St. Michael’s Old, Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare, Page 2

The following St. Michael’s Old, Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

James Kenny 6 McDonnell Drive

Ellen Kenny Who Died 27/9/1954 Aged 64. Her Son Daniel Who Died 10/11/19455 Aged 17. Her Husband Peter Who Died 26/4/1971 Aged 82. Infant Grand Daughter Ellen magella Who Died 15/6/1963.

Patrick Smyth Gallows Hill Who Died 3/1/1963 Aged 80. His Wife Mary Who Died 14/7/1964 Aged 74. His Daughter Maeve Who Died 30/7/1992. His Son Patrick Who Died 28/10/2002 Aged 85.

Patrick Roach Pairc Bride Who Died 16/2/1963 Aged 42. Infant Granddaughter Michelle Connolly Who Died 1970. Daughter Christina Who Died In England Aged 22. His Wife Mary Who Died 17/6/1955 Aged 62. Her Son Declan Who Died 29/9/1986 Aged 18 Interred In N.C.

Isaac Thompson 81 Leinster Street Who Died 2/1/1963 Aged 80. His Wife Helena Who Died 6/5/1974 Aged 88. His Daughter Josephine(Josie) Thompson Who Died 11/6/1984 Aged 71

Margaret Leonard (Nee Mulhall) Who Died 17/11/1962. Her Husband Andrew Who Died 15/10/1968 Aged 76. Her Daughter Patricia Who Died 26/2/2002 Aged 78. Her Niece Dolores Mulhall Who Died 15/6/2004 Aged 59

Bridget Maher 6 Barrack Yard Who Died 8/5/1962 Aged 52. Michael Maher Who Died 17/4/75

Catherine Kitty Moore 40 Dooley’s Tce. Who Died 12/2/1952 Aged 55. James Moore Who Died 28/6/1963 Aged 62.

Martin Quinn 13 St. Joseph’s Tce. Who Died 26/3/1962 Aged 51. His Wife Bridget Quinn Who Died 14/3/1989 Aged 75

Dan And Ann McCann. 1921-1993 1926-1961

Peter Moore Irishtown Who Died13/1/1962. His Wife Sarah Who Died 25/6/1980

Thomas Doolan The Quarry Who Died 12/5/1979. His Wife WInifred Who Died 4/12/2004

John O’ Connell 18 St. Patrick’s Ave. Who Died 4/1/1962. His Wife Ellen (Nell) Who Died 2/7/1993 Aged 100

John Hayes Gouleyduff Who Died 22/12/1980 Aged 73. His Mother Hayes Castlemitchell Who Died 30/1/1963 Aged 89. His Niece Bridget Kerr Castlemitchell Who Died 28/11/1981 Aged 31

Joseph Walsh Who Died 12/4/1964. Teresa Walsh Who Died 2/4/1961.

Patrick Barry Cloney Who Died 19/8/1960 Aged 19. His Father Michael Who Died 22/5/1986 Aged 78. His Mother Mary Ann Who Died 31/10/1988 Aged 73

William Holligan Levitstown Who Died 31/1/2005 Aged78. His Father Thomas Holligan Who Died 18/4/1960 Aged 74. His Sister Ann Holligan Who Died 14/8/1961 Aged 46. His Grandson Baby Michael Holligan Who Died 4/7/1979.

Mary Fox Geraldine Who Died 7/4/1959 Aged 48. Her HubAnd Thomas Who Died 31/5/1970 Aged 57. Their Daughter Mary Stynes Who Died 19/9/2012 Aged 75 years.

William Harte 5/7/1889 – 31/8/1958. His Wife Nora Harte (Nee Cullen) 1/1/1911 – 31/8/2007. Patrick Harte 30/5/1890 – 16/6/1966. Mark Harte 27/7/1896 – 7/7/1968

Patrick Mulhall 2 Bleach Cottage Who Died10/9/1964. His Wife Charlotte Who Died10/7/1875

Margaret JennIngs Who Died 29/8/1963. Her Brother Joseph Fallon Who Died 31/12/1971

Annie Wall Who Died 8/8/1963 Aged 75. His Father Michael Wall Who Died 25/2/1964 Aged 85.

Tom FitzGerald Castlemitchell Who Died 4/8/1965. His Father Tom FitzGerald Who Died 4/1/1982. His Mother Elizabeth Who Died 29/5/1992

Daniel McEvoy Rathstewart Who Died 16/6/1963 Aged 67. His Brother John Who Died 21/10/1976 Aged 71.

Annie Mylod Deal Grove Who Died 7/6/1963 Aged 75. Her Sister Catherine Mylod Who Died 2/8/1970

Elizabeth Granny MInch’s Terrace Who Died 24/5/1963 Aged 83. Her Husband William Who Died 14/5/1963 Aged 86

Patrick Maher 18 Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 9/5/1963 Aged 62. His Granddaughter Bridget Kelly Who Died 3/6/1965. His Wife Mary Who Died 13/1/1977 Aged 72

Rosanna O Connor 37 Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 1/3/1975 Aged 66. Her Brother In Law Thomas O Connor Who Died 29/5/1963 Aged 80. Her Husband Michael O Connor Who Died 10/2/1977 Aged 85. Her Daughter WInifred Ingram Who Died 8/6/1998

Andrew Cleary Offaly Street Who Died 8/1/1963 Aged 62. His Wife Julia Who Died 7/1/67

Nancy Walsh. Patrick O Rourke Stanhope Street Who Died 6/6/1962. His Wife Catherine O Rourke Who Died 10/6/1963. Daughter Nancy Walsh Who Died 6/9/1999 Aged 75

James Hempenstall Ardscull Who Died 15/12/1961 Aged 55. His Wife Margaret Who Died 1/3/1967 Aged 55

Christopher Dalton Who Died 22/12/2008. Ann Dalton Who Died 22/9/1959 Aged 2.

James (Paddy) Kenny 27 McDonnell Drive 4/3/2000 Aged 81. Anne Keenan 2/5/1970. Baby Paul And Infant Patrick.

Jack Webster Butler’s Row Who Died 12/10/1959 Aged 59.

