loving Memory Of Her Loving Husband Michael Who Died 17/1/1937 Aged 72

Erected By Kitty Mara In Loving Memory Of Her Mother Annie Mara Who Died 18th May 1930 Aged 48

Thomas O Mara Who Died 20/4/1963. Annie (Nee Du Pràt) Who Died 13/5/1981. Aileen Daughter Of Thomas And Annie Who Died 9/4/2004

Erected By Thomas O Mara In Memory Of His Father Michael Who Died 10/2/1922 Aged 83

Erected By Kate Kavanagh In Memory Of William Kavanagh Who Died 12/10/1932 Aged 65

William Jenkenson Who Died 1953 Also Elizabeth Jenkenson Who Died 1924

Mary Brennan Nee Dunne Coursetown Who Died 25/10/1938 Aged 28. Her Grandson Michael Dunne 61 Pairc Bride Who Died 21/1/1967 Aged 4 Months, Son Of Betty & Sean

Erected By Joseph Coulard In Memory Of His Wife Esther Who Died 28/9/1940 Aged 29. His Mother Jane Who Died 27/3/1943 Aged 65

Christopher Dunne 20 Lr. St. Joseph’s Tce. Who Died 27/10/1948 Aged 67. His Wife Bridget Nee Doyle Who Died 2/2/1964 Aged 79. His Son Paddy Dunne Who Died Who Died 25/3/1978 Aged 66. His Wife Mary Dunne Nee Quinn Who Died 22/10/1958 Aged 33. Their Son Jim Who Died 4/1/1954. His Wife Sadie Nee Whelan Who Died 3/11/1965 Aged 45

Erected By Bridget McDonald 4 Convent View In Loving Memory Her Husband Thomas Who Died 9/6/1945. Her Daughter May McDonald Who Died 28/7/1959 Aged 20

Elizabeth Dunne 2 Bleach Cottage Who Died In 1915

Patrick Kavanagh Who Died 17/10/1946 Aged 79. His Wife Bridget Who Died 16/3/1957

Bridget Aldridge Who Died 10/5/1943. Thomas Aldridge Who Died 18/10/1943

John Murphy Who Died 19/11/1942 Aged 66. Wife WInifred Who Died 24/5/1943 Aged 62

Erected By James Conlon In Memory Of His Wife Margaret Conlon Who Died 23/3/1942. Her Sister Elizabeth Purcell Who Died 11/2/1945

Mary Moore Who Died 25/4/1977 Aged 81. Her Brothers Patrick & James Who Died 23/1/1955 And 12/10/1949. Her Parents Christopher & Kate Ross Who Died 22/1/1945 And 20/10/1938. Patrick Moore Who Died 25/9/1903 Aged 72

James Moran Who Died 25/4/1929 Aged 37. His Son James Who Died 23/9/1973 Aged 57. His Wife Mary Moran Who Died 26/5/1976 Aged 88

George Lamon Who Died 17/7/1951 Aged 73. His Wife Margaret Lamon Who Died 23/4/1929 Aged 21. Mary Lamon Who Died 16/3/1976 Aged 86.

Erected By Bridget Dooley In Memory Of Her Husband Laurence Who Died 11/5/1915. Her Daughter Mary Who Died 7/6/1950 . The Above Who Died 31/1/1951 Aged 83

Patrick O Connell Who Died 20/2/1947. His Wife Eileen Who Died 25/12/1956. Nora Fewkes Who Died 22/6/71. Mai O Connell Who Died 21/2/1972. Albert Fewkes Who Died 16/2/1982.

John Keogh Conoboro. Baby Daughter Joan. His Parents Michael & Julia. Brothers Michael & Patrick

Erected By Laurence Maher In Memory Of His Wife Mary Who Died 26/6/1952. The Above 28/7/1970.

George Wynne Who Died 11/2/1953 Aged 61

William Ramsbottom Who Died 26/12/1963

Mary Robinson Russellstown Who Died 23/9/1946 Aged 86. Her Sons John Robinson 3/9/1975 Aged 92 And George Robinson 5/4/1976 Aged 90. His Wife Mary Robinson Who Died 9/12/1984 Aged 100. Their Son Christopher Who Died 20/4/2003 Aged 76

James Patrick Clandillon Who Died 16/1/1956. His Son John Francis 9/9/1946. His Wife Mary Bridget 25/4/1978 Aged 73

Erected By Joseph Maher Dunbrin In Memory Of His Mother Kate Maher Who Died 13/7/1946 Aged 84. His Wife Bridget Who Died 6/12/1969 Aged 64. The Above Joseph Who Died 13/7/2002 Aged 98. Also His Son James (Jimmer) Maher Who Died 23/8/2012 Aged 72 Years.

