St. Michael’s Old, Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare, Page 4

The following St. Michael’s Old, Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Joseph William Hayden Son Of Patrick & Sarah Hayden Athy Who Died 10/1/1900 Aged 3 Years. Above Sarah Hayden Who Died 21/5/1902 Aged 39. Patrick Hayden Who Died 7/1/1925. Granddaughter Meave Hayden Who Died 17/5/1936 Aged 15 Months. His Son Patrick Joseph Hayden Who Died 19/1/1977 Aged 76. His Wife Lena Hayden Who Died 25/4/1979 Aged 73.

Erected By John Maloney Clogher In Memory Of His Parents Bridget Maloney Who Died 13/5/1937 Aged 53. John Maloney Who Died 22/2/1928 Aged 66.

Margaret McEvoy Rathstewart Who Died 21/5/1917. Her Daughter Mary McEvoy Who Died 13/11/1958. Her Cousin Mary Collins Manly Coole Monasterevin Who Died 4/11/1934 Aged 44.

James Scully Who Died 19/7/1914 Aged 33.

Michael O Brien Nag’s Head Athy Died EAster Sunday 6/4/1947. His Wife Mary O Brien Who Died 8/1/1957. His Brother Patrick O Brien Who Died 15/10/1943. His Wife Cecilia O Brien Who Died 21/12/1968. His Daughter Mary (Mollie) O Brien Who Died 30/5/77. His Son John O Brien Who Died 31/12/1981.

Erected By Michael Mullery In Memory Of His Wife Winifred Mullery Who Died 5/2/1911 Aged 50. His Daughter Mary Mullery Who Died 28/10/1918 Aged 23. Above Michael Mullery Who Died 5/2/1919 Aged 21. Also Mary Mullery Who Died 4/9/1954 Aged 75. Her Husband Michael Mullery Who Died 4/3/1956 Aged 72.

Erected By Annie Smith In Memory Of Her Brother Michael Smith Who Died 28/4/1917. His Wife Mary Smith Who Died 17/10/1910.

Michael Hughes Athy Who Died 26/12/1906 Aged 71. His Wife Mary Hughes Who Died 5/10/1915 Aged 78. His Son Patrick Hughes Who Died 4/10/1915.

William W. Baldwin Duke Street Athy Who Died 8/11/1905 Aged 54. His Wife Margaret Baldwin Who Died 1/9/1938 Aged 73.

Erected By James Doyle Castledermot In Memory Of His Wife Bridget Doyle Who Died 12/12/1914 Aged 65. Her Brother Richard Harrington Who Died 28/4/1911 Aged 60. Her Niece Kate McNiece Who Died 1/6/1911.

Catherine Gannon Ardmore Who Died 14/3/1908 Aged 82. Her Daughter Ellie Gannon E.D.M. Who Died 31/3/1936 Aged 76. Her Daughter Grace Gannon E.D.M. Who Died 28/6/1949 Aged 86. Her Son Patrick James Gannon Who Died 23/6/1949 Aged 86. Her Daughter Elizabeth Gannon Who Died 16/12/1952 Aged 92.

Thomas Orford Foxhill Who Died 4/7/1911 Aged 78. His Wife Margaret Orford Who Died 4/9/1906 Aged 56.

John Coleman Athy Who Died 13/5/1910 Aged 63. His Son Thomas Coleman Who Died 17/10/1901 Aged 31. His Grand Daughter Maggie Coleman Who Died 26/3/1905 Aged 11. His Wife Margaret Coleman Who Died 4/9/1921.

Charlotte Doyle William Street Athy Who Died 15/3/1921 Aged 38. Her Husband Denis Doyle Who Died 4/3/1912 Aged 47. Two Children Who Died Young. Her Son James Doyle Who Died 5/4/1950 Aged 39.

John Dooley Leinster Street Athy Who Died 6/8/1917 Aged 70. His Son John Dooley Who Died 12/4/1900 Aged 29. His Wife Esther Dooley Who Died 2/3/1925 Aged 86. Also May Dooley Daughter Of Michael Who Died 19/5/1912 Aged 15. Also His Son John Dooley Who Died 9/1/1930. Above Michael Dooley Who Died 6/10/1933 & His Wife Julia Dooley Who Died 17/8/1957.

Erected By Margaret Murphy In Memory Of Her Mother Agnes Murphy Who Died 2/9/1913.

Erected By Edward Wade In Memory Of His Mother Who Died 11/9/1913 Aged 70.

James McEvoy 94 Pairc Bride Who Died 21/1/1952. His Wife Bridget McEvoy Who Died 22/2/1966. His Father Daniel McEvoy Who Died 10/3/1912. His Uncle Thomas McEvoy Who Died 17/3/1944.

Erected By Elizabeth Mulhall In Memory Of Her Daughter Mary Mulhall Who Died 17/10/1913 Aged 21.

Daniel Joseph Moran Who Died 30/12/1913 Aged 23. His Father Daniel Moran Who Died 4/11/1918 Agd 60.

Erected By Mary Tomlinson In Memory Of Her Sister Theresa Carroll Prussellstown Who Died 27/12/1912 Aged 61. Anne Molloy Who Died 1/9/1922 Aged 71. Mary Tomlinson Who Died 4/9/1922 Aged 82. Anna Molloy Who Died Who Died 7/3/1946 Aged 92. James Mahon Who Died 10/10/1952.

Anna Dobbyn Who Died 2/4/1952

James Doran Who Died 18/5/1912 Aged 72. His Wife Johanna Doran Who Died 14/5/1932 Aged 82.

Mary O Connor Who Died 5/12/1928 Aged 84. Her Husband Edward O Connor Who Died 17/11/1912 Aged 88. Her Father Matthew Fox Who Died 1870 Aged 52. Her Mother Bridget Fox Who Died 8/12/1898 Aged 76. Her Daughter Josephine Who Died 16/12/1900 Aged 14. Two Sons Edward O Connor & Michael O Connor Who Died Young. Also Kitty Murphy Who Died 25/3/1922.

Isabel Doyle Who Died 16/9/1911 Aged 33. Her Husband Martin Doyle Who Died 10/10/1927 Aged 55.

Erected By Julia Doyle Duke Street Athy In Memory Of Her Husband J. Doyle Who Died 16/7/1911 Aged 37.

Anne Doyle Woodstock Street Athy Who Died 10/1/1920 Aged 72. Michael Doyle Who Died 20/1/1921.

Elizabeth Quinn Who Died 12/6/1961 Aged 86. Johnny Lynch Who Died 10/1972 Aged 75. Her Daughter Lucy Cunningham Nee Quinn Born 26/8/1906 Died 13/1/1991.

Michael Lynch & Bridget Lynch Who Died November 1912. Their Son Edward Who Died 4/4/1938.

Patrick Rowan Who Died 7/12/1933 Aged 60. His Wife Mary Howard Who Died 26/8/1941 Aged 65. His Son John Rowan Who Died 7/12/1920 Aged 21. Patrick (Patsy) Rowan Who Died 13/5/1990 Aged 88. His Daughter Jan (Janie) Rowan Who Died 5/4/1993 Aged 90. His Daughter Elizabeth (Lily) Who Died 30/11/1998 Aged 94.

John Howard SprIngfield Villa Ardreigh Who Died 8/3/1944 Aged 63. His Wife Catherine Howard Who Died 18/3/1948 Aged 67. His Daughter Nellie Who Died 1912 Aged 7.

Robert T. Webster Who Died 11/4/1983. Rosanne Webster Who Died 7/4/1982.

Thomas Webster Offaly Street Athy Who Died 19/7/1912 Aged 41. His Son Thomas Webster Who Died 23/7/1932 Aged 2. Two Daughters Martha Webster Who Died Young. Elizabeth Mary Who Died 9/11/1918 Aged 21. Mary Webster Who Died 2/5/1950 Aged 92.

Annie Webster Wife Of Robbie Webster Who Died 7/4/1982 Aged 79.

Patrick (Cuddy) Chanders 26 Greenhills Who Died 5/2/1980 Aged 72. His Wife Jane Chanders Who Died 24/2/1987 Aged 63

Patrick Chanders 6 Saint Martin’s Terrace Who Died 25/12/1962 Aged 83. His Son Bill (Skinner) Chanders Who Died 15/3/1991. His Daughter Margaret (May) Chanders Who Died 21/8/1996 Aged 76.

Thomas Prendergast 12 Offaly Street Who Died 26/3/1982 Aged 69. His Wife Eileen Who Died 11/3/1992.

William Pender Who Died 18/6/1953 Aged 50.

Erected By Thomas Pender In Memory Of His Daughter Bridget Pender Who Died 28/1/1912 Aged 14.

Erected In Memory Of Parents Martin Bracken Who Died 18/5/1959 & Jane Bracken Who Died 1/12/1972. Brother Jimmy Bracken Who Died Aged 2 And Margaret Bracken Who Died 31/1/1989.

George Bracken Late Of 5th Lancashire Regiment Who Died 26/10/1959 Aged 48. His Sister In Law Mary Jane Bracken Who Died 2/3/1990.

John Bracken Who Died 14/7/1915 Aged 80. His Wife Margaret Bracken Who Died 20/4/1922.

Michael Bracken Who Died 23/9/1967. His Wife Annie Bracken Who Died 18/1/1941 And Three Children Mary, Annie And Margaret Who Died Young. His Son John Jack Bracken Who Died 5/1/1978.