Mary Corr 10 Butler’s Row Who Died 25/2/1959. Her Husband Michael Corr Who Died 23/2/2003

Claire MInch Wife Of Eric Vaughan And Mother Of Rosamund Who Died 6/9/1975

Mark Dalton Foxhill Who Died 21/8/1964 Aged 70. His Wife Mary Who Died25/5/1968 Aged 68. Daughter In Law Margaret Dalton Who Died 29/6/1969 Aged 37

Elizabeth Betty GouldIng 7 Geraldine Road Who Died 15/8/1964 Aged 45. Her Husband Cornelius (Con) GouldIng Who Died 3/10/1962 Aged 60. Their Daughter In Law Eileen GouldIng Tomard Who Died 5/1/2003 Aged 59

John Luttrell Leinster Street Who Died 25/7/1964. His Wife Ita Who Died 30/12/1981

Michael McHugh 6 St. Michael’s Terrace 23/12/1965 Aged 55

Elizabeth O’ Brien Oldcourt Who Died 7/6/1964 Aged 41. Her Son Walter O’ Brien Who Died 28/3/1944 Aged 1 1/2. Her Husband Walter (Wattie) O’ Brien Who Died 8/9/1999

Gerald Coyle Burtown Who Died 20/5/1964 Aged 73. His Wife Joan Who Died 16/3/1976

Margaret Flynn Who Died 6/5/1964 Aged 44. Her Husband Thomas Who Died 23/3/1932 Aged 71. Lower Woodstock Street

Darby Delaney Bleach Who Died 12/4/1964 Aged 79. His Wife Annie Who Died 29/10/1973

Bridget Hearn Grangemellon Who Died 26/3/1984 Aged 94

Michael Mangan Geraldine Who Died 21/2/1964. His Wife Elizabeth Who Died 6/10/1970

Mai Kierans Rahona Who Died 7/2/1964. Her Husband Patrick C Kierans Who Died 30/6/1965

Katherine Byrne 1 MInch’s Terrace Who Died 31/1/1964 Aged 62. Her Husband Peter Byrne Who Died 23/6/1972 Aged 78

Edward O’ Neill Who Died 29/5/1962. His Wife Rose O’ Neill Who Died 30/6/1980

William Deverell Who Died 8/5/1961 Aged 85. His Wife Ellen Deverell Who Died 8/6/1939 Aged 64. Their Daughter Bridget Deverell 29/5/1964 Aged 61 Interred In FontsTown. Their Son Michael Deverell Who Died 19/3/1964 Aged 57. James Deverell Who Died 13/10/1976 Aged 67. John Deverell Who Died 16/7/1978 Aged 77. Patrick Deverell Who Died 19/5/1979 Aged 67. William Deverell Who Died 23/7/1982 Aged 78 Interred In England.

Anne Byrne Barkersford Who Died22/1/1961 Aged 17. Her Father Thomas Byrne Who Died 9/3/1975 Aged 68. Her Mother Mary ‘Lal’ Byrne Who Died 22/1/2002 Aged 83

Anne Collins Sawerswood Who Died 2/11/1963 Aged 71. Her Husband Michael Who Died 15/3/1971 Aged 82

Johnny Boylan Kilberry Who Died 4/11/1959 Aged 70. His Wife Kathleen Who Died 2/5/1977 Aged 76

Patrick Dempsey Offaly Street . His Wife Mary Dempsey. Their Daughter Hannah. Their Sons Patrick Dempsey Who Died 7/12/1921, Michael Dempsey Who Died 21/1/1945 And James Dempsey Who Died 9/1/1951

Julia Rochford Who Died 11/12/1964 Aged 58. Her Husband Patrick Rochford Who Died 10/5/1986 Aged 75

Michael Fennell Who Died 10/9/1964 Aged 74. His Wife Mary Fennell Who Died 4/6/1971 Aged77

Erected By Richard Kelly In Memory Of His Wife Lucy Ellen Who Died 18/12/1947 Aged 44. Her Brother Michael McCabe 29/6/1971 Aged 63

Patrick Whelan Crampton House Who Died 8/2/1961. His Wife Bridget Whelan Who Died 6/3/1989

Garda James Gallagher Dromahaire Co. Leitrem Aged 60. His Wife Catherine (Kit) Nee Murphy 4 Offaly Street Who Died 6/3/1991 Aged 69

Ellen Mulhall Upper William Street Who Died 2/10/1968 Aged 94. Her Daughter Esther Who Died 26/11/1968 Aged 73. Her Daughter Mary Mulhall Who Died 15/11/1979 Aged 77. Also Her Daughter Ellen Who Died 3/1/1993 Aged 79. Also Her Grandson John Who Died 28/10/2000

Annie O’ Keeffe Who Died 31/10/1963 Aged 62. Her Husband Daniel Who Died 28/11/1976 Aged 80

Catherine Hughes 14 Canal Side Who Died 5/1/1987. Her Husband Edward Who Died 1/3/1987

Mary Moore Dollardstown Who Died 13/9/1969 Aged 80. Her Husband John (Briany) Moore Who Died 11/11/1972 Aged 80

Rachel Supple Who Died 4/3/1962 Aged 69. Her Husband Thomas Supple Who Died 7/1/1980

Evard Dominic Harte 3 Convent View Who Died 13/3/1998 Aged 80. His Wife Mary Harte Who Died 16/8/2004 Aged 80

Bridie Kane 24 McDonnell Drive Who Died 11/10/1991 Aged 73. Her Son Tony Who Died 1951 Aged 10 Months. Her Husband Alf Who Died 25/10/1999 Aged 86

James Birney St. Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 20/11/1959 Aged 75. His Wife Mary Birney Who Died 15/5/1966 Aged 84

David Bolger Who Died 21/1/1960 Aged 61. His Wife Kathleen Bolger Who Died 20/5/1975 Aged 80. Their Son Michael Who Died 26/10/1998 Aged 64

Richard Mulhall Pairc Brid Who Died 24/2/1960 Aged 76. His Grandson Seamus Mulhall Who Died 9/8/1969 Aged 7 Weeks. His Grandson Patrick Mulhall Who Died 1/2/1975 Aged 14 Months. His Wife Julia Who Died 4/11/1981. His Grandson Chris Who Died 1/5/1996 Aged 25. His Granddaughter Shiela Who Died 15/7/1966

Erected By Patrick Kelly In Memory Of His Wife Maria Who Died 12/5/1937. Patrick Kelly Who Died 11/1/1948 Aged 76. Brother In Law John J Murphy Who Died 25/3/1951 Aged 41. His Grandaughter Eva Toft Who Died 22/3/1974 Aged 31. Son Michael Toft Who Died 22/3/2006 Aged 41

Michael Crawley Who Died 26/9/1944 Aged 70. His Son Thomas (Harry) Crawley Who Died 22/12/1937 Aged 17

