St. Michael’s Old, Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare, Page 3

The following St. Michael’s Old, Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Margaret Logue (Nee Houlihan) Bleach Cottages Black Park Athy Who Died 9/2/1939 Aged 39. Also Interred Nearby Two Of Her Children Charles & Elizabeth Logue. Parents Charles And Margaret Houlihan. Her Husband John Logue Interred In Bunratty Co. Clare.

Erected By Dotie Robinson In Memory Of Her Husband John Robinson Who Died 30/6/1942 Aged 38. His Father Michael Robinson Who Died 3/1/1938

John Robinson Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 30/6/1942 Aged 38. His Father And Mother And Son Paddy.

Thomas Keane Woodstock Street Who Died 16/5/1938. His Wife Julianne Keane Who Died 23/11/1953. Theresa Keane Who Died 23/2/1998. Lilian Keane Who Died 12/3/2004.

David Walsh Who Died 26/11/1949 Aged 51. His Wife Florence Walsh Who Died 1/11/1069 Aged 73. Their Son Thomas D. Walsh Who Died 6/6/1999.

Francis J. Masterson Corbally House Athy Who Died 24/2/1950. His Wife Anna M. Masterson Who Died 17/8/1979.

Erected By Michael Heydon In Memory Of His Brothers Edward Heydon Who Died 24/6/1946 Aged 75. Martin Heydon Who Died 26/1/1955 Aged 76.

Erected By Bridget Timpson In Memory Of Her Husband Edward Timpson Who Died 4/12/1949 Aged 59.

Nora Gorman Who Died 10/6/1952

Edward (Ted) Hicks 3 Bleach Cottages Athy Who Died 17/8/1957 Aged 51. His Wife Elizabeth Hicks Who Died 19/7/1974 Aged 72. His Son George Hicks Who Died 30/8/1997 Aged 64. His Son John Hicks Who Died 16/8/2002 Aged 64.

Michael Finn Woodstock Athy Who Died 10/2/1962. His Wife Dorretta Finn Nee Costigan Who Died 31/7/1994 Aged 86. His Son Austin Finn Who Died 6/1945 Aged 6 Weeks.

David Finn Ballyroe Churchtown Who Died 15/4/1972 Aged 74. His Wife Elizabeth Finn Who Died 19/11/1964.

Mulhall Willsgrove Athy 1889-1949 Johanna Mulhall 1888-1955

John Fanning Who Died 17/4/1955 Aged 61. His Wife Elizabeth Fanning Who Died 24/4/1973

James Bracken Athy Who Died 17/7/1990 Aged 82. His Wife Mary Bracken Who Died 26/3/1957 Aged 28.

Aiden Tierney Salsbury Athy Who Died 2/7/1939 Aged 2 1/2. Patrick Tierney Who Died 4/12/1960 Aged 74. His Wife Edith Who Died 11/5/1988 Aged 79.

Mary (Molly) Brophy 11 Minches Terrace Who Died 16/5/1945 Aged 36. Her Husband Joe Brophy Who Died 17/12/1970 Aged 62.

Catherine McEvoy 33 Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 22/12/1945 Aged 65. Her Husband John McEvoy Who Died 9/1/1961 Aged 81. Her Son Mick McEvoy Who Died 5/3/1998 Aged 78.

Michael Moore Burtown Who Died 25/7/1966. His Wife Mary Moore Who Died 4/3/1975 Aged 78.

Margaret Bolger Who Died 22/3/1953 Aged 83. Her Husband Edward Bolger Who Died 16/2/1961 Aged 90. Chris Hearns Who Died 10/3/1966 Aged 67. Margaret Bolger Who Died 20/11/1968 Aged 53. Julia Hearns Who Died 11/6/1972 Aged 71. James Bolger Who Died 28/3/2002 Aged 90.

Stephen Hynes Only Son Of Deirdre & Thomas Hynes Who Died 3/5/1984 Aged 15.

Eddie Whelan Ardreigh Athy Who Died 16/9/1958 Aged 24. His Father Stephen Whelan Who Died 3/3/1989 Aged 76.

Margaret Lilian Byrne Who Died 10/10/1969 Aged 54. Her Husband Michael t. Byrne Garoonagh Athy Who Died 12/12/ 1970 Aged 66. Husband Of Anna Hosie Byrne.

Michael Rowan Upper Saint Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 29/12/1963 Aged 70. His Wife Alice Who Died 24/11/1966 Aged 63.

Mary F. Burley St. Joseph’s Athy Who Died 28/6/1957. Her Husband Christopher Burley Who Died 4/5/1963

John Joseph O Rourke Canalside Athy Who Died 5/8/1959 Aged 74. His Daughter Mary Fitzpatrick Who Died 17/11/1968 Aged 50. His Wife Margaret O Rourke Who Died 25/10/1970 Aged 75. Thomas O Rourke Who Died 13/7/1988.

Michael Stapleton Who Died 23/4/1960. His Sister Mary Stapleton Who Died 31/8/1962. Laurence Stapleton Who Died 29/3/1966. James Stapleton Who Died 12/9/1966.

John Farrell 71 Pairc Bride Athy Who Died 1/4/1962 Aged 65. His Wife Mary Josephine Who Died 29/6/1986.

Bridie Chambers 51 Castle Park Who Died 13/7/1994 Aged 61.

Patrick Dempsey Forest Athy Who Died 25/10/1963 Aged 46. Erected By His Daughter Mary Dempsey.

Charles Holohan 34 St. Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 27/4/1982 Aged 72. His Grandson Michael Holohan Who Died 2/1/1980 Aged 1 Year 9 Months. His Wife Molly Holohan Who Died 14/2/1997 Aged 83.

John Redmond Who Died 13/7/1959 Aged 24. 31 St. Joseph’s Terrace

John Kavanagh Geraldine Who Died 20/12/1958 Aged 73. His Wife Bridget Kavanagh Who Died 17/8/1969 Aged 91

Mary Ann Mulhall Rockfield Athy Who Died 4/9/1956 Aged 78. Her Husband Michael Mulhall Who Died 22/12/1949 Aged 85.

Erected By John Mulhall Farm Hill Athy Who Died 17/4/1931 Aged 90 In Memory Of His Wife Mary Mulhall Who Died 17/5/1931 Aged 47. Their Daughter Nancy Mulhall Who Died 6/10/2005 Aged 83.

Edward Ward Who Died 22/3/1957 Aged 52. Thomas Ward Who Died 28/2/1938 Aged 11. Lieutenant Dominic Ward Who Died Suddenly At Catterick Camp Yorkshire Who Died 28/12/1971 Aged 75. Sam Ward Who Died 21/11/2008 Aged 76.

Mary Webster Ardreigh Athy Who Died 14/2/1955 Aged 67. Her Husband Edward Webster Who Died 29/7/1962 Aged 84.

Joe Deering Ardreigh Athy Who Died 13/11/1956 Aged 70. His Wife Margaret Deering Who Died 9/4/1968 Aged 82. Their Son Anthony (Tony) Who Died 21/10/1969 Aged 52.

Pat Brennan Kilcrow Athy Who Died 10/10/1957. His Wife Elizabeth Brennan Who Died 20/9/1980 Aged 75.

Thomas Poole 85 Woodstock Street Who Died 2/11/1987 Aged 77. His Wife Ellen (Neill) Who Died 13/12/1998 Aged 86.

Sidney Donaldson Who Died 28/8/1954. Mary Donaldson Who Died 1/6/1957. George Victor Donaldson Who Died 12/1/1965.

Patrick Murphy 24 Offaly Street Who Died 8/6/1977 Aged 73. His Mother Mary (Polly)Murphy Who Died 15/1/1986 Aged 82.

Patrick kelly 675 Railway View Athy Who Died 19/2/1965 Aged 62.

Bridget Doyle 22 St. Patrick’s Avenue Athy Who Died 1/11/1963

Michael Hogan Leinster Street Who Died 4/10/1959 Aged 45. His Wife Brenda Hogan Who Died 20/3/1994 Aged 71.

Adrian Shorte 52 McDonald Drive Who Died 28/1/1960 Aged 8 Months. His Father William Who Died18/7/2007 Aged 80.