Erected By Ellen Woods In Memory Of Her Husband Thomas Woods Who Died 18/11/1911 Aged 33.

James O Brien Offaly Street Who Died 17/6/1920. His Wife Mary Alice O Brien Who Died 2/7/1958. His Daughter Mary Alice O Brien Who Died 16/4/1918 Aged 4.

Bridget Cunningham Who Died May 1931 Aged 56.

Denis Chanders St. Martin’s Terrace Who Died 21/5/1987.

Thomas Page Who Died 29/12/1946 Aged 82. His Mother Margaret Page Who Died 23/11/1905 Aged 89. His Father John Page Who Died 21/12/1909 Aged 78. His Sister Mary Page Who Died 10/5/1919 Aged 56. His Sister Kate Page Who Died 8/3/1929 Aged 64. His Grandson Thomas Gerard Page Who Died 8/9/1955.

John Curtis Who Died 28/1/1943 Aged 84. His Wife Margaret Curtis Who Died 16/9/1924 Aged 62.Three Sons Laurence, Pat And John Curtis. Dan Curtis Who Died 5/6/1945 Aged 1 1/2

Christopher Kelly Who Died 11/6/1968. Also His Parents And Brothers. His Son Christopher Kelly Who Died 20/9/1980 Aged 40. His Wife Mary Kelly Convent 7 View Who Died 13/7/1992 Aged 77.

Erected By Mary Quinn In Memory Of Her Daughter Katie Quinn Who Died 25/1/1910 Aged 22.

Alice Mulhall 8 The Bleach Who Died 18/8/1986 Aged 86. Her Husband Edward Mulhall Who Died 1938. Erected By Essie, Maggie And Alice.

Charles Fitzgerald Athy Who Died 28/2/1911 Aged 60.

Erected By James Hyland USA In Memory Of His Father James Hyland Who Died 17/6/1957 Aged 82. His Mother Ellen Hyland.

Mary Ann Manders Who Died 28/8/1911 The Faithful Servant Of The Sherlock Family.

John Doyle Athy Who Died 13/2/1937 Aged 77. His Daughter Sarah Doyle Who Died 8/12/1911 Aged 17. His Son James Doyle Who Died 1/12/1917 Aged 30. Charles Doyle Who Died 1/12/1921 Aged 34. His Wife Mary Doyle Who Died 11/1/1928 Aged 74. His Daughter Mary (Polly) Doyle Who Died 27/12/1950 Aged 64.

Michael Wall 28 Upper Saint Joseph’s Who Died 27/2/1983 Aged 70. His Wife Bridget Wall Who Died 8/8/1993 Aged 74.

Peter Cunningham Who Died 1942 Aged 79. His Wife Bridget Cunningham Who Died 1931 Aged 56. His Daughters Margaret Cunningham Who Died 1970 Aged 73. Teresa Cunningham Who Died 1928 Aged 25. His Sons Thomas Cunningham Who Died 1915 Aged 14. Joseph Cunningham Who Died 1921 Aged 14.

Erected By His Daughter Lizzie In Memory Of Her Father Michael Byrne Who Died 31/5/1905 Aged 75.

Erected By Patrick Mulhall In Memory Of His Wife Margaret Mulhall Who Died 23/1/1918

Patrick Mulhall 7 William Street Who Died 9/6/1978.

Erected By Jane Allen In Memory Of Her Parents Mary J. Shiel & Robert Shiel Also Her Sisters & Brothers.

William Dobbyn Who Died 1/2/1910 Aged 46. Also His Mother Ellen Dobbyn Who Died 8/2/1910 Aged 72.

James Kavanagh 8 Lower Saint Joseph’s Terrace Who Died 26/5/1966. His Wife Margaret Kavanagh And Sons Patrick & Michael Kavanagh Interred In England. Their Daughter Margaret Hogan Who Died 15/1/1995. Their Son John Kavanagh Who Died 6/4/1995.

Erected By Patrick McEvoy In Memory Of His Mother Margaret McEvoy Who Died 25/9/1939. His Father James McEvoy Who Died 16/6/1946. His Uncle John McEvoy Who Died 26/11/1943. Patrick McEvoy Who Died 2/9/2006.

Erected By Mary Roche Athy In Memory Of Her Son George Roche Who Died 25/7/1949 Aged 47. Her Son Patrick Roche Who Died 19/4/1920 Aged 29. Her Husband William Roche Who Died 30/10/1939 Aged 74. Her Brother Christopher Rowan Who Died 15/8/1911 Aged 33. Mary Roche Who Died 19/11/1952 Aged 83. Terence McEntee Who Died 27/9/1942. Brian McEntee Who Died 27/3/1944 Aged 8. William McEntee Who Died 31/5/1944 Aged 22. Ellen McEntee Who Died 12/10/1961 Aged 66. Patrick McEntee Who Died 22/11/1987. Hugh McEntee Who Died 30/11/1996.

Hugh Deering Bray Who Died 13/10/1921 Aged 78. His Wife Eliza Deering Who Died 13/5/1919 Aged 76. His Son Michael Deering Who Died 1908 Aged 20. His Son John Deering Who Died 29/12/1957 Aged 82.

Eliza McHugh Athy Who Died 29/12/1959 Aged 75. Her Husband Matthew Who Died 2/5/1942 Aged 65. Her Daughter Ellen McHugh Who Died 10/4/1926 Aged 9. Two Daughters Died Young.

Erected By Patrick Chanders In Memory Of His Wife Rose Chanders Who Died 30/1/1942 Aged 26. Two Children Liam Chanders & Anne Chanders.

Patrick Mara Who Died 25/11/1916 Aged 39. His Son Michael Mara Who Died 20/6/1909 Aged 7 Months. His Daughter Kitty Mara Who Died 5/7/1909 Aged 2.

John Stanley Doyle Who Died 19/7/1909 Aged 58. John Joseph Doyle Who Died 31/5/1908 Aged 18. His Wife Margaret Doyle Who Died 12/3/1940.

John J. Candy Athy Who Died 31/3/1975 Aged 75. His Wife Kathleen Candy Who Died 3/9/1941 Aged 30. His Brother Denis Candy Who Died 5/12/1899. His Mother Kate Candy Who Died 30/7/1949 Aged 81. His Father Michael Candy Who Died 16/11/1953 Aged 65. Mary Candy Who Died 31/1/1982 Aged 88. Her Sister Josephine Who Died 26/10/1982 Aged 80.

Private M Hyland Royal DublIn Fusiliers Who Died 19/9/1916 Aged 29.

Margaret Anderson Who Died 7/2/1901 Aged 35. Her Husband Patrick Anderson Who Died 31/8/1916 Aged 81. Her Son Christopher Anderson Who Died 25/1/1917 Aged 25.

Erected By Patrick Grant In Memory Of His Brothers Robert Grant & Timothey Grant.

Erected By Matthew Murray In Memory Of His Wife Bridget Murray Who Died 29/8/1916 Aged 37. His Son Matthew Joseph Murray Who Died 9/4/1901 Aged 13 Months. William Joseph Murray Who Died 29/29/5/1904

Michael Halleron Who Died 7/2/1902 Aged 66.

Hannah Halleron Who Died 22/2/1908 Aged 75.

Joseph Davis Who Died 19/6/1946 Aged 71. His Wife Margaret Davis Who Died 22/6/1908 Aged 29/

Erected By James Collins In Memory Of His Son James Collins Who Died 19/4/1904 Aged 11.

Erected By John Conway In Memory Of His Wife Esther Conway Who Died 18/5/1950 Aged 30. His Son Patrick Conway Who Died 4/4/1942.

Mary O Brien Who Died 16/7/1986 Aged 86. Her Husband Patrick O Brien Who Died 4/2/1930. Her Son Laurence O Brien Who Died Young. Laurence Cunningham Who Died 21/6/1945 Aged 75. Annie Cunningham Who Died 1926 Aged 60. Her Sister Christina Cunningham Who Died 25/12/1961 Aged 60. Her Grand Mother Dora Cunningham And Her Uncle Michael Cunningham. Timothy O Brien Who Died 6/6/2006 Aged 80.

Vera Connell Prussellstown Who Died 20/4/1952 Aged 14. Her Mother Julia Connell Who Died 23/10/1967 Aged 57. Her Father Michael Connell Who Died 17/12/1984 Aged 76. Her Brother Michael Connell Who Died 27/7/1993 Aged 52. Baby John Jo Connell.

Erected By James Connell Geraldine In Memory Of Elizabeth Connell Who Died 21/10/1911 Aged 36. James Connell Who Died 17/4/1955 Aged 86.

Erected By Margaret Alcock In Memory Of Her Daughter Lizzie Alcock Who Died 18/10/1904 Aged 17.

Annie (Nan) O Neill 20 Plewmans’s Terrace Who Died 30/6/1982 Aged 93. Erected By Paddy & Triona.

Maria Davis Who Died 5/2/1958 Aged 85. William Davis Who Died 8/3/1956 Aged 86. Patrick Davis Who Died 22/11/1911 Aged 41. William Davis Who Died 4/7/1912 Aged 72. James Davis Who Died 16/10/1964.

Erected By John Murphy Athy In Memory Of Her Father Martin Murphy Who Died 16/6/1889 Aged 76. His Stepmother Mary Murphy Who Died 30/11/1889 Aged 76.