James McLaughlIn Who Died 2/8/1967 Aged 82. His Wife Agnes McLaughlIn Who Died 3/3/1949 Aged 55. Their Daughters Elizabeth McLaughlIn Who Died 6/5/1938 Aged 18. Kitty McLaughlIn Who Died 9/8/1996 Aged 71. Bridie McLaughlIn Who Died 20/3/2007 Aged 84. His Son John McLaughlIn Who Died 20/9/200 Aged 82

Erected By Denis Gogan Nicholastown In Memory Of His Son Hugh Gogan Who Died 4/1/1942 Aged 29. Denis Gogan Who Died 3/11/1942 Aged 33.Their Daughter Nancy Gogan Who Died 28/1/1948 Aged 31. Above Denis Gogan Who Died 16/5/1949 Aged 68. His Wife Mary Ann Gogan Who Died 28/10/1951. Their Son John Gogan Who Died 20/12/1976. His Daughter Margaret M. (Molly Gogan) Who Died 25/3/1982 Aged 77

Patrick Keating Bray Who Died 2/10/1955 Aged 82. His Wife Elizabeth Keating Who Died 6/3/1964

Erected By Bridget Walsh In Memory Of Her Husband John Walsh Who Died 3/1/1951. Bridget Walsh Who Died 28/1/1961 Aged 78

Catherine Page Who Died 27/10/1945 Aged 67. Her Father Matthew Page Who Died 20/9/1926 Interred In Geraldine. Their Son Thomas Page Who Died 25/8/1986 Aged 68.

Mary Loughman Bennettsbridge Who Died 15/5/1944 Aged 59. 2 Children Who Died Young. Edward Loughman Who Died 16/2/1971 Aged 86

Bridget Prendergast St. Patrick’s Avenue 23/12/1939. Her Husband John Prendergast Who Died 4/3/1948. Her Daughter Bridget Prendergast Who Died 25/1/1963 Aged 48. Her Son John Prendergast Who Died 17/10/1977 Aged 71. Her Dughter Mary Prendergast Who Died 11/2/1980 Aged 76. John’s Wife Bridie Prendergast Who Died 31/5/2005 Aged 92

Erected By John Scully In Memory Of His Brother William Scully Who Died 2/3/1938 Aged 76. His Wife Margaret Scully Who Died 6/7/1941 Aged 71.

Myles Whelan Kilcrow In Memory Of Anne Whelan Who Died 14/2/1936 Aged 38. Her Son Joseph Whelan Who Died 30/3/1942 Aged 19. His Daughter Caroline McDonald Who Died 17/8/1970 Aged 42. Myles Whelan Who Died 28/1/1971 Aged 84. Caroline’s Husband Billy McDonald Who Died 22/9/1983 Aged 63. Ger Whelan Who Died 27/3/2003 Aged 78

Erected By Bridget Howard In Memory Of Michael Howard Who Died 3/7/1936 Aged 65. Her Father James Carroll Who Died 20/9/1935 Aged 96. Her Mother Mary Carroll Who Died 13/5/1940 Aged 80. Bridget Howard Who Died 7/5/1968 Aged 90. Also In This Cemetery James Joseph (Do Do) Howard Grandchild Of The Above Born 23/11/1930 Died 13/3/1999

Patrick Flanagan Who Died 16/6/1931 Aged 81. His Wife Katie Flanagan Who Died 22/7/1944 Aged 88. His Niece Mary Connell Who Died 13/2/1959. His Nephew Michael Connell Who Died 4/11/1970.

Patrick Connell, Annie Prendergast, Bridget & Peter Sheridan & John Connell

George A Nash Clonlea Who Died 14/9/1980

Conrad Peterson Civil Engineer Born Riga Latvia Born: 15/10/1888 Died: 16/1/1981

James V Talbot Farmhill Who Died 19/7/1982. His Daughter Kathryn Olive Holland Who Died 4/6/1993

Henry Cowlard Who Died 29/5/1957

Griffith Jones Hunter Roundhills Who Died 13/8/1982. His Wife Charlotte Jane Hunter Who Died 7/5/2001

Walter Stacey Kilberry Who Died 1/7/1990 Aged 83

Frederick Thomas Pollard Aughaboura Who Died 18/2/2005 Aged 83. His Wife Ethel Pollard Who Died 13/8/2006 Aged 78

William Leakes Who Died 24/12/1920 Aged 76. His Wife Bertha Leakes Who Died 20/9/1921 Aged 56. Their Daughter Hilda Leakes Who Died 30/9/1940 Aged 36

George Hempenstall Forest Who Died 12/12/1936 Aged 65. His Wife Sarah Ann Hempenstall Who Died 20/5/1947 Aged 70. Their Son Robert Hempenstall RN. Who Was Killed At The Bay Of Acre 7/11/1946 Aged 27

George Robert Burrell Kildare Road. Born: 1932 Died: 1984

Margaret KInsella Killyganard Who Died 15/3/1991 Aged 80. Her Husband Patrick (Paddy) KInsella Who Died 3/4/1996 Aged 79

Frank Stanley Tomard Who Died 11/9/1990 Aged 82. His Wife Queenie Who Died 11/1/1996 Aged 76

Alf Illingworth Who Died 20/7/1988 Aged 75

Sam Sunderland Offaly Street. Who Died 26/5/1944. His Wife Mary Sunderland Who Died 13/11/1944 Aged 62. Their Som Samuel (Sam) Sunderland Who Died 26/4/1988

Thomas Hunt Neving Who Died 2/5/1963. His Wife Harriet Neving Who Died 22/1/1981

George Herbert ‘Percy’ Geraldine Who Died 3/6/1972 Aged 61. His Wife Doris Herbert Who Died 20/9/1995 Aged 76

Gordon Annesley Kavanagh Who Died 6/7/1992 Aged 48

Jenna Griffen 100 Kingsgrove Who Died 15/8/1997 Aged 11 Days. Her Sister Nichole Griffen Who Died 24/8/1998 Aged 3 Weeks

Hubert Rose Who Died 17/1/2008 Aged 83

Joseph Cramton Emily Square Who Died 10/12/1938 Aged 75. His Nephew William Crampton Who Died 22/5/1927 Aged 34 Of Wounds Received While ServIng With The Royal Engineers In Great War. Hilda Margaret Widow Of William Who Died 6/9/1975 Aged 84

Margaret Birmingham Who Died 10/1962

John Coyle Nicholastown Who Died 23/5/1963. His Wife Frances Coyle Who Died 15/5/1970

Violet Susan Wife Of William Sunderland, Bray Who Died 9/6/1970. William Sunderland Died 16/8/1981 Aged 69