Edward Hughes Who Died 25/11/1910 Aged 40. His Wife Bridget Who Died 5/6/1943 Aged 74. Their Greatgrandaughter Mary Bridget Wynne Who Died 17/3/1953 Aged 1 year. Their Son Thomas Who Died 12/5/1975 Aged 65. Their Greatgrandson Eamon Maher Who Died 7/7/1976 Aged 18

Hugh (Hughie) Maher 63 Benmedigan Road, Drimnagh Who Died 18/7/1948 Aged 54

Christopher Maher Who Died 24/11/1951. His Wife Mary Who Died 16/5/1976. Their Son Chris Who Died 16/10/1974. Their Son Paddy Who Died 10/9/1977

James Dooley Rathsteward Who Died 28/4/1953. His Wife Margaret Dooley Who Died 16/1/1962

Mary Kelly Nee Rochford 68 Pairc Brid Who Died 27/8/1953 Aged 59. Her Husband William Who Died 9/5/1954 Aged 74. Her Brother Joseph Rochford Canalside Who Died 3/4/1965 Aged 69

Michael Murphy Who Died 9/8/1951. His Wife Mary Murphy Who Died 12/1/1954. Their Daughter Mary Who Died 24/3/1969, Their Son Patrick Who Died 15/3/1983 Aged 74 And His Wife Mary Who Died 15/3/1985 Aged 72.

Erected By Michael & Catherine Smyth In Memory Of Their Youngest Son Thomas Who Died 14/11/1945 Aged 11. Their Son Patrick Who Died 5/6/1948 Aged 27. The Above Michael Who Died 11/7/1957 Aged 74. The Above Catherine Who Died 3/2/1977 Aged 87

Patrick Trayner White House Who Died 3/2/1944 Aged 70

Joseph Maher 1106 Conoboro Who Died 27/3/1987. His Daughter And Granddaughter Who Died Young. His Son Denny Who Died 25/2/1998 Aged 43. His Wife Marie Who Died 11/10/1998 Aged 81

James Timpson Plewman’s terrece Who Died 22/11/1943 Aged 22, His Cousin Betty Mary Timpson Who Died 26/9/1950 Aged 23. Martin Timpson Who Died 20/11/1955 Aged 72, Annie Doogue Who Died 17/9/1958 Aged 58. Martin Timpson Who Died 15/5/1972 Aged 52. Joseph Doogue Who Died 30/5/1973 Aged 82. Baby Jane Bergin Who Died 5/3/1965. Baby John Kelly Who Died 1976

Mollie Prendergast Who Died 16/8/1946 Aged 25. Her Father Thomas Who Died 3/11/1956 Aged 64. His Grandchildren Michael And Edward Webster Who Died Young. Her Uncle Philip Murphy Who Died 12/5/1964 Aged 70. James Byrne Who Died 27/10/1982 Aged 93. Ellen Byrne Who Died 26/11/1989. Thomas Prendergast Who Died 22/5/1998 Aged 79

George Alcock Who Died 17/2/1947 Aged 48. His Daughter Margaret Who Died 15/2/1959 Aged 13. His Sister Mary Cardozzo Who Died 2/4/1956 Aged 60

Mary Doyle Nicholastown Who Died 15/11/1952. Her Husband Mark Who Died 25/10/1954. Their Son Laurence Who Died 24/6/1980. Laurence’s Wife Margaret (Peg) Who Died 9/3/1998 Aged 68

George Robinson Barrack Street Who Died 22/9/1957 Aged 68. His Wife Catherine Who Died 21/7/1961 Aged 75. His Grand Daughter Finola Robinson Who Died 21/7/1959 Aged 3 Months.His Son James Robinson, Father Of Finola Who Died 70 Pairc Brid Who Died 10/5/1975 Aged 57. Christina Robinson ( Wife Of Jim, Mother Of Finola) Who Died 27/5/1988 Aged 65

Margaret Cassidy Who Died 11/1/1946 Aged 45. Her Husband William Who Died 12/1/46 Aged 47