Erected By John Birney In Memory Of His Parents James Birney Who Died 1918 & Anne Birney Who Died 1918.

Maggie Harvey Eldest Daughter Of Mary Harvey Head Mistress Of Model School Athy Who Died Sunday 20/6/1885 Aged 20.

Erected By L. Hamilton In Memory Of Her Husband John Hamilton Who Died 10/5/1892.

Erected By Matthew Kennedy In Memory Of Patrick Kennedy Who Died 24/12/1885 Aged 89 & Catherine Kennedy Who Died 8/2/1905 Aged 75.

Erected By James Hearnes In Memory Of His Wife Anne Hearnes Who Died 4/7/1933 Aged 80.

Erected By Kate Nolan In Memory Of Her Husband Joseph Nolan Nelson Street Athy Who Died 16/12/1947 Aged 69. His Son Henry Nelson Who Died 14/1/1950 aged 42. Her Father Henry Walsh Who Died 13/9/1900 Aged 47. Her Mother Mary Walsh Who Died 15/4/1935 Aged 87. Her Sister Mary Walsh Who DIed 14/3/1928 Aged 40. Her Brother Henry Walsh Who Died 9/2/1944 Aged 57. Her Brother Thomas Walsh Who Died 27/5/1904 Aged 11.

Thomas Byrne Who Died 15/4/1943. His Wife Elizabeth Byrne Who Died 1917 Aged 36. His Son Thomas Byrne Who Died 1918 Aged 11.

Richard Barry Oldcourt Athy Who Died 1/4/1930 Aged 94. His Wife Winifred Barry Who Died 17/12/1966 Aged 79. His Son Michael Barry Who Died 3/7/1976 Aged 62. His Son Kevin Barry Who Died As The Result Of An Accident 24/12/1976 Aged 53. His Son James Who Died 7/10/1982 Aged 72. His Daughter Molly McCarthy Interred Here.

Norah Power Bleach Cottages Athy Who Died 11/3/1969 Aged 64. Her Parents William Fox Who Died 11/11/1921 Aged 43. Annie Fox Who Died 11/12/1949 Aged 67. Thomas Power Harlow England Who Died 25/11/1988 Aged 55.

Betty Kane Who Died 3/9/1932 Aged 74. Her Husband Pat Kane Who Died 2/5/1942 Aged 68. Her Sons James Kane & Denis Kane Who Died Young. Her Mother Sarah Beatty Who Died 10/2/1915 Aged 68.

Mary (Mains) Bolger Who Died 27/3/1970 Aged 88. Her Husband Davie Bolger Late Of Plewman’s Terrace Athy. Remembered By The Mulhall Family.

Erected By Lizzie Murray In Memory of Her Son William Roche Who Died 8/6/1912 Aged 19.

Caroline Hall Jackson Wife Of Robert Hall Jackson Esq. Annefield House Athy Who Died 25/5/1896 Aged 59. Robert hall Jackson Who Died 16/8/1912 Aged 72. Sarah Sophia Le Clerc Wife Of Robert Le Clerc Who Died 25/4/1899 Aged 64.

James McNally Convent View Athy Who Died 15/2/1963. (Sacristan At St. Michael’s Athy For More Than 60 Years. Awarded The Papal Medal ‘Bene Merent’ For Meritorius Service) His Wife Mary McNally Nee McCann Who Died 14/8/1913 Aged 27. His Son James Who Died 13/11/1917 Aged 6 Years 7 Months.

Mary Anne Browne Ardreigh Who Died 9/4/1918 Aged 52. Her Daughter Julianne Browne Who Died 16/9/1916 Aged 16. Her Husband Thomas Browne Who Died 9/2/1933 Aged 71. Her Daughter Anne Egan Who Died 20/1/1967. Her Daughter Mary (Polly) Browne Who Died 10/6/1970. Her Grandson Michael Egan Who DIed 29/4/1989

Erected By Mary Bolger In Memory Of Her Mother Maria Ryan Who Died 2/3/1917 Aged 70. Julia Connell Who Died 23/9/1991 Aged 28.

Erected By Esther, Mollie And Joe Dooley In Memory Of Parents. James Dooley Who Died 5/9/1943 Aged 38. His Son Henry Dooley Who Died Young.

Mary Harte Who Died 27/3/1910 Aged 78. Teresa Harte Who Died 10/10/1912 Aged 13 Months.

Erected By Thomas Pender In Memory Of His Wife Annie Pender Who Died 11/7/1920 Aged 56.His Children Michael Pender Who Died 218/1889 Aged 3. Thomas Pender Who Died 25/12/1899 Aged 16. Mary Pender Who Died 19/1/1900 Aged 14. Bridget Pender Who Died 28/1/1912 Aged 14. Joseph Pender Killed In Action In France 12/4/1917 Serving In Second Leinster Royal Canadians (Headstone Broken)

Erected In Memory Of Peter Kavanagh Who Died 23/12/1879 Aged 27.

Erected By James Delany In Memory Of His Daughter Mary Kate Delany Who Died 22/12/1910 Aged 17.

Erected By John Roberts Jnr. Athy In Memory Of His Wife Jane Cobbe Who Died 6/1/1875 Aged 28. Little Girl Lizzie Roberts Who Died 22/8/1873 Aged 4. Stanley Roberts Died An Infant 26/8/1873. Above John Roberts Who Died 3/10/1880 Aged 39.

Erected By John Roberts Of Athy To Mark The Spot Of Earth… (Rest Of Headstone Sunk)

Erected By Lieutenant P. Whelan In Memory Of His Father Michael Whelan Who Died 15/1/1816 Aged 61.

George Carmichael & Elizabeth Carmichael Father And Mother Of Mary Anne Treacy of Widnes Lancashire Formally Athy Who Died 23/3/1864 & 12/3/1848 Aged 75 & 48.

Here Lieth The Body Of Arthur Nevill Who Departed This Life March Ye 24th 1764 In Ye 30th Year Of His Age.

Patrick Ramsbottom Brackna Who Died 3/3/1922. His Wife Bridget Ramsbottom Who Died 26/1/1926. His Daughter Nancy Who Died Young.

Erected By Margaret Dunne In Memory Of Her Father Timothey Dunne Who Died 11/1865 Aged 42. Her Mother Margaret Dunne Who Died 6/12/1888 Aged 65. Her Sister Mary Dunne Who Died 5/1865 Aged 18. Her Brother Patrick Dunne Who Died 18/5/1887 Aged 40.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Andrew Heffernan Who Departed This Life April 2nd 1706 Aged 40. Erected By His Wife Catherine Lord Have Mercy On His Soul Amen.

Erected By Kate Hogan In Memory Of Her Husband John Hogan Who Died 19/4/1935 Aged 37.

In Hope Of An Happy Resurection Here Rests What Was Mortal Of John & Mary Gahan & William Hendon Aged 20 A Youth Of Exemplary Virtues Transcendent Gent. This Stone Is Erected To Their Memory. A Monument Of Ghal Duty Fraternal Love By Him. Gahan Of The City Of Dublin Oct 20 1800.

Erected By Thomas Butler Of Prestons Gate In Memory Of His Mother Mary Butler Who Died 13/6/1869 Aged 82.

John Weir Athy Who Died 6/6/1859 Aged 47. Also 2 Grandchildren who Died Young.

Erected By Mary Kelly Who Died 17/12/1943. In Memory Of Her Parents And Brothers. Michael Kelly Who Died 12/1869. Michael Kelly Who Died 7/1879. Mary Kelly Who Died 6/1887. Gregory Bradley Who Died 10/1906. John Kelly Who Died 3/1926. (Headstone Broken)

This Stone Was Erected By Bryen Reyley In Memory Of His Daughter Catherine Reyley Who Dept This Life June The 4th 1793 Aged 18 Years The Lord Have Mercy On Her Soul Amen.Here Lieth The Body Of Mary Gormn Alias Reily Who Dep. This Life Jan’y 6th 1799 Aged 29 Years Also Bryan Reily Who Departed This Life Feb’y 15 1806 Aged 67 Years May The Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls Amen. Also Margaret Reyley Wife Of Bryen Reyley Who Dep’d This Life Jan’y 15th 1807 Aged 50 Years May The Lord Have Mercy On Her Soul.

Erected In Memory Of James Dunne & Bridget Dunne By Their Grandson James Dunne Of Brooklyn New York. Also 2 Uncles John Dunne & Thomas Dunne.

Erected By Elizabeth Coleman Athy Who Died 29/4/1919 Aged 80 In Memory Of Her Husband William Coleman Who Died 10/10/1898 Aged 70. Her Daughter Mary Kate Coleman Who Died 20/12/1886 Aged 16. Her Brother Martin Who Died 28/10/1859 Aged 20. Her Father William Who Died 24/6/1878 Aged 60.

Erected By Andrew Lawler Who Died 22/11/1993 Aged 57 In Memory Of His Son Martin Lawler Who Died 29/12/1889 Aged 26, His Wife Margaret Lawler Who Died 20/11/1908 Aged 73.

Erected By Mary Ann Watts Who Died 7/2/1921 In Memory Of Her Father & Mother William Richardson & Mary Richardson. Her Daughter Christina Watts. (Slab Not Readable)

Andrew Kenna Killart Who Died 10/4/1878 Aged 80.

Erected By Catherine Lynch Of Farmhill In Memory Of Her Son John Lynch Who Died 1/2/1863 Aged 44. Mary Clarke Who Died 1/1/1934 Aged 82.