Jennie Glynn Nicholastown Who Died 23/5/1963. His Wife Frances Coyle Who Died 15/5/1970

Ernest Coyle 21 Duke Street Who Died 6/2/1970 Aged 84

William Gregg Kidd Moatfield Who Died 5/7/2000

Christina Barrington Who Died 8/10/1950 Aged 61. Eileen Barrington Who Died 1/2/1953 Aged 59. Martha Barrington Farrell Who Died 20//2/1953 Aged 55. John Beatty Who Died 13/2/1953 Aged 83. Frederick Farrell Husband Of Martha Who Died 6/7/1954 Aged 60

Leslie J Lazenby Ballyroe House Who Died 20/1/1956 Aged 34. His Wife Alicia J. Lazenby Who Died 2/1/2005 Aged 75. Her Sister Elizabeth M Dimond. ” Aunt Peg” Formally Of Inistioge Who Died 25/1/2001 Aged 87

James R. Lazenby Who Died 6/2/1958 Aged 73. His Wife Mary V. Lazenby Who Died 21/5/1967 Aged 70

Madeline Casserly Who Died 18/2/1956. Her Brother Albert Casserly Who Died 2/5/1973

James Lazenby Grangemellon Who Died 8/7/2001 Aged 52

William Francis Diamond Grangemellon Who Died 13/3/1991 Aged 68

Harry Wynne Tomard Who Died 29/12/2003


Joseph B. Lazenby Who Died 11/4/1968 Aged 44. His Youngest Son John C. Lazenby Who Died 11/3/1979

Jane Smith Wife Of Henry Moatfield Who Died 11/11/1951 Aged 79. Henry Smith Died 1/7/1954

Richard Neville Cox Who Died 8/9/1969 Aged 48. His Wife Rebecca Maud (Ruby) Cox Who Died 11/10/1966 Aged 46. Their Grandson Gary Who Died Young 2/9/1979.

Henry Meredith Crampton Born: 11/5/1896 Died: 14/11/1963

Annie Hegerty Chanterlands Who Died 6/12/1971. Her Husband George Who Died 18/9/2004

Frederick John Boyd Who Died 28/5/1978. His Brother Thomas Boyd Who Died 12/2/1974. His Brother William Boyd Who Died 13/12/1999

Richard (Dick) McKay Who Died 13/5/1974

Robert Condell ‘The Bunglow’ Russellstown Who Died 15/4/1991. His Wife Mary Who Died 25/12/1994

Thomas Neville Cole Moatfield Who Died 23/8/2004 Aged 64

Eric Mervyn Pearson “Glandon” Woodstock Street Who Died 28/11/1993 Aged 88. His Wife Florence Dorothy (Queenie) Born: 25/6/1909 Died: 22/5/2000 Aged 90

Emelia Elizabeth Speirs Fourwinds Burtown Who Died 19/10/1979 Aged 87. Archibald Lennox Speirs Who Died 18/11/1984 Aged 93. George Patrick Speirs Died 22/1/1990 Aged 72.

Millicent Hegarty Duke Street Who Died 3/1/1978. Henry Hegarty Who Died 19/11/1918 Interred In TimolIn. Daughter Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Who Died 2/3/2001.

Eric Taylor Athy Who Died 8/4/1981 Aged 62

George Alfred Bryan ‘ElsInore’ Who Died 3/11/1978. His Wife Violet Who Died 21/3/2004 Aged 90

Robert Samuael Bryan ‘Maydown’ Aughaboura Who Died 31/3/1992. His Wife Elizabeth (Lily) Who Died 18/9/2003. Their Son Leslie Robert Who Died 7/3/2005.

Ian William Seward Atwell Who Died 19/1/1982

Patricia Francey Shamrock Drive Who Died 17/8/1996 Aged 87

Rebecca (Becky) Hepburn Who Died 19/10/1990 Aged 86. Her Husband Robert Who Died 15/12/1992 Aged 86

Edward Nairne Eldest Son Of Thomas & Maud ‘Seanlon’ Woodstock Street Who Died 21/6/1945 Aged 19

Richard Nagle Post Office House Kildare Husband Of Emily Jane Who Died 2/9/1960

Jane Cunnell Burntwood Cloughjordan Who Died 11/12/1961 Aged 72. Her Sister Susan England Who Died 3/4/1963 Aged 77

Edward Young Ardscull House Who Died 6/11/1963. His Wife Margaret mary (Gretta) Who Died 10/5/1973

Stephanie Condell Russellstown House. Born: 26/12/1934 Died: 26/10/2004

Frederick AllenBy Colton Ardreigh Who Died 18/11/2000 Aged 81

Thomas Bates Church Avenue Who Died 9/7/1953. His Wife Caroline Ann Bates Who Died 14/12/1976. Their Daughter Aphra Bates Who Died 28/2/1989. Their Son Neville Bates Who Died 5/11/1991. Their Daughter Daffodil Who Died 3/3/2005

Henry Joseph Prole Who Died 28/1/1931 Aged 87. Wife Mary Hilda Prole Who Died 22/11/1976 Aged 71

Tommie McClelland 25 Duke Street Who Died 29/3/1951

Captain Robert GlIn Dedrickson Late Kings Own Hussars 9th Cavalry 1914-1918 Who Died 30/6/1946 Aged 62

Fawcett Brereton Youll Who Died 1951. His Wife Mary Youll Who Died 1950. Their Son Robert Charles Victor Youll Who Died 1960. Their Daughter Anna Lilian Alexandra Youll Born: 1903 Died: 1994

Lousia Elizabeth Lefroy Cardenton House Eldest Daughter Of William & Lousia. Ann Sarah (Nee Darcy) Of Bay Viewlander B.C. Canada Born: 23/4/1871 Died: 16/3/1957

Gallagher Family BallIntubbert

Mabelle Elizabeth Hall Duncan Who Died Who Died 14/3/1974 Aged 77. Her Husband Captain John Duncan Blackwatch Who Died 29/12/1974 Aged 83

Harriet Hendy Ardreigh Who Died 28/1/1960.Her Husband James Hendy Who Died 8/2/1951

Reginald Richardson Hannon (Rex) Ardeigh Born:1889 Died:1962 His Wife Grace Evelyn Hannon Born: 1892 Died: 1962

Alexandra Eleanor (Bunny) Jackson Wife Of Major F. Kenneth Jackson Farmhill House Who Died 6/2/1961 Aged 45. Major Jackson Born: 12/3/1911 Died: 9/11/1979 In UpTon Upon Severn Worcestershire

Desmond Roy Hendy Kilcrow Who Died 31/3/1963 Aged 5 Years 11 Months

Phoebe Addie Shanrath Who Died 8/5/1969 Aged 72. Her Husband Charlie Addie Who Died 20/3/1973 Aged 79

Joseph Young Athmore Athy Who Died 8/4/1929. His Grandnephew Robert Samual Child Of Caroline & Thomas Bates Rosetown Who Died 3/2/1940 Aged 7

John Robert Cox Who Died 23/12/1926 Aged 46. Helen C. Cox Who Died 14/1/1960

Alicia Telford Widow Of Richard D. Telford Ardreigh Who Died At Woodstock St. 18/4/1939. Her Daughter Florence Rowena Telford Who Died 24/11/1960 And Is Interred In Ribblesdale Yorkshire. Her Daughter Dora Alicia ” Al” Telford Who Died In Dun Laoghire 2/3/1965 Interred Here.