Thomas Whelan Grangemellon Who Died 1951 Aged 73. His Wife Esther Who Died 1949 Aged 59

Erected By John Bryan In Memory Of His Wife Julia Who Died 11/7/1943 Aged 23. Her Parents Patrick & Mary Moore Levitstown

William Hughes Farmhill Who Died 10/2/1977 Aged 70. His Uncle William Who Died 8/4/1953. His Wife Kathleen Who Died 12/11/1991 Aged 76

Daniel Kealy Who Died 26/2/1946. Sarah Kealy Snr. Who Died 20/12/1956. Sarah Kealy Jnr. Who Died 2/5/1969. Maureen O Brien Who Died 6/7/1955. John Kealy Who Died 30/1 1973. Patrick Kealy Who Died 13/10/1977 Aged 78. Jane Kealy Who Died 10/11/1981 Aged 81. Her Daughter Imelda (Nee Campbell) Who Died 6/11/1992 Aged 50.

Edward Rainsford Who Died 1948 Aged 82. His Sister Teresa Who Died 1955. His Wife Kate Taylor

Mary Rainsford Who Died 13/11/1941 Aged 69. Her Husband John Who Died 6/1/1953 Aged 77.

Michael Mulhall Old IRA. Who Died 4/2/1948 Aged 51. His Wife Ellen Nee Rainsford Who Died 17/5/1978 Aged 76

Elizabeth Dunne Who Died 30/3/1969

John Davis 691 Bray Lower Who Died 9/7/1976 Aged 68. His Son Robert Who Died 11/1/1947 Aged 1 Year 5 Months. His Wife Sarah Davis Who Died 14/12 1984 Aged 63

Erected By John Hennigan In Memory Of His Wife Mary Hennigan Who Died 28/1/1944

Behan Family Of Athy Peter Who Died 21/3/1946 Aged 72 His Wife Mary Who Died 13/9/1954 Aged 83. Their Son Patrick Who Died 9/2/1984 Aged 74. His Daughter Helen Who Died 13/2/1950 Aged 18 Months. His Wife Helen Who Died 3/8/1992 Aged 82

Michael Malone Former Chairman Of Athy UDC. And Compiler Of `The Annals Of Athy’ Who Died 3/9/1933 Aged 73. His Wife Catherine Who Died 12/8/1932 Aged 74. Their Daughter Mary Ellen Who Died 19/9/1934 Aged 51. Their Son Patrick Who Died 18/4/1940 And His Daughter Maeve Who Died 5/5/1978 Aged 82

Mary (May) Dooley 42 Upper St. Joseph’s Who Died 21/9/1975 Aged 54. Her Son Michael Who Died 10/2/1942 Aged 6. Her Grand Daughter Yvonne Who Died young. Her Husband Michael Who Died 11/2/1982 Aged 68

Thomas Delaney Avondale Drive Who Died 7/3/1993

Erected By The Family In Loving Memory Of Their Parents Nicholas J. O Rourke Duke Street Who Died 1/12/1938 Aged 73. His Wife Florance Who Died 17/8/1941 Aged 48

Ernest T O Rourke Glynn Who Died 23/2/1976 Aged 84. His Wife Mary (Molly) Who Died 5/11/1957 Aged 73

Mary Agnes Dutie Hughes Who Died 9/5/1940 Aged 26. Her Mother Elizabeth Hughes Who Died 10/4/1946 Aged 68. Her Father Thomas Who Died 7/7/1957 Aged 86. Her Brother Thomas Who Died 27/3/1969. His Wife Margaret Nee James Who Died 12/7/1985 And Their Son Tom Hughes Who Died 4/9/2000 Aged 57

Erected By Patrick Ryan In Memory Of His Wife Annie Who Died 30/12/1940 Aged 79

Mary O Donnell Nee Evans Mountshannon Rd. Kilmainham Born 1915 Died 25/8/1981

Joseph Evans 3 Offaly Street Who Died 19/11/1957 Aged 64

William Day 1 Canal Side Who Died 20/2/1946 Aged 64. His Wife Mary Who Died 1/6/1969 Aged 85. Their Daughter Bridget (Breda) Who Died 20/1/1945 Aged 20. Also Son Edward Who Died 10/11/1920 Aged 1 Year 6 Months

John Knowles Pairc Brid Who Died 20/10/1945. His Wife Rosanna Who Died 19/5/1991

Annie Germaine Who Died 27/11/1960 Aged 45. Her Husband Thomas (Golly) Who Died 25/5/1967 Aged 75