Patrick Day Who Died 9/4/1907 Aged 65. His Wife Eliza Day Who Died 8/1/1911 Aged 75. His Son William Day Who Died 3/5/1898 Aged 32. His Daughter Lizzie Day Who Died 14/9/1900 Aged 26. Erected By Her Daughter Mary Jane Day.

Bridget Bracken Who Died 2/11/1918 Aged 22,. Her Husband John Bracken Who Died 2/1/1922 Aged 44. Erected By Her Daughter Bridget Couaciuti.

Erected For James And Mary Bracken In Memory Of 3 Sons Martin Bracken, John Bracken And James Bracken Who Died Young.

Erected By John Butler Of Athy In Memory Of His Mother Catherine Butler Who Died 17/12/1877 Aged 75. His Child Bridget Butler Who Died 16/12/1878 Aged 9.

Erected By John Cutler In Memory Of Parents And Sister.

James Silke Athy Who Died 12/5/1856 Aged 50. His Daughter Alice Mary Silke Who Died 10/7/1891 Aged 35. His Wife Maria Silke Who Died 29/12/1891 Aged 84. His Daughter Maria Silke Who Died In Athlone 8/10/1904. Also Elizabeth Silke Who Died 26/3/1929 Aged 84.

Here Lieth The Body Of Alexander Henry Who Departed This Life Oct 1 1815 aged 18 Years. He Lived Much Esteemed And Died Much Regreted By All His Acquaintance. Erected By His Unconsoable (Sic) Mother Hanna Henry.


Erected By James Clandillon Athy Who Died 22/1/1886 Aged 67 In Memory Of His Wife Elizabeth Clandillon Who Died 29/11/1870 Aged 44. 2 Daughters Eleanor Mary Clandillon Who Died 15/12/1872 Aged 5. Anne Clandillon Who Died 4/11/1879 Aged 27.

Erected In Memory Of Patrick Easton Who Died 27/5/1905 Aged 98. His Son John Easton Who Died 18/8/1925 Aged 72.

Erected By Mary Hannigan In Memory Of Her Father Thomas Easton Who Died 2/6/1890 Aged 33. Her Mother Ann Easton Who Died 2/10/1906 Aged 55.

Here Lieth The Body Of Jane Roche Of Athy Who Died July Ye 17 1707 Aged 50.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Anne McEvoy Dept Dec 14 1701 Aged 51 Yrs. Daughter To John McEvoy Of Athy.

The Burial Place Of John Reeves And In Memory Of Annie Reeves Died 29/2/1972.

Erected By Anthony Reeves In Memory Of His Wife Sarah Reeves Who Died 22/8/1828 Aged 65. The Above Anthony Reeves Who Died 28/10/1849 Aged 104.

Erected By Anthony Reeves Who Died 30/9/1935 Aged 72 In Memory Of His Father Denis Reeves Who Died 27/3/1901 Aged 67. His Mother Mary Reeves Who Died 14/2/1908 Aged 69. His Daughter Bessie Reeves Who Died 26/3/1900 Aged 22. His Son Anthony Reeves Who Died 13/6/1904 Aged 3 Months. His Son Denis Reeves Who Died 13/11/1904 Aged 3 Years. His Daughter Josephine ReevesWho Died 20/5/1905 Aged 1 1/2. His Daughter Mary Reeves Who Died 12/10/1940 And In Memory Of Bridget Reeves Wife Of The Above Who Died 4/11/1951 Aged 81. All Of Reevesmounth Athy

Erected By The Parishoners And Friends In Memory Of Archdeacon James Germaine P.P.V.F. Athy Who Died 18/4/1905 Aged 78. He Was 1 year C.C. Castledermot 15 Years P.P. Avoca And 12 Years P.P. Athy.

Erected To The Memory Of Thomas Sheill Athy Born 12 Oct 1781 Died 17 July 1818 Sarah Sheill His Wife Born 9 Jan 1781 Died July 1812 And Their Children Jane Born 13 June 1809 Died 17 Sept 1810 Benjamin Born 1 June 1811 Died 6 March 1812 Sarah Born 6 Feb 1820 Died 12 May 1838 Thomas Born 27 Jan 1818 Died 29 March 1841 Also Their Grandaughter Elizabeth Grutlier Born 15 Aug 1833 Died 25 July 1835 Also Their Daughter Kate Grutlier Who Died 12 December 1884 Aged 72 And Their Son Henry Who DIed 11 March 1885 Aged 68.

Erected By Laurence John Manders Milltown Athy In Memory Of His Parents John Manders Died 25/4/1865 Aged 65. Margaret Manders Died 28/8/1875 Aged 64. Brother Richard Manders Died In The Wreck Of The Steamship Pacific On The Pacific Coast 3/11/1875 Aged 29. Sister Catherine Manders Departed This Life Very Young Also Laurence John Manders Died 4/2/1907 Aged 68.

Brother Humbert Who Died 17/10/1897 Aged 19 Year. Reverend Brother Alonzo Brennan Who Died 4/3/1963 Aged 69 R.I.P.

Reverend Mark Doyle C.C. Who Died On The 16th Of January 1900 In The 31st Year Of His Age And Seventh Of His Sacred Ministry. He Was 3 Years Curate In Moone Parish And 4 In Athy.

Erected By Mrs. A.H. Doyle Of Annamoe Co. Wicklow To The Memory Of Her Beloved Son The Reverend Laurence P. Doyle C.C. Athy Died 1/8/1903 Aged 34.

Very Reverend James Doyle P.P. Who Died In Athy 17/11/1892 Aged 64. Curate Of Athy For 17 Years P.P. For 13 Years

This Stone Is Erected By James Lynch In Memory Of His Father James Lynch Who Depd This Life In The 30th Year Of His Age In The Year 1789 Likewise His Wife Catherine Lynch Who Depd This Life In The 68 Yeat Of Her Age 1812

Here Lieth The Body Of Edward Humpheryes Who Departed This Life The 10th Of Ober: And In The 30th Year Of His Age 1725.

Erected By James Maher Of Athy Who Died 5/3/1900 Aged 75 in Memory Of His Mother Anne Maher Who Died 23/3/1855 Aged 63. His Father John Maher Who Died 17/5/1862 Aged 50. His Daughter Anne McGann Who Died 25/2/1900 Aged 38. His Wife Mary Anne Maher Who Died 3/4/1923 Aged 83.

Erected By Ann Hoysted In Memory Of Her Husband James Hoysted Who Died 5/4/1871 Aged 73.

Erected By Alice McGee Duke Street Athy In Memory Of Her Husband James McGee Who Died 1/8/1894 Aged 37.

Edward Byrne Who Died 10/6/1915Aged 87. His Wife Rose Byrne Who Died 14/6/1882 Aged 33 Late Of Shanrath.

Mary Byrne Who Died 15/1/1885 Aged 74. Her Husband Thomas Byrne Who Died 21/12/1890 Aged 78. Her Son Patrick Byrne Who Died 22/3/1857 Aged 19. Also Anthony Byrne Killed In France 27/4/1915 Aged 17.

Erected By Daniel Toomey Athy In Memory Of His Father Daniel Toomey Who Died 4/5/1871 Aged 64.

Here Lyeth Ye Body Of Erdford … …. ….. ……… ……………. ……………….Son Of Eraynus El… …. …Died 12th Of March 176… ……… ..15.

Near This Spot Lies The Remains Of George King For Many Years Soverign Of This Town, Justice Of Quorum And One Of The Coroners Of The Co. Kildare. He Died The 4th January 1777 Aged 60 Years. Also Mary His wife Died 1769 Aged 39. In Memorial Of Their Children Here Also Lies The Remains Of Julianna King Otherwise Armstrong Daughter In Law Of The Above Named George King Died 25 March 1849 Aged 85 Years. Her Husband Richard King Having Been Buried In St. Lukes Church Dublin died 1st FebY 1821 Aged 55 Years

Erected Here In Memory…… Luddiel Esq. Late Of B………….Queens County Who Departed This Life June 17 18… Aged 80 Years. (Grave Slab Broken)

Erected In Memory of R.T. Watson Who Died 16/9/1874. Also M.A. Watson Who Died 11/10/1878. Also Samuel Watson Who Died 20/12/1888

Sarah Jane Williamson Died 11th May 1870 Aged 19 Year. Also Matilda Williamson Died 25th April 187.

This Tomb Is Erected By Mr. George Daker Of Athy for The Use Of His Family. Here Lieth The Body Of Ann Daker Deceasd. 1743 Aged 2 Yrs. Also Ann Mary Mansergh Deceasd April 18th 1768 Aged 3Yrs And George Daker Mansergh Deceasd Janury 1769 Aged 2 Yrs. Mrs Ann Daker Departed This Life The 9th. Of July 1786 Aged 72. Here Lieth The Body Of George Daker Esqr. Who Was Called From This Life On The 1st Day Of December 1794 His Name Written In The Book Of Life And Held Dear By Mourning Friendship Needeth Not Monumental Praise. Here Lieth The Body Of George Daker Esqr Who Departed This Life 2nd 1799 Aged 57 Years.

Erected By Patrick Walsh Of Blackwood In Memory Of His Brother James Walsh Who Died 1863 Aged 17 And His Father Patrick Walsh Who Died The 7/6/1873 Aged 90. Also His Mother Bridget Walsh Who Died 24/12/1891 Aged 78. His Sister Eliza Walsh Who Died 6/3/1894 Aged 38.