Bridget Burley Convent View Who Died 14/10/1974

Erected By Martin Mulhall Who Died 14/7/1984 In Loving Memory Of His Wife Christina Mulhall Who Died 26/1/1958 Aged 44.

Erected By James Mulhall Who Died 24/9/1957 Aged 89 In Loving Memory Of His Wife Ellen Mulhall (Nee Mulroe) Who Died 9/7/1945 Aged 74. Their Son Chris Who Died 10/4/1967 Aged 59.

Loughlin Walsh Dunbrin Athy Who Died 2/5/1938 Aged 67. His Wife Mary WInifred Walsh Who Died 28/10/1956 Aged 80. Their Family Charles Joseph Walsh Who Died 21/8/1954 Aged 44. Margaret Walsh Who Died 16/4/1979 Aged 81. David Walsh Who Died 28/5/1991 Aged 77. Nora Walsh Who Died 29/10/1998 Aged 85

William Meagher Who Died 18/3/1943. His Sister Mary Meagher (Nee Doran) Who Died 23/1/1944

Erected By Joseph Murphy In Memory Of His Mother Elizabeth Murphy Who Died 6/12/1945. His Father Christy Murphy Who Died 23/2/1922. His Wife May Murphy St. Michael’s Terrace Who Died 24/5/1978. The Above Joseph Murphy Who Died 12/2/1981. His Sister Caroline Kelly Who Died 4/3/1985. His Son Desmond Who Died 23/3/2007

Dennis Whelan Carlow Road Athy Who Died 1/11/1954 Aged 61. His Wife Bridget Whelan Who Died 18/4/1987 Aged 85.

Erected By John & Dora Johnson In Memory Of Their Daughter Mary (Mollie) Johnson Who Died 28/3/1946 Aged 20. The Above John Johnson Who Died 20/5/1955 Aged 67. The Above Dora Johnson Who Died 26/12/1975.

Erected By Jennie Whelan In Memory Of Her Father John Byrne Stanhope Street Who Died 5/1/1947 Aged 37. His Wife Mary Bridget Who Died 19/1/1955. Their Son Terence Who Died 14/4/1954. Her Brother James Byrne 16 Upper St. Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 30/8/1977

Kay Byrne Daughter Of James & Ellen Byrne Who Died 11/7/1991 Aged 37.

Erected By Isabella Mullery Athy In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Mullery Who Died 10/10/1950 Aged 64. The Above Isabella Mullery Who Died 16/2/1955 Aged 66. Their Son Stanley Mullery Who Died 17/3/1970 Aged 36. Their Son Michael Mullery Who Died 27/3/1977 Aged 60. Their Son Anthony Mullery Who Died 26/11/1983 Aged 53.

Peter Noctor Kellyville Who Died 25/10/1956 Aged 83. His Wife Margaret Noctor Who Died 25/10/1950 Aged 60. Their Daughters Bridget Dempsey Who Died 14/8/1941 Aged 21. Margaret Dunne Who Died 25/12/1963 Aged 49. Their Son Michael Who Died 4/7/1970 Aged 54.

John Noctor Who Died 17/8/1977

Bridget Conroy Quarry Farm Who Died 7/9/1966. Her Husband Thomas Conroy Interred In Middleton C.T. Their Daughter Esther (Ciss) Who Died 28/3/2002

Margaret McCauley St. Fiacre Park Kilkenny Formally Athy Who Died 8/5/1958 Aged 54. Her Daughter Bridget McCauley Who Died 17/6/1932 Aged 2 Months. Her Grandson Who Died Young. Her Husband Michael McCauley Who Died 18/3/1970 Aged 72. Their Son Eamonn McCauley Who Died 26/6/1980 Aged 54.

Erected By Josephine Wall Who Died 10/8/2002 In Memory Of Her Husband Martin Wall Who Died 13/4/1950 Aged 40. Her Father Patrick Ellard Who Died 28/4/1959. Her Mother Beatrice Ellen Ellard Who Died 4/2/1962. Her Brother Francis Ellard Who Died 6/7/1961 Aged 41.

Chris Supple Who Died 15/11/1967 Aged 69. Also His Mother.

Mary Dillon Leinster Street Athy Who Died 13/11/1924 Aged 86. Her Son Edward Dillon Who Died 27/5/1924. Her Daughter Kath Dillon Who Died 24/4/1899 Aged 13. Her Son Michael Dillon Who Died 26/3/1899 Aged 10. Her Husband Edward Dillon Who Died 30/9/1927 Aged 84. Her Daughter Annie Timmons Who Died 8/6/1933 Aged 40. Her SOn George Who Died 24/5/1943 Aged 71. Her Daughter Susan Dillon Who Died 9/5/1954 Aged 74. Her Daughter In Law Annie Dillon Who Died 18/4/1959 Aged 79.

Erected By MInnie Murphy In Memory Of Her Husband Luke Murphy Who Died 10/11/1925 Aged 61. The Above Minnie Murphy Who Died 7/1/1943 Aged 72.

Annie Conroy Who Died 14/9/1938 Aged 81. Her Husband Thomas Conroy Who Died 29/10/1961 Aged 91.

Michael Kavanagh 18 Duke Street Athy Who Died 1/3/1955 Aged 62. His Wife Ellen Kavanagh Who Died 19/12/1969 Aged 72. Their Son John Who Died 9/1/1933 Aged 13.

Erected By The Family Of Michael Lawler Who Died 14/9/1932 Aged 62. Bridget Lawler Who Died 3/2/1950 Aged 64. His Son Andrew Joseph Lawler Who Died 15/8/1951 Aged 43 Interred In Berminham. His Son Mary Lawler Who Died 22/1/1981 Aged 83.

Peter Fitzpatrick Who Died 21/5/1927. His Wife Catherine Fitzpatrick Who Died 18/3/1928. Children William Fitzpatrick Who Died 16/12/1925. Christopher Fitzpatrick Who Died 15/9/1915. John Fitzpatrick Who Died 22/8/1922. Peter Fitzpatrick Who Died 12/10/1962.

Nora Mullins Late Of tralee

James Maher In Memory Of His Wife Margaret Maher Who Died 1/11/1928 Aged 52. The Above James Maher Who Died 14/4/1937

Julia Corcoran Duke Street Who Died 22/6/1928 Aged 43

Jane Donegan Who Died 30/5/1929 Aged 54.

John Blanchfield 8 Saint Michael’s Terrace Who Died 13/3/1959 Aged 64. His Wife Josephine Blanchfield Who Died 25/7/1964 Aged 64. Their Sons Noel Who Died 19/6/1939 Aged 19. Gerard Blanchfield Who Died 12/2/1947 Aged 24. Their Grandchild Gerard Kane Who Died 16/8/1960 Aged 1. Their Daughter Kit.

Sadie Hall Nee Blanchfield

Margaret Browne Who Died 2/1/1922 Aged 75. Henry Browne Who Died 28/3/1923 Aged 82. Her Sister MInnie Browne Who Died 13/3/1928. Edward Browne 12/4/1939 Aged 57. William Browne Who Died 6/2/1932 Aged 48.

Martin Harrington Geraldine Who Died 21/3/1921 Aged 34. Margaret Harrington Wife Of Pat Harrington Who Died 27/3/1929 Aged 82. Her Daughter Margaret Harrington Who Died 8/12/1940 Aged 67. Her Son John Harrington Aged 66.

George J. HiggInson Woodstock Street Who Died 9/12/1963. His Parents Margaret M. HiggInson Who Died 25/2/1936. George W. HiggInson Who Died 25/7/1943. His Wife Kathleen HiggInson Nee Gibbons Who Died 6/9/1995. His Son George Francis HiggInson Who Died 1/4/2003.

George Sharpe Who Died 14/10/1919 Aged 76. His Wife Margaret Sharpe Who Died 7/2/1947 Aged 97. His Son George Who Died 1/5/1949 Aged 61. Bernard O Hara Who Died 16/10/1956 Aged 59. Agnes O Hara Who Died 2/11/1970 Aged 83.