Ned Kelly 18 McDonnell Drive Who Died 16/3/1991 Aged 72. His Wife Christina (DIna) Who Died 29/7/2002 Aged 79

Michael Brennan Who Died 23/4/1937. Hannah Brennan Who Died 18/5/1948. Annie Brennan Who Died 18/5/1937

Attracta Brennan Offaly Street Who Died 9/9/1982 Aged 79. Her Husband Matthew Who Died 22/11/1989 Aged 87

Patrick O Keiffe Ardreigh Who Died 22/1/1941 Aged 79. Mary Anne Keiffe Who Died 12/3/1946 Aged 81. Their Son James Who Died 31/3/1978 And His Wife Mary Ellen Who Died 30/1/1980

Gregory Bradley 8 Offaly Street Who Died 21/1/1936 Aged 54. His Mary Anne Who Died 2/12/1956 Aged 80. His Daughter Mary Anne Who Died 15/10/1974 Aged 65. His Son Gregory Who Died 3/7/1978 Aged 68

George Woods Who Died 9/11/1934 Aged 74

Patrick O Toole Who Died 22/10/1954

Annie Louden Wife Of David Murray Ardreigh Who Died 26/7/1903 Aged 35. David Murray Died 9/7/1931 Aged 73

Erected By James McLeod Brockley Park In Loving Memory Of His Wife Martha Murray Who Died 17/9/1921 Aged 67

In Loving Memory Of Margaret Hutchinson Wife Of George Campbell Dollardstown Who Died 8/2/1924 Aged 68. The Above Who Died 24/1/1928 Aged 88. Their Son G. Gorden Campbell Strathmore Athy Who Died 14/6/1968 Aged 75. His Wife Annie K Campbell Who Died 20/1/1970 Aged 60.

In Loving Memory Of Andrew Reid Son Of John T. White Who Died 23/3/1920 Aged 8 Months

In Loving Memory Of David G. Gray Carlow Who Died 4/11/1947 Aged 65

George Patterson Born In Langton Bernickshire Scotland Died at Leinster Street Athy 4/1/1904 Aged 75. James Purves Patterson Son Of The Above Who Died 21/8/1923 In Dunedin NZ. Mary Patterson Widow Of George Patterson 15/7/1926 Their Daughters Thomasina Died 31/11/1945 Maggie Died 28/2/1947 Georgina Died 17/12/1960 W.A. Patterson Nephew Died 9/8/1935

In Loving Memory Of J. Hewson SmyThe Who Died 22/11/1938 Aged 63. His Mother Elizabeth Smyth Deane Who Died 8/3/1937 Aged 84

Erected By James Duthie Athy In Loving Memory Of His Wife Euphemia Murray Who Died 7/2/1911 Aged 42 Also His Wife Charlotte Who Died 7/1/1940 Aged 48. His Sister Alice Jane Duthie Who Died 14/10/1949. The Above Died 29/1/1953 Aged 84. Aileen Duthie Daughter Of James & Charlotte Duthie Born Jan. 1917 Died Feb. 2006

In Loving Memory Of Jessie V. Whelan Wife Of Myles Whelan Fortbarrington Athy Who Died 5/8/1977 Aged 87

In Loving Memory Of Robert William D. Anderson Who Died 1916. His Father Robert Hosie Anderson Loving Husband Of Effie Anderson Who Died 9/1/1950 Aged 52 Effie Died 4/3/1967

In Memory Of Mary Green 1880-1963 Straionahanna

Erected By Charles Lowden Rosetown For His son William Who Died 25/1/1882 Aged 3 Years & 10 Months. His Daughter Jane Who Died 12/11/1901 Aged 35. His Wife Who Died 30/4/1912 Aged 77. Robert Lowden Died 19/12/1925 Aged 52. The Above Died 26/7/1897 Aged 52

David Drimmie Ballinamona Who Died 21/9/1874 Aged 12

John Drimmie Ballinamony Born 26/2/1805 Died 16/1/1903

Miriam McHor Wife Of William Duncan Tenant Snugborough Born 3/1804 Died 2/2/1885 Aged 81. Robert Cecil Duncan Died 15/7/1892 Aged 17 Months. Bathea Stivan Duncan Born 20/9/1895 Died 22/8/1900 Charles C. Duncan Died 22/3/1935 Aged 82. Agnes Southar Stephen Wife Of Charles Died 5/7/1936 Aged 75. Annie stephen Duncan Eldest Daughter Died 25/11/1965. Miriam Mellor Duncan 28/12/1971. Ellen Elizabeth Wife Of William Duncan Died 7/71957. William Duncan Died 24/3/1970.