Erected By Patrick Commins Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Bridget Commins Who Died 26/3/1896 Aged 36. Their Daughter Ellen Commins Who Died Young. Patrick Commins Who Died 17/12/1901 Aged 8. His Daughter Bridgwt may Who Died In Lanark 22/1/1905 Aged 21. Also Michael Commins Who DIed 6/10/1905 Aged 10. His Son John Commins Who Died 2/7/1909 Aged 18. Patrick Commins Died At His Residence Dinaney Monasterevan 2/10/1938 Aged 85.

Here Lieth……………..Body of Murtaigh Nicholas Morrin …………………..County………


Erected By Margaret Delaney In Memory Of Her Husband John Delaney Who Died 12/10/1905. Also Maria Delaney Who Died August 1902.

Myles Hickey Emily Square Athy Who Died 15/4/1894 Aged 65. Also His Children Michael Hickey & Myles Hickey Who Died Young. His Wife Anne Who Died 23/4/1909 Aged 78.

Bridget Behan Who Died 6/1/1898 Aged 65. Also Bessie Behan Who Died 26/1/1905 Aged 26. John Behan Who Died 8/1/1905 Aged 8 Months.

Erected By Patrick Gibbons Bray House Athy Who Died 22/12/1910 Aged 69 In Memory of His Two Daughters Mary Anne Gibbons Who Died 4/12/1900 Aged 22 & Josephine Gibbons Who Died 5/9/1901 Aged 69. His Wife Catherine Gibbons Who Died 13/8/1926 Aged 74.

Hilda Fitzgerald Wife Of R.A. Fitzgerald Manager The National Bank Athy Who Died At Salisbury House 10/10/1892 Aged 42.

Here Lieth The Body Of James Hyland Who Depad This Life May Ye 5th 1774 Aged 55 Years.

Erected In Memory Of Patrick Lynch Who Departed This Life 5th June 1885 Aged 42 Years. Also His Beloved Wife Lousia Lynch Who Departed This Life 6th July 1883 Aged 26 Years. And His Son Laurance Lynch Who Died February 1871 Aged 2 Years. Also His Daughter Mary Who Died In July 1884 Aged 3 And A Half Years Bray Athy.

Erected By Thomas Morrin Of Borbawn Who Died 3/9/1867 Aged 66 In Memory Of His Father Patrick Morrin Who Died 25/10/1844 Aged 80. His Mother Bridget Morrin Who Died 10/10/1817 Aged 50.

Erected In Loving Memory Of Patrick Nolan Of Athy Who Died 15th March 1891 Aged 82 Years. Also His Beloved Mary (Maidon Name Morrin) Who Died 3rd October 1891 Aged 82 Years.

Erected By John Christie In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Christie Who Depd This Life 12th Febry 1810 Aged ? Years.

GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO Erected By Thomas Kehoe To The Memory Of His Mother In Law Mary Connor Who Departed This Life On The 3rd Of January 1834 Aged 76 Years. Also Ellen Kehoe Who Died …Of July. (Rest Of Memorial Buried)


SACRED To The Memory Of Wm Dunn Who Departed This Life 6th Novr 1847 Aged 70 Years Also His Wife Margaret Who Departed This Life 11th Novr 1823 Aged 54 Years.

….ley Of Athy W…. …he 28th Novembe.. His Wife Mar…. ..he 2nd May 18.. ..he (Headstone Fragmented)

Erected By William Coffey In Memory Of His Father James Coffey Who Died 7/11/1797 Aged 66.

Erected By John Owens In Memory Of His Son Lawerence Owens Who Died 8/11/1810 Aged 4.

Erected By Mary Brien In Memory Of Her Husband James Brien Who Died 9/6/1798 Aged 67.

Erected By Patrick Johnson Who Died 5/1/1938 Aged 95 In Memory Of His Father Patrick Johnson Athy Who Died 3/5/1893 Aged 103. His Daughter Elizabeth Johnson Who Died 31/3/1907 Aged 20. His Son Patrick Johnson Who Died 13/9/1908 Aged 17. Mary Johnson Who Died 10/4/1941 Aged 53. Margaret Johnson Who Died 6/1/1942 Aged 89 Wife Of The Above Patrick.

Erected By Annie Lawler Of Athy In Memory Of Her Husband James Lawler Who Died 21/1/1844 Aged 50. Also Her Son Luke Lawler Aged 6.

Erected By Mrs. J. Doyle Duke Street Athy In Memory Of Mrs. Josephine M. Doyle Who Died 24/11/1904 Aged 22.

Erected By Michael Conerney Of Athy In Memory Of His 3 Dear Children And His Wife Bridget Courney Who Died 17/1/1867 Aged 34. The Above Michael Conerney Who Died 27/9/1872 Aged 56.

Erected By Sarah Whelan Who Died 29/12/1903 Aged 83 In Memory Of Her Husband Patrick Whelan Who Died 26/11/1871 aged 65. Her Son Patrick Whelan Who Died 21/5/1877 Aged 21. Their Daughter Bridget Whelan Who Died 8/6/1878 Aged 20. Her Son Laurence Whelan Who Died 31/3/1880 Aged 18. Her Daughter Mary Anne Whelan Who Died 25/4/1909 Aged 56. Her Son James Whelan Who Died 14/3/1906 Aged 53 Also Joseph Whelan Nicholastown Who Died 22/1/1945.

Erected By James Kavanagh In Memory Of His Father Daniel Kavanagh Who Died 18/5/1850 Aged 65. His Daughter Sarah Kavanagh 2/7/1854 Aged 26.

Erected by Thomas Kynsey M.D.J.P. In Memory Of His Wife Elizabeth Kynsey Who Died 27/5/1862. His Children Charlotte Helena Who Died 18/11/1858 & Josiah Frederick Kynsey Surgeon R.N. Who Died 23/6/1871.

Erected By Ellen McDonnell Leinster Street Athy In Memory Of Her Husband John J. McDonnell Who Died 18/11/1896 Also His Father Andrew McDonnell Who Died 28/10/1883. His Mother Mary McDonnell Who Died 9/8/1867 And His Brother Patrick McDonnell Who Died 25/3/1856.

Erected By John O Neill Chicago U.S.A. In Memory Of His Mother Anne O Neill Who Died 29/1/1892 Aged 76.

Erected By Alex Shannon In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Anne Devoy Who Died 17/7/1848 Aged 38 And His Son Pierce Shannon Who Died 20/7/1848 Aged 15. His Mother Mary Shannon Who Died 4/3/1834 Aged 48.

Erected By His Affectionate Sons In Memory Of James Hughes Who Died 11/8/1900 Aged 75. Also His Son James Hughes Who Died 28/11/1903 Aged 22. Their Mother Mary Hughes Who Died 10/12/1905 Aged 65. Their Grandson Jack Hughes Who Died Young.

Erected By Benjamin Norman Of Athy In Memory Of His Father James Norman Who Died 14/5/1842 Aged 63. His Daughter Teresa Norman Who Died 19/5/1862 Aged 18. The Above Benjamin Who Died 8/2/1881 Aged 76. His Wife Mary Norman Who Died 21/7/1885 Aged 76.

Erected By Edward Noud Who Died 19/1/1919 Aged 68 In Memory Of His Mother Mary Noud Who Died 17/5/1880 Aged 50. His Father Thomas Noud Who Died 12/9/1885 Aged 66. His Brother Matthew Noud Who Died 25/11/1918 Aged 60.

Erected By Bridget Deegan In Memory Of Her Daughter Mary Grey Who Died 16/5/1806 Aged 6.

Erected By James Neill Athy In Memory Of His Brother Luke Neill Who Died 18/11/1885 Aged 58. His Mother Anastasia Neill Who Died 3/12/1890 Aged 86. His Daughter Nannie Neill Who Died 4/1/1888 Aged 12.

Erected By John Dunne Of Geraldine In Memory Of His Father John Dunne Who Died 7/9/1838 Aged 60. His Mother Liza Dunne Alias Deigan Who Died 20/3/1817 Aged 54. His Brother Michael Dunne Who Died 27/3/1837 Aged 34. His Son Patrick Dunne Who Died 7/12/1839 Aged 11 & Julia Maryanne Andrew Who Died Young.

Here Lies ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Here Also Lies The Body Of Rend Michael McMahon Who Died April ..8 Aged 68 Years (Graveslab Mostly Unreadable)

Erected By John Mahon Who Died 15/4/1908 Aged 68 In Memory Of His Father John Mahon Who Died 18/12/1888 Aged 82. His Mother Charlotte Mahon Who Died 1/1/1889 Aged 80. Their Son William Mahon Who Died Who Died 3/7/1879 Aged 30. Their Daughter Ann Mahon Who Died 8/1/1889 Aged 50. His Son James Mahon Who Died 25/12/1893 Aged 20. His Wife Bridget Mahon Who Died 6/5/1914 Aged 73. His Son John Mahon Who Died 14/2/1917.