John Bennett Who Died 23/10/1949 Aged 71. His Wife Ellen Who Died 16/9/74 Aged 84. Their Son Joseph Bennett Died Aged 12

Mick Grant Maria Grant

Erected By The Parents Of Michael Grant Who Died 4/6/1943 Aged 18. Their Daughter Bridget Died Young. Their Daughter Mary Grant Who Died 10/7/1944 Aged 10. Sheamus Grant Who Died 22/8/1947 Aged 18. James Grant Who Died 29/3/1963 Aged 65. His Mother Bridget Grant Who Died 11/8/1975 Aged 72

Daniel Marum Who Died 31/3/1938 Aged 19

Bridget Byrne Who Died 18/7/1921 Aged 22. Grandmother Bridget Leonard Who Died 25/3/1916. Mary Byrne Who Died 18/6/1958 Aged 84. James Byrne Who Died 2/10/1947. Maisie Byrne Who Died 30/11/1943 Aged 17

Thomas Power Who Died 20/2/1916 Aged 17. Christopher Power Who Was Killed 25/4/1915 Aged 22. His Mother Sarah Power Who Died 27/1/1937 Aged 67. Her Daughter mary Who Died 26/3/1926 Aged 33. Sarah Power Shruelln Lane Who Died 22/11/1978

Richard Alcock Woodstock Street Who Died 17/3/1916 Aged 57. His Wife Maria Alcock Who Died 19/2/1930 Aged 65. His Son Patrick Alcock Who Died 18/8/1976 Aged 74. His Grandchildren Bridie & George Fowler Who Died Young.

John CummIns Who Died 9/4/1935 Aged 20. His Aunt Mary McDonald Who Died 31/1/1942 Aged 49

Lucy Maher Wife Of Patrick Maher Who Died 1/4/1978. Her Daughter Sarah

Sarah Whelan Who Died 7/6/1931 Aged 49. Mary Foley Who Died In Infancy 13/8/1948. William Whelan Who Died 15/6/1949

Agnes Chambers Who Died 6/5/1945 Aged 28

Elizabeth Kelly Rockfield Who Died 19/6/1945 Aged 73. Her Husband Michael Who Died 30/11/1965 Aged 83. Her Son Paddy Who Died 30/10/1952

James Wilson Who Died 3/8/1925 Aged 50. His Wife Margaret Kelly Who Died 25/11/68 Aged 85. Thomas Wilson Who Died 14/1/2003 Aged 78. His Sister Annie Hayden Who Died 25/2/2003 Aged 80.

Richard Reid 72 Calty More Drive CrumlIn Who Died 15/1/1946 Aged 29. His Wife Margaret Who Died 20/3/1941 Aged 29. His Father Robert Reid Plewman’s Terrace Who Died 20/5/1965 Aged 81. His Mother Sarah Reid Who Died 18/411932 Aged 52. His Niece Lilly Who Died 18/12/1946. His Nephew Frank Who Died 18/2/1947. His Sister Bridget Who Died 1925 Aged 14.

James Carey Who Died 12/2/1924 Aged 36. His Wife Mary Who Died 14/11/1918 Aged 30.

Mary P Bolger Who Died 5/2/1985 Aged 76

John Bolger Who Died 22/1/1937 Sarah Bolger Who Died 22/11/1916

Margaret Delaney Who Died 21/6/1956 Aged 53. Her Husband Christopher Delaney Who Died 24/9/1967 Aged 60

Sarah CummIns Who Died 31/1/1918 Aged 58

Bridget Connell 40 Upper Saint Josephs Who Died 16/4/1973 Aged 78. Her Son Michael Who Died Young

Johnny Burns Born: 22/8/1941 Died: 3 Months Old Son Of William Burns & Sarah Burns And Brother Of Lucy Now With Mother


Erected By Lucy Alcock In Loving Memory Of Her Dear Husband John Alcock Who Died 2/3/1934 Aged 36.

Erected By Patrick Sheppard In Memory Of His Wife Anne Who Died 5/2/1922 Aged 63.

Erected By Bridget Carroll Pairc Brid In Loving Memory Of Her Husband Christopher Carroll Who Died 23/2/1952 Aged 71. Also Her Parents Mary Byrne Who Died 22/12/1921 Aged 64. James Byrne Who Died 23/9/1943 Aged 76. Also Her Brother William Byrne Who Died 5/1/1921 Aged 29. Also Her Son John Who Died In England 20/2/1969 Aged 58. The Above Bridget Carroll Who Died 25/12/1974 Aged 92. Her Son James Carroll Who Died 2/2/1978 Aged 68. Babies Mark & Alesia Nolan Who Died 5/1/1978

John Kelly Who Died 4/5/1940 Aged 66. Erected By His Wife And Sons

James Kelly Who Died 22/4/1922 Aged 42. Mary Kelly Who Died 1/3/1941 Aged 61. Patrick Kelly Who Died 1/11/1918 Aged 21. Katie O Keefe 1901-1962

Patrick Mooney Rheban Who Died 1/3/1946. His Wife Ellen Mooney Who Died 23/6/1944. Their Children Elizabeth Mooney Who Died 11/1944 Joseph Mooney Who Died 1/1/1960 William Mooney Who Died 2/4/1974 John Mooney Who Died 24/1/1993 Margaret Mooney Who Died 14/10/1994 Phil Who Died 31/7/2002

Erected By John Moore In Memory Of His Wife Julia Moore Who Died 28/1/1917

John Archbold Who Died 25/3/1947 Aged 70. His Wife Annie Archbold Who Died 1900 Buried At Cornanstown Kilcullen

Erected By John Loughman In Memory Of His Wife Bridget Loughman Minches Terrace Who Died 29/8/1950. John Loughman Who Died 28/7/1977 Aged 56.