James Campbell For Many Years A Farmer At Balbroogie In The Parish Of Coupar Angus Pertshire Scotland. Latterly Of Kilkea In This County Who Died 1/5/1876 Aged 86. Wife Margaret Yeaman Died 25/8/1880 Aged 70. 3rd Son David Campbell Former Kilkea Died 24/4/1897. Charles Campbell Died 23/4/1927 Aged 73. Their Youngest Son.

In Memory Of Elizabeth Neill Who Died At Shanraheen 6/9/1880 Aged 46. Father John Neill Died 7/3/1885 Aged 78. Elizabeth Hutcheon Relic Of John Neill Died At Nicholastown 30/11/1901 Aged 80. Alexander Neill Son Of The Above Died At Foxhill 12/8/1903 Aged 66. His Wife Mary Arnott Simpson Died At Foxhill 5/2/1919 Aged 86.

Issabella Innes Born 24/5/1813 Died 20/1/1882 Erected By Her Husband James Beal Late Of Maryborough.

Erected By David Taylor Forest In Loving Memory Of His Son David Harry Died 27/11/1883 Aged 21. The Above Died 27/3/1888 Aged 69. Also Euphemia Taylor Died At Forest March 1894 Aged 59.

Erected To The Memory Of James Watt Smyth Who Died At His Residence Model Farm Athy 6/8/1885. Also Their Son Thomas Watt Smyth Died 18/5/1916 Aged 58.

Erected To The Memory Of Nicholas Hastings Brown Wife Of David Brown Of Prusselstown House Died 16/11/1885 Aged 60. Above David Brown Farmer Died 12/1/1888 Aged 64. And Of Janet Eldest Daughter Of The Above Died 30/12/1907 Aged 55.

Erected In Loving Memory Of David Duthie Died 15/10/1886 Aged 56 Also His Wife Margaret Mercer Died 8/2/1911 Aged 75 And Their Son William Thomas Died 9/4/1949. His Wife Elizabeth Jane Died 25/7/1985 Aged 87.

In Loving Memory Of Husband Albert Alexander Duthie 30 Leinster Street Athy Died 26/9/1979 Aged 54.

In Loving Memory Of Stephen Telford Of Barrowford Athy Died 4/6/1927 Aged 82.His Wife Annie Died 3/4/1944 Aged 90. Robert Anderson Telford Eldest Son Of Above Died 3/12/1956 Aged 80. David Alexander Telford Died 21/1/1959 Aged 73. Violet Maud Telford Died 15/6/1960 Aged 68.

Erected By William Murray In Memory Of His Son James Who Died At Thomastown House Kildare 15/3/1891 Aged 24. Elizabeth Anderson Wife Of William Anderson Died 10/1/1898 Aged 71. William Murray Died 17/1/1904 Aged 86. William Murray Died 14/10/1925 Aged 67. Robert Murray Died 11/3/1927 Aged 72. Elizabeth Lee Late Of Clonsast Died 11/4/1920 Adam Murray Late Of Thomastown House kildare Died 19/9/1930. Janet Murray Late Of Thomastown House Kildare Died 9/10/1930.

In Loving Memory Of Agnes Minnis Frame Head Mistriss Model School Ballymoney Died At Her Fathers Residence Model School Athy 15/1/1892 Aged 28.

Erected By Robert Anderson Castlemitchell In Memory Of His Wife Anna Margaret Hosie Died 21/12/1897 Aged 35. The Above Died 28/11/1934 Aged 82. Lillian Agnes MInch Younger Daughter Of Above Died 23/7/1958 Aged 64.

Erected By Members Of The Athy Presbyterian Church In Loving Memory Of Rev. John J. Clarke Who Was For 25 Years MInister Of The Congregation Died 23/3/1899 Aged 73 Also His Wife Mary Died 22/11/1911

McCullagh 1901

In Loving Memory Of Alexander Sadlier Died 15/3/1903 Aged 76 His Wife Rebecca Died 3/12/1914 At Bundoran Co. Donegall Aged 77

In Loving Memory Of Christina Calletly Wife Of James Rodger Who Died 1/5/1906 Aged 41. The Above Beloved Husband Of Marjory Rodger Who Died 11/7/1941 Aged 78. Marjory Rodger Died 24/7/1944 Aged 73.