Here Lieth The Body Of Jacob Jackson Of Athy Who Died The … Day Of Dec…………………….A Man Of Exemplary Charity….Good.. (Rest Of Graveslab Unbeatable)

Erected By Kate Fitzpatrick In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband John Fitzpatrick Who Died 3/1/1889 Aged 47. His Father James Fitzpatrick Who Died 6/1/1866 Aged 50. Joe Fitzpatrick Who Died 8/6/1906 Aged 55. His Wife Ellen Fitzpatrick Who Died 25/2/1930 Aged 72.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Joshua Johnson Son Of Joshua Johnson of Athy Who Departed This Life Marh Ye 5th 1747 Aged 18 Months And Of His Daughter Elisabeth Who Departed This Life Jan.ry The 6th 1778 Aged 4 Years Three Months

Sacred To The Memory Of Henry William Colley Gratten The Dearly Beloved Little Son Of W And E Colley Gratten Born 18 Jan 1880 Died 16 Jan 1882 Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven Also In Memory Of Major Wm Henry Colley Gratten Father Of The Above Died December 32st 1894 Aged 44 Years.

Erected By Michael O Shea In Memory Of His Beloved Children Maria Died 7 March 1870 Aged 9 Mts. Michael James Died 28 September 1877 Aged 3 Years & 6 Months. The Above Michael O Shea Who Died 11/10/1889 Aged 53.

In Memory Of Walter The Beloved Son Of Walter Harrington Of Athy Who Died 16 November 1880 Aged 33 Years And James Who Died 8 March 1857 Aged 4 Years And Eliza Who Died 27/6/1888 Aged 75. The Above Walter Harrington Who Died 24th February 1892 Aged 80.

Erected By Thomas & Honoria Brennan Athy In Memory Of Their Beloved Children James Died 29th April 1865 Aged 4 Years. Bridget Died 1st Nov 1873 Aged 4 Years And Michael Who Died Young. Also The Above Named Honora Brennan Who Died 27 May 1877 Aged 31 Years And Their Daughter Winifred Who Died 8th February 1888 Aged 6 Years.

Erected By Benjamin Norman Of Shamrock In Memory Of His Father Robert Norman Who Depd This Life In March 1846 Aged 69 Years And His Wife Catherine Who Died 28th Of May 1834 aged 28 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of Richard Lindsay Who Died 15 April 1875 Aged 32 R.I.P. This Monument Is Erected By His Friends In Athy And Neighbourhood As Testimony Of His Worth.

Erected By Edward Noud In Memory Of His Mother Mary Noud Died 17/5/1880. Aged 50 Years Also His Father Thomas Noud Died 12/9/1885 Aged 66 Years Also His Brother Matthew Died 25/11/1918 Aged 60 Years Above Edward Noud Died 19/1/1919 Aged 68.

Erected By John Collins Athy Who Died 19/11/1889 Aged 77 In Memory Of His Wife Mary Collins Who Died 21/12/1873 Aged 68. Also His Daughter Elizabeth Collins Who Died 15/12/1866 Aged 9. Also His Father Daniel Collins Who Died 14/7/1850 Aged 70. His Mother Mary Collins Who Died 23/2/1853 aged 73. Bridget Collins Who Died 1909 Aged 59. Their Grandson James Collins Who Died At In Moore? Oct 1918. Their Grandson Daniel Collins Who DIed 1/1/….Aged 73.

Erected By Michael Collins In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Collins Who Died 13/7/1892 Aged 75.

In Memory Of Richard And Honora Scott The Beloved Parents Of The Late Eliza Harrington Of Athy Also Her Beloved Sister Maria Knowles And Kate Scott The Beloved Wife Of The Late John Kelly Duke Street Aged 32 Years.

Erected By Mary Delahunt In Memory Of Her Mother Mary Who Died 25/9/1940 Aged 71 Years. Also Her Brother Patrick Who Died 4/4/1902 Aged 4 Years.

Erected By Samual Conolly In Affectionate Rememberance Of His Beloved Wife Catherine And Of His Only Son Samual “The Memory Of The Just Is Blessed”

In Memory Of The Beloved Wife Of Patrick Tierney Bert Died On 23rd August 1888 Aged 75 Years. Patrick Tierney Died 24th Nov 1892 Aged 85 Years.

Erected By William Doyle Of Athy To The Memory Of His Beloved Father David Doyle Who Dept This Life In The Hope Of A Happy Resurection On The 13 Of Nov 1825 Aged 65 Years Also His Mother Catherine Doyle Who Depd This Life June 27th 1832 Aged 60 And His Sister Elizabeth Doyle Who Depd This Life Octr 13th 1831 In The 28 Year Of Her Age.

This Monument Was Erected By Luke Carroll Of Purcellstown In Memory Of His Dearly Beloved Mother Who Departed This life The 15th Of August 1825 Aged 35 Years Also Her Daughter Mary Carroll Who Departed This Life March The 10th 1819 Aged 12 Years “May The Rest In Peace Amen”

Here Lieth The Body Of Hugh Bailey Who Dept This Life Oct The 7th 1770 Aged 52 Years.

Pray For The Soul Of Kate McDermot who Died In Athy 2nd July 1886 Feast Of The Visitation.

Here Lies The Body Of Mary Pearson Alias Jackson Late Wife Of Richard Pearson Of Athy Who Departed This Life In The …Year Of Her Age Ye 24th Of January 1712 Here Lies The Body Of Richd Pearson Of Athy Who Departed This Life 19th Day Of June 17..1 Aged 78 Years Also In Hope Of An Happy Resurrection Here Lyeth The Body Of Rober…Pearson Esqr . Captain In The Roy….Regimt. of Foot Of Ireland Wh… Served Under The Brave….. Of Marlborough I….. Deceased Ja….

Erected By Martin Hayden In Memory Of His Father And Mother Also His Daughter Kate Who Died May 1901 Aged 22 Years. Also Above Martin Hayden Died 29th October 1926 Aged 83 Years And His Wife Mary Died 9th Sept 1930 Aged 86.

Erected By Michael Hadden Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Parents Martin & Mary Hayden Also His Sister Kate Hayden Died 30 May 1901 Aged 22 Years. His Brother Thomas Hayden Who Died In Glasgow 26/4/1934 Aged 65 Years. His Brother James Hayden Died 12/10/1941 Aged 54 Years.

Erected by Thomas Brown Of Ardreigh In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Anne Browne 23/10/1886 Aged 59 Years. Also Two Of His Daughters Anne Died 17 January 1877 Aged 15 Years Julia Died 18 March 1885 Aged 18 Years And Of His Son Michael Died 27/11/1895 Aged 42. The Above Thomas Browne Died 12/12/1896 Aged 72.

Erected By Thomas Fleming Of Athy In Memory Of His Father Wm Fleming Died April 1816 Aged 65 Years. Mother Elenor Died 11/1817 Aged 63. Brother William Died 3/1858 Aged 34. Above Thomas Fleming Died 7/6/1882 Aged 68.

Erected By Christina Murphy In Memory Of Elizzia Dempsey Died 18/6/1885 Also Father Patrick Died 9/6/1910 Son Patrick Died 26/11/1915.

Erected By James And Ellen Reid In Memory Of Our Dear Daughter Margaret Mary Reid Who Departed This Life 22/5/1903 Aged 20. Also The Above Ellen Reid The Square Athy Aged 60 Year. Also Patrick Joseph Reid Died 18th September. Also The Above James Reid Died 13th May 1908 Aged 68 Years.

Erected By Laurence Kearney As A Tribute Of Affection To The Memory Of His Mother Catherine Kearney Who Died At Longavenue Co. Kildare 17/4/1882 Aged 74 Years Also His Beloved Sister Maria Nolan Who Died …

In Memory Of Thomas Nolan Died On The 28th Dec 1886 Aged 69 Years Also His Wife Winifred Who Died 15/11/1890 Aged 75 Years. Son Thomas Died 20/3/1890 Aged 33 Years. Daughter Mary Murphy Died 14/5/1898 Aged 46. Son Joseph Died 21/4/1921 Aged 37.

Erected By Patk Hughes Of Montgomery St. Carlow In Memory Of His Respected Father Mr. Michael Hughes Who Dept This Life 1st March 1837 In The 68th Year Of His Age Also His Most Beloved Mother Mr. Margaret Hughes Who Departed This Life The 8th Of Sept. 1843 Aged 54 Years Also Two Of Their Children Who Died Young Also For Himself And Kindred.

Erected By Patrick Hughes in Memory Of His Beloved Sister Miss Margaret Hughes Depd This Life March 1st 1856 Aged 27 Years.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of William Dowling Depd. July 31st 1771 Aged 61. Also Of His Children William & Mary Lord Have Mercy On Them Also In Memory Of Michael Darcy Who Died 15 January 1875 Aged 83 Years. John Darcy Died 9 April 1912 Aged 70 Years.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo This Tomb Is erected By Mary Bryan Of Athy In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Edward BryanWho Departed This Life In The 30 th Year Of His Age The 23 Day Of Jany 18… Also His Beloved Mother Elizabeth BryanWho Departed This Life May The 17th 1877. Beneath Is Laid The Remains Of Mary Bryan Who Departed This Life July 25th 1832 Aged 41 Years.

Beneath This Stone Is Erected By Mary Bryan Of Athy Rests The Remains Of Her Dearly Beloved Husband John Bryan Who Departed This Life Feb 15th 1822 In The … Year Of His Age.

Here Lieth Ye Body Of Thimothy Houraghan Depd Jany 9th 1758 Aged 14 Yers Also Catherine Houraghan Depd June Ye 23rd 1758 Aged 17.