Jack Delaney 9 Minches Terrace Who Died 20/4/1957 Aged 65. His Wife Ailise Delaney Nee Kavanagh Who Died 14/2/1968 Aged 75.

Edward Doyle Belview Who Died 9/9/1942. His Wife Ellen Doyle Who Died 21/7/1968. His Daughter Bridget Doyle Who Died 7/4/1940.

Edward Wade Who Died 9/3/1920 Aged 42

Michael Kavanagh Who Died 19/6/1945. His Wife Margaret Kavanagh 6/4/1928. Their Son William Kavanagh Who Died 26/2/1943 Aged 23.

Margaret Foley Who Died 27/10/1950. Her Husband Francis C. Who Died 27/10/1985 Aged 73. Margaret Foley Interred In England.

James Hogan Kilcoo Who Died 12/4/1964. His Wife Mary Who Died 12/8/1944. Their Son Christopher Aged 3.

Patrick Connell Who Died 16/4/1936 Aged 74. His Wife Bridget Connell Who Died 23/10/1935 Aged 63. Their Son William Connell Who Died 16/10/1959 Aged 86

Erected By J. Keenan In Memory Of His Wife Who Died 6/4/1934 Aged 33.

In Loving Memory Of The Fennell Family 39 Dooley’s Terrace Who Are Interred Here

Martin Wall Nelson Street Who Died 17/4/1948 Aged 48. His Wife Margaret Who Died 12/3/1977 Aged 13. Martin John Coughlin Died In Infancy 1957.

Francis Feeney Who Died 25/5/1948. Mary Feeney Who Died 23/11/1951

Mary Kelly Black Park Who Died 21/5/1941 Aged 84. Her Grandson Patrick Stynes Who Died In Infancy. Her Daughter Mary Stynes 6 Bleach Cottages Who Died 1/2/1973 Aged 79. Her Grandson (Black) John Stynes Who Died 7/3/1999 Aged 74.

Mary Jacinta Whelan Gouleyduff Athy Who Died 3/4/1951 Aged 2. Also Joseph O Brien Stradbally Leix Who Died 15/7/1963 Aged 84. His Wife Bridget O Brien Who Died 27/12/1970 Aged 88. Also Patrick Whelan Who Died 16/6/1978 Aged 74. Also Mary Kavanagh Who Died 26/1/1998 Aged 88. Also Bridie Whelan Who Died 2/10/2006 Aged 92

Patrick Brogan Who Died 11/1/1957

William Walsh Who Died 17/3/1951 Aged 45. His Mary Ann Walsh Who Died 3/2/1971 Aged 59

Erected By William Bracken In Memory Of His Father William Bracken Who Died 10/3/1943 Aged 78. His Mother Bridget Bracken Who Died 6/6/1950 Aged 72.

Erected By His Wife Bridget Day In Memory Of Her Husband Day Peter Who Died 30/4/1948 Aged 68

James Hughes 48 Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 11/9/1974 Aged 71. His Daughter Rosemary Hughes Who Died 10/1/1948 Aged 4. His Daughter Maureen Tinklir Who Died In England 10/1/1948 Aged 55. His Wife Margaret Hughes Who Died 7/1/1996 Aged 90.

Patrick Brennan Grangemellon Who Died 2/3/1987 Aged 74. His Wife Mary Brennan Who Died 16/11/2001 Aged 87

Michael McKenna Convent View Who Died 23/3/1956 Aged 57. His Son Jackie McKenna Who Died 7/1/1951 Aged 16. His Grandsons Gordan & John Thorne Who Died ? His Wife Annie Who Died 23/3/1975 Aged 65

Julia Lamon 38 Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 23/10/1979 Aged 65. Her Daughter Mary Lamon Who Died 18/3/1952 Aged 15. Her Husband John Who Died 3/2/1990 Aged

John Brennan 32 Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 2/12/1949 Aged 64. His Son Patrick Brennan Who Died 11/5/1957 Aged 49. His Wife Roseanna Brennan Who Died 1/10/1975 Aged 87

Bridget Kelly Railway Cottage Ardreigh Who Died 1/10/1948 Aged 36.

John Mulhall Larkfield Who Died 28/4/1996 Judy Ward (Nee Mulhall) Who Died 20/1/1999 Aged 76

Erected By Robert Mulhall In Memory Of His Wife Mary Mulhall Who Died 18/1/1952 Aged 27

Erected By Patrick Mulhall Who Died 7/2/1962 Aged 65. His Wife Margaret Mulhall Who Died 26/3/1983 Aged 80

Patrick Walsh Who Died 23/7/1948. His Nephew Michael Walsh Who Died 5/2/1948. Mary Walsh Who Died 24/2/1956 Aged 55.

Christopher & Bridget Hutchinson 13 nelson Street

Annie (Nannie) O Keeffe 1 St. Dominic’s Park Athy Who Died 1/4/2005 Aged 67

Mary Ann Eston Athy Who Died 25/10/1950. Her Husband Patrick Eston Who Died 24/7/1960

Bridget (Biddy) Moore 23 Upper Saint Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 1955 Aged 62. Jason (Michael) Donnelly Who Died ?

John Kelly Who Died 15/8/1971. James Kelly Who Died 3/9/1968

Mary Ann Eaton Who Died 19/4/1956. Her Husband John Eaton Who Died 1/8/1949 Aged 63.

Eliza O Hara Who Died 19/9/1949 Aged 61. William O Hara Who Died 26/9/1975 Aged 88. Their Daughter Mary O Hara Who Died 6/2/2000 Aged 70.

Arthur Keogh Who Died 10/12/1932. Annie Keogh Who Died 14/7/1959. His Son Thomas Keogh Who Died 7/3/1980 Aged 71. His Daughter Margaret Keogh Who Died 13/11/1985 Aged 71.

Denis Dunne 19 Upper Saint Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 19/6/1952 Aged 63. His Wife Esther Who Died 22/12/1966 Aged 58

John Hyland Geraldine Road Who Died 4/7/1969 Aged 84. His Wife Sarah Who Died 18/4/1939 Aged 44. Their Children James Hyland Who Died 17/6/1937 Aged 15. Kathleen Hyland Who Died 12/4/1943 Aged 17. PaulIne Hyland Who Died 7/10/1961 Aged 28.

John Maloney Who Died 19/12/1954 Aged 58. Patrick Maloney Who Died 31/10/1962 Aged 88.