Erected By Bridget Farrell In Memory Of Her Husband John Farrell Who Died 23/5/1939 Aged 76. The Above Bridget Farrell Who Died 24/1/1950 Aged 73, Their Son Seamus Farrell Who Died 2/10/1990 Aged 76.

In Memory Of Michael Farrell. His Wife Sarah Farrell. His Son Lewis Farrell. His Daughter Margaret Farrell.

Elizabeth King Bradley 1874 – 1917 Patrick Bradley 1874 – 1948

Anthony Nolan 1 Leinster Street Who Died 29/2/1976. His Infant Daughter. His Sister Connie Nolan Who Died 22/2/1927. His Father Edward Nolan Who Died 8/6/1934. His Mother Ellen Nolan Who Died 18/5/1952.

Erected By Margaret M. Lawler In Memory Of Her Husband Joseph A. Lawler Who Was For 30 Years Town Clerk Of Athy Who Died 4/6/1923 Aged 52. The Above Margaret Lawler Who Died 29/3/1932. James W. Lawler Who Died 13/4/1957 Aged 80 Husband Of Esther Lawler Who Died 7/1/1977 Aged 89.

Michael Neill Who Died 6/6/1926 Aged 76. His Wife Mary Neill Who Died 10/4/1942 Aged 86. Their Son Daniel Neill Who Died 21/11/1968 Aged 78. Their Daughter Mary Neill Who Died 11/2/1970

Erected By William Conroy Ballyroe In Memory Of His Wife Elizabeth Conroy Who Died 15/12/1925 Aged 73. The Above William Conroy Who Died 22/4/1927 Aged 79. His Nephew Michael Conroy Who Died 26/11/1964. Aged 72.

Erected By Catherine Blanchfield Athy In Memory Of Her Husband John Blanchfield Who Died 10/4/1924 Aged 64. The Above Catherine Blanchfield Who Died 9/4/1940 Aged 73. Their Son James Blanchfield Who Died 18/9/1960 Aged 66. Wife Of James Bridget Blanchfield Who Died 28/11/1969 Aged 55. Their Grandsons Cormac Blanchfield Who Died 20/2/1945. Seamus Blanchfield Who Died 12/8/1996.

Erected By Michael J. Dobbyn Belan Lodge Moone In Memory Of His Wife Ellen Who Died 2/3/1924 Aged 68.

James Browne Who Died 28/4/1941. Patrick Browne Who Died 26/12/1944. Mary Mitchell Who Died 2/5/1951. Patrick Mitchell Who Died 25/1/1958. Christina Mitchell Who Died 5/1/1975. Kevin Mitchell Who Died 15/10/1994. Bill Mitchell Who Died 12/10/1993. John Mitchell Who Died 26/2/2003. Patrick (Parkie) Mitchell Who Died 14/2/2008.

Margaret Doran Who Died 13/1/1958 Aged 69. Frank Doran 50 Leinster Street Who Died 27/6/1943 Aged 51.

Sergeant Major Christopher Byrne Who Died 15/11/1944 Aged 50. Bridget Byrne Who Died 13/8/1961

Erected By Bridget Ellard Athy In Memory Of Her Husband John Ellard Who Died 7/3/1948 Aged 75.

Mary Therese Corcoran Who Died 15/12/1945. Thomas Francis Corcoran Former Chairman Athy UDC And MKCC Who Died 25/8/1954 Aged 76. Nephew Adrian Kearney Who Died As a Result Of An Accident 10/7/1953 Aged 5. Josephine O Hea Who Died 1/2/1992 Aged 70.

Patrick Christopher Foley & Elenor Fitzgerald National Bank House Athy Who Died 15/2/1945

Mary Ann Horgan Who Died 20/7/1951. Her Husband John Horgan Who Died 28/2/1926. Her Son Richard Horgan Who Died 16/2/1926. Her Brother Richard O Conner Who Died 8/8/1946. Her Brother In Law Frank Gibbons Who Died 16/8/1960. His Wife Josephine Gibbons Nee Horgan Who Died 14/9/2000 Aged 92.

Joseph Carbery St. Martin’s Terrace Who Died 10/7/1951 Aged 20. His Father Thomas Carbery Who Died 31/5/1971. His Mother Nora Who Died 28/9/1973 Aged 74.

Mary B. McNeary Convent View Athy Who Died 11/7/1950. Her Son William J. McNeary Who Died 14/12/1955. Her Husband Francis P. McNeary Who Died 23/6/1961. Frank McNeary Who Died 22/1/1999

Joseph Colman Reynolds P.C.U.L.G. Dental Surgeon 21 Leinster Street Athy Who Died 13/10/1951. His Son Michael Reynolds Who Died 18/11/1945 Aged 21 Years. His Wife Angela Reynolds Who Died 28/1/1959 Aged 65.

Michael Nolan New York. Tec 5 874 Medical Hospital Ship Platoon World War 11 June 2 1906 March 20 1963

Ellen Fox Athy Who Died 31/1/1963 Aged 87. Her Husband Denis Fox Who Died 20/1/1947. Their Daughter Mary (May) Fox Who Died 27/11/1997

Peter Bolger Leinster Street Athy Who Died 23/5/1953 Aged 73. His Wife Catherine Bolger Who Died 12/3/1967. His Daughter Bridget Bolger Who Died 13/6/2001.

Paddy Harrington Who Died 11/12/1953 Aged 30 Air Accident. His Father William Harrington WoodbIne House Who Died 28/6/1963 Aged 54. His Mother Francis Harrington Who Died 16/5/1985 Aged 88.

Thomas O Rourke 50 McDonnell Drive Who Died 24/8/1956 Aged 68. His Wife Jane O Rourke Who Died 28/8/1978 Aged 80. His Daughter May O Rourke Who Died 18/8/1986 Aged 60.

Mary P. McEvoy Bert Who Died 25/8/1959 Aged 72. Thomas J. McEvoy Who Died 29/10/1960 Aged 75. James McEvoy Who Died 4/7/1964. Kitty McEvoy Who Died 9/6/1984. Thomas D. McEvoy 3/3/1924 – 19/2/1997

John J. Stafford Duke Street Athy Who Died 1/9/1957. His Wife Catherine (Dolly) Nee O Neill Who Died 7/8/1995

Daniel J. Harrington Post Office House Athy Who Died 28/10/1957 Aged 59. His Wife Bridget Harrington Who Died 8/2/1988 Aged 90. His Daughter Mary G. Harrington Who Died 28/10/1958 Aged 23.

John J. Usher Roseville Athy Who Died Who Died 23/6/1959 Aged 56. His Wife Mary Usher Who Died 21/2/1986 Aged 72.

Joseph A. May St. Vincent’s Hospital Who Died 4/4/1961. His Wife Hester (Dooley) Who Died 24/5/1998

Mary O Donnell Castlemitchell Who Died 20/5/1958. Philip O Donnell Who Died 22/7/1962. Her Son Charles (Charlie) ) Donnell Who Died 1/1/1992. His Wife Jean O Donnell (Nee O Neill) Who 30/6/1992. Ellen Noctor (O Donnell) Who Died 3/7/2006

Martin Purcell 28 Duke Street Athy Who Died 24/1/1952 Aged 73. Infant Finbar Purcell Who Died 1/4/1962 Aged 3 Days. Eileen Purcell Who Died 14/8/1966 Aged 67. Her Husband Jacob Purcell Who Died 3/11/1967 Aged 94.

Pat J. Fenelon Who Died 22/12/1955. His Wife Elizabeth Fenelon Who Died 23/7/1961. Infant Grandson Gerard Watchorn Who Died May 1963. Daughter In Law Nuala Fenelon Nee O Leary Who Died 12/3/2006.

Thomas L. (Tom) Flood Leinster Street. Captain A.S.U. Dublin Brigade I.R.A. 1917 Commandant National Army 1922 District Leader South Kildare L.D.F. 1939 – 1945. Died 8/10/1950 Aged 50. His Wife Margaret Mary (Peg) Flood Who Died 29/11/1973 Aged 75.

Daniel J. Hyland Son Of Late John & Ellen Hyland Who Died 11/10/1997. Erected By His Wife Margaret Hyland, Sons John & Paul.