Erected By Michael Conroy In Memory Of His Beloved Father John Conroy Who Departed This Life May 19th 1869 Aged 58 Years Also His Sister Margaret Who Departed This Life August 22 1857 Aged 15 Years.

Erected By James May In Memory Of His Grandfather Thomas Kirwin Died 18th Feb. 1863 Aged 72 Years. His Grandmother Catherine Kirwin Died 15th May 1885 Aged 34 Years. His Niece Kathleen May Died 29th March 1901 Aged 16 Years. His Mother Catherine May Died 12th June 1907 Aged 76 Years. His Father John May Died 2nd April 1911 Aged 80. His Sister Mary Jane ‘Jannie’ Died 16th Nov 1913 Aged 41 Years His Brothers Mark, James & Michael Who Died Young.

Erected y Patrick Prendergast Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Father Who Died 7th Oct 1874 Aged 72 Years. Also His Mother Margaret Prendergast Who Died 17th Oct 1880 Aged 71 Years And His His Brother Matthew Who Died 29th Sept 1874 Aged 28 Years Also His Wife Kate Who Died 15 may 1909 Aged 56 Years.

Erected By Michael Ransford In Memory Of His Wife Bridget Died July 3rd 1940 Aged 69 Years.

Sacred To The Memory Of William Gratten Esq. Late Lieut 88th Regiment He Died Fondly Loved And Deeply Lamented Jan 22nd 1858 Aged 66 Years Also To That Of Jane His Beloved Wife Deeply Mourned Novr 10 1858 Aged 72 Years. Also To That Of Their Loved Son William M. Gratten Esqr J.F. Who Died Deeply Loved And Deservedly Mourned July 21st 1881 Aged 60 Years And To That Of His Beloved Wife Louisa Marianne Page Gratten Who Died February 8th 1895 Aged 72 Years.

In Memory Of Joseph Hapham Beasley Died 2nd Nov 1884 Aged 74 Years.

Of Your Charity Pray For The Repose Of The Soul Of William W. Beasley Evrefield House Curragh Died 9th May 1892 Aged 30 Years.

Peter Bain Died 23 Feb 1896 Erected By His Wife Sacred heart Of Jesus pray Fo Him.

Erected By The Children Of Mary Hyland In Loving Remembrance Of Her Who Departed This Life Decer 27th 1883 Aged 52 Years. Their Grandfather & Grandmother Mary & Edward Hyland Who Died In 1868 & 1876 Aged Respectively 88 & 76 Their Uncle James Hyland Died 27th Dec 1883 Aged 52 Years.

Erected By Michl Nolan Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Brother Henry Nolan Who Departed This Life April 1838 Aged 25 Years

Erected By John Quinn Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Sister Mary Quinn Who Died 21st Nov 1877 Aged 60 Year.

Beneath This Tomb Are Deposited The Remains Of Edward Couse Athy Who Departed This Life The 29th Of Oct 18… Aged 69 Years Anne Couse ….. Elizabeth …… Susanne Couse …….

Benjamin Knowles Departed This Life The 20th Day Of June 17… Aged 76 Years Also His Son Benjamin Who Departed This Life…. (Rest Unreadable)

Here Lieth The Body Of William Manders Departed This Life November Ye 9th 1722 Aged 42.

Laurence Whelan Of Prestons Gate Died On The 30th Of May 1887

Here Lies The Body Of The Very RevdJohn Kennelly OSD He Took The Habit Of His Order At Louvain In Flanders In 178. He Was Elected Provincial In 1820 He Reared Five Relatives For The Church Of God, A Brother And Four Nephews. He Died 25th Dec. 1842 Aged 78 Years. Also The Very Revd Thomas McDonnell STP Of LImerick Died Nov 25th 1878 Dominican From Athy

Patrick Mulhall Athy Who Died January 1929.

Patrick Grant Who Died 16/11/1990 Aged 65. Also His Wife Margaret Grant Who Died 28/7/1951

Erected By Martin Treacy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Who Died April 21st 1872 Aged 38. His Daughter Kate Died June 15th 1871 Aged 15. His Son William Died Aged 3 yrs & A Daughter Bridget Aged 1 Year. Martin Treacy Died 8th February 1911 Aged 80 Years.

In Loving Memory Of George Masterson The Beloved Husband Of Lizzie Masterson Who Died 10th April 1886 Aged 42 Yrs. Also His Father Thomas Masterson March 1886 Aged 59 Yrs.

Erected By Francis Crosbee Of Athy In Memory Of His Brother Henry Crosbee Who Depd This Life The 9th Of March 1860 Aged 80 Years.

Of Your Charity Pray For The Soul Of Michael Peppard Of Athy Who Died 26th March 1890 Aged 62 Years. His Children Ellen & Edward Who Died Young And James Peppard His Son Who Died 11th January 1900 Aged 35. Also Maria Wife Of Michael Peppard Died February 8th 1917 Aged 72 Years.

Margaret McDonald Died 18 Nov 1861. Henry Francis McDonald Curate Of This Parish 1848 – 1860 Rector 1860 – 1891 Died May 1891 I Shall Be Satisfied When Awake With Thy LiKeness P.S. XV11.15

Erected By John Kinsella Who Died 20 March 1881 Aged 80 Years. Also His Wife Mary Died 26 Jan 1910 Aged 82 Years.

Murphy 1873 1904 1882

Erected By Anne Doogue In Memory Of Her Father Patrick Timpson Died 23rd June 1909 Also Her Mother Mary Timpson Died 25th June 1929.

In Loving Memory Of Mary Carroll Also Her Son John William

Erected By Winifred Carroll In Memory Of Her Husband Michael Carroll Who Died 6th Jany 1866 Aged 74 Years. Also Son John Who Died 17th Decr 1866 Aged 26 Years. Her Grandson James Byrne Died 25th February 1870 Aged 14 Years. The Above Winifred Carroll Born 3rd Jany 1884 Aged 82 Years.

Erected In Memory Of Thomas Evans Who Died Nov 1910 Aged 22 Years Also John Evans Who Died March 3rd 1939 Aged 66 Years.

In Loving Memory Of My Parents Patrick & Mary Cashen

Erected By Thomas Evans Prospect House Athy In Loving Memory Of His Daughter Rachel Who Died 13th August 1871 Aged 15 Years. The Above Thomas Evans Died 10th May 1900 Aged 83 Years. ISIAH.LXI Also His Dearly Beloved Wife Anna Maria Died 15th August 1901 Aged 75 Years.

Bridget Grant 9 Plewman’s Terrace Who Died 20/2/1942 Aged 4 Years

Erected By Maria Grant In Memory Of Her Mother Mary Farrell Died Aug 1904 Aged 74 Years. Also Her Son John Died 8 February 1894 Aged 9 Months.

Erected By Bridget Farrell In Memory Of Her Mother Betty Farrell Died 10th March 1916 Aged 105 Years. Her Father Denis Farrell Died 7th March 1888 Aged 75 Years. Her Brother John Died 11th Oct 1916 Aged 71 Years.

Erected In Memory Of Their Parents Maria & William O Hara By Their Daughter Also Their Brother Thomas & Aunt Mary.

Erected By Anne Kelly In Memory Of Her Father Michael Hanlon Died 1878 Aged 52 Years. Also Her Mother Anne Died September 1887 Aged 65 Years.

Erected By Edward Gibney In Memory Of His Beloved Father Edward Gibney Who Died 25th Jany 1886 Aged 65 Years. Also His Mother Catherine Gibney Who Died 22nd November 1892 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By Thomas Keenan In Memory Of His Parents And Brothers Michael Keenan Died 10 December 1902 Mary Keenan Died 15 March 1915 Joseph Keenan Died 18th April 1885 Michael Keenan Died 24 February 1901.

Erected By J. Ryan In Memory Of His Mother Margaret Ryan Died 28 April.

Erected By James Mulhall In Memory Of His Wife Mary Died March 1 1904 Aged 36 Years Also Her Two Brothers.

Erected By Martin Timpson In Memory Of His Wife Mary Timpson Who Died Dec 31st 1941 Aged 53 Years. His Daughter Margaret Died Sept. 10th 1932 Aged 6. Julia Woods (Nee Timpson) Died 16th Oct 1986 Aged 68 Yrs. Interred In England

Erected By Mary Kelly In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Who Died 28 Dec 1905 Aged 32 Years.

Erected By Richard Gough In Memory Of His Father Patrick Who Died 18th February Aged 48 Years.

Erected By Margaret Fitzgerald In Fond And Loving Remembrance Of Her Beloved And Affectionate Husband Frank Fitzgerald T.C.Duke Street Athy Who Departed This Life 17 April 1891 Aged 37 Years Also Her Two Children Who Died Young. Also The Above Margaret Fitzgerald Who Died 3rd May 1903 Aged 16 Years.

Erected By James Lafarelle Of Athy In Memory Of His Three Beloved Children John Lafarelle Died 11th Of May 1877 Aged 14 Years And Three Months Robert Died 17th Oct 1881 Aged 4 Yrs. Christopher Died 1 September 1883 Aged 4 Yrs.

Christopher Farrell Athy Who Died 2/3/1909 Aged 22 Years.

Erected By Patrick Maher In Memory Of His Father Who Died 11th April 1936 Aged 82 Years. Also His Sister Who Died 18th April 1909 Age 15 Years.

Erected By Mary Delahunt In Memory Of Her Grandfather Rose Whelan Died 10th April 1920 Aged 79.