John (Johnny) Maloney 5 Clonmullion Who Died 25/1/2004 Aged 73

Paul Stynes Who Died 11/7/1992 Aged 66.

Bridget Stynes Levitstown Who Died 27/6/1941 Aged 54. Her Husband James Stynes Who Died 23/1/1950 Aged 64. Her Son John Stynes Who Died 19/3/1963 Aged 52.

Elizabeth Mary Stynes Who Died 21/5/1968. Martin Michael Stynes Who Died 15/10/1961 Both Of…..?

James Phelan Ballybought Athy Who Died 12/11/1956. His Wife Mary Phelan Who Died 15/1/1970

James O Brien Who Died 1938 Aged 10. His Sister Mary O Brien Who Died 7/6/1949 Aged 23

Esther Brennan Who Died 10/10/1938. Michael Brennan Who Died 6/1/1960. Their Son Tim Brennan Who Died In England.

Richard Maloney Prusselstown Who Died 7/2/1954 Aged 50. His Son Michael Maloney Who Died 16/5/1935. His Daughter Kathleen Maloney Who Died 3/11/1952. His Wife Mary Maloney Who Died 1/2/1978 Aged 70.

Patrick (Patsy) Delahunt Who Died 26/2/1956 Aged 57. His Wife Kathleen Delahunt Who Died 15/9/1940 Aged 40. His Son Patrick Delahunt Who Died 6/6/1943 Aged 12. Edward (Neddy) Delahunt Who Died 21/1/2007 Aged 81. His Wife Kathleen Delahunt Who Died 8/2/2007 Aged 79.

Thomas Morrin Who Died 9/8/1968 Aged 58. His Wife Mary Who Died 12/9/1978 Aged 66.

Mona Kelly Who Died 4/3/1992 Aged 21. Her Mother In Law Mary Kelly Who Died 10/9/1943 Aged 70. Her Father In Law Pat Kelly Who Died 4/1954 Aged 93. Her Husband Pat Kelly Who Died 13/11/1995 Aged 77.

Rosanna Kavanagh Who Died 28/6/1964 Aged 80. Her Brother Christy Loughman Who Died 12/5/1962 Aged 77.

Erected By Bridget Finn In Memory Of Johanna Loughman Who Died 18/1/1950 Aged 65.

Arthur Lawler Who Died 15/11/1949 Aged 1 1/2

Erected By Edward Delahunt 24 Geraldine Road Athy In Loving Memory Of His Daughter Bridget Who Died 22/9/1949. His Brother Thomas James Delahunt Who Died 5/7/2006 Aged 69.

Edward Delahunt 24 Geraldine Road Who Died 10/7/1980 Aged 74. Mary Delahunt The Wife Of Edward Who Died 8/7/1991 Aged 76.

John Murphy Geraldine Who Died17/4/1965. His Wife Margaret Murphy Who Died 13/1/2001

John Rigney Black Parks Athy Who Died 19/1/1964 Aged 76. Also His Son Martin Rigney Who Died 27/1/1980 Aged 56. Bridget Rigney Who Died 11/11/1981 Aged 83

Margaret Hayes Who Died 17/3/1972 Aged 76. Her Husband John Hayes Who Died 14/10/1937 Aged 53. Their Son John Hayes Who Died 13/2/1944 Aged 20. Her Father James Byrne Who Died 8/10/1940 Aged 81. Her Mother Bridget Byrne Who Died 3/6/1942 Aged 77. Her Brother Christopher Byrne Who Died 9/1967 Aged 77. Her Brother Patrick Byrne Who Died 7/1968. Her Brother Edward Who Died 6/12/1979.

Pat Timpson Bennett’s Bridge Athy Who Died 30/4/1934. His Wife Margaret Timpson Who Died 1/10/1969 Aged 84. Their Daughter Margaret (Peg) Timpson Who Died 27/10/2001

John Morrin Canal Side Who Died 31/12/1968 Aged 61. His Wife Elizabeth Morrin 30/7/1975 Aged 73

James McCarthy St. Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 12/12/1952 Aged 14. His Father Patrick McCarthy Who Died 1/1/1968 Aged 67. His Mother Agnes McCarthy Who Died 13/9/1975. His Sister Mary McCarthy Who Died 1/4/1983 Aged 43. His Brother Thomas McCarthy Who Died 11/9/2006 Aged 69.

John Hickey St. Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 22/11/1978 Aged 56. His Son Patrick Hickey Who Died 11/10/1949 Aged 3.

Joe Ryan Phairc Bhride Who Died 24/7/1987. His Parents James & Mary Ryan And Grandchildren.

Edward Murphy 35 Dooley’s Terrace Company Sergeant Veteran War Of Independence Who Died 28/8/1948 Aged 49. His Wife Elizabeth Murphy Nee Power Who Died 9/6/1989 Aged 88. His Daughter Nancy Murphy Who Died 28/5/1940

Michael Dunphy 1892-1975 Mary Dunphy 1900-1983 Their Daughter Cathy Dunphy 1924-1934 Their Sons Billy Dunphy 1926-1950 Eamonn Dunphy 1942-2000

Erected By Mary Doyle In Memory Of Her Mother Margaret Lawler Who Died 1/6/1950. Her Husband John Doyle Who Died 25/12/1953. Her Sister Elizabeth Dunne Who Died 25/12/1953. The Above Mary Doyle Who Died 17/11/1970

Mary Ann Maher Sawerswood Lodge Who Died 15/8/1977 Aged 80. Her Husband James Maher Who Died 18/9/1991 Aged 83.

Mary Brennan Who Died 9/9/1963 Aged 53. Her Husband Joseph Brennan Who Died 21/4/1967 Aged 67

Erected By John Bowden In Memory Of His Daughter Christina Who Died 27/9/1914 Aged 24.

William Eustace Who Died 13/1/1915 Aged 37. Harriet Eustace Alcock Who Died 7/1957 Aged 84. His Brother In Law Luke Wall Who Died 5/1957 Aged 60. Ellen Wall, Wife Of Luke, Died 12/5/2003 In Perth Australia.

Erected By Harrietta Eustace In Memory Of Her Husband William Eustace Who Died 13/1/1915 Aged 37.

John Bowden RIP

James Flynn Who Died 25/5/1955 Aged 65

9261 Private T. Flynn Connaught Rangers Who Died 26/2/1915 Aged 28.

Catherine (kate) Maher Nee Bollard Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 26/10/1941 Aged 68. Her Husband Hugh Bollard Who Died 14/12/1932 Aged 71 Tubberara.