John Hyland 18 Leinster Street Who Died 17/4/1953. His Wife Ellen Hyland Who Died 16/2/1961. Their Sons Very Reverend Hugh Hyland L.C.L. Who Died 10/6/1989. John J. Hyland Who Died 26/3/1993. His Wife Catherine Hyland Who Died 9/5/2001.

William Mahon Prusselstown Who Died 15/3/1956 Aged 74. His Son John Mahon Who Died 30/8/1960 Aged 49. His Wife Bridget J. Mahon Who Died 19/1/1969 Aged 84. His Daughter Bridget Mahon Who Died 18/3//1982 Aged 76.

Daniel Keys Raheenadeeragh Who Died 3/11/1960 Aged 74. His Wife Harriet Keys Who Died 27/11/1974 Aged 85.

Annie Dillon Who Died 4/3/1962 Aged 73. Her Husband John P. Dillon Barrow Quay Who Died 17/2/1958 Aged 65. Their Son Patrick Dillon Who Died 29/12/1986 Aged 66.

Annie B. O Brien Nee Kelly Who Died 1/7/1960. Her Husband Francis O Brien Who Died 1/3/1970

William Doran William Street Who Died 21/5/1960 Aged 74. His Wife Margaret Mary Doran Who Died 25/7/1974 Aged 81. Their Son Gerald Thomas Doran Who Died 24/9/1975 Aged 52. Frank Jackson Who Died 1/3/2009

Michael Somers Woodstock Street Who Died 16/6/1960 Aged 70. His Wife Anne Somers Who Died 3/2/1990.

Elizabeth Mahon Grangemellon Who Died 28/2/1902 Aged 84. Her Husband Patrick Mahon Who Died 9/8/1919 Aged 43. His Daughters Dora Mahon Who Died 19/12/1919 Aged 6 (Both Interred In Nicholastown). Julia Mahon Who Died 4/3/1993 Aged 79.

Erected By Alice Hughes Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 5/10/1953 In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Hughes Who Died 29/4/1949 Aged 73. Their Son James Hughes Who Died 11/3/1989 Aged 86.Their Daughter Mary Hughes Who Died 8/1/1992 Aged 88 Years. Their Daughter Bridget Hughes Who Died 7/9/2010 Aged 97 Years.

Patrick Bolger Turnerstown House Athy Who Died 16/10/1954 Aged 84. His Wife Catherine Bolger Who Died 23/4/1969 Aged 84. Their Son James Bolger Who Died 9/12/1977 Aged 60. Their Daughter Eileen Bolger Who Died 22/2/1994 Aged 80

Mr. Mary Jones Who Died 4/10/1932. Her Husband Captain W. H. Jones Who Died 28/11/1950

John O Brien Barkersford Who Died 12/6/1953. His Wife Mary Anne O Brien Who Died 5/10/1985 Aged 93. His Daughter Mary O Brien Who Died 26/8/1982. His daughter Peggy O Brien Who Died 11/8/2002 Aged 72.

Daniel Flinter Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 16/2/1957 Aged 84. His Wife Kathleen Flinter Who Died 3/8/1964 Aged 75. His Niece Elizabeth Flinter Who Died 4/2/1978 Aged 68.

Michael Kelly 17 Leinster Street Athy Who Died 21/2/1952 Aged 41. His Wife Kathleen Kelly Who Died 4/10/1959.

Richard Murphy William Street Athy Who Died 26/11/1950 Aged 56. His Grandson Niall Paul Bowden Who Died 22/11/1968 Aged 2 Weeks. His Wife Mary Imelda (Molly) Murphy Who Died 16/6/1971 Aged 71.

Erected By Arthur Lynch Cloney Athy In Memory Of His Father Anthony Lynch Who Died 9/8/1954. His Mother Elizabeth Lynch Who Died 9/1/1965 Aged 80.

Michael Noonan Stanhope Street athy Who Died 4/1/1957 Aged 60. His Wife Bridget Noonan Who Died 31/1/1992 Aged 84.

Gertrude Fennelly Quarry Farm Athy Who Died 17/2/1963. Her Sister Francis M. Bergin Who Died 27/10/1957. Her Sister In Law Joseph Gibbons Who Died 11/12/1974.

Mary A.Brennan Cois Na Habhann Athy Who Died 6/1/1960 Aged 74. Her Husband Fintan Brennan Who Died 6/11/1977 Aged 92. Her Grandson Fintan G. Brennan Who Died 28/2/1994 Aged 35. Tadgh R. Brennan Who Died 7/9/1999 Aged 78. His Wife Margaret (Bunty) Brennan Who Died 2/12/2003 Aged 80.

Hugh S. Hurley C. E. Athy Who Died 24/10/1940 Aged 73 Interred In Ballyadams. His Wife Margaret Hurley Who Died 8/7/1967 Aged 24. His Daughter Rose Hurley B.D.S. Who Died 5/6/1959 Aged 37. His Son Hugh Hurley Who Died 20/5/1981 Aged 65. His Son Willam Hurley Who Died 19/2/1984 Aged 70.

Thomas McKenna 28 St. Patrick’s Avenue Who Died 8/1/1948 Aged 75. His Daughter Kathleen McKenna Smith 42 Leinster Street Who Died 17/11/1963 Aged 60. Her Husband Andrew Smith Who Died 2/12/1970 Aged 83. Nellie (Lal) McKenna Who Died 30/11/1973. Aged 72.

Erected By Catherine M. Berry In Memory Of Her Husband Martin Berry Who Died 30/5/1937 Aged 40.

Robert Joseph Morrin Russellstown Who Died 4/9/1951 Aged 60. His Wife Mary Morrin Who Died 18/5/1974 Aged 74.

Leonard Francis Craig Aughraboura Who Died 14/1/1982 Aged 64. Baby Catherine Anne Craig Who Died 24/2/1951 Aged 1 Month. His Wife Gerri Craig Who Died 6/11/2004 Aged 84.

Leslie Bradbury Who Died 18/5/1955 Aged 7. His Father Thomas Bradbury Who Died 19/8/1972 Aged 59. His Mother Margaret Bradbury Who Died 12/9/1983.

Edward Conroy 13 Duke Street Athy Who Died 14/11/1971 Aged 85. Patrick Lambe Who Died In Infancy 1960. Patrick F. Lambe Who Died 16/12/1990.

Joseph McNamara Athy Who Died 23/11/1970 Aged 68. His Daughter Maureen McNamara E.D.M. Who Died 10/8/1945 Aged 18. His Son John McNanara Who Died Young. His Wife Kathleen McNanara Who Died 18/4/1950 Aged 68.

Annie Murphy Castlemitchell Athy Who Died 11/5/1962 Aged 65. Her Son William Murphy Who Died 4/10/1945 Aged 23. 2 Grandchildren Who Died Young. Her Husband William Murphy Who Died 8/12/1965 Aged 75.

Erected By Mary Murphy In Loving Memory Of Daniel Murphy Who Died 14/12/1949. Her Mother In Law Julia Murphy Who Died 19/6/1946.

Kevin Pelin Moate Lodge Athy Who Died 12/6/1959 Aged 39.

Mary Donnelly Kilcrow Who Died 10/2/1958 Aged 64. Her Mother Elizabeth Kearney Who Died 23/2/1933 Aged 84. Her Brother Christopher Kearney Who Died Aged 19. Christy Donnelly Who Died 25/2/2002 Aged 74. His Wife Mary Donnelly Who Died 22/6/2002 Aged 75.

Thomas King Rathcrumbley Athy Who Died 3/11/1958 Aged 66. His Wife Anne King Who Died 29/6/1989 Aged 84.

Michael Mahon Woodstock Street Who Died 19/9/1943. His Sister In Law Mary Lawler Who Died 5/2/1949. His Wife Patricia Lawler Who Died 28/12/1993

Elizabeth Prendergast Who Died 30/5/1942. His Father Charles Prendergast Who Died 2/6/1957. His Wife Bridget Prendergast Who Died 10/10/1969 Aged 84. His Brother Gerard Prendergast Who Died 20/6/2002 Aged 80 Also Rita Prendergast (Wife Of Ger) Who Died 27/10/2003 Aged 70.