Erected By Margaret Carey In Memory Of Her Father Andrew Whelan Also Her Mother Mary Whelan.

Erected By Thomas & Rose Rochford In Memory Of John Moran Died 18 February 1898 Aged 70 Years. Also His Wife Jane Died 6th November 1902 Aged 84.

Erected By Darby Delaney In Memory Of His Sister Bridget Died 6th April 1927 Aged 47 Years. Also His Mother Mary Delaney Died 17th March 1930 Aged 76 Years. Also Patrick Delaney Died October 1996 Aged 82 Years.

Thomas Devoy Who Died 10/8/1937 Aged 72. His Wife Kate Devoy Who Died 22/11/1961 Aged 84. Their Son William Devoy Who Died 21/8/1935 Aged 32.

Margaret Maher Dooley’s Terrace Athy Who Died 25/11/1936 Aged 71 Years.

Martin Heydon Who Died 8/12/1927 Aged 53.

Joseph J. Infant Son Of A. MacDermott Who Died 23/9/1876

Bridget Sheppard Who Died July 1885 Aged 65. Her Husband Dan Sheppard Who Died 21/5/1904 Aged 76.

Erected To The Memory Of Nicholas O Donohue Died Novr 19th 1858 Aged 53 Years. Erected By His Affectionate Wife And Daughter Now In Tasmania.

Erected By Margaret Brady Athy In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband John Brady Who Died 4 May 1884 Aged 58 Years.

Erected By Mary Hanlon Who Departed His Life 14 Oct 1903 Also Her Parents Adam And Julia Roach Erected By Their Loving Children

Erected By Mary Roach In Memory Of Her Husband Adam Died 10th Feb 1895 Aged 33 Years. Also Her Daughter Ellen Died 6th June 1906 Aged 19 Years And Her Son James Died 2nd Oct 1918 Aged 26 Years.

Willie Coy Moore 23 Upper Saint Joseph’s Terrace Died 21st November 1975.

Erected By Thomas S. Hill In Memory Of His Beloved Uncle Stephen Deering Died August 15th 1881 Aged 28 Years. His Grandfather Thomas Deering Died December 19th 1885 Aged 70 Years. His Grandmother Ellen Deering Died December 28th 1903 Aged 91 Years. His Aunt Marie Deering Born May 15th 1905 And Aunt Ellen Deering Died March 1st 1913 Aged 60 Years. And His Beloved Mother Brigid Hill Died May 16th 1916 Aged 71 Years.

In Memory Of Edward Vernal Died 6/4/1934 Aged 75.

Erected By Michael Knowles In Loving Memory Of His Brother Patrick Died 24/7/1907 Aged 27.

Erected By Elizabeth Mary Horan In Affectionate Remembrance Of Her Beloved Husband John Horan Who Departed This Life 27th June 1881 Aged 37 Years. Elizabeth May Horan Died 22nd August 1888 Aged 39 Years. Their Daughter Alice Died17 October 1896 Aged 18 Years

Erected By Ellen Howard In Loving Memory Of Husband William Died 6/1/1905 Aged 90. Also Son Michael Died 3/7/1938 Aged 65 Years.

Of Your Charity Pray For The Repose Of Mrs Anne Dunne Otherwise Fitzgerald Relict Of Patrick Dunne Esq. Dollardstown. This Vererable And Justly Beloved Christian Died In Her 82nd Year On The 25 Of Novr 1849. She Closed Her Edifing Life By The Fervent Practice Of Those Religious Duties That Ever Marked Her Holy Career. Her Remains Were Accompanied To This Her Earthly Dwelling By An Immense Number Of Every Class And Creed Of The Entire Neighbourhood which She So Long Adorned By Her Eminant And Unostentatious Virtues. She Expired Consoled By Her Cherished Text From The 6th Chap. 55 Ver. Of St. John He That Eateth My Flesh And Drink My Blood May Everlasting Life Be Theirs On The Last Day. Pray Also For The Above Named Patrick Dunne Who Died Deeply Regretted On The 18th Day Of August 1804 Aged 41 And Of Richard Dunne Who Died On The 17th Feby 1840 Aged 44 Years.
Of Your Charity Pray For The Repose Of James Perrin Leinster Lodge Who Died On The 22nd Of June 1815 Aged 58 Years Much Lamented . Also For His Greatly Beloved Widow Mrs Catherine Perrin Otherwise Dunne Who Died On The 15th February 1849 Aged 56 Years. Here Also Repose THe Remains Of Their Son Louis Perrin Whose Early Death On The 16th July 1856 Aged 21 Years Caused General Regret . ————— Of Your Charity Pray For John Goold Esq. Of This Town Who DIed On The 1st Of Nov. 1835 And For The Repose Of Ursela Goold Otherwise Fitzgerald Who Departed This Life On The 5th Of May 1845 Both Greatly EnDeared To Their Friends For Their Practice Of Virtue & Love Of Religion.

Pray For Their Deceased Children William Gould Died On The 31st December 1824 Aged 25 Years. Mary Goold Who Died On The 30 April In Her 22nd Year Each Deservedly Esteemed.

Erected By William M. Delany Athy In Memory Of His Dearly Beloved Father James Delany.

Erected By Richard Bambrick Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Mother Mary Bambrick Who Died 27th Oct 1859 Aged 40 Years.

Erected By His Loving Daughter Bridgid Finn In Memory Of John Loughman Who Died 20th January 1931 Aged 51 Years.

Erected By Norah Guynan Of Athy In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Thomas Guynan Who Depd This Life 12th Of Sepr 1888 Aged 80 Years.

Erected By His Family In Loving Memory Of Daniel Kavanagh Who Died 20/9/1937 Aged 58 Years.

Erected By Mary Murphy In Memory Of Her Father Charles Doyle Died March 5th 1905 Aged 28 Years. Also Her Mother Lizzie Kavanagh Died November 26th 1922 Aged 42 Years.

Underneath Are Deposited The Remains Of John Perrin Who Died On The 30th Dec 1837 Aged 52 Years.

Erected To The Late Edward Ferris Esq. M.D. Athy By His Numerous Admirers Anxious To Pay A Last Tribute Of Respect To His Memory. In His The Profession Has Lost An Able Physician And The Poor A Kind & Generous Friend. He Died The 25th March 1877 Aged 63 Years.

Erected By Mr George Mulhulland Of Athy In Memory Of His Beloved Wife Alice Mulhulland Who depd This Life 26th Febry 1838 Aged 80 Years.

Erected By Thomas Oliver In Memory Of His Dearly Beloved Wife Helena Eldest Daughter Of James Farrell Duke Street Athy Who Departed This Life On The 8th July 1881 Aged 24 Years. May He Rest In Peace.

Erected By Mrs Ellen Knowles Athy To The Memory Of Her Beloved Husband John Knowles And Their Son Edward A.D. 1858 And Her Son John Knowles And Her Son John Knowles Who Died 17th January 1868 Also Her Daughter Lizzie Who Died 3rd February 1881. The Above Mrs Ellen Knowles Died 4th May 1896 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By Edward & James Slater Of Brooklin America To The Memory Of Their Father John Slater Who Died 19th October 1834 Aged 56 Years Also Their Mother Elizabeth Slater Who Died 25th November 1868 Aged 81 Years. And Also Their Sister Catherine Who Died 23rd Febr 1845 Aged 26 Years.

Erected By John & Patrick Maher In Memory Of Their Father Patrick Maher Who Died 20th Jan. 18487 Aged 48 Years. Also Their Mother Judith Maher Who Died 2nd April 1873 Aged 58 Years.

ORIS IN EXCELSIS DE…………Edward Dillo……………Who ………..14 Years…………Also ……Dillon Who……..1833 Aged 37………Memory Of…Athy …………her Luke Dillon…………………Son William….7th May….

Here Lieth The Body Of Mrs Mary Dunne Wife Of Pat Dunne Of Kilkea Esq. Who Departed This Life 22nd Febuary 1824 Aged 43 Years. Her Goodness Of Heart Has Seldom Been Surpassed Also The Mortal Remains Of Lauce Conrahy Her Father Were Interred here On The 12th May 1794 Aged 43 Years Whose Life Was Marked By Industry And Integrity. And On The ….Of June 1876 The Mortal Remains Of His Widow Mrs Catherine Conrahy Were Deposited Here In Her …Year. A Most Affectionate Mother And The Sincerest Of Friends. The Above Is Recorded By A Brother And With The Most Filial Affection. May The Lord Have Mercy On Their Soul.

Sacred To The Memory Of Edward Kennedy Who Departed This Life April 1831 Aged 52 Years. Also Catherine Kennedy Who Depd This Life 29 Nov. 1833 Aged 14 Years. And 4 Younger Children. Also To The Memory Of His Wife Elizabeth Kennedy Otherwise Norris Who Dep This Life Jany 5th 1843 Aged 52 Years. And Her Mother Norris Who Died Jany 1810 Aged 72 Years. Also Mr Robert Kennedy Of Athy Who Died December 23 1874 Aged 60 Years. Also Michael Son Of Martin Kavanagh Who Died 12/4/1806 Aged 16 Years. Also His Daughter Alice Christina Who Died 26 March 1878 Aged 18. Martin Kavanagh Died 19/2/1889 Aged 29. Michael Kavanagh Died 15th Oct. 1898 Aged 39 Years. May The Rest In Peace

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