In Loving Memory Of George Willis Duke Street Athy Who Died 18/8/1945 Aged 69. His Wife Elizabeth Mckleham Willis Died 8/11/1953 Aged 81.

John Harvey Died 6/7/1964 Also Murielle Charlotte Hall Harvey Died 9/2/1995

James Alexander Springlodge Who Died 2/10/1871 Aged 47. Euphemia Blair Widow Of Robert Gray Currie Edinburgh Became Wife Of Above James Alexander Springlodge 25/1/1878 Aged58. Augusta Blair Wife Of P.R. Gray Died 23/11/1915 Aged 75


John Alexander Hannon Ardreigh House Who Died 3/4/1923. His Sons Ion & Leslie Died In The Great War. Also His Wife Martha Matilda Who Died 22/3/1934

James Hannon Philipstown Who Died 13/1/1835

Elizabeth Trench The Beloved Wife Of Wallace Trench Farm Hill Fell Asleep In Jesus March 1857

Erected To The Memory Of Charlotte Wynne Wife Of Luke O Neill Athy Who Died 21/12/1888 Aged 70. Her Husband Died 23/12/1889 Aged 80. Willoughby O Connor Died 23/8/1905

Erected By John McLeod Of Levitstown In Memory Of His Wife Anne McDonald Who Died 23/6/1888 Aged 59. Her Daughter Helen McLeod Who Died 17/1/1865 Aged 8. Above John Died 16/7/1904 Aged 78.

Erected By Jane Rattray In Loving Memory Of Her Husband Andrew Rattray Portersize House Balltore Who Died 24/12/1865 Aged 54. Her Son Andrew Rattray Who Died 27/11/1911 Aged 55. The Above Jane (Miller) Rattray Died 8/7/1915 Aged 93. Mary J Rattray Who Died 9/12/1938

John Murray Ardreigh Who Died 21/1/1868 Aged 52. 2 Daughters Helena Jane Died 13/12/1872 Aged 12 Lizzie Died 15/12/1891 Aged 27. His Wife Mary Who Died 22/6/1904 Aged 77. His Son James Died 22/6/1912 Aged 66.

George Died April 1933

To The Memory Of Eliza Wife Of Robert Anderson Castlemitchell Who Died 16/3/1868. Robert Died 5/2/1884 At Castlemitchell Aged 67. David Anderson Son Of The Above Who Died At WInnipeg America 29/4/1885 Aged 27

Margaret Died October 1933

In Memory Catherine Fyfe Wife Of George Low Born 1818 At Old Manse Fintray Aberdeenshire Died 16/1/1871 At Burchtown Athy. George Low Died At Birtown 27/2/1900 Aged 74

Erected To The Memory Of Mary Jane Wife Of John Pender Of Athy Died 4/9/1869 Aged 36. John Pender Died 18/5/1889 Aged 72

Sacred To The Memory Of William Dick Of Castlemitchell Died 15/4/1872 Aged 79. His Daughter Elizabeth Died 25/2/1889 Aged 67. His Son James Dick Died 8/6/1914 Aged 88

Erected By Jonathan Hosie In Memory Of His Wife Jessie MacRorie Died 26/3/1873. The Above Died 16/12/1899 Aged 90. Only Son Henry Died 29/12/1933 Aged 72. His Wife Agnes Kilpatrick Hosie Died 29/1/1946

In Memory Of William Kilpatrick Hosie Born 10/6/1904 Died 28/10/1973. Violet Hosie Wife Of William Died 13/8/1984 Aged 77

In Loving Memory Of Anna Margaret Kilpatrick Hosie Wife Of The Late Michael Byrne Carroonagh Athy Died 29/6/1991

Sacred To The Memory Of Elizabeth Wife Of Harquhar McKerchar Late Of Glenlion Perthshire Died 27/8/1874 Aged 75

Erected By George & WilhelMina Eckford In Loving Memory Of Dear Children Georgina Mary Alice (Daisy) Died 7/6/1893 Aged 16. Edith Harriette Died 8/5/1895 Aged 19. George Laidlaw Only DarlIng Son Died 28/3/1898Aged 19. Also George Eckford Died 19/2/1923 Wife Mina Eckford Died 26/2/1929 Both Interred In Allenvale Aberdeen