Laurence Daly Stanhope Street Who Died 24/1/1945 Aged 59. His Wife Kathie Daly Who Died 25/2/1968.

Joseph Maher Who Died 19/6/1951 Aged 53. John Maher Who Died 7/2/1947 Aged 84. Joseph’s Wife Kathleen E. Maher Who Died 10/6/1956. His Daughter Mary Maher Who Died 27/10/1995 Sawerswood.

Erected By John Foley Newtown Bert In Memory Of Annie Kate Long Who Died 23/1/1944 Aged 62.

Michael Dooley Who Died 4/6/1967 Aged 63. His Daughter Nannie Dooley Who Died 5/12/1941 Aged 10. His Wife Mary Dooley Who Died 5/1/1991 Aged 88. Nora Dooley Who Died 9/9/1998 Aged 83.

John W. Lawler Athy & Ballyshannon Who Died 16/11/1953 Aged 39. His Wife Noelle Lawler Who Died 7/9/1957 Aged 32. His Mother Mary Lawler Who Died 1/8/1969 Aged 89. His Aunt Julia Kavanagh Who Died 21/2/1980 Aged 98. Edward (Ted) Lawler Who Died 1972 Aged 63. Bridie Prendergast Nee Lawler Born 1916 Died 2003

Anne McCormack Who Died 18/7/1951 Aged 6 1/2. Her Father Joseph McCormick Who Died 16/11/1969. Her Mother Molly McCormick Who Died 17/11/1990

Sarah Cullen Duke Street Who Died 14/11/1955. Her Sister Annie Fitzpatrick Ardreigh Who Died 18/6/1963. James Fitzpatrick Who Died 24/9/1966.

Margaret Carey Duke Street Athy Who Died 6/8/1957. Her Husband Patrick Joseph Carey Who Died 22/1/1968. Her Son Jack Carey Who Died 19/9/1984 Aged 59. Her Son Gilbert Carey Who Died 22/10/1981 Interred In New Jersey US.

Bridget Clara Moore Nee Orford Who Died 14/11/1970

Eileen Prendergast Geraldine Who Died 13/2/1937 Aged 4.

Erected By Patrick Prendergast Geraldine Athy In Memory Of His Wife Annie Prendergast Who Died 29/7/1951 Aged 64. His Son Kevin Prendergast Who Died 12/4/1940 Aged 18. His Daughter Ellen Predergast Who Died 13/2/1937 Aged 4. Patrick Prendergast Who Died 14/6/1965 Aged 81. His Son Patrick Prendergast Who Died 20/6/1980 Aged 70.

Matthew Murray 6 Leinster Street Athy Who Died 17/1/1938 Aged 65. His Wife Margaret Murray Who Died 23/2/1956 Aged 65. His Daughter Mary (Mae) Murray Who Died 7/7/1937 Aged 16. Infant Sons Aiden & Anthony Prendergast. Matt Murray Who Died 21/1/1996 Aged 77.

William (Wag) O Keeffe 5 Leinster Street & Old Court Athy Who Died 11/7/2003.

Mary McElwee 4 Granite Terrace Inchicore Who Died 28/8/1956 Aged 63. Her Husband Charles McElwee Who Died 30/9/1965 Aged 73.

Mary Hyland Who Died 5 Leinster Street Who Died 10/9/1943 Aged 76. Her Husband Peter Hyland Who Died 2/8/1946 Aged 76. Her Son Thomas Hyland Who Died 11/11/1957 Aged 63. His Wife Margaret Hyland Who Died 3/1/1978 Aged 63. Francis Moran Who Died 29/12/1990 Aged 78. Peter Hyland Who Died 1/9/2006 Aged 65.

PaulIne Carbery Athy Who Died 25/12/1938 Aged 57. Her Husband Daniel Carbery Who Died 14/2/1949 Aged 83. Her Grandson Christopher Patrick Carbery Who Died 12/4/1953 Aged 6 Months. Daughter In Law Elizabeth Carbery Who Died 31/5/1987. Her Son Joseph P. Carbery Who Died 26/7/1992 Aged 85.

Julia Dooley Who Died 17/12/1940 Aged 62. Her Husband Pat Dooley 51 Leinster Street Who Died 7/5/1937 Aged 65. Her Son John Dooley Who Died 30/1/1945 Aged 38. Her Son Patrick Dooley Who Died Who Died 5/12/1959 Aged 50. His Son Patrick Joseph Dooley Who Died 9/4/2008 Aged 63.

John Leo Doyle M.D. Woodstock Street Who Died 17/7/1939 Aged 46. His Brother Patrick Joseph Doyle Who Died 14/1/1952 Aged 62. His Sister Kathleen Bodley Who Died 13/2/1954 Aged 70. His Sister Margaret M. O Neill Who Died 5/12/1957. Peter P. Doyle Who Died 19/11/1964.

George O Mara Who Died 1/1/1970 Aged 60. His Son George Vincent Paul O Mara Who Died 18/6/1941 Aged 1 1/2. His Wife E O Mara Who Died 11/7/1947 Aged 39.

Patrick Mansfield Ironmills Who Died In Athy 15/2/1951. His Brother Thomas Mansfield Duke Street Who Died 12/2/1963.

William Keys William Street Who Died 21/6/1945. His Wife Elizabeth Keys Who Died 3/9/1961. His Son (Jackie) John Keys Who Died 12/11/1982 Aged 63. His Wife Elizabeth Keys Who Died 28/8/1991.

Kathleen Collins Who Died 28/2/1942. Her Husband John Collins M.P.S.I. 15 Duke Street Who Died 10/4/1961.

William J. Doyle Athy Who Died 15/10/1923 Aged 58. His Daughter Mary Doyle Who Died 13/11/1920 Aged 18. His Son William Doyle Who Died 17/3/1922 Aged 13. His Daughter Lila Doyle Who Died 11/6/1925 Aged 18. His Wife Mollie Doyle Who Died 10/8/1932 Aged 52. His Son James Joseph Doyle Who Died 17/10/1929 Aged 35. His Son Patrick Albert (Bertie) Doyle Who Died 17/12/1986.

Margaret (Gretta) Doyle Woodstock Street Who Died November 1993 Aged 80. Loving Daughter Of William And Mary Doyle.

Martin Brophy Who Died 24/1/1942 Aged 48. His Wife Bridget Brophy Who Died 18/4/1933 Aged 41. His Son Martin Brophy Who Died 27/8/1968 Aged 53. His Wife Eileen Brophy Who Died 11/5/1994 Aged 83. Her Son Martin Gerard Brophy Born 28/5/1946 Died 17/4/2008. Her Son John Who Died In Infancy. Two Daughters Who Died In Infancy 19/1/1974 & 17/5/1978 (Margaret)

Annie O Brien Nurney Who Died 17/5/1994 Aged 42. Her Son Michael O Brien Who Died 2/1/1933

Michael & Kate KInsella Tankardstown Athy. His Sons Denis KInsella & Michael KInsella And Daughter Mary KInsella

Alice Nolan Who Died 5/4/1936. Her Daughter Hannah Malone Who Died 18/4/1946. Her Husband Michael Malone Who Died 11/6/1956. Her Son John Nolan Who Died 4/11/1968. Anna Nolan Who Died 12/12/1979

Erected By John Byrne Offaly Street Athy In Memory Of His Wife Mary Ann Byrne Who Died 6/4/1936 Aged 66.

Thomas O Gorman Who Died 22/6/1946. His Wife Elizabeth O Gorman Who Died 26/5/1936.

Alice Lawler Woodstock Street Who Died 23/8/2006 Aged 98. Her Husband James Gerard (Jim) Lawler Who Died 7/5/1940 Aged 29. Her Father In Law Edward Lawler Who Died 27/8/1956 Aged 71.

Julia A. Meehan Who Died 19/3/1968. Her Husband David Meehan M.P.S.I. Who Died 25/2/1941 Aged 49. Her Daughter Mary Meehan Who Died 2/11/1949 Aged 25.

Michael Lalor Athy Who Died 7/1/1970. His Son Aidan Lalor Who Died 22/10/1946 Aged 12. His Wife Gertrude (May) Lalor Who Died 8/7/2004 Aged 95.