Patrick Doody 14 Convent View Who Died 28/5/1968 Aged 60. His Wife Kathleen Who Died 19/10/2005 Aged 87. His Son Gerry Doody Who Died 18/9/1996 Aged 39 Interred In Blidworth England.

Eileen Delany Shanrath Wolfhill Who Died 26/9/1972

Erected By Patrick Reddy Rathbride Newbridge In Memory Of His Wife Maria Reddy Nee Nolan Late Of Leinster Street Athy Who Died 9/3/1962 Aged 75 Also Her Brothers Joseph Nolan Who Died 18/12/1952 Aged 68 Patrick Nolan Who Died 5/5/1955 Aged 73 Daniel Nolan Who Died 20/7/1956 Aged 66

John Foley Who Died 25/11/1950 Aged 88. Mary Foley Who Died 17/11/1946 Aged 74. Daniel (Dan) Foley Who Died 16/5/1971

John Healy Ardreigh Who Died 19/8/1944 Aged 71. Also His Wife Ellen Who Died 20/11/1920 Interred In Dunmanogue.

Ellen Birney Who Died 4/3/1946 Aged 58

ChristIne Pollard December 1921 October 1980

Gerald (Gerry) O Sullivan St. Dominic’s Park Who Died 26/9/1994 Aged 75 Also Infant Daughter Ann O Sullivan.

Peter Bowden Nelson Street Who Died 2/11/1918 Aged 64. His Wife Helen Bowden Who Died 15/9/1935 Aged 81.

John Carey Who Died 30/8/1966 Aged 74. His Daughter Mary Carey Who Died 22/7/1918. His Daughter Johanna Carey Who Died 9/9/1947 Aged 18. His Wife Margaret Carey Who Died 10/9/1984 Aged 92. His Grand Daughter Ann O Sullivan

Peter Bowden Who Died 26/3/1953. His Wife Margaret Bowden Who Died 26/6/1929

Ann Bowden Who Died 21/3/1944 Aged 32. Her Daughter Ann Bowden Who Died 7/11/1958 Aged 17. Breda Bowden Who Died 1942 Aged 6 Months.

John Carey St. Dominic’s Park Athy Who Died 8/7/1925 Aged 75. His Wife Margaret Carey Who Died 27/8/1944 Aged 87. Their Son James Carey Who Died 12/2/1924 Aged 36.

Patrick Daye 5 Minches Terrace Who Died 13/5/1966. His Wife Mary Daye Who Died 18/8/1959. His Daughter Bridget Daye Who Died 18/3/1947. His Daughter Margaret Daye Who Died 1/9/1976. His Son In Law James Murphy Who Died 11/4/1902. His Daughter Mary (Molly) Hanley Who Died 1/4/1991.

Michael Doogue Quarry Farm Who Died 22/12/1952 Aged 24. His Uncles Thomas Doogue Who Died 12/9/1971 Aged 62 And Patrick Doogue Who Died 10/4/1975 Aged 68.

Betty Reid Who Died 19/12/1946 Aged 3 Years & 8 Months. Robbie Reid Who Died 9/7/1986 Aged 24. Their Mother Jane Reid Who Died 12/5/1986 Aged 73. Their Father Patrick Reid Who Died 4/1/1990 Aged 83. Daughter PaulIne Reid Who Died 23/10/2002 Aged 52.

Robert Reid Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 9/7/1960 Aged 24.

Michael (Mick) Davis 12 Minches Terrace Athy Who Died 23/12/1966 Husband Of Christina (Sis) Nee Moran Who Died 11/10/1970 Aged 62. Their Sons Patrick Joseph Davis Who Died 21/5/1956 Aged 7 Weeks .William Davis Who Died 18/4/1946 Aged 18. William Who Died 28/1/1947 Aged 8 Months. Their Daughter Esther Davis Who Died 21/12/1950 Aged 3 1/2 Years.

James Brien Who Died Good Friday 1935 Aged 29. His Wife Bridget Brien Who Died 14/6/1944 Aged 55. Martin Brien Who Died 4/3/1955 Aged 69. Martin Nolan Who Died 3/1/1915 Aged 85. Elizabeth Brien Who Died Young. Michael Brien Upper William Street Who Died 6/3/1969

Kathleen Bowden 3 Minches Terrace Who Died 15/12/1977. Her Husband Peter Who Died 1/7/1980

Ellen Cuningham Who Died 22/1/1975

Patrick Kelly Who Died 26/12/1962 Aged 60

Richard Flanagan St. Patrick’s Avenue Who Died 30/11/1956 Aged 74. His Wife Mary Ellen Flanagan Who Died 20/12/1974 Aged 84. Their Daughter Bridget Mary Bride Flanagan Who Died 19/12/2003 Aged 83.

Martin Eaton Who Died 1/11/1962 Aged 57. His Wife Ellen Eaton Who Died 5/4/1980 Aged 64. Their Daughter Patricia Eaton Who Died Assention Thursday 1942 Aged 8. Their Son Michael Eaton Who Died 18/10/1951 Aged 11. Their Son Martin Eaton Who Died 19/2/1996 Aged 47. Their Son Paddy Eaton Who Died 19/11/2008 Aged 74

Mary Ann Hughes Who Died 26/6/1935 Aged 64. Her Husband Martin Hughes Who Died 27/9/1950 Aged 90. Her Grand Daughter Eva Keefe Who Died 8/1933 Aged 13. Her Daughter Mary Hughes Who Died 9/9/1976 Aged77

Philip Keogh Who Died 31/12/1932 Aged 8

James Mulhall Who Died 15/5/1915 Aged 55

Erected By John Maloney In Memory Of His Wife Anne Maloney Who Died 17/1/1937

Connell Late Of Stanhope Street.

Richard Dunne Bennetts Bridge Who Died 22/8/1951. His Wife Mary Dunne Who Died 6/3/1954. Sons Richard Dunne Who Died 20/11/1937. Robert Dunne Who Died 11/1/1970 Also Anne Dunne Who Died 23/4/1932. Kathy Dunne Who Died 22/12/1993

Erected Patrick J Bracken Emily Square In Memory Of His Sons James (Jimmy) Bracken Who Died 1/11/1948 Aged 10 1/2. William Bracken Who Died Young. The Above PJ Bracken Who Died 24/11/1956. His Wife Elizabeth Bracken Who Died 24/5/1996.

Erected By Thomas Moran In Memory Of His Mother Elizabeth Moran Who Died 9/5/1940

Erected By Margaret Davis In Memory Of Her Husband James Davis Who Died 21/5/1940

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