Erected By Thomas & Maggie Mullins In Memory Of Their Children John Died At Hollymount Co. Mayo 23/7/1882 Aged 1 Week. William & James At Luggacurren 22/5/1896 Aged 2 Months. Agnes Armstrong 17/7/1907 Aged 16. David A Mullins Husband Of May Mullins Died At Kilkea 10/4/1948 Aged 58

Erected By Agnes Brown In Memory Of John Carswell Died 26/5/1865 Aged 24

In Loving Memory Of William James Who Died 1855 Aged 4. Thomas Kirkpatrick Who Died 1875 Aged 16. Sons Of William McMeekIn Who Died 1895 Aged 64. Their Daughter Margaret J. MeekIn Died 1944 Aged 32.

Erected To The Memory Of Jane Taylor Died At Blackford 21/7/1857 Aged 44 Brother Joseph Taylor Died 10/12/1858 And Robert Taylor Died 30/1/1859 At Blackford Aged 43. James R. Taylor His Son Died At Castlemitchell 6/4/1877 Aged 18. David Cunningham Died 12/3/1891 Aged 66. Margaret Cunningham Died 10/7/1903 Aged 67

Erected In Loving Memory Of Dear Mother Jane Edgar Rungiman Irishtown House Athy Who Died2/1/1897 Aged 74. Her Father George Rungiman Moat Lodge Athy Died 12/1/1872 Aged 81.

In Loving Memory Of Father Thomas Eaton Wilkie Kilkea Mageney Who Died 28/2/1943 Aged 76. Wife Maria Died 10/9/1950 Aged 82. Son Thomas Eaton Died 31/12/1970 Aged 68. Daughter Eliza Kernaghan Died 6/4/1989 Aged 95. Daughter Annie Died 8/4/1989 Aged 91.

In Memory Of John McCulloch Of Leinster Lodge Died 5/7/1876 Aged 60. His Wife Mary Died 28/9/1893 Aged 70. Maggie Crowe Wife Of W.G. McCulloch Died 10/2/1882 Aged 31. Kate RIngwood Wife Of W.G. McCulloch Died 20/10/1904 Aged 58. William Gorden McCullogh Of Sawerswood Athy Died 30/12/1913 Aged 69. Also In Memory Of Margaret Gorden Maxwell His Mother In Law Died 13/3/1859 Aged 65. Also In Memory Of Alexander Maxwell McCulloch 1848-1901 Of Leinster Lodge. His Wife Helen Molloy 1844-1901 And Young Children Robert Molloy McCulloch 6/8/1880 – 30/8/1880 Maxwell Alexander McCulloch Born 1881 Died South Africa Unknown Date. Also The Children Of W.G. McColloch Of Sawerswood. John Scott McCulloch 1888-1955 And His Wife Sarah Elizabeth Yates 1878-1920 William RIngwood McCulloch1888-1958 And His Wife Frances Mary Duncan 1888-1965. Mary RIngwood McCulloch 1886-1968

James Alexander Died At Nurney Athy 25/10/1874 Aged 71. In Memory Of Mrs Alexander His Wife Who Died At Nurney Castle 25/9/1875 Aged 77. James Alexander Annhalt-Huntley-Aberdeenshire Scotland. Their Nephew Who Died At SprIng Lodge 26/1/1860 Aged 25

In Loving Memory Of Our Father Adam Edgar Who Died 23/12/1904 Aged 85. Christina Edgar His TwIn Daughter Died 22/6/1904 Aged 34. His Brother Samual Died 16/12/1901 Aged 74. His Niece Jane Lymberg Athy Died 10/6/1892 Aged 48. Isabella Eldest Daughter Of Above. Adam Edgar Died 23/10/1932 Also In Memory Of His Sister Died June 1956. The Aboves Father Died At Irishtown August 1859 Aged 81.

Erected To The Memory Of John Pennycook Died At Quarry Farm 5/12/1881 Aged 60. His Wife Jane Pennycook Died 3/12/1890 Aged 60. Their Son John Died 17/1/1891 Aged 26. Daughter Jessie Wife Of Robert NevIns Who Died 3/12/1899 Aged 33.

Erected In Memory Of Margaret Horne Simpson Died 2/12/1896 Aged 76

Erected In Memory Of Alexander Dodd Who Died 8/5/1863 Aged 66. His Wife Margaret Who Died 10/5/1861 Aged 63.