Joseph Kevin Murphy Sunnyside Athy Who Died 12/3/1928 Aged 45. His Wife Elenor J. Murphy Who Died 5/6/1956

John May Athy Who Died 24/4/1935 Aged 60. His Wife Nora May Who Died 16/3/1951. His Daughter Kathleen May Who Died 9/10/1964.

James Flood Standhope Street Athy Who Died 8/4/1958. His Wife Mary Flood Who Died 24/6/1935 Aged 55.

Bridgid Darby Athy Who Died 16/12/1922. Bridget Darby Who Died 26/3/1958 Aged 84.

Stephen O Brien Emily Square Athy Who Died 21/5/1919 Aged 76. His Wife Annie O Brien Who Died 23/1/1933 Aged 88. Julia M. O Brien Who Died 13/4/1952. Agnes M. O Brien Who Died 17/2/1961 Aged 77. Vincent O Brien Who Died 8/4/1975 Aged 92. Margaret M. O Brien Who Died 2/12/1975 Aged 95. Gertrude M. O Brien Who Died 12/10/1964 Aged 82. John Edmund O Brien Aged 86.

Joseph A. Gibbons M.R.G.V.S. Bray House Athy Who Died 24/7/1918 Aged 28. Bridget Knowles Who Died 4/10/1925 Aged 57. Kathie Cunningham Who Died 29/3/1935 Aged 62.

Ellen Dowling Who Died 7/1/1939 Aged 94. Edward Dowling Who Died 8/8/1916.

Patrick Bolger Who Died 14/4/1924. His Wife Kate Bolger Who Died 12/6/1914

Charles Moore Bray Athy Who Died 24/2/1950 Aged 69. His Mother Mary Moore Who Died 8/9/1919 Aged 73. Mary Margaret Moore & WInifred Elizabeth Moore Who Died Young. His Wife WInifred Moore Who Died 26/4/1952 Aged 65. His Son Michael Moore Who Died 27/7/1994 Aged 80. His Daughters Elizabeth Moore Who Died 22/10/1997 Aged 80 & Clare Moore Who Died 3/12/1997 Aged 77.

Margaret O Mara Who Died 14/5/1936 Aged 49. Her Daughters Margaret Mary (Maisie) O Mara Who Died 2/1/1927 Aged 13 & Elizabeth (Lillie) O Mara Who Died 27/1/1927 Aged 19. Her Son Louis O Mara Who Died 31/12/1960.

Marcella O Mara Born 4/1/1915 Died 25/8/2005

Paul J. Dunny Moat Lodge Athy Who Died 20/10/1931 Aged 39.

John J. Pelin Who Died 14/11/1952 Aged 38. Mary Ellen Pelin Who Died 16/1/1979

Ellen Walsh Dominician Tertiary Who Died 23/1/1950.

John Anderson Emily Square Athy Who Died 7/8/1952 Aged 70. His Daughter Bridget Anderson Who Died 20/2/1934 Aged 3 1/2. His Wife Annie Anderson Who Died 16/11/1954 Aged 59.

Edward T. Mulhall Barrow Bridge House Athy Who Died 18/4/1950 Aged 80. His Wife Annie Mulhall Who Died 13/3/1960 Aged 79. His Daughter Louise Mulhall Who Died 12/12/1984. Kathleen Mulhall Who Died 4/11/1992. Mary (Mamie) Mulhall Who Died 5/11/2006.

Thomas F. Meany Duke Street Athy Who Died 18/11/1932. 4 Children Who Died Young. His Uncle Thomas Brennan Who Died 21/3/1941 And His Wife Mary Brennan Who Died 5/4/1946. Margaret Meany Wife Of The Above Who Died 21/1/1965. Molly Meany T.O.S.D. Daughter Of The Above Who Died 26/5/1980.

Mary Flinter Woodstock Street Who Died 12/10/1937 Aged 55. Her Husband Henry Flinter Who Died 8/4/1916 Aged 79. Her Son Patrick Flinter Who Died 2/4/1939 Aged 62. Her Daughter Mary Dora Costigan Who Died 29/1/1944 Aged 82.

Edward O Neill Who Died 12/3/1929. His Wife Martha O Neill Who Died 6/3/1951

Catherine Flinter Bennetts Bridge Athy Who Died 5/12/1963 Aged 88. Her Husbnd Thomas Flinter Who Died 18/5/1940 Aged 70. Her Son Henry Flinter Who Died 9/8/1921. Daniel Flinter Who Died 22/7/1982 Aged 77.

Michael Deegan 41 Duke Street Athy Who Died 1/12/1937 Aged 56. His Wife Annie Deegan Who Died 28/9/1960 Aged 78. His Daughters Moira Deegan Who Died 11/4/1988 And Edeen T. Deegan Who Died 25/8/1997.

John Holland M.R.C.V.S. Model Farm Athy Who Died 2/6/1921 Aged 74. Sons Kevin Holland Major R.A.M.C. Who Died 6/9/1933 Aged 34. Michael William Holland M.R.C.V.S. Who Died 26/1/1934 Aged 38. His Wife Catherine Holland Who Died 17/10/ 1951 Aged 97.

Grandson Killed In Action Major Niall V. Holland M.C. 4/5th Maharattl Lgt. Infantry Bhurma June 1944 Aged 25 Years. Sergeant William Holland A.C.R.A.F. Italy April 1945 Aged 19. Daughter Francis Holland Who Died 3/6/1968. Major Vincent Holland V.C. L. De H. C. De G. Tasmania 27/2/1975. Also Cyprian Holland Who Died 25/7/1978 Aged 76.

Dr. Edward Holland Who Died 3/6/1979 Husband Of Marian Holland And Father Of Kathleen, Kevin & Michael. His Sister Ellen Holland Who Died 1/9/1987 Aged 87.

John Cullen Duke Lodge Athy Who Died 4/1/1927 Aged 78. His Wife Annie Cullen Who Died 16/4/1922 Aged 78. Gertrude Annie McHugh Daughter Of Annie Cullen Who Died 15/5/1931 Aged 47. Reginald J. McHugh Who Died 19/9/1936 Aged 29.

Christopher Reid Athy Who Died 11/4/1923 Aged 43. His Son James Gerard Who Died 3/6/1923 Aged 7. Nora Lalor Who Died 23/9/1978. Mary Reid-Corrigan Who Died 11/11/1990

Venerable Archdeacon Patrick McDonnell P.P.V.F. For 28 Years P.P. Of Athy Who Died 1/3/1956 Aged 84.

Reverend John Byrne Who Died 17/10/1954

Edward Canon Mackey P.P. Athy 1909-1928

Reverend John Christopher O Sullivan O.P. Athy Who Died 6/1/1932 Aged 76.

Dominicans R.P. Fr. Raymond Kiernan O.P. Who Died 6/4/1936 Prof. 19 Years Aged 70. R.P. Fr. Augustine Dowling O.P. Who Died 18/2/1959. Prof. 56 Years Aged 74. R.P. Fr. Patrick O Sullivan O.P. Who Died 6/5/1968. Prof. 42 Years Aged 61. R.P. Fr. Thomas Curran O.P.P.C. Who Died 3/5/1971. Prof. 56 Years Aged 78.

Private J. Dwyer R.A.S.C. Who Died 31/3/1918 Aged 39.

Catherine Myles Athy Who Died 25/6/1897 Aged 8. Her Mother Hetty Myles Who Died 2/4/1921 Aged 71. Her Son Martin Myles. Her Daughter Mary Sims Who Died In America.

Peter Murphy Who Died 25/11/1941 Aged 39. His Wife Anne Murphy Who Died 22/1/1969. Ellen Kavanagh Who Died September 1975.

Erected Thomas & Julia Byrne Rathstewart Athy In Memory Of Their Son Francis Byrne Who Died 8/12/1896 Aged 25.

James Daly Walterstown SallIns Who Died 7/2/1959 Aged 84.

Anthony (Tony) Dunne Pairc Bride Who Died 17/1/1968 Aged 45.

Catherine Keys Meeting Lane Who Died 27/1/1966.

Michael Prenderville Maddenstown South And Formally Of Kilcussnan Castleisland And Moyvane Who Died 31/10/1963.

Elizabeth Moylan Who Died 14/4/1964.


Edward Connor Who Died 26/3/1906 Aged 78. His Wife Alicia Connor Who Died 3/5/1910 Aged 75.

Thomas Prendergast Margaret Prendergast

Denis Pender Cardenton Who Died 28/3/1961 Aged 83. His Daughter Mary Jane Who Died 26/6/1945 Aged 25. His Wife Mary Jane Pender Who Died 27/5/1979 Aged 95. His Grandson Dom Pender Who Died Young.

Mary Dunne Who Died 31/10/1966 Aged 92. Her Husband Patrick Dunne Who Died 27/3/1971 Aged 82.

Erected By Thomas Dunney Of Moat Lodge Who Died 1/1/1900 In Memory Of His Children Thomas Dunney Who Died 17/3/1888 Aged 1. Teresa Dunney Who Died 3/7/1894 Aged 14. His Daughter Gertrude F. Dunney Who Died 20/9/1958 Aged 66. His Wife Maria T. Dunney Who Died 29/11/1927 Aged 76.

Margaret Murphy Who Died 6/11/1902 Aged 50. Her Mother Mary McEvoy Who Died 5/2/1897 Aged 82. Her Son Joseph Murphy Killed In Action In France 12/10/1916 Aged 25 R.D.F. His Father James Murphy Who Died 7/11/1917 Aged 75.

Richard Daniel Telford Who Died 7/1/1905 Aged 56. Isobelle Gertrude Telford His Infant Daughter. Alfred George Telford R.F.A. Killed In France 3/10/1918 Aged 31. Alicia Armstrong Who Died Widow Of John Armstrong Who Died 19/12/1916 Braymore Clara King’s County.

Annie Doyle 26 Dooley’s Terrace Who Died 27/6/1965 Aged 73. Her Grandaughter Yvonne Conway Who Died 8/3/1978. Her Brother John Doyle Who Died 13/1/1990 Aged 77.

Bridget Lowrey Who Died 30/12/1894 Aged 78. Her Infant Grandchildren Mary & Michael Egan.

Michael Breen Who Died 12/9/1901 Aged 78. His Wife Mary Breen Who Died 22/10/1906 Aged 73. Their Son Thomas Breen Who Died 30/10/1918 Aged 46.

Guardsman M. O Brien Irish Guards Who Died 26/12/1917 Aged 27.

Dorcas Houston Wife Of James Houston Who Died 17/6/1906 Aged 63. John Houston Infant Son Who Died 28/2/1875. William McAdam Houston Eldest Son Who Died 21/11/1881 Aged 16. James Houston Second Son Died At Durban S.A. 25/11/1896 Aged 29. James Houston Who Died 1/6/1918 Aged 31.

May Murphy Who Died 18/7/1965 Aged 39. Her Son Noel Murphy Who Died 31/8/1970 Aged 17. Her Husband John Murphy Who Died 30/8/2005 Aged 83.

Peter Sexton Who Died 19/5/1935 Aged 36. Mary Sexton Who Died 10/4/1973 Aged 82. His Son Thomas Sexton Who Died 19/6/1971 Aged 45 Interred In Manchester.

Peter Dunne Fortbarrington Who Died 6/1/1973 Aged 72. His Daughter Veronica Dunne Who Died 20/10/1959 Aged 2 Years 4 Months. Baby Zahra Dunne Who Died 27/4/1977. His Wife Mary Dunne Who Died 12/12/1993 Aged 72.

Thomas Keating Customs & Excise Who Died 30/11/1918 Aged 39. His Wife Catherine Maria Keating Who Died 5/1/1977 Aged 85.

John Tierney Bellview Athy Who Died 12/7/1917 Aged 63. Mrs. Maria Tierney Who Died 14/1/1919 Aged 62. His Son John Tierney Who Died 16/1/1954 Aged 65. His Son Henry Tierney Who Died 15/1/1966 Aged 70. Rose Tierney Wife Of John Who Died 14/5/1973 Aged 73. Roseanne Tierney Wife Of Henry Tierney Who Died 8/12/1981.

Brendan McDonald Husband Of Eileen Tierney Who Died 22/4/2003 Aged 82.

W.S. Minchin Woodville Nenagh Who Died 8/6/1898 Aged 84. His Wife Catherine Ann Minchin Daughter Of Captain B. Lefroy BA. Cardenton Who Died 31/12/1903

Irish Inscription

Jane Judge Who Died 1890 Aged 81.

Erected By James Leahy In Memory Of His Wife Julia Maria Leahy Who Died 18/8/1858. His Sons Joseph Leahy Who Died Aged 25 Daniel Leahy Who Died Aged 23 And Infant Daughter Mary Jane Leahy.

Erected By James Tierney In Memory Of His Son Michael Tierney Who Died 8/2/1905 Aged 15. James Tierney Who Died 2/2/1909 Aged 22. His Wife Maria Tierney Who Died 15/11/1910 Aged 72. Brother In Law John Bailey Who Died 22/6/1949 Aged 64. His Wife MInnie Bailey Who Died 5/9/1956 Aged 74.

Elizabeth Walsh Who Died 20/11/1940. Her Husband David Walsh Who Died 1/11/1927. Her Son Joseph Walsh Who Died 16/1/1932. Margaret M. Hickey Who Died 10/7/1948. Her Husband Joseph Hickey Who Died 18/11/1964.

James Flynn Skerries Who Died 6/11/1931 Aged 56. His Wife Nora Flynn Who Died 15/12/1963 Aged 82.

John Fennelly Who Died 10/8/1916.

Erected By Thomas Fennelly In Memory Of His Wife Julia Fennelly Who Died 28/3/1917 Aged 61.

Elizabeth Oliver 4th Daughter Of John Oliver Braneepeth Durham Who Died 12/4/1857 Aged 57

Erected By Samual And Jane Payne Athy In Memory Of Their Dear Children Edward Payne Who Died 20/7/1867 Aged 2 Months. Sarah Payne Who Died 2/6/1868 Aged 28.

Elizabeth Lennon Who Died 23/8/1886. Her Husband E.S. Lennon Manager Of Nation Bank Who Died 17/7/1888 Aged 57. Their Son Percy Booth Lennon Who Died In Florida 17/8/1890. Stella Landon Movelle Hannon Grandaughter Of Above Ardreigh House Who Died January 1900.

Alfred Haughton Who Died 25/5/1838. His Wife Henrietta Haughton Who Died 18/7/1878.

Erected By James Tierney Stanhope Street Who Died 27/7/1981 Aged 70 In Memory Of Patrick Joseph Tierney Who Died Young. Catherine Tierney Who Died 18/2/1941 Aged 54. Patrick Tierney Who Died 8/8/1943 Aged 59. James LyttleTon Who Died 2/3/1931 Aged 88. Agnes Tierney Sister Of James Who Died 16/4/2003 Aged 89.

Erected By Robert Hall Jackson Annfield House Bray Co. Kildare In Memory Of His Mother Catherine Francis Jackson Who Died 11/5/1881 Aged 84.

Mary Sunderland Who Died 3/11/1882 Aged 48. Kate Kelly Who Died 21/5/1993 Aged 70. Her Son William Kelly Who Died 3/1/1910 Aged 38. Robert Kelly Who Died 20/4/1925 Aged 54. His Son James Kelly Who Died 15/4/1952 Aged 34. His Wife Annie Kelly Who Died 1/4/1953 Aged 91.

Ellen Walsh Who Died 13/4/1905 Aged 43. Her Husband John Who Died 11/9/1938 Aged 82.

Erected By Joseph Taffe Woodstock Street In Memory Of His Father Joseph E Taffe Who Died 9/2/1927 Aged 58 Interred In Rathaspic. His Son Joseph Taffe Who Died 27/3/1971 Aged 63.

James H. Noud Who Died 20/6/1857 Aged 72. His Son James Noud Who Died 11/7/1869 Aged 7. His Son William Noud St. Louis Who Died 19/10/1895 Aged 40. His Wife Eloner Noud Who Died 19/12/1905 Aged 77. Their Daughter Maria Noud Who Died 7/4/1915 Aged 65.