Erected To The Memory Of Alexander Bone Who Died At Kilberry Athy 13/1/1941 Aged 77.

In Memory Of Andrew K. Pennycook Who Died 17/2/1938 Aged 72. His Wife Jessie Died 18/1/1946.

In Loving Memory Of Annie Moon Jackson Who Died At Athy 1/3/1925 Aged 69. His Father George Whitford Jackson Who Died 21/12/1926 Aged 80.

In Loving Memory Of Hanna Rebecca Weir Ardscull Who Died 28/4/1943 Aged 74. Her Husband James Weir Died 28/1/1946 Aged 86.

In Loving Remembrance Of William Stewart McCleery Who Died 26/8/1912 Aged 63. His Wife Hanna Maxwell Died 16/5/1920 Aged 69 Buried In Newmills Co. Down.

In Loving Remembrance Of Margaret Morrisson Died 18/8/1935 At Kilkea Maganey Co. Kildare Aged 50. Husband Alexander Easton Morrisson Died 25/4/1968 Aged 86.

In Loving Memory Of Jean Beloved Wife Of C. W. Taylor Forest Athy Who Died 26/11/1938 Aged 69. His Son Arthur George Taylor Who Died 29/7/1941 Aged 41. Above Charles William Died 23/1/1946 Aged 76.

In Loving Memory Of James Boyd Duke Street Athy Who Died 3/4/1987. Elizabeth Boyd Died 13/1/1996

In Loving Memory Of Thomas George Mullins Kilkea House Castledermot Who Died 4/11/1954 Husband Of Lillian C. Mullins Who Died 7/3/1997 Aged 91.

In Loving Memory Of Sylvia Irene Anderson GriffInstown Grangcon Who Died 13/5/1978 Aged 53. Her Husband Francis Myles Anderson Killyganard Athy Died 18/12/2007 Aged 80.

In Loving Memory Of Charles Taylor Late Of Forest Farm Athy Who Died 26/1/1976 Aged 70. Also His Wife Iris Died 22/5/1972

Erected By Henry Jonathan Hosie Closeburn Athy In Memory Of His Wife Laura Sophie Who Died 27/1/1963. Their Son Terence K. Hosie B.A. Royal Engineers Killed In Action In Italy 23/11/1943 & The Above Henry Jonathan Hosie O.B.E. Who Died 25/10/1967

In Loving Memory Of Charles Maxwell 50 Duke Sty. Athy Died 18/2/1972. His Wife Lilian Died 3/2/1996. Their Daughter Isobel Interred In Canada Who Died 7/4/2009

In Loving Memory Of His Wife Henrietta Liggett Duke Street. Athy Who Died 28/6/1979 Aged 65. Husband James Died 14/6/1996 Aged 87

Erected By Bridget Muldoon In Loving Memory Of Her Husband John Muldoon Who Died 16/1/1944 Aged 39

John Evans 18 Offaly Street Who Died 30/4/1989 Aged 58

Margaret Murphy Rathpeacon Who Died 25/5/ 1961 Aged 98. Maurice O’ Sullivan Who Died 16/4/1984 Aged 76. His Wife Cathleen O’ Sullivan Who Died 5/5/1984 Aged 74

Edmund Kavanagh Bellview Who Died 25/9/1961 Aged 62. Her Sister Annabella Who Died 5/4/1968 Aged 67

Leslie Cunningham William Street Athy Who Died 8/5/1961 Aged 23 . Her Father Michael Cunningham Who Died 16/2/1981 Aged 75. His Wife Esther (Mai) Who Died 4/2/1981 Aged 87

Michael (Rex) Rowan Woodstock Street Who Died 12/11/1994 Aged 85. His Wife Catherine Who Died 14/2/1999 Aged 88

Thomas Perse Ardreigh Who Died 29/1/1961 Aged 88. His Wife Annie Who Died 16/10/1965 Aged 88 . Their Son Michael Perse Who Died 31/8/1994 Aged 74. Michael’s Wife Eileen (Ellen) Nee Nolan Who Died 1/9/2004 Aged 84

Daniel Dunne Fortbarrington Who Died 18/5/1960

John Farrell Leinster Street Who Died 2/2/1960

William Hoare Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 23/6/1959 Aged 55. His Wife Margaret Who Died 1/8/1990 Aged 87

Additional records