John Walsh 18/1/1865 Aged 80.His Wife Elizabeth Walsh Who Died 20/11/1865 Aged 65. His Son William Walsh Who Died 11/5/1878 Aged 40. His Wife Jane Walsh Who Died 1/4/1885 Aged 44.

Patrick Walsh Who Died 19/9/1890 Aged 54. His Sister Bessie Walsh Who Died 13/1/1896 Aged 81. John Walsh Son Of W. Walsh Who Died 20/7/1899 Aged 33.

Mary MacEvell Who Died 16/10/1895 Aged 19. Her Uncle Thomas MacEvell Who Died 1/2/1897 Aged 92.

Michael Bradley Offaly Street Who Died 19/12/1939 Aged 82. His Parents John & Julia Bradley, Brothers Joseph & John Bradley, Sister Elizabeth Bradley. His Wife Margaret Bradley Who Died 10/2/1958.

Henry Sylvester Who Died 17/7/1941. His Wife Elizabeth Sylvester Who Died 12/9/1952. Mona Sylvester Cunningham Who Died 21/4/1992 Aged 87.


Robert Brewster Husband Of Bridget Brewster Who Died 24/3/1851 Aged 78.

Erected By Michael Dobbyn Ardreigh In Memory Of His Daughter Mary Jane Dobbyn Who Died 1/4/1882 Aged 17. His Son Henry Dobbyn Who Died 12/8/1891 Aged 34.

Erected By Joseph Delaney Inland Revenue In Memory Of His Wife Elizabeth Delaney Who Died 23/12/1855 Aged 66.

Peter Hearne Who Died 22/11/1864 Aged 59. Sarah Mary Hearne Who Died 28/12/1875 Aged 14. Patrick Murphy Who Died 31/12/1880 Aged 80. Catherine Murphy Who Died 5/10/1893 Aged 59. Their Daughter Trudi Sterling Who Died 15/8/1887.

Thomas Hearne Who Died 8/11/1859 Aged 40. His Daughter Mary Hearne Who Died 27/5/1868 Aged 18. Annie Hearne Who Died 15/7/1878 Aged 23. His Wife Mary Hearne Who Died 15/8/1887 Aged 67. His Son Peter Hearne New York Aged 35. James Heavon New York.

Martin P. Rigney Who Died 1/5/1949.

Martin Rigney Who Died 24/1/1919 Aged 77. His Wife Margaret Rigney Who Died 31/1/1932. His Daughter Rita Rigney Who Died 6/4/1943 Aged 20. Joseph Rigney Who Died 14/12/1952 Aged 66. His Wife Jane Rigney Who Died 11/10/1977.

Edward Webster 20 Offaly Street Who Died 12/1/1924. His Wife Christie Webster Who Died 16/4/1955. His Daughter Kitty Who Died 6/11/1979.

Thomas Smyth Who Died 12/11/1913 Aged 66. His Daughter Margaret Smyth Who Died Young. Alicia Smyth Who Died 22/2/1933 Aged 82.

William Keys Who Died 12/4/1920 Aged 75. His Wife Margaret Keys Who Died 3/9/1926 Aged 82. Elizabeth Keys Who Died 5/7/1949 Aged 83. Margaret Keys Who Died 10/11/1932 Aged 71. James Keys Who Died 12/2/1957 Aged 84.

John Blanchfield Leinster Street Who Died 28/6/1922 Aged 49. 5 Children Who Died Young. His Wife Elizabeth Blanchfield Who Died 13/4/1970 Aged 96.

John James Who Died 11/9/1873 Aged 64. His Son Thomas James Who Died 20/9/1924 Aged 84 And His Children.

John Ward Bray Who Died 30/4/1918. His Wife Elizabeth Ward Who Died 6/6/1925. Eliza Ward Who Died 21/12/1929. Catherine Ward Who Died 23/12/1947.

James May Leinster Street Who Died 11/1/1918 Aged 39. His Wife Sarah May Who Died 9/8/1949 Aged 65. Children Sally & Eileen May Who Died Young.

Thomas May Woodestock Street Who Died 5/5/1922 Aged 72. His Son Thomas P. May Who Died 21/4/1928 Aged 50. His Wife Margaret May Who Died 27/10/1934 Aged 74. Two Grandchildren Aiden May & Thomas May Who Died Young. His Son William May Who Died 16/10/1955. His Wife Kathleen May Who Died 23/4/1982.

Erected By Julia Coe In Memory Of Her Father Patrick Ryan Who Died 10/3/1904. Her Brother Christopher Ryan Who Died 8/7/1904

Erected By Thomas Broughan In Memory Of His Son Michael Broghan Who Died 6/4/1918 Aged 4.

Erected By Sarah Doyle In Memory Of Her Son Richard Newman Who Was Killed On G.S.& W.R. Who Died 29/1/1917 Aged 17. The Above Sarah Doyle Who Died 10/9/1937 Aged 69.

James Maher Who Died 19/5/1941 Aged 85.

Patrick And Margaret Dunne Rathsteward And Grandchildren Christopher Dunne & Margaret Dunne Who Died Young.

Michael Ellard Who Died 8/10/1938. His Wife Elizabeth Ellard Who Died 21/10/1942. Their Children Annie Ellard & Thomas Ellard Who Died Young. Margaret Ellard Wife Of Patrick Ellard Who Died 11/3/1970 Also Patrick Ellard Who Died 16/9/1992.

Dr. P.L. O Neill Geraldine Athy Who Died 6/9/1901 Aged 57. His Son Thomas O Neill Who Died 26/5/1886 Aged 14. Henry J. O Neill Who Died 20/12/1899 Aged 22. His Daughter Victoria O Neill Who Died 28/4/1907 Aged 27. Also Mrs. Elizabeth Tobin Who Died 2/12/1929 Aged 58

Meray Roche Who Died 15/9/1898 Aged 76. Thomas Roche Who Died 1/2/1925 Aged 78. Michael Roche Who Died 17/3/1928 Aged 78.

Parents John (Jack) Murphy Who Died 27/10/1967 Aged 72. Mary Jane Murphy Who Died 10/7/1936 Aged 38. Her Parents Michael Whelan & Mary Whelan. Sister May Murphy Who Died 9/9/1938 Aged 18. Brother Michael Murphy Who Died 13/2/1990 Aged 65. Joe Hatfield

Agnes Murphy Who Died 28/12/2007 Aged 81.

Daniel Carbery Athy Who Died 8/7/1893 Aged 52. His son John D. Carbery Who Died 12/6/1896 Aged 20. John Connor Who Died 26/2/1899 Aged 75. Catherine Carbery Who Died 26/9/1902 Aged 62. Thomas Carbery Who Died 15/12/1904 Aged 27. Denis Carbery Who Died 27/2/1930 Aged 56.

James B. Deegan Who Died 5/7/1915 Aged 55. His Wife Margaret Josephine Deegan Who Died 4/5/1919 Aged 58. Child Paul Died Young. His Daughter Theresa Josephine Deegan Who Died 3/1/1972.

William Glynn Athy Who Died 25/11/1896 Aged 85. Joseph William Glynn Who Died 15/12/1916 Aged 22. S.G. Glynn Who Died 9/10/1931.

Dr. James Kilbride Who Died 16/9/1925.

John C. Lane Who Died 30/4/1895 Aged 78.

Kate Anne Kilbride Who Died 21/1/1923. Surgeon Lt. Commander T.J. Kilbride R.N. Who Died 14/5/1924. Dr. John Kilbride And His Wife Interred In Tramore.

Denis Bunbury & Margaret Bunbury R.I.P.

Patrick Morrin 4 Canal Side Who Died 20/6/1974 Aged 75. His Baby Daughter Madge Morrin Who Died 30/11/1930 Aged 1 Year. His Daughter Jane Knott Who Died 22/12/1972 Aged 39. Their Mother Mary Morrin Who Died 3/1/1986 Aged 85. His Son John Morrin Who Died 25/12/1994 Aged 68. His Daughter May Morrin Who Died 27/5/2003 Aged 74.

Erected By William Dunne In Memory Of His Wife Kate Dunne Who Died 29/11/1903 Aged 27. Also Two Children